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The Board of Furries is now open. Be fruitful and multiply.

Suggestions about this board? Complaints about this board?

Post them here and I might read them why not?
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File: 1436689673674.jpg (143.79 KB, 1800x1240, Kit Mambo C.jpg)

a2f16 No.1214[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

A place for Furry Edits to go.
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97420 No.4713

Probably a little too dark for edits…

9eb17 No.4714

Uhh,not good. :/ Hmm,is there a pic above that could be edited?

dc24c No.4716

File: 1503081566475.png (394.87 KB, 1024x768, New Canvas.png)

Is this a good enough attempt? Had to try a bunch of different things because none of my programs like the original file and refuse to open it. Ended up screenshotting it and now it has some really ugly artifacts…

Also, source would be very much appreciated.

9eb17 No.4717

It's look nice :) Er..is it chance to edit >>4588 her or that mightyena? >>4582 c:

dc24c No.4718

Eh not really, I don't have much of an interest in editing either. Sorry.

File: 1412186864067.jpg (565.04 KB, 1953x932, Gravid Grams Collage.JPG)

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A topic dedicated for those who like pregnant furries or anthros. The piece can be of anything pregfur-related; Pregnancy, laboring & childbirth, sex during pregnancy, humanxanthro relationships, even F/F preggos - but all animals are welcome.

This piece is to get the ball rolling…something I created myself dedicating one of my favourite Pregfur artists, Wallaroo.
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81ccd No.4688

I don't even know what these striped creatures are but I find them all adorable

d671a No.4689

They're called Ozkvin! Me and my friend over on FA, StationarySpoon, made them. Their info and all can be found on their DA group, https://ozkvin-clan.deviantart.com !

But yeah, I'm super glad that you find them adorable! More species need some simple strangeness rather than just being, say, a fox with star designs or a wolf with fire wings or something like that.

81ccd No.4693

:0 I didn't know you had a group for them. They touch a special place in my heart for some reason

d671a No.4694

Aw, well I'm glad! It's nice to see. If you have a DA, you could join! It auto-approves join requests.

d671a No.4715

File: 1503078846869.png (13.19 KB, 700x800, Rubs and massages.png)

And finally one that isn't Gummy, haha. This gal is named Rachel and she belongs to a friend of mine.

File: 1484021393430.png (7.12 MB, 2100x3000, Preggy_Bunny_2_WIP..png)

b01fb No.3849[Reply]

My name is Areku. I am currently an 18 year old male, that just decided to finally publish some of his works online. I have considered pregnancy as something sexy ever since I was 13. Throughout my teenage life, I have drawn plenty of preg hentai but rarely showed anyone my drawings in fear of being shunned by others (especially my family). I have kept this a secret until now, and I am eager to finally share some of my works, and thankful to have found a community like this online where people share similar interests like me.

Right now, I am very busy with college classes, however, I will try to keep you guys updated with my WIP Sketches or Complete Digital Works.

At the moment, I enjoy drawing pregnancies involving Sonic The Hedgehog female characters (in exception to Cream), but I am also trying to expand my catalog by drawing other fandoms (interested in getting into some Animal Crossing characters).
-Sex During Pregnancy
-Multiples (no more than 3)

Tentacles-I cant find myself to like this, even if try.
Futa-I don't like drawing this. Sorry if you enjoy this.
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File: 1490003771170.jpg (1.39 MB, 1576x2260, Page_2.jpg)

5fd7f No.4031

You shouldn't feel bad about your father finding out about your art work. No matter what its going to be awkward but as long as drawing this make you happy it shouldn't matter. Also as it your father it most likely the shock of seeing the sweet kid he raise and seeing they aren't innocent as all parents hope they are is what he really is upsetting him. Face it hentai isn't something you can shout out loud about and having everyone feel okay about it. We are all ashamed about on some levels.

b01fb No.4430

File: 1498811770620.png (748.46 KB, 1200x1600, Rosie.png)

b01fb No.4431

File: 1498811857736.png (1.55 MB, 1200x1600, Page_20_Generic.png)

d4a33 No.4711

Wow love this comic can you send me the rest of the pages? Cause I'm curious about this comic.

File: 1502035444208.png (896.59 KB, 1609x1065, Webcomic Logos.png)

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Due to an unprecedented outburst of rude attitude, negative behaviour, ill-mannerism and non-appreciation towards fellow members who merely do a good job around here, (though both sides do good work around here, one can't always rely on the other's reaction) the site's decided to launch a sister gallery to that in the /D/ group.

Here, any furry pregnancies in webcomics or online comics, such as those mentioned to your left, are welcomed here.

These webcomic pregnancies can be past, present or even future*. These also apply to those one-shot strips/pages in the webcomic's history.

Just be sure to include the date when you upload them so we don't have to ferret around in the archives to locate them.

(* = And make sure to add on whether the artwork is canon or fanon… ;-))

All notifications of any sort are dually welcomed.

We'll also accept fanart, crossovers, dress-dolls.

Feel free to post them here and we might read them and then check them out.
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6e9dc No.4706


Some insightful information for you, CCB

f8546 No.4707


>Horrified Gasp<

OMG, I'm not sure whether to be offended or not…

Why would anybody, in their right mind write such slander? Who are they to judge so quickly - probably withoutvfully reading it?

c3594 No.4708

Why not go to them and complain about the article?

95f8a No.4709

We're talking about birth, so be a grown-up about it. Saying the word "afterbirth" really shouldn't shock or offend.

And how much do you really expect them to address that, if they haven't already? I wouldn't.

4b228 No.4710


Ok guys we got him in a containment thread. Leave him alone.

File: 1473098484954.png (349.77 KB, 700x700, Gray-Muzzle-Tinas-story-Ch….png)

bbd82 No.3402[Reply]

So I've been tracking this furry online comic for a long while now since Tina's gotten pregnant, and finally she's in labor.


fcdba No.3413


You know, this reminds me of the start of Danielle's labor in "Kevin & Kell" in late October 2006; http://kevinandkell.com/2006/kk1031.html was well of those in "Safe Havens", first with Ming & Jenny's in mid December 2011; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/december-21-2011/ and then Rosalind's in early October just last year; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/october-3-2015/

Question is, how long was Tina in labor BEFORE the contractions caught up with her? (For it is a fact that many expectant mothers have no idea they are actually in labor until their waters break and/or the contractions become intense…)

fcdba No.3414


Well, it's all happening now in "Tina's Story"; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21145746/

Now, they have their first offspring! ;D

(And here was I thinking it was rabbits who had fast labors…)

ae2ac No.3449


Well it seems be have an unexpected (again, forgive the pun) arrival; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21207987/

And who knows? There may still be one more within…

7789b No.4678

File: 1502656665294.jpg (466.34 KB, 1024x646, Burley.avi_thumbs.jpg)

938b5 No.4680



Well, according to this; https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24204348/ it looks like Colleen and Lydia are going to be pregnant at the same time, though they'll both be at different trimesters…

File: 1414280431393.jpg (72.18 KB, 800x863, Sandy8.jpg)

a3b12 No.313[Reply]

I noticed the furry side of things didn't have a source request thread. Figured I start things off since I have something I would like found. This is by Leokitsune and is a drawing of Rowyin's "Sandy." This was meant to be the eighth month in a series. I believe the other two pictures were of 9 months and full term? Something along those lines. They were hosted on the WISWRP board I think.

50dfa No.317

File: 1414352313659.jpg (223.86 KB, 1174x1373, rowyin commission sandy mo….jpg)

That pic there was actually 8 months, the two missing are 7 and 9. here's the 7…

50dfa No.318

File: 1414352340983.jpg (213.97 KB, 1106x1418, rowyin commission sandy mo….jpg)

And here is 9

a3b12 No.320

I bow to you in gracious thanks, good sir.

3786a No.4673

File: 1502555275072.png (463.16 KB, 800x1280, IMG_7958.PNG)

I don't remember exactly who made this one, but I think it might have been a part one in a series.

3786a No.4674

File: 1502555699809.jpg (187.67 KB, 700x487, IMG_3325.JPG)

and this one as well,for the life of me I can't remember who drew it.

File: 1448303402943.png (26.56 KB, 622x860, Expecting Vanilla.png)

e7f1c No.1425[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Why not have a thread for one of the most (in)famous furry franchises in gaming? Post any pics you have in here!

(Birth pics are highly welcome if you find any)
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974f8 No.4662

A writters fine. Thing is, I lost the whole text for my comic (I like to seperate my final text, and final images). Instead of me writting through this, I'd be willing to let someone else use their writting talent, to make a great story.

974f8 No.4663

Is there anyway I could cobtact you?

207a9 No.4664

Ah, okay! I'll give it a shot, provided you give me an outline for the plot and such. :)

I have a Discord! My Tag is DepravedDark#6006. It's free to download and make an account, in case you don't have it already.

ed3d7 No.4666

Holly moly she's giving birth to sonic's child

974f8 No.4667

Correction: Sonic's "Children" :)

File: 1502097912359.png (119.87 KB, 706x600, primarina.png)

e0ef2 No.4613[Reply]

New around here, lurked a little. Decided to start posting sketches on FurAffinity and thought why not put a thread here. Mostly drawing Pokemon for now. Maybe other things later. :P Hope to start taking commissions.

Thought I'd share, see if there's any feedback, and just say hi. :)

Too embarrassed to post any old stuff, lol, so I'll just put some more recent art in this thread.
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e0ef2 No.4640

File: 1502285461656.png (153.18 KB, 504x614, buizel labor.png)

And then, thought I'd share a commission I did of a Buizel going into labor. :)

76753 No.4641

Love the way you include the small details like their breaking/broken waters and trembling bellies before birth

3cfb3 No.4648

Your work is amazing, I'd love to commission you~! Is there any point of contact that you have to communicate with? >3<

e0ef2 No.4649

Thanks. :) I think details like that are very enjoyable.

Thanks much! I have a FurAffinity account under the same username, eggnonymous. All I really have right now, though.

28bfa No.4651

Oh hey, I didn't know you were here too. I saw you on FA first.

File: 1435268951760.jpg (159.71 KB, 1200x1299, Oro_and_Plata.jpg)

9f57f No.1201[Reply]

Dunno if there's already a thread for this, but can we get a little love going for werewolves? =D
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def83 No.3714

File: 1480869027770.png (177.07 KB, 1280x1146, 1476997288.gyro-furry_were….png)

def83 No.3715

File: 1480869036566.jpg (259.79 KB, 800x1280, 1477926710.wuffy32_sketch3….jpg)

6f76d No.4643

File: 1502298394426.jpg (433.75 KB, 2340x1723, wolf_pregnant_transformati….jpg)

6f76d No.4644

File: 1502298410977.jpg (384.91 KB, 2340x1723, wolf_pregnant_transformati….jpg)

aaf16 No.4645

This is a really obscure character from an anime and I'm blown away that I recognize her.

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