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File: 1501986914207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 442.66 KB, 1024x1375, lep_dvd_cover_by_ccb_18-db….jpg)

75b09 No.484[Reply]

I think it would be a good idea to have a containment thread for discussion of the site's favorite poster to avoid shitting up other threads. CCB-18, please feel free to post your announcements/updates or whatever here.

Image hidden to protect the front page.
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547da No.532

I don't even visit the /f/ board, but damn it gets annoying seeing this guy self-bumping his own thread every 5 minutes to muse to himself about his own deep/dark fantasies involving schlocky webcomics. Can we put a leash on him somehow? I can only imagine how actual /f/-goers feel…

829cb No.533

Continued containment is probably the best we can hope for.

67203 No.534

lol. "Hey guys you know that thread you're trying to avoid? Well here's a link, IF YOU'RE INTERESTEEEED."

547da No.535

someone once summated things as our dear 'friend' being the type of person that likes the smell of their own farts, in basic terms. that's a really apropos analogy at this juncture….

c4bcc No.536

File: 1502903886475.webm (736.72 KB, 540x360, south park smug farts.webm)

I hope the vid worked. Quite appropriate

File: 1456617862045.jpg (54.84 KB, 618x488, Spam.jpg)

325dd No.40[Reply]

Just out of curiosity, what measures do we have in place now to deal with spammers? I know that was a serious issue last time around.
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47cf1 No.479

regardless of any spectrum, and more to the point, he's definitely displaying narcissistic tendencies. Looking through his front page, you'll easily find evidence of ego grooming. He likes the smell of his own farts, as it were. Which explains his desperate need to validate himself in a community that is trying to IP ban him out of existence.

Speaking of that, there IS quite a bit of personal info on his page, but let's not be shit heads. Let's use the page info to perma-ban him instead XD

f9237 No.480

In one of his journal entries he stated that he has an autism counselor.

He's well over 18 so I don't feel bad making fun of him, but I'm not going to sit here and spread someone else's personal info.

Why look like an idiot trying to ruin someone's life, when you could instead read the ongoing saga of the supposed bitch sister not understanding the finer points of keeping a furry cartoon collection on superior VHS tapes and not on a filthy hard drive.

cd726 No.481


I'm basically waiting for that moment.

d8cfe No.482

So, has our friend come back around at all?

f9237 No.483

No. I can't tell if that's a good thing anymore…

File: 1500381949764.jpg (25.55 KB, 239x268, download.jpg)

e0445 No.435[Reply]

It's becoming something of a hot button issue. Can we get the people who make the rules around here to step in and say something?

Personally, I'm in favor of disallowing paid content shared without the creator's permission.
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7d8b1 No.465


Yeah I know that's not feasible at all. I won't go on a huge crusade if paywall-stuff ends up on here but I will be disappointed, lmao. Hence just politely asking.

e0445 No.466

File: 1500856486193.jpg (82.13 KB, 640x640, yE0G7vT.jpg)


Nobody starts up a Patreon expecting it to be their sole source of income. And every creator deserves compensation for their work. Saying that they don't, while at the same time demanding more content from them, is entitlement at its finest.

2cc6a No.467

Entitlement? I've never made a request on this site, and I hadn't seen this person's artwork until a few days ago. You can't say that nobody has tried to live soley off Patreon; I was speaking on general terms and simply misunderstood.Since I'm going to assume you're talking to everyone here,I'm only responding because you linked my post directly.

e0445 No.468


Oh, sorry, my post was intended to be a follow-up to yours, not a callout. :)

2cc6a No.469

It's fine. Just a limitation of text communication.

File: 1500380296232.jpg (120.88 KB, 900x1200, 41.jpg)

0aed3 No.434[Reply]

Every time i click on it it comes up with a black screen with white text that say the server is gone?

0aed3 No.437

Never mind. Fixed now.

File: 1461189636124.png (445.15 KB, 650x1000, opala.png)

cc932 No.151[Reply]

IMO it falls far enough on the "different" enough scale to warrant its own board, like /f/ does. I'm not really into it at all and its been increasing in frequency on both the /r/ and /d/ boards. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Pic unrelated.
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226c7 No.380

Speaking as one of the mpreg posters… I am careful to keep it contained to the threads that we currently have. I've only ever observed the same of other posters of mpreg. This is a solution seeking a problem.

226c7 No.381

Dagnabbit, I wish I'd noticed I was posting in a necroed thread.

9bb38 No.382

its not necro'd, we've just been arguing about it for over a year now

9bb38 No.383

actually about the "recent images" on the front page, since its mostly filled with random images of girls who need to be giving birth through their panties to six million babies at 9 years, is it even needed?

6abd9 No.384

That would probably solve all of our problems.

File: 1456426591484.jpg (163.39 KB, 800x600, i1262156258827.jpg)

6a8f4 No.1[Reply]

It's so nice to see Pregchan up and running again, hopefully for good this time.

Still… I did make the suggestion LONG ago that we probably should have something for emergencies like the site being down. I always thought we should set up an IRC chatroom somewhere as a place the community can gather whether the site is down or not to discuss ideas or talk about random stuff.

Just kinda tossing that suggestion out again. I know some people get together with other things for RP purposes and stuff, but something basic like this would be useful for group involvement.
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6a8f4 No.301


…Well, I may have found a server, but before I commit to trying this experiment, there are two things I want to be sure of: A, that the room will actually be used and it won't just be one or two of us idling the entire time and B: how to spread the word about it without some derp like Grapha showing up (it's not too hard to get rid of trolls like that on IRC, but I'd rather avoid the problem in the first place)

6a8f4 No.305

You know, it's times like this I wish there was an easy way to get in contact with Couchy just to have some high-level input on this.

Sorry for the lack of progress on this, but I got a bit busy and the lack of any real response to this project didn't help. I do plan to actually move forward on this, but it would help if I had a little bit of support from everyone (and not just some heckling from the anons in /b/)

5d693 No.306

I do read posts here, you know. Not to discourage you, I just don't have time to get involved with another thing. I can post a link to it on the announcement if you do set it up.

6a8f4 No.307

Well I figured on seeing who shows up when I eventually get it going. Believe me, just sitting in there and idling isn't against the rules, either (it just looks better if you say something now and then)

I did want to be cautious about announcing the room, though, when it is running. While I absolutely would love to have the people who have made this community what it is (including maybe some who have left this site), I don't want to leave the door wide open to someone who might cause trouble.

…I guess it's a bridge to be crossed when we get there.

6a8f4 No.364

Wow, I didn't mean to totally forget about this. Then again, there never really seemed like there was much interest. The words Stuff/Life Happens also factored in there somewhere.

Well, given how much time has passed, I suppose I can try to get a feeling for what people think about trying to make a pregchan chatroom or something now. For the purposes of this particular discussion, Discord is not an option. If someone else wants to do that, fine, but I know not everyone is interested in voice chatting (such as myself) and I want to keep things simple and accessible.

File: 1475014945403.jpg (9.32 KB, 480x360, technical_difficulties.jpg)

8453e No.313[Reply]

Some days I get the message
Undefined Variable: info"
while trying to post. It happens on mobile and on my laptop, in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It isn't quite random as it is reproducible for a while, but it usually doesn't last and after another person's post in the same thread I am able to post again.

Completely different problem: The Link [Go to bottom] on the top of every page does not work. There does not seem to be an anchor #bottom.
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891a0 No.349

Since the new reply limit hit a couple of the big threads in Drawn (specifically Edit and Original Content), hopefully we can make sure to sticky their replacements. Also maybe we could try linking to the old threads in the new ones just to make it easy to find them (in case anything was left undone in Edit or someone wanted to find an old piece of OC art).

…Also, for some reason, the site wouldn't let me make a new thread to say that. Kept saying it looked 'automated' (even though I tried to include a picture, had a subject line, and still kept getting kicked)

7c855 No.357

Was there a problem last night? The site went down with "Account was suspended" appearing when you tried to access it for a while. It was probably less than an hour, but it was nerve-wracking.

9f5c2 No.358

File: 1487718636959.jpg (108.61 KB, 888x499, wx0q1.jpg)

Yeah, it got shut down for a little while; apparently it was time to pay the hosting company.

7c855 No.359

It's not april fool's day anymore. Can we get rid of the pregnant giraffe?

2921e No.360

>>359 don't get me wrong i love pregnant woman moving their bodies but it's making me have motion sickness.

File: 1482985703119.jpg (1.31 MB, 2121x1414, IMG_0089.JPG)

d16f0 No.350[Reply]

Any particular reason for the new reply limit? I haven't seen anyone else ask about it, is what I'm asking just something everyone but me knows already for some reason?

84ffe No.351

Just because huge threads start slowing/crashing browsers and waste bandwidth.

d16f0 No.352

Oh, ok. Thanks.

a74af No.353

Just FYI: One can directly get to the "last 50 posts" view of every thread by replacing the URL …/12345.html by …/12345+50.html.
That little trick has saved me a lot of bandwidth especially in the CYOA threads.

2179d No.355

Is there a thread limit for boards? Because the /d/ catalog has lots of old threads that have been dead since the post cap was enforced.

4594f No.356

No thread limit yet, though the server is about half full.

File: 1478692972661.jpeg (1 MB, 1032x1457, help-please-admin.jpeg)

cd1f5 No.339[Reply]

Hello, is the admin Couchy here? I've been trying to get in touch with you via deviant-art. Assuming I have the right handle, can you check your private note folder?

Sorry if you don't have time. If it's easier I can just talk here.

File: 1477490975089.jpg (53.91 KB, 800x804, 3323-laughing-asian.jpg)

275ce No.336[Reply]

I need to talk to an admin about deleting some of the things I posted. I forgot what the password was so I have no other option.

Pic is absolutely unrelated.

53fb1 No.337

Which posts?

275ce No.338


Post >>>/d/18751 and >>>/d/21025 in /drawn/

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