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File: 1458068422621.jpg (292.81 KB, 525x800, 1335669010.chakatwindshear….jpg)

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Any taurform creature that's pregnant and/or birthing. Gender and base species irrelevant.

Thread about taurs with "furry" upper bodies.

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File: 1458068493071.jpg (214.73 KB, 523x700, Birth.jpg)

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File: 1458068628189.jpg (135.8 KB, 1280x1280, 1367212080.mattfoxlikesret….jpg)

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File: 1458068689303.png (285.41 KB, 794x626, Pregnant_Foxtaur___Feelin_….png)

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File: 1458077564516.jpg (119.51 KB, 1077x773, SkunktaurExam.JPG)

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File: 1458078932808.jpg (227.63 KB, 1084x843, micaho03.jpg)

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File: 1458078971289.jpg (543.61 KB, 1008x800, blyz33.jpg)

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File: 1458079765051.jpg (486.45 KB, 1024x768, 526253_Siyu_siyupeach2.jpg)

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File: 1458079854573.jpg (282.3 KB, 1572x1140, 331528_Fulfillingfaith_kar….jpg)

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File: 1458154923229.jpg (495.02 KB, 800x894, 382_G.jpg)

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File: 1458155072912.gif (82.86 KB, 602x750, Windrunners_birth-sh.gif)

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File: 1460888092520.jpg (191.51 KB, 1280x1024, 1449114539.nightfaux_resua….jpg)

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File: 1460888939455.png (522.71 KB, 1280x1050, 947444_nightfaux_resua_str….png)

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File: 1460889636949.jpg (200.36 KB, 1280x1074, 1286418412.tuxedoo_scan003….jpg)

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File: 1460901644160.jpg (142.16 KB, 931x1280, 1318459434.tuxedoo_image__….jpg)

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File: 1461320315232.png (571.47 KB, 2000x1600, riddle-yukitaur-2.png)

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File: 1464099434763.gif (84.3 KB, 604x535, Expectant.gif)

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File: 1467974837488.png (246.21 KB, 1024x951, image.png)

Just thought that this board needed a bump with content, pregnant taurs are just too good.

For citing, this character is Esria, a Xerneas taur who acts as a fertility deity. Anon9mous' post on FA regarding Esria explains it much better(She is co-owned between us). This was drawn by Quib.

a34ae No.3302

I should rly draw more taurs tbh :v

39875 No.3303


There's never quite enough taurs in the world, haha.

425fa No.3489

While I Love this Pic and the Artist that drew it, they asked their work not be shared anywhere but where they put it. Can a Mod look into removing this?

4d37f No.3491

Yeah i agree. I know GW and i know he doesn't want his art hear due to issues with people.

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File: 1478603834155.png (839.65 KB, 5000x6000, IMG_8222.PNG)

Well, here's an old character I waited way too long to bring back. Turgid, the pharous.

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File: 1482686066815.png (520.41 KB, 849x1084, 9_months_pregnant_by_sabri….png)

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File: 1485084122774.png (181.57 KB, 1024x1045, IMG_9330.PNG)

Drawn by a good friend of mine, PrincessHiyoku, for an art trade.

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File: 1492685179913.png (674.56 KB, 4100x2991, IMG_0408.PNG)

Got more Turgid in tow.

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File: 1492685202342.png (189.99 KB, 980x815, IMG_8322.PNG)

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File: 1492685284830.png (90.42 KB, 800x1000, DC3B05F7-6586-4784-A9B3-F9….png)

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File: 1492736487621.png (18.8 KB, 600x800, IMG_0415.PNG)

This one was very recent.

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File: 1497976373387.jpg (196.59 KB, 1280x984, 1165505688.coyotek_scan100….jpg)

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File: 1499087188839.jpg (501.59 KB, 1280x1146, 1485284752.difetra_foxtaur….jpg)

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File: 1499087231866.jpg (105.94 KB, 469x700, pregtaur3.jpg)

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File: 1499087303707.jpg (388.7 KB, 2043x1700, tincrash_pregnant-foxtaur-….jpg)

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File: 1499087480550.jpg (45.41 KB, 480x720, 1236836536.rhari_digital-r….jpg)

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File: 1499087550741.png (417.54 KB, 1124x1460, Pregnant_Krystal_Taur_by_P….png)

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File: 1499087831465.png (304.9 KB, 1956x1672, Pregnnt_Samander___Water_B….png)

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File: 1499099843188.jpg (76.61 KB, 646x407, 1297216231.oceanrider_expe….jpg)

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File: 1499100044617.jpg (248.75 KB, 666x800, 1314681649.geckoguy1234567….jpg)

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File: 1499100433780.jpg (66.51 KB, 1000x767, 1333212197.kacey_pregnant_….jpg)

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