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File 132882860529.jpg - (59.83KB , 800x532 , 85910420120117111854.jpg )
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Sorry to be that guy, but does anyone know where to find the rest of these? I know it's shopped, but the quality is incredible. There were around 10 of them I believe, but google and tinyeye fail me.
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>> No. 4673
I think there should be more image of the belly, if you where to make more.
>> No. 5491
Yeah, but it's really shitty dialogue and there's no way in hell a girl's gonna be ignorant of pregnancy.
>> No. 5613
Here's some more of the like

File 137110291763.jpg - (3.75KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )
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So, any good maiesiophile knows about candyk, the "goddess of pregnancy" that dominated iFriends (or whatever she was on) way back when. The problem is, videos of her are disappearing, rather quickly at that.

I suppose this is more of a public outcry to the community, that we make a collective and concerted effort to revive videos and files of this renowned pregnancy goddess. I bring before you now a torrent, a rather dubious one at that, which contains a great measure, if not all recorded videos of candyk. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though anyone is in possession of these files, and the youtube uploaders have practically fallen off the face of the earth. Not that they were all that descriptive in their few answers about candyk, anyway.


I'd love for everyone to do all that they possibly can. Candyk is rather dear to me, she was essentially what introduced me to my inherent attraction to pregnant women when I was still a child.
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>> No. 5608
I dunno man, looking thru them previews it all looks like stuff I've seen unless I'm missing another ssection. I know how ifriends like to hide stuff under drop downs random hotlinks and shit.
>> No. 5609
File 139793065893.jpg - (78.68KB , 612x612 , KittyKatt.jpg )
Crap, sorry. I'm an idiot for not anticipating something like that to happen. Good thing I'm irrevocably addicted to preggos, and came back.


^This works, hopefully.
>> No. 5611

File 135068404310.jpg - (51.63KB , 612x612 , 134763791469.jpg )
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Can there be a /photo/ Source Request thread like the one found in /preg/ here: http://www.pregchan.com/preg/res/8163.html ?

If not my apologies.

If so then may I make the following source request: A month or so ago I found a link to a site containg an archive of a gal's web cam footage. There wasn't much in the way of navigation or even any indication that there was anything else on the site besides her. Anyway in the most recent video that auto loads upon entering she didn't really look pregnant just a little pudgy, but back tracking a few months before she had 6 pack abs. I meant to return in a month or two to check her progress but alas I forgot the url. Sound familiar to anyone?

And it's not hXXp://copygr.am/maraisepic/279860788332929389_38262375/ which is where the pic is from
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>> No. 5582
File 139719729979.jpg - (59.08KB , 370x560 , prg10045.jpg )
I know her name is "Zdenke" or something like that..
>> No. 5587
face looks shopped.
>> No. 5604
File 139787031497.jpg - (56.15KB , 800x600 , 0539245166.jpg )

Liked what I saw, so I went ahead and did some searching. "Zdenka" seems to get more quality results than "Zdenke," if that helps.

At any rate, quality content here:

File 139760843465.jpg - (49.36KB , 1440x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )
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Hey, found an old thread with Candyk links to torrents, but they've all run out of seeders or 404ed. Can someone upload them to mediafire or something so I can download?
>> No. 5597
I'd also be interested in a mediafire or similar sharing program of CandyK's videos.
>> No. 5599
Why didn't you just bump the thread? maybe someone who downloaded it can seed.

File 135030961232.jpg - (85.71KB , 300x1427 , annamalli-pillpreg.jpg )
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Does anyone here have the TaylorMadeClips from this site?
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>> No. 5534
Link update for this.
>> No. 5555
File 139672246246.jpg - (261.87KB , 293x967 , TaylorMadeClips - Pregalien.jpg )
Another new video for sale!
>> No. 5595
File 139752297390.jpg - (86.19KB , 300x1464 , TaylorMadeClips - Stage by Stage Accelerated Pregn.jpg )
There's a new clip out now! :D

File 139605050492.jpg - (7.19KB , 460x305 , 1ewbik8b36_7k8kl0tq3t_file.jpg )
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Hey, found this video on youtube. It's from a brazilian funk singer. Even though she looks young, she seems to be 18, so I thought it would be ok to share.

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>> No. 5591
File 139748775574.jpg - (65.89KB , 960x639 , 10009323_751353811565999_1380086907_n.jpg )
>> No. 5592
File 139748782617.jpg - (48.81KB , 519x899 , 10155695_753964911304889_8750772791426445821_n.jpg )
>> No. 5593
File 139750344163.jpg - (78.33KB , 536x960 , 10259922_755307634503950_7772642914923930746_n.jpg )
She's 31 weeks, by the way.

File 139198062052.jpg - (10.44KB , 222x228 , images.jpg )
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So some guy collected a lot of birth vids and saved it on a google drive. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone down (former link: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0B4Lmey0LKiilR1R4Wjc4b2RhWWs/edit?pli=1)

Luckily for all of you, I saved the entire thing, cause I feared exactly that. Now I want to re-upload all the videos in their glory, but the entire thing is 26 GB uncompressed and it's too big for my google drive. So is anyone willing to help me, or upload all the video's themselves if you have them/need me to send them to you?

If the document still exists, but just has a diff link, my apologies and post here plox
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>> No. 5551
some of the vidios are not showing
>> No. 5552
While the thumbnails are not showing for some videos, I can still play them by clicking open in the lower right corner
>> No. 5588
Thank you very much TC!

Finally got around to downloading Part 2, had no troubles and didn't have to sign into gmail.

File 137133368743.jpg - (24.13KB , 119x180 , Vassanta10-10276.jpg )
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Does anyone have any pictures and videos from Footpixies, particularly starring Vassanta (including the one where she oils herself up)? I tried to purchase a brief membership but their payment system is all screwed up.

Pic related, that's Vassanta herself, along with these two videos:
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>> No. 5577
File 139710038122.jpg - (131.05KB , 600x764 , Vassanta 0070.jpg )
>> No. 5578
File 139710046158.jpg - (129.79KB , 534x750 , Vassanta 0065.jpg )
>> No. 5579
File 139710068457.jpg - (160.10KB , 764x600 , Vassanta 0061.jpg )
That's all I've got for now. Thanks for any help locating those videos.

File 139434817540.jpg - (15.63KB , 321x157 , clip.jpg )
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Check it out, demon impregnation and birth! its her first belly expansion video! Also, in her "pregnant" drop down list, there are some amazing videos she has done! http://clips4sale.com/studio/51941/Alien-Vore-HD
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>> No. 5569

You guys, her new video is super good. Lesbian implications, a really good pregnancy belly prop, inflation under clothes, and she's actually a really good actress. She moans sexily and convincingly.
>> No. 5571
Yay Crash. I am so thrilled you love it. This was the video I was speaking to you guys about on the 4th. :) Love, love!
>> No. 5572
excuse me, the 1st. :)

File 139686717773.jpg - (210.91KB , 682x1024 , charleyswells02.jpg )
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Found an old CD from a few years back and thought I'd share this.

Don't bother asking me for a source, you can try the website but this were downloaded 5-6 years ago.
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>> No. 5562
File 139686743740.jpg - (211.37KB , 682x1024 , charleyswells07.jpg )
>> No. 5563
File 139686753355.jpg - (188.32KB , 682x1024 , charleyswells08.jpg )
>> No. 5564
File 139686762262.jpg - (205.27KB , 682x1024 , charleyswells12.jpg )

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