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File: 1442541574146.jpg (199.25 KB, 1136x756, tumblr_ns2hcuMMey1ri6735o1….jpg)

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I want to make a thread about this rare breed, particularly those with Tumblrs. Mothers who expressly enjoy giving birth and fantasize about it, ones who are more than happy to show themselves to the world spread out to the max, and those who are excited by the thought of other people getting off to themselves pushing a baby out.

Actually having this woman be able to give birth as she wished would have been amazing. I will forever be disappointed that we will never get video of her stark naked birthing twins.

More great blogs.

And a video to go along with this theme.
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File: 1466900063203.jpg (3.63 MB, 4272x2848, IMG_4483.JPG)

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File: 1466900207616.jpg (3.47 MB, 4272x2848, IMG_4485.JPG)

4776a No.5199


That one's dead :( Does anyone have an alternate link?

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File: 1467083459579.png (738.52 KB, 1274x955, Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at ….png)

This is my absolute favorite birth vid in terms of quality and the cute mother. This is her first vaginal birth after having a cesarean and she's quite happy about it. In the first vid it's a lot of nice close ups of her cute pussy just prior to crowning as well as the doctor giving her an oiled up perineal massage and she even sticks her fingers inside to feel the baby's head. Just jump ahead in the video a bit since in the beginning she's dancing with her hubby to get the baby to drop.

The second vid is of the actual birth itself and she's real calm about it. A lot of nice close ups of the crowning and no episiotomy, just a nice clean, clear birth.

Again probably my top pick vid for the subject matter and the first video usually does it enough for me.


Actual Birth

500d5 No.5996

I am also female with this birth fetish. I can tell you I feel the same way about the word "push" lol. The idea of another person being involved in a woman's natural proccess is like a spiritual opening. Thus giving birth has become a fantasy of mine.

File: 1485956399463.jpg (112.91 KB, 843x1263, IMG_3443.JPG)

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Southerncharms model from 04-07. She was huge. Name?? More pics??

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File: 1485956430435.jpg (105.45 KB, 843x1263, IMG_3441.JPG)

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File: 1485956446990.jpg (105.82 KB, 843x1263, IMG_3442.JPG)

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File: 1485956474547.jpg (121.82 KB, 843x1263, IMG_3448.JPG)

8a893 No.5972

DAMN. Why have i never seen this woman before? Her face is eh…but that BELLY! Gotta be twins in there…

21a8c No.5990

File: 1485635323782.jpg (37.02 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nz9a2mri7Z1ukz2nto1….jpg)

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Does anyone have any pics of pregnant women with really wide hips or a really fat ass? It's kind of been a craving of mine lately.

File: 1485230540259.png (1.06 MB, 1123x575, Untitled.png)

366ce No.5919[Reply]

Anyone have any Goddess Kendall/Kendall Olsen clips to share? I would be willing to trade.

I'm specifically looking for her Post-Partum or her false labor videos, but I'd love to get my hands on some of her other C4S work.

File: 1460244349512.gif (2.76 MB, 400x292, cysnPX.gif)

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This is a thread for Birth gif's if there isn't one already
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f7b81 No.4953

Man I've been looking for that video for so long. Do you know if it's available somewhere?

0f61b No.4954


That is the famous Dr Odent. Try "French woman giving birth at home" in YT search

38498 No.5001

Jesus that's hot, the way she starts to stand just after the baby comes out

0f61b No.5805

There is another birth gif thread

0f61b No.5887

File: 1484956821004.gif (777.01 KB, 250x161, giphy.gif)

This is clearly the better, and first, birth GIF thread here ;)

Wonder why there are 2 though?

File: 1426326081989.jpg (505.78 KB, 2422x3632, IMG_9618.jpg)

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File: 1426326622279.jpg (4.71 MB, 2581x3872, IMG_9789.jpg)

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File: 1426326724844.jpg (2.43 MB, 2582x3873, IMG_9720-2.jpg)

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File: 1426461851890.jpg (542.42 KB, 2581x3872, IMG_0653.jpg)

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Now she's a round little beauty. <3 Always had a thing for pregnant Asians.

Just wish she'd smile a bit more. The Flickr link is 404'd btw.

File: 1483359485982.jpg (109.06 KB, 1024x646, 20131205_014140.jpg)

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File: 1476713158128.webm (2.82 MB, 782x440, 1472330957793.webm)

2ba4d No.5494[Reply]

>webm support enabled
>still no webm thread

Anyone got some mini vids they wanna share?

I'll dump what i have
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1c2c3 No.5551


Any vids like this that show the colostrum?

e3415 No.5554


Here's a fairly complete collection of Magdalena.


9c030 No.5687

Was there ever a birth vid? Kinda surprised there wasn't with how many videos she has.

bf95e No.5806


If anyone's wondering about this girl, her name is Brooke Marie. Here's the most complete collection I've found of her videos (not my drive): https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4fAu/KivwCAJMY/Brook%20Marie/

a31db No.5819

Hey, does anyone have the source for this please?

File: 1441391016432.jpg (475.06 KB, 1229x2048, 20489199088_c1e6eaf2cb_k.jpg)

b5bf9 No.2990[Reply]

You might want to have a look at this…
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1398f No.3374


I think she's 18/19, otherwise I doubt she'd be allowed to upload this photos on the sites she uses.

cb256 No.3407


Shame, pinay make perfect concubines for the white man.

4a0fe No.3478

She has an IMGUR account as well and for the life of me I can't find it back. She had SO MANY more pics on it than the Flickr account.

f3f54 No.3500

2ae63 No.5814

All the links seem to be dead… did anyone archive the old imgur album? Or has access to her flickr?

File: 1482057750027.jpg (100.04 KB, 800x448, 34 Weeks Xmas Belly Worshi….jpg)

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