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The thread for /f/urry CG models and such.

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File: 1487630285912.gif (3.05 MB, 690x388, Belly Rub.gif)

I'm sure this is the right place to share these…

I've been messing around in Blender with Pokémon models for a bit (since SFM refuses outright to open in my computer), trying to figure out posing and animating. I managed to discover working with the sculpt tool, and decided to try some pregnancy-themed animations and pictures…I was wondering what people would think of them?

I know they're far from perfect (the ears being static like styrofoam for example), there's just some motion patterns I need to learn overtime, along with a LOT of other things I haven't even scratched yet…

I'd appreciate it if you told me what you think of them, anything I should work on or improve with, etc? Also if you like it, should I make my own thread and post my other stuff there?

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File: 1487630307396.gif (3.44 MB, 690x388, Labor swaying 2.gif)

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File: 1487630325131.gif (4.71 MB, 690x388, Mega Lopunny birth 1.gif)

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The initial model is stiff and a bit too smooth, but you are fine otherwise.

fbe29 No.3996

I'd love it if you did a sequel to this one

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