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File: 1456617862045.jpg (54.84 KB, 618x488, Spam.jpg)

325dd No.40

Just out of curiosity, what measures do we have in place now to deal with spammers? I know that was a serious issue last time around.

c8582 No.42

I don't want to tip my hand too much, but rest assured, defensive measures are already up and working. One good thing about being a smaller chan is that we can try some more aggressive anti-spam techniques.

325dd No.43

Glad to hear there are already some solutions in play!

In that case, would you be at all opposed to this thread becoming a general site security idea thread where collections of possible solutions for different problems can be posted? Just to ensure a wide range of ideas are on the table?

95756 No.65

It might be time to break out those techniques now.

bf866 No.78

Spammers are back :/

cd0de No.79

46fb4 No.80

Not sure what kind of anti-spam measures we have, but they seem to be inclined to break the board when used.

1e31c No.81

Report it when you see it so it can get filtered out ASAP.

46fb4 No.82

I'm reporting stuff as I see them. However I just tried replying to something in Real and it's bugged out there now (server took too long/403 Forbidden error combo, which I know has plagued others before).

It just seems odd that when the board bugs out for me is right after a spam attack (when presumably whatever Couchy's got up their sleeve for anti-spam measures is likely triggered), so maybe something in that is buggy too.

c8582 No.83

File: 1457486336268.jpg (57.1 KB, 500x386, uguu.jpg)

If you can see this post, then I've beefed up the spam filter without breaking anything this time! Yay!

46fb4 No.84

Still broken over in Real, at least as far as anything I've tried to do (geez, took so long for Ty's girlfriend to post something and now at least I can't post in her thread, dunno if anyone else is having the same problem).

46fb4 No.85


Add Chat to possible problem locations too.

1e31c No.86


Seeing the same error trying to post in /r/ myself. Thankfully I'm more concerned about viewing than about posting.

46fb4 No.94

Well it's still a critical error. If people can't post, then there's no new content.

05a8c No.96

I see it, but I wish I didn't.
I don't keep enough brain bleach on hand for things like that.

f5f06 No.97

Yeah, I am getting the "server took too long" error when I try to post in /r/, and I used to get that error while trying to post in /c/. Thank you for all of your hard work with trying to keep the spammers at bay, Couchy; temporarily not being able to post is a small price to pay for a safe haven :)

f77fc No.98

The server took too long to submit your post. Your post was probably still submitted. If it wasn't, we might be experiencing issues right now – please try your post again later. Error information:
{"readyState":4,"responseText":"<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC \"-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN\">\n<html><head>\n<title>403 Forbidden</title>\n</head><body>\n<h1>Forbidden</h1>\n<p>You don't have permission to access /post.php\non this server.</p>\n<p>Additionally, a 403 Forbidden\nerror was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.</p>\n</body></html>\n","status":403,"statusText":"Forbidden"}

Got this trying to make a reply on a chat thread.
Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place.

c8582 No.99

File: 1457563518861.jpg (19.37 KB, 500x270, graphics-sorry-294340.jpg)

Apologies to the handful of people who got autobanned today due to the spam filter freaking out. Fixing it ASAP.

abb09 No.100


Thanks. Decided to post for the first time in ages only to be told I'd been permabanned D:

Thanks for all the work you're doing getting this place back in gear. I appreciate that it's a lot of effort and sometimes it's thankless work. I'm sure a lot of people appreciate it even if we don't always take the time to say it.

c8582 No.108

File: 1458859990601.jpg (133.46 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Sorry again to the guy who keeps getting false-positive bans. It's a necessary evil to keep the CP spammer at bay. He's still attacking on a daily basis, but the filter has been mostly holding up so far. I check the logs and tweak the filter almost every day, so any mistakes will be quickly corrected.

4e4dc No.109

>>Thanks Couchy! I'm sure you'll figure out something :)

aca5e No.110

File: 1459017651985.png (229.5 KB, 580x1075, 1427999896767-0.png)

So, is it literally just me that's getting banned?


a5218 No.111

The spammer return granny porn so It new to me.

ddb1f No.112

Why not implement captcha? That should be able to fix most spam.

e9f50 No.116

Or is this April fools? :)

3faa5 No.117

File: 1459499007553.gif (1.46 MB, 331x237, mfw.gif)

Heh, I saw this coming from a mile away.
You can't fool me!

c8582 No.133

File: 1459621842292.png (79.52 KB, 990x585, Capture.PNG)

What's this? Nearly a whole week gone by without any spam attempts from our favorite Vietnamese pedo? Have we finally won the war on spam?

1e31c No.136

More likely just a battle. The war doesn't end. But it's good to know our primary antagonist has been stopgapped for now.

d527a No.340

Bastard's back. On /f/.

60b45 No.354

File: 1483163864364.png (36.48 KB, 728x456, spamalert.png)

Just a heads up, we're currently under attack by some Russian skiddie's porn spam bot that seems to be running every half hour. It's pretty stupid - new filters are easily keeping it at bay, and I don't think there will be any false positives, but stay vigilant.

46fb4 No.361

Wow, we seem to be getting a lot of run-of-the-mill spam in /d/ right now (aka idiots who don't know when to just shut the hell up). At least it's harmless, but still annoying as hell (particularly in the Edit thread and Arkone's Birth Story thread, but there's some of it elsewhere too).

5db8c No.362

Would it be possible to make it so that the same ID can't post x many times in a row on a post if they aren't the OP?

fc4c0 No.363

May not work very well, especially when there are multiple contributors in a thread. Also that may just encourage spammers to spam other related threads to try and get heard.

46fb4 No.365

It would be nice if there was someone around actively cleaning some of this stuff up. Besides Couchy, I don't know how many mods we have at this point and how many are active (if any).

60b45 No.366

It's just me and my army of robots.

f5186 No.367

On that note….. mod applications? I'm interested.

cf7e7 No.368

I dunno, this is an anonymous board where no one really knows one another more than a reoccurring name.
Also I rarely do see spam on the front page or anything that requires anymore than Couchy and his mini-Skynet :p

46fb4 No.369

Seems we have some spam going on in /c/, and that one idiot still going at it on /d/

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