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File: 1459581325206.png (188.2 KB, 612x713, p-chan fu.png)

d05d8 No.128[Reply]

my feels after yesterday

8d5e6 No.131

They played us like a damn fiddle!

26892 No.132

File: 1459620656400.jpg (50.57 KB, 961x623, HL.JPG)

How dare you play with my emotions! I hate you Pregchan!

… I love you Pregchan ;D

File: 1456445946194.jpg (204.35 KB, 850x1389, ^9758C265E3C9A42846F3F8126….jpg)

d5598 No.4[Reply]

Good to see Pregchan's return!

Formalities aside…

Can we change up how the image feed works?

- image feed showing ALL content defeats benefit of sorting by boards to avoid certain kinds of content
- (make feed respond to minimizing preferences, and add option to "un-check" entire boards from feed?)
- some options for feed display could reduce "squick factor" when site eventually DOES get CP spam again
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5b8c2 No.36

Speaking of bumping threads, can we have like the older Pregchan where whenever a thread gets bumped on the homepage it says which thread it's from rather than just the board? It's kinda annoying to see a new comment on a thread without context.

f863f No.37

I really do think this function more or less solves the problem, is there anyway to slightly change its implementation?

One way we could potentially improve it would be for it to start with the image feed as hidden, and require a click to show it. In that way, users are opening the list of recent posts at their own risk, knowing full well they might see something they dislike.

56e7b No.102

Is there any way we can stop images from hidden threads from showing up on the front page?

I don't really appreciate opening my pregchan bookmark and getting a faceful of mpreg buttbirth. Ew.

6b094 No.103

I think we all have things we don't like. We might just have to deal with this one.

50a0a No.104

I'll implement a filter.

File: 1457104623209.jpg (378.54 KB, 775x1200, 315962.jpg)

7ed28 No.52[Reply]

Tried to submit an image to the morphs/edit thread just now and it gives me a 403 error. Doesn't even kick me to a page for it, just pops it up on the reply.

Image is the one I was trying to upload.

32fad No.101

Is that you from Palcomix?


File: 1457313228143.png (162.39 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-06-19-1….png)

7e180 No.71[Reply]


7e180 No.72

O wtf…. I can start a new thread here, but not there?!

fe684 No.90

Are we testing theories now?

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