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The Board of Furries is now open. Be fruitful and multiply.

Suggestions about this board? Complaints about this board?

Post them here and I might read them why not?
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File: 1412738798735.jpg (207.96 KB, 920x1191, N4xxRSG[1].jpg)

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I know, it's more associated with "Vore", so I'll simply put it this way. The only ones that need to be posted ehre are those that are said to end in pregnancy, or are "Undefined" at the end, leaving the imagination to wander. For now, I hope this'll be the image thread- and maybe do a story thread later? But if a story comes with it, do feel free to paste and share~

>>edit Since we now have a Furry board please post all new furry unbirth there. FastFlame
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File: 1416429030532.jpg (203.97 KB, 1280x1280, 1416423563.shikaro_megabso….jpg)

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File: 1427700373656.jpg (74.95 KB, 702x535, image.jpg)

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I don't think it was a good idea to move this thread from the Drawn board to the Furry board. In fact, I don't think it was even a good idea to make a separate Furry board on the site, because it just makes things even more complicated. What if humans (in artwork, of course) were unbirthing animals, or even other humans, intentionally or otherwise? If the thread is moved (or even partially split up) to a different board on the site, it just makes certain things more difficult. I personally think the Furry board should be fused with the Drawn board, to make things less confusing, since both are "drawn" in some way, anyway.

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I just got on this web site and I love it

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You know we need one
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92bfa No.3883

Er, which one is a few hours before which other one?

94ddd No.3884

Er, the smaller one is first -_-

92bfa No.3885

Yeah, sorry, took me a sec to figure out what you meant, I thought you meant in order of drawing, initially.
But it does look like that, doesn't it?

92bfa No.3999

File: 1488198914245.png (159.96 KB, 1024x785, IMG_9570.PNG)

We need more on this board.

Commissioned this lovely pic from Randomgirl1265 over on DA.

94ddd No.4000

Holy shit

File: 1415136817120.jpg (236.59 KB, 1490x1497, 43609990.jpg)

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I thought would start something like this here. I know Pokemon technically lay eggs (I understand it makes breeding less intrusive to gameplay and is easier to program), but I do not care enough about that.

The image posted here is something I did quite a while ago. I am also sorry I have been silent for so long (college is eating up much of my time as of now).
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File: 1486425737673.png (506.28 KB, 723x1023, pika_page_9_by_jc4422-dahr….png)

She's dead folks, comics over

5d117 No.3969

File: 1486425815840.png (471.36 KB, 723x1023, pika_page_10_by_jc4422-dah….png)

Lol, jk, Mommachu is fine

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File: 1486425881708.png (599.47 KB, 868x1228, pika_page_11_by_jc4422-dah….png)

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And we'll probably never get one of these again now that they've moved to Patreon

cce4d No.3998

File: 1488093610478.png (450.24 KB, 814x690, Gravid Florges.png)

Here is a part of a series of images I just finished.

File: 1436689673674.jpg (143.79 KB, 1800x1240, Kit Mambo C.jpg)

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A place for Furry Edits to go.
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8e7db No.3948

Seconding this

53ed5 No.3956

File: 1486339816920.jpg (94.4 KB, 840x269, Kevin & Kell 4-2-17.jpg)

>>3925 >>3817 >>3908 >>2197 >>3764 >>3412

Here's another too-good-to-pass edit moment from "Kevin & Kell", if only to work for Danielle…

53ed5 No.3957

File: 1486339872625.jpg (206.71 KB, 850x649, Kevin & Kell 5-2-17.jpg)

>>3956 >>3925 >>3817 >>3908 >>2197 >>3764 >>3412

Now here's a multiple choice to edit to make even larger with this lot from "Kevin & Kell"…

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File: 1486794351938.png (319.99 KB, 788x1905, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….png)

Can someone give her a preggy belly of some kind?

4181e No.3997

File: 1487765475442.jpg (119.56 KB, 840x269, Kevin & Kell 21-2-17.jpg)

>>2197 >>3412 >>3764 >>3908 >>3925 >>3956 >>3957

Well, looking at this strip from "Kevin & Kell" that's a new look on Maternity Wear (that I can see Sabrina of "Sabrina Online" wearing this year) and on pregnancy too I must say - especially if you're having a multiple pregnancy.
Better than being used as a billboard I suppose, like Danielle did back in '06; http://www.kevinandkell.com/2006/strips/kk20061003.jpg

Mind you, would Lindesfarne go though the same pre-labor joke phase as Wendy did in "On the Fastrack" back in Feburary '96; http://onthefastrack.com/comics/february-25-1996/

(I still recall a video on YouTube where the expectant mother stuck an eviction notice on her belly for the humour of it all)

File: 1478167975720.jpg (497.94 KB, 900x956, whiterabbit95_fase_2.jpg)

60d8f No.3560[Reply]

The thread for /f/urry CG models and such.
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File: 1487630285912.gif (3.05 MB, 690x388, Belly Rub.gif)

I'm sure this is the right place to share these…

I've been messing around in Blender with Pokémon models for a bit (since SFM refuses outright to open in my computer), trying to figure out posing and animating. I managed to discover working with the sculpt tool, and decided to try some pregnancy-themed animations and pictures…I was wondering what people would think of them?

I know they're far from perfect (the ears being static like styrofoam for example), there's just some motion patterns I need to learn overtime, along with a LOT of other things I haven't even scratched yet…

I'd appreciate it if you told me what you think of them, anything I should work on or improve with, etc? Also if you like it, should I make my own thread and post my other stuff there?

b44f6 No.3993

File: 1487630307396.gif (3.44 MB, 690x388, Labor swaying 2.gif)

b44f6 No.3994

File: 1487630325131.gif (4.71 MB, 690x388, Mega Lopunny birth 1.gif)

42776 No.3995

The initial model is stiff and a bit too smooth, but you are fine otherwise.

fbe29 No.3996

I'd love it if you did a sequel to this one

File: 1448303402943.png (26.56 KB, 622x860, Expecting Vanilla.png)

e7f1c No.1425[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why not have a thread for one of the most (in)famous furry franchises in gaming? Post any pics you have in here!

(Birth pics are highly welcome if you find any)
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File: 1487623436641.png (474.66 KB, 900x1441, 16.png)

6e842 No.3988

File: 1487623455227.png (622.35 KB, 900x1441, 17.png)

6e842 No.3989

File: 1487623474673.png (616.88 KB, 900x1441, 18.png)

6e842 No.3990

File: 1487623495089.png (565.35 KB, 900x1441, 19.png)

6e842 No.3991

File: 1487623513213.png (581.22 KB, 900x1441, 20.png)

File: 1412186864067.jpg (565.04 KB, 1953x932, Gravid Grams Collage.JPG)

c4895 No.2[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A topic dedicated for those who like pregnant furries or anthros. The piece can be of anything pregfur-related; Pregnancy, laboring & childbirth, sex during pregnancy, humanxanthro relationships, even F/F preggos - but all animals are welcome.

This piece is to get the ball rolling…something I created myself dedicating one of my favourite Pregfur artists, Wallaroo.
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e38c2 No.3953

File: 1486266153984.jpg (2.77 MB, 2336x2856, 510ee09b7a913770a6229f086e….jpg)

678fb No.3976

Best keep an eye on this; http://pitiyindee.deviantart.com/art/The-Carrot-Hunt-18-662225596

Looks like we have two pregnant furry mothers this year…though this maybe quicker than Lindesfarne over in "Kevin & Kell"…

678fb No.3977

File: 1486683856524.png (92.97 KB, 512x387, sunnipreg02.png)

This is another piece by Wallaroo involving Sunni from "Gummi Bears", as Sheriff Sunni - and following from this piece; >>14

I stumbled across this after putting his FA account onto the search engine, and it came up with this image that was linked to a side gallery for WISWRP.Pregfur.org; http://z4.invisionfree.com/Wiswrp_Safe_Haven/index.php?act=idx (NOTE: You have to be a member to view this gallery, and there only seems to be Wallaroo (who goes by the name of Onyx67) there, aside from myself as a recent addition)

Seems that this Wild Western Town took a liking to having a woman as Sheriff. It also seems that somebody (possibly Gusto, Buddi or some other Gummi Bear) loved her not too well…just not wisely - and left Sunni with a bun in the oven and a shotgun in her hand, plus a price on his own head! (Probably be the first time the groom was forced to marry by the bride - but when you're the sheriff, you may not have much choice(!))

Let's hope he'll do the sensible thing and come home to marry Sunni, or shall Sunni set a new trend in unwed, single working mums in the law?>>14

678fb No.3979


Best keep an eye on Tina's Story over on FA; https://www.furaffinity.net/view/22594567/

Seems we have another expectant mother in the comic now…

cda4f No.3982

Following a message asked to 'Gene Catlow''s creator, Albert Temple, back in January, on the subject of will be another double pregnancy fun pic of Lindesfarne & Tavie, like Wallaroo did here; >>2582 (http://genecatlow.keenspot.com/d/20060408.html) or will Tavie give birth 1st before that happens, he just told me;

"I can't promise that, but I can tell you that Tavie's giving birth to Michelle is going to be full of surprises."

So best keep an eye on both 'Kevin & Kell' and 'Gene Catlow'…

File: 1478170231378.jpg (90.08 KB, 800x1000, anari__s_capacity_by_riddl….jpg)

bb679 No.3588[Reply]

The thread for foxes and fox-related activities.
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bb679 No.3600

File: 1478170380803.jpg (152.08 KB, 692x1155, wip_a_little_tense___by_me….jpg)

bb679 No.3601

File: 1478170396641.jpg (114.09 KB, 692x1155, wrapped_up_in_a_baby_blue_….jpg)

bb679 No.3610

File: 1478171834001.jpg (295.98 KB, 931x1280, 1350158387.raydobbs_susan_….jpg)

bb679 No.3937

File: 1486082675968.jpeg (54.71 KB, 720x1280, 1486041555.zacharycreed22….jpeg)

8723c No.3965

These sure are some foxy ladies (someone had to make that pun eventually).

File: 1483839202013.png (231.7 KB, 1000x931, f0ad977a18a08e0564d9f03629….png)

4595a No.3831[Reply]

Um, Hello!
Im a fellow guy who just basically accepted that he has a preg fetish. Because of this, my fetish has induced me to draw A LOT of preggies under my vacation. So umm…I got to ask, how can I begin postings my pics so everyone could enjoy on the Internet?
P.S.: This art isnt mine o.o For some reason I MUST post a pic. Im sorry, im new here.
P.S.S: I draw some fur, but I ppan to draw more

dd0fc No.3835

File: 1483869990962.jpg (25.27 KB, 400x400, 1315170801001.jpg)

you can just make your own thread in the right board (like /d/ or /f/ depending on content.
In addition to managing your stuff better and/or gaining more views you could make a deviant-art account, which you can also link.

57418 No.3932

>how can I begin postings my pics so everyone could enjoy on the Internet?

you could always post it here in this thread

6d0c9 No.3950

You could always make a Furaffinity as well, but that site is centered around NFSW stuff. Some good artists there, easier to find because it has a good search system.

f2949 No.3955

I also suggest Furaffinity as a posting platform, plenty of people post non-fur stuff there all the time too.

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