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File: 1414280431393.jpg (72.18 KB, 800x863, Sandy8.jpg)

a3b12 No.313

I noticed the furry side of things didn't have a source request thread. Figured I start things off since I have something I would like found. This is by Leokitsune and is a drawing of Rowyin's "Sandy." This was meant to be the eighth month in a series. I believe the other two pictures were of 9 months and full term? Something along those lines. They were hosted on the WISWRP board I think.

50dfa No.317

File: 1414352313659.jpg (223.86 KB, 1174x1373, rowyin commission sandy mo….jpg)

That pic there was actually 8 months, the two missing are 7 and 9. here's the 7…

50dfa No.318

File: 1414352340983.jpg (213.97 KB, 1106x1418, rowyin commission sandy mo….jpg)

And here is 9

a3b12 No.320

I bow to you in gracious thanks, good sir.

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