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18082 No.8529

We suggest rpgs

7e38c No.8530

Well, there's always the number one classic in this genre - Violated Heroine. It's pregnancy system was simply the best implemented, and I haven't seen a comparable one since. It was a bit heavy on the Loli / rape stuff, but that's kinda typical with RPG Hentai games. Been a while since I played it, so I have no idea what's going with it now.

As far as more up-to-date RPG Maker games with pregnancy, I'd suggest keeping tabs on ulmf's Hentai Games forum [hxxp://www.ulmf.org/]. Just do a search for 'pregnant' or 'pregnancy' and poke around.

At least, that's what I'm doing. Anyone have any other tips for finding games like this?

b46b5 No.8532

My main issue is finding english translated stuff, I usually filter search on dlsite and then search on ulmf but I haven't had much luck. Translations of Butakoma 300g's games like vitamin quest have been good though.

2d77f No.8535

Been keeping tabs on VH for awhile now. But lately hxxp://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Violated_Heroine hasn't been updated for around 6 months now. Starting to wonder if something happened that's keeping it from being translated or if theirs a different site there updating it on now. Anyone know of a site VH is being updated on?

2f60d No.8538

Maybe we should make our own since there isn't a lot of translated games. ^-^

0536a No.8541


I have not been able to get VH to work at all on Win7, really want to play.

I've installed the RPG maker 2000 rtp and I run it in win XP compatible mode. How can I get it working?

2d77f No.8542

Did you set your computer to Japanese unicode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDuNGCQY7II Give that a try and see if it works.

Sry in advance but im not really good at helping others with pc stuff. XD

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File: 1507865168209.png (110.31 KB, 252x416, F-âiâiòüÆ╩.png)

I found this japanese freeware game loosely translated as "nameless librarian". It apparently follows a librarian who becomes magically pregnant. I was able to download it, but haven't had luck getting it to work. I'll just leave some some links for those interested.

caaaf No.34270

File: 1507871698002.jpg (70.36 KB, 544x416, kim.jpg)

>unproofread dialogue
>random images that barely match the scenes
>tons of bugs
>two pregnancy scenes, the first of which is about 10 seconds
>over 2 1/2 hours of TF before you can get to them

I don't know if I can recommend Monline to anybody but masochists and TF fans, but for some reason those two scenes really stuck with me. Maybe it's because I played it long enough to find that stock RTP female companion really cute.

Also, in the second scene your entire party ends up knocked out, magically impregnated, and tied to poles above a rising tide as a sacrifice to a monster until one of you slips out and makes a desperate waddling escape. I didn't know I needed that in my life, but I did.

Don't forget there's extractor tools you can use to edit the game and skip around. It's what I used to learn there was that kind of scene in the first place. Otherwise I would not have lasted that long.

b5dbc No.34424

There seems to be a new indie game called DIVINE CONCEPTION. You can go to https://waifu.nl/ to try out the demo.

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