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Preg friend Kimmie
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Found some Japanese forced pregnancy porn (often with a heroine or magical girl) a while back wasn't too impressed.

But recently I found this guy's channel on youtube and found some very good scenes. For obvious reasons he can't inform viewer what the source is from so I was hoping some of you maybe able to help.

Clip 1 (image related): youtube.com/watch?v=KSu2peOALFs

Clip 2: youtube.com/watch?v=oV1YxFF9K4A

Clip 3: youtube.com/watch?v=Ng_ewRZAs5k

Clip 4: youtube.com/watch?v=Vk2X17uMfGk
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Could you share??

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Her belly expands and belt pops off (>>5848) around 52:20

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>>This video is no longer available.


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Can we get a prego POV thread going?
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File: 1488188150258.jpg (2.62 MB, 4160x2340, 20170226_234005.jpg)

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Oh my god, that's adorable

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I know, the barest peek of the toes really sell it.

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"The sound it makes as she swallows the eggs is actually kind of hot; if that didn't sound weird."

During a scene in the hospital, an alien puts his mouth to the face of a pregnant woman, whose water just burst; you can see her throat engorge repeatedly with alien eggs. Later on, she is screaming as her stomach moves uncontrollably. It bursts open and aliens come out. From what I hear people are pretty two sided with this scene.

On the one hand, it sort of reminds me of the alien implantation in Xtro, the belly expansion from “Species 2”, and the "conception by the moon" in the beginning of “Warlock 2”. The face rape followed by the whole hentai scenario with the gooey eggs traveling down the pregnant mother's throat is both disturbing and kind of hot if you ask me. On the other hand, the babies are eaten and the multiple pregnant mothers die off.

In reality, when the Predalien implants the pregnant woman in the hospital, the anatomy does not work: The action is accompanied by a swallowing sound, suggesting the embryos are traveling down her esophagus, but the "location" of the bulges would place them in her trachea, which is at the front, with the esophagus behind. If that were the case, the actual sound would be a horrible, hollow tearing sound as the embryos forced their way through the cartilage that surrounds the windpipe. If the intent was to put them down the esophagus, they would in no way form such smooth, well-defined bulges on their way down, as the esophagus is hidden behind the trachea.

Before the massive conceptions at the hospital, the Predalien impregnates an unsuspecting pregnant waitress by the name of Carrie Adams (generic name) for seemingly no reason; until you obviously found out later what's really going on. The impregnation is off screen, but the aftermath of the flock of freshly born xenomorphs are shown exploded from her stomach.

One thing that bugs me about this scene as well as the hospital scene besides no real impact felt from either scene (comic impact/horror impact) is that neither one of the women (Carrie nor Pregnant Sue in the clip) seem to be afraid of the alien that will not only impregnate but kill them. That doesn't make any sense. I know it's a far away being but some reaction had to be there somewhere.

The actress who plays Sue, Victoria Bidwell, was actually pregnant during shooting of the hospital scene. Bidwell got the part because she was pregnant, had a gPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1498775662064.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, Eggtastrophy 1.jpeg)

Made this for the Sfm pregnant thread, thought it also deserved a home here. :3

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This entire thread reads like a degenerate's fever dream…
(not that there's anything WRONG with that…)

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>>6554 lol we're all degenerates

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File: 1498976091845.jpg (45.81 KB, 729x413, 644465662_dcb4442cc3_8.jpg)

From the collection of my Deviantart.
Pregnant Missi Pyle.

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I've seen one AV that has actual birth scene, until now.
Wonder if there are other porns/AV that has birth scene.

I would also like to know the name of the porn this image came from…couldn't find it.
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File: 1489869074807.jpeg (56.4 KB, 800x532, image.jpeg)

is this real or not

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File: 1489869193687.jpeg (98.14 KB, 500x641, image.jpeg)

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It's all fake

5083d No.6553


do you have the original

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Hey people!

I recently got into looking for stuff about this film and I'm dying to know how one could get a hold of it or if someone has it who visits here.

It's an Australian film about a woman who's due to give birth and after feeling contractions calls in her friends to help with the birthing part. Apparently the star actress was really very pregnant during the filming (with the picture being featured in the opening scene).

I first saw about it through BEArchive but whoever looked at it had nothing good to say about it and I moved on. But after I saw the trailer for this film I'd really like to know if anyone's seen it or has it.

Here's the link to the trailer:

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Actually, as long as your computer has a DVD drive and you have VLC media player installed, you can watch it without having to get an all-region DVD player.

92b9b No.6509

Wow, does no one remember Cheviot? The guy who morphed that video AAAAAAAAGES ago. The one where she gets bigger IS a morph and it's a rather famous one that has floated around the community for years.

d5775 No.6510

im so sorry when is the birth scene?

908de No.6537

so I am a little confused. What exactly happens in the opening scene? Does she actually morph? Or am I just seeing that?

be239 No.6551

Near the end of the film.

Her belly doesn't actually morph outward like in that clip on Cheviot's Place.

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And you thought that it was just something in the realm of your fantasies! Not so, good friends, not so.


Found this little gem on Facebook, knew people 'round here would appreciate it.

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People make jokes, but pole dancing is both really hard and seriously impressive when done well. Doing it while pregnant? Props to this lady, she's hardcore.

File: 1496957026057.png (107.66 KB, 869x1536, IMG_3475.PNG)

a50ef No.6472[Reply]

Does anyone know who this woman is and whether there are more videos of her?

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Do you know, it there are more of her videos?

a50ef No.6539

Does she have a clips4sale? Also is she a surrogate?

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We definitely need to bring back these birth morphs
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File: 1498213795237.jpg (99.2 KB, 1100x621, IMG_9146.JPG)

File: 1421537855486.jpg (39.39 KB, 718x334, Impregnation Erotica Banne….JPG)

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We should have a Site Resource Thread. Share what your favorite sites are so we can all enjoy some good pregnancy/impregnation fun.


Great blog source with lots of pictures, movies, captions, stories, and other sites compiled on it all about impregnation and pregnancy porn.


A free to join erotic impregnation/pregnancy community. Good source for on-topic stories, pictures, and most importantly people who are interested in the topic.
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f09fc No.6455

>preg community 2.0

o god. I hope that The Chipmunk fruitcake doesn't run it.

dfa85 No.6476

thechipmunck9769 on youtube.
he needs to be raided.
no sense of humor, no freedom of discussion and most of all, nothing sexual on his YT channel. I mean, c'mon nao.

4a2b9 No.6477

So I just found a site that has a TON of fantastic pregnancy content. Ironically, its called Motherless. XD

Here are a few examples:

Do some searching around, there's some obscure stuff on the site. :3

4eb6a No.6478


Motherless requires FlashPlayer. Not necessary in these days of HTML5. Sites that require Flash are putting their visitors at risk. Avoid it.

b2d26 No.6496

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