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She has returned with "an occupied uterus".
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f8142 No.7036

File: 1506098271093.jpg (4.97 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5734.JPG)

3423c No.7037

Bug, I appreciate all of your video or picture.
Do you mind if I ask you how think about recording labor video?

67a42 No.7038

well that was fast. Twin pregnancies really do look 10 weeks bigger. At this rate, you'll have a full term body by Halloween. Also, nice butt. petite, plump AND light reflective.

f8142 No.7039

i don't find those ethical for porn consumption, also i probably won't have a vaginal given my compromised uterine tissue around my scar from the last c-section.

lol honestly in person i pretty much look full term for someone my size.

046c0 No.7040

Your man is a lucky guy.

When my wife was preg with twins she would barely let me touch her knowing full well I am into this kind of thing.

52e1e No.7041

love the underbelly shot. my fave angle.

love legs though wish you'd get a few from right under the huge womb, the cam distortion from the closer belly would make u look massively fertile ;)

f8142 No.7042

Some people are so physically uncomfortable or hormonal messed up during pregnancy, especially with multiples that being touched esp sexually is torture. I know it sucks to not be able to indulge in your kink but i dont blame her if she needed space.

0c5f2 No.7043


This is a fantastic angle. I hope all continues to go well, you look great. :)

c84c5 No.7044

Fucking breast milk, how does it work? I'm guessing you dried up since your previous pregnancy? Did it start up faster this time?

f8142 No.7046

I weaned a year ago and dried up immediately. My ducts and nipples are really perfect producers. No supply issues and no unwanted leaking. Last time i got a drop or two around this time but its coming easier this time

1adfb No.7047

File: 1506154282451.gif (281.54 KB, 320x240, generated_18260102.gif)

The way you own you body is hot as fuuuuck!

This video was sooo fucking worth the dollars I dropped on it:

Thank you sooo fucking much for sharing the way you do! Motherfucking legendary

dfbd2 No.7048


Would you still be up to do a labour RP?

f8142 No.7070

I am so glad you enjoyed it, you guys can order directly from my email too.

idk, im just really shy and awkward and a bad actor. And i've never been in labor so i dunno how to fake it.

Im 19 weeks today, i took photos ill upload later

f8142 No.7085

File: 1506535836728.jpg (5.95 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5803.JPG)

19 weeks

f8142 No.7086

File: 1506536223703.jpg (4.56 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5807.JPG)

i just rly want that bottom bit of skin to fill in already

29767 No.7087

For what one rando's opinion is worth, I think it's cute.

76e9b No.7089

to people like us, it's just a waterline of how big you get! Be proud! Who knows how many more times it might get big enough to go taut!

13da0 No.7100


This whole alpha/beta thing when not talking about dogs or canines is bullshit. It also doesn't make any sense. Its not supported by science. Its internet trolling

If it where true why would someone "more submissive" be more abusive?

64a70 No.7101


Also, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense when talking about canines either. The man who originally posited the "alpha wolf" theory eventually realized it was flawed and went back on it.

f8142 No.7102

File: 1506611464719.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x2560, IMG_20170927_104306.jpg)

Has anyone stopped consider maybe IM fucking alpha. Hm?

Also someone bought me this shirt off my wishlist and its fuckin gr8

4a8d8 No.7103

Damn thats nice camt wait to see next comming weeks

3d62d No.7104


I guess people missed the memo xD

52e1e No.7105

how does your wish list work?

fb92b No.7106

That tank top is adorable, and the belly is adorable. Thank you for sharing the pic.

ad14f No.7107

can you take more pictures in panties, please?

7150c No.7111

Normally if you want to change a subject it's not wise to keep talking about the thing you want to move the conversation away from.

f8142 No.7112

well, just to buy things, you add them to your cart and then select the option to send them to me (it wont give away my address) You can also email me directly and set up an exchange if you want something in return.

dude, man, just have fun, roll with it and crack some jokes. its ok. Its preggo porn dont take it so srsly.

07fe2 No.7115

Hi bug!

Do you have any shots from your first pregnancy you could compare? As in photos with the same pose and same number of weeks along side by side. It'd be really interesting seeing how the two pregnanciesides compare as things progress…

9b5e7 No.7116

I second this idea, sounds like fun.

44543 No.7125

File: 1507223946087.jpg (6.19 MB, 5184x2912, IMG_5857.JPG)

it does but my archive is HUGE and i rly dont have the time to do that unfortunately.

44543 No.7126

File: 1507225480162.gif (222.75 KB, 320x240, generated_18437424_1507225….gif)


New video is up btw, the video quality is way higher than this gif but im hard pressed to find a gif maker i can use so thisll do.

5badc No.7127


Is that archive gonna be up for sale or anything?

44543 No.7129

I mean its all public in regards to preg content. I lost a lot a few years after my last pregnancy with a hard drive death but i can put up what i have

00556 No.7130

Hey, so, I know this may be against the spirit of the thread, but…

Hey, Bug, I'm glad you're feeling so good about your condition! Being pregnant is no small thing, and the fact you're so excited about it is incredible, as is the fact you're willing to share that excitement with us! I've seen this thread bouncing up and down the thread list, and I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I think it's beautiful and amazing that you've begun the process of creating an entire human being inside your lovely body.

That and that the fact you've got enough confidence in your body (something a lot of mommy-to-be's struggle with, tragically…) to show yourself off like this and enough faith in this particular group of people to share it is beautiful in its own right. I hope you're doing well, and hopefully, it all gets better from here!

fb92b No.7133

[LIKE] ← (we don't have a Like button, so I'll use that)

32ea4 No.7134

Yeah this.

You're awesome people Bug, more than any of us deserve. Thank you.

c04d6 No.7147

I would think celebrating pregnancy is what this thread is all about XD
But yeah, if I haven't said so before, congrats Bug. Keep up the good work :)

52e1e No.7149

File: 1507419067228.png (920.53 KB, 1024x576, TheBug by Saravore.png)

i asked Bug if i could mention to a few DA artists she was knocked again and was ok with hyperpreg fanpics, this is one by one of da's better known belly artists, I like it! enjoy

5eb30 No.7150


52e1e No.7153

cute eh? ;)

06208 No.7176

File: 1507829619396.jpg (2.53 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_20171012_090316.jpg)

Getting round at 21 weeks :p

Also im doing a moving sale, the next 4 people to hit me up via email (madelinebugsales@gmail.com) will get all my new pregnancy content posted so far(so like 80ish$) for 50$ :3

ad14f No.7180

what is your favorite sex position while pregnant? do you use egg toys than you can lay? there's a dildo you can get that can push eggs into you called the ovipositor. if you were to lays some eggs into your panties i'd definitely buy that

c492d No.7182

.. bug are you sitting on the sink? lol.
Girl that's cute but dangerous. sink not meant to hold the weight of a grown person! Even a wee girl!

06208 No.7185

>>7182 I'm fine, I'm not the weight of a grown person lol also i've been doing that for years with no issue. its the only way i can see my face properly without glasses on.

whatever doesnt feel like im being smothered man. And eggs and ovipositors are serious $$$$ i dont have

c492d No.7187

maybe you could help her buy an ovipositor?

1adfb No.7199

Ever considered being a paid surrogate if this pregnancy goes well?

c492d No.7208

she has.
She's not big into surrogacy. We asked. :X

13da0 No.7210


Bug is based af.

Do you know what happened to the nerd scene?

We adopted standards on sex, dating and socialization from hollywood, and the mainstream media.

Yeah, those bunch of creeps, pedos, rapists, and predators. this happened around the time major comic book movies started going mainstream, and "nerd" culture became more shit hollywood was selling you.

Its time to kick this shit back out of our community, and start treating not just women with respect, but ourselves. We're better than this.

06208 No.7230

File: 1508517276882.jpg (5.18 MB, 2912x5184, IMG_6555.JPG)

filming the second trimester try on video this week !

4a533 No.7231

You keep finding the cutest freakin' things to wear. :-)

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