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d0c47 No.2292

Anyone know any videos where the pregnant girl is making dirty comments about being fucked with a babe in her or mentions the brat in her stomach while she gets off?

d0c47 No.2295


c5f84 No.2297

Whoa dude, what's that picture from?

b4cd7 No.6249

Finding this thread after nearly two years. Sad that this never took off. It's the hottest thing to actually hear dirty talk about the baby, but it's so rare.


Here's a little something. I personally don't like this video very much, but the real money starts at 22:50.

b4cd7 No.6256


Here she makes a comment, "feed my baby some protein". So dirty, I love it. It's a small clip to a larger video though.

6e8a2 No.6266

>not posting the actual link


8f20b No.6322

hot theme

b4cd7 No.6759


Amateur clip here, really amateur. But she says the four golden words of pregnant dirty talk: "cum on my baby". I could repeat this clip over and over just to hear her say it.

aa976 No.6763

God, yes. So wrong and so fucking hot.

Talks about baby's kicks as she rides a dildo. Mentions baby a lot in general.

A couple good lines in this one: 16:53 "Shoot it, cumming good for that baby" 19:55 "So that's what you had for the baby." Rest of the video is great too.

Can't find a better stream, but if you search the file name it's worth a torrent. Mentions of the baby are spread throughout, but she talks about how big the baby's getting, how the baby puts pressure on her vag and makes her wet, how the baby kicks when she's horny, and how you should fuck her to make the baby kick more. Probably the best I've seen for this sort of the content, and the rest of the vid has great dirty talk too. One of my favorite clips ever.

A little different, but still super hot: labor JOI. "Jerk that cock so that baby can come out." Great stuff.

d84c3 No.6773

Nice contributions :)

First one's pretty good, I thought. Mom looks nice, and I liked what she had to say, whether it was dirty talk or not.

The labor JOI, I already knew what it was, and to this day that video is one of the few JOIs I like. But not for the intended reason: I just find it so damn funny. I once challenged myself to count how many times they say "ooh yeah" and I gave up after a minute. Had potential, but if they wanted to get me riled up, what would have worked a lot better for me is if they got frisky with each other :3

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