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File: 1435268951760.jpg (159.71 KB, 1200x1299, Oro_and_Plata.jpg)

9f57f No.1201

Dunno if there's already a thread for this, but can we get a little love going for werewolves? =D

e6c0e No.1202

This looks like generic furry stuff that can go in the furry thread.

5b459 No.1203

File: 1435281351300.jpg (490.64 KB, 643x754, pregautumnwolf.jpg)

I get what you're saying. I mean yeah there is a lot of crossover, and to most people there probably isn't even a difference.

But I'll let the mods decide. In the meantime, a picture so old it's before I started saving artist names with the pictures I downloaded from the net.

def83 No.3712

File: 1480869003719.jpg (530.09 KB, 1224x1224, 1359945003.zit_werewolfpre….jpg)

I decided to bring back the thread to buisness.

def83 No.3713

File: 1480869018654.png (122.7 KB, 937x1280, 1463984195.gyro-furry_were….png)

def83 No.3714

File: 1480869027770.png (177.07 KB, 1280x1146, 1476997288.gyro-furry_were….png)

def83 No.3715

File: 1480869036566.jpg (259.79 KB, 800x1280, 1477926710.wuffy32_sketch3….jpg)

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