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File: 1434223966146.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2560, artflow_201506131419.png)

2ca90 No.8635

I'm new to pregnancy art and I'd like to get some practice! Make some suggestions for me here! I know I could potentially get a lot of requests, so bear with me. May not get to them quickly, but I will get to them!

2ca90 No.8636

File: 1434224064933.png (1.08 MB, 1440x2560, artflow_201506131402.png)

This I'd intended for the Poke-pregs thread I started, but you get to see a sneak peak here!

3d279 No.8637

File: 1434224440624.jpg (97.1 KB, 750x900, bb-taokaka.jpg)

You might want to spell out what you will and won't do, kinkwise.

That said, how 'bout a pic of Taokaka from BlazBlue? Giving birth if you're okay with that sort of thing. If not, then just something sexy.

Looking forward to seeing how this thread shakes out, I like your stuff. :)

And just a reminder from your friendly mod staff: Make your request, and if it doesn't get answered, so it goes. Anyone spamming requests or badgering Graydawn will have action taken against them.

f241b No.8638

File: 1434226157608.png (2.33 MB, 947x1435, RavianEx.png)

I was originally gonna go with Nozomi from Love Live, but I'll switch it up by saying Ravian from Soccer Spirits via her Extreme Evolution.

cc016 No.8639

If you're looking for something to do, might I suggest you take a peek at the existing request threads?

417ec No.8640

Poke-pregs, you say? Hmmmm. Could you draw Hilda and Rosa hugely pregnant? Like, not inhumanely huge, maybe triplets to quads. With both of them sitting under a tree, taking a break from a long trip.

927cc No.8641

File: 1434242979878.jpg (209.4 KB, 800x577, Higurashi.no.Naku.Koro.ni.….jpg)

Your art is super cute! If it's not too much trouble, would you mind doing a "twins with twins" of Mion (right) and Shion (left) Sonozaki from Higurashi? Just some sisterly cuteness while full-term like feeling each other's little ones kick, nothing complicated. ^.^

Please and thank you~ :3

927cc No.8642

Ack, sorry, >>8641 is me, I screwed up. ^^; I had to change the picture cus it was already posted I guess, and I forgot to put my name in and correct for the new picture. Shion is on the right and Mion is on the left in this pic. Sorry. >.<

a65a3 No.8644

Ooh. That's a good one.

9ef37 No.8645

File: 1434254549631.png (486.21 KB, 596x874, Lissa_(FE13_Artwork).png)

Could you draw Chrom's younger sister Lissa pregnant?

3023e No.8646

Love your pregnant fairy there. Wouldn't mind seeing her giving birth or laying a clutch of eggs, but if that's not your thing just ignore me.

16bc3 No.8647

File: 1434286286383.jpg (410.69 KB, 1219x760, Cavewoman.jpg)

Requesting a pregnant Meriem Cooper from the Cavewoman comics. She can either be relaxing in the jungle or fighting a raptor, it`s your choice.

abe3d No.8654

Requesting a redheaded woman chained to a wooden slab, gritting her teeth. Her belly should be veiny and stretched out, and it should show two orcs (one born w/ cord, the other coming out). There should be some blood and fluids. Bonus if you can do a cutaway of her womb showing a third!

It's kinda complicated, but I'd love you forever if you could!

4a9f3 No.8820

A dwarf woman (classic high fantasy-ish) sitting at a table with a book spread across the surface, reading while sitting sideways in her chair for.. well.. obvious, board themed reasons.

Across from her sits another female. An african girl wearing a pretty traditional generic dress, meant to look about 10. The sentiment is they're having a conversation, but there's no dialog to speak of. Just what the image is meant to convey.

You can do what you wish with their hair. Might be a good opportunity to practice curls and kinks.

d177e No.8870

I agree, I like the look of this character and I'd love to see you do more with her.

How about I come up with something. She's a fairy right? Well, fairies are tiny, so it's only natural that they'd be highly fertile and have very short gestation periods. Which would explain why she's so startled here, she's unexpectedly fallen pregnant for the first time, having no idea, and found herself expanding overnight; though it's perfectly normal for fairies' bellies to grow this fast (she'd easily eaten her own bodyweight in berries over the past few days).

After having her body stretched out and giving birth (which I really hope you draw), she falls in love with being a mother and decides she has to do it again, she wants a whole big family to herself (which, as a young fairy, she can naturally do).

Feel free to draw pictures of any stage!

c2fe8 No.34070

Hello are you here?

019aa No.34147

Can you kindly stop reviving long-dead threads?

c2fe8 No.34162

No thank you

f0ff1 No.34175

What's the point even

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