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File: 1524628568386.jpg (100.06 KB, 476x988, 1522334186085.jpg)

603d4 No.1812[Reply]

How many of you guys have ever brought up or was asked about your birth/pregnancy fetishes and how many people know that you have one?

I have only told a handful of friends and one girl whom I was close with. She thought it was kinda cute.

I ask because I don't know if I should keep it to myself should I ever get a girlfriend.

Also,pic unrelated.

File: 1523703970162.jpg (61.94 KB, 943x960, Channel_awesome_logo_2015.jpg)

cefb9 No.1798[Reply]

Let's be brutally honest, pretty much all of us are fucktarded autists here, so I'd imagine there's a pretty big crossover between pregchan's anons and the CA fanbase. I'm interested in hearing what anyone here has to say about the sinking ship that is channel awesome, and all the fucked-up shit coming to light, like how they apparently covered up the fact that JewWario raped an unconscious fan at one point.
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323f9 No.1802

I used to like nostalgia critic but now he fucking sucks all of his stupid revival shit pisses me off why on earth does he bring other people in this show like malcom ray I rather have avgn than him fuck doug walker and fuck nostalgia critic revive!

96a75 No.1803

I remember I used to watch NC back when I was in middle school and started to watch internet videos more often. I liked NC up until the third anniversary movie; then I just kinda tolerated it until I just lost interest because the skits were so boring and intrusive. But NC was really the only thing from CA I really cared for. I watched some of Phelous and Cinema Snob a couple of years ago, but ended up dropping them too.

I'm a big fan of Mister Metokur, but I'll admit that I thought his TGWTG series was kinda disappointing. After episode 2 it stopped being a retrospective and more of just Jim making fun of them for doing dumb shit. Sucked because his episode on Spoony was amazing, and was quite revelatory to me because I had almost never heard of Spoony before. But then Linkara's episode was just kink-shaming him (yes, his fetishes were weird, but that's not the point) and making fun of his bad comic from before he became a reviewer. You can tell Jim started to hate working on these videos, and he has publicly stated he didn't like making them and never wants to make a retrospective series again.
But that's not to say that the series itself isn't entertaining, it is. Just don't expect an objective analysis from it.

But yeah, I didn't think CA would melt down like this. I didn't even think JewWario (I've never watched his videos) would've been the center of sexual misconduct allegations. But I think this controversy as a whole mostly just reaffirms the rumors circulating around CA's management.

And to think, the one who was the least scathed by these rumors and allegations was Brad Jones, the Cinema Snob, who literally reviews porn for the website.

cefb9 No.1806

To be fair, with all the shit flying around, I expect to hear that his divorce was caused by his wife catching him burying a dead hooker in the backyard any day now.

7bc7a No.1807

I never got into it all the characters to me were just annoying and pretty stupid.

7b86e No.1811

I am starting to wonder whether Nostalgia Critic was always shit and I didn't realize this till now?

The shit about Jewario really fucked me up as I was really fucked up by his suicide back in the day and loved the videos I saw of him(the Oendan and Pepsiman reviews)and the circumstances of his death really hit me home as I also had a history of wanting to end my own life.

But the stuff about him being a rapist and it is also corroborated with Iron Liz(who is actually a really cool person)who was also Justin's friend really nailed it home.


But James Rolfe is a total fucking Chad by the way.
His Polybius videos were awesome B-Movie budget horror based on a game that technically never existed.

My respect for him was cemented when he calmly stated him not seeing the new Ghostbusters and shitheads on Twitter gave him shit over it.

It made the failure of the film all the sweeter. It was like the 2016 Election Meltdown before it happened.

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File: 1516684134456.jpg (507.54 KB, 511x850, Anne Frank-lifdrs_001.jpg)

2cd7d No.1430[Reply]

Our progenitor, 4chan, is kill

Press F to pay respects
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1e6e7 No.1686

Hmm is there any other places that show this image or better yet, have a story that goes along with the picture?

df190 No.1693

File: 1520750143425.jpg (1.48 MB, 2048x1536, Luke, come over to the Dar….jpg)


We at /his/ have narrowed the list of suspects down to Peter van Pels, Charles II of Spain, Oskar Schindler, Adolf Hitler, Denver "Bull" Randleman, Sam R. Watkins, Eugene Sledge, Oskar Dirlewanger, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Arthur Harris, Donald Trump, Otto Frank, that annoying dentist guy who was with her, George Pickett, George Patton, Norman Schwarzkopf, Jeff Mangum, and Martin Luther King.

90014 No.1694

Keep up the good work, lads! I am certain you shall solve this conundrum before long.

3960e No.1792

File: 1523648290449.jpg (55.85 KB, 500x259, sad pepe kitten.jpg)

4chan is kill again


3960e No.1810

Beta Uprising killed 4chan again

File: 1523590020602.png (171.15 KB, 265x370, en_FLEFcdDSDK.png)

cf206 No.1787[Reply]

I don't know if anyone here cares about MtG, but after seeing this waifu card I want to make a commander deck based around moms/breeding/etc. I was thinking about running Child of Alara as my commander for color identity and because its on theme. Help me fulfill my fetishes in the form of cardboard

a7149 No.1788

File: 1523615858683.jpg (132.18 KB, 488x680, Orochi Eggwatcher_CHK.jpg)

ee28c No.1790

I see it as being completely janky, but I do have a few cards that might work for it…

I mean, obviously you want Breeding Pool. And maybe Broodkeeper.

845c5 No.1791

File: 1523628564892.png (39.59 KB, 265x370, KvsmFpyU4T_EN.png)

Don't forget about Den Protector, AKA Maternal Witness.

cafb5 No.1793

I can think of goblin matron, but not much else, at least off the top of my head.

49a7e No.1809

File: 1524058738350.jpg (132.18 KB, 488x680, Goblin Warrens_6E.jpg)

File: 1523683645361.jpg (48.05 KB, 926x521, Kappa.jpg)

0e5b1 No.1794[Reply]

There is only one rule in fight club. Don't talk about fight club outside of fight club.

Let's use this thread to avoid clogging up the other threads with arguments. If you have an argument (that you don't intend to dedicate an entire thread to, you complete anarchist), take it here.

(couchy, if you disapprove, just delete it. For the time being, I'ma use this to avoid another 25-50 wasted posts in the edit thread)

0e5b1 No.1795

Also, if you are good people, sage everything you put here as to not draw attention


dude, seriously, I can't count how many times you either requested the same thing after the request was deleted by the admin, gotten shitty with an artist for not editing/drawing a picture how you wanted, or request spammed when you thought people forgot about you.

90fa0 No.1796

>avoid another 25-50 wasted posts in the edit thread

Implying that those posts were going to be used for anything of value.

A good portion are absurd requests from those who should have learned by now, bland requests which assume everyone else in the world would want them done and those whining about 2 week old requests when people have waited months and are still waiting.

No wonder there's a lack of experienced editors.

0e5b1 No.1797

still, I'm not looking to bury those polite people who've been waiting months by maxing out the current edit thread, just because I've once more agitated this guy into a "nu-uh, you suck" fight.

Oh yeah, I was the one to point him out the last time this happened. I felt mildly guilty about it then, and even worse for pointing it out this time, but I saw him starting to be a cock to the new editor, and it pissed me off enough to write out a warning. Hopefully Fight Club works, and this just migrates over here.

7a6d7 No.1804

hey this is the new editor, I'll be honest with you I picked this guy's request because it was the only good picture (plus I'm a sucker for a challenge) that I wanted to edit as I was looking through the thread.

However, I've been lurking round here for years and have seen this behavior many times before, which is why I don't care to finish the request unless he provides me with the images to finish it.

I appreciate, greatly, your will to tackle such a situation, but fortunately the only person this behavior is detrimental is to himself.

As for me, this won't scare me off. I don't really like being told what to do (ask me nicely, different story). Ultimately, this thread will be useful to settle disputes if any arise. So I commend you on this wonderful idea.

File: 1521701563515.jpeg (56.62 KB, 1024x1024, FEDDA47F-FCC4-4125-BD18-D….jpeg)

ba0fb No.1710[Reply]

Cause why not.

Inflation really isn’t my thing, but I’m curious to see if anyone likes it
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b01ef No.1713

File: 1521716455886.jpg (46.96 KB, 541x800, powerstuff.jpg)

my favorite

45478 No.1714

Just for reference, the random board is never going to work if we get mad at everything that isn't pregnant women

b01ef No.1715

anon's right,relax and marvel at big belly blossom she looks pregnant and the two do go hand in hand a wonderful example being species 2.

75908 No.1756

This is my thing yes.

ba0fb No.1786

Well I didn’t say stop

File: 1470277794244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.03 MB, 1956x3803, topkek.jpg)

55933 No.210[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I'm honestly not sure whether to find this disgusting for being borderline CP or highly arousing.
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9a996 No.1771

That is a informative map.

ae79f No.1772


No, its fetishising what they hate/fear. You see the same thing with general racism too, anti-black biggots love interracial porn etc. You could even argue that homophobes do the same thing which is why they always think gays are trying to "convert" them. They can't help but view them as sexual objects.

754d8 No.1782

/pol/ isn't exactly a unified space, so it could very well be both.

1ca60 No.1783

i see..

…so everything we dislike, we secretly want to fuck

4c7cc No.1785


That's a very hot pic, lets be honest

File: 1523010886621.jpg (26.73 KB, 252x320, 91F35isRz3L._AC_UL320_SR25….jpg)

fee3b No.1773[Reply]

>read brief synopsis of "Halle Berry" goes to space alone and comes back pregnant
>go searching for the belly supercut
>cant find jack shit
>look up a in depth spoiler synopsis
>she gets a space abortion midway through the first season

fee3b No.1774

File: 1523011628003.jpg (92.89 KB, 1366x768, 1504340966997.jpg)

and a personal one:
>GF was never meant to be able to have more kids so we play fast and loose with the contraception
>accident finally happens, thers no way of talking her out of it since it was pretty much a miracle
>roll with it because it will probably be my only opportunity to live out my biggest kink
>she starts stacking on weight
>7.5 months later
>barely even showing, i've seen bigger stuffers
>always sick, in and out of hospital
>baby is born stupid early

>my face through what should have been the greatest 9 months of my life

d4888 No.1776

wow. That's some real grade-A open range organic depression juice right there. Like, are you gonna be ok bro? Should we call a 1-800 number? I'm feeling shitty from just reading that, I can't imagine how you're doing.

a48ce No.1779

Wow, what a letdown.

fcebd No.1780

Oh, I remember that. All the trailers made her look like she was going to have some space babby, but nothing ever came of it.

b06ea No.1781

>>1773 this show was a big fuckin tease,im deeply sorry the editor had to go through what he did.

File: 1522020181173.jpg (134.26 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

12a1d No.1722[Reply]

Some time ago I said some things unintentionally that offended you guys and as a result I left for a while to let you guys cool off for a bit, I have since then lost all my online friends for similar reasons and want to keep what few friends I have left and apologizing for my actions is a best place to start so here it goes.

I shouldn't have said what I said, I should have took you guys feelings into consideration first, what I said made me come off like a judgmental a**hole though not my intention Im sorry for what I said.

Ps I'm really really lonely and need people to interact with.
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45e00 No.1766

>>Telling someone what is wrong with their behavior is a good attempt to prevent such bad behavior from re-occurring. The fact that people sound angry and frustrated should tell you how many times they have tried to be civil.
>This is the only part of your post I agree with.

Why do I feel like this absolute dolt completely missed the point of what was said?
So you agree with him, despite not at all putting it into practice?

56a48 No.1767

>So you agree with him, despite not at all putting it into practice?

I try to.

38075 No.1775

File: 1523011836718.gif (4.77 MB, 436x240, Xw22ahs.gif)

jesus christ i hope this place doesn't stay the exception forever

fd70a No.1777

I don't know enough about you to hate you

261ef No.1778

Pregchan scares me sometimes.

File: 1519688779048.jpg (177.77 KB, 600x750, 333515 - Princess_Peach Su….jpg)

75e31 No.1632[Reply]

In this thread, we'll discuss video game characters we had a crush on. Bonus points if you want to impregnate them.
Personally, I'd love to be with Princess Peach.
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9aaf0 No.1668

I've always liked Taki from the Soul Calibur games. I'm kinda dreading her eventual inclusion in a Soul Calibur 6 trailer, because then I'll want to buy the game (I don't have much time or energy for games anymore, so I've been sticking to a "no new consoles; no new games" policy).

5dbb1 No.1669

File: 1520350111911.png (677.85 KB, 1534x897, Sabrina.png)

Well, one video game character I've always been rather fond of is Sabrina from Pokémon. Aside from being not just a pretty face but certainly one of the more complex girls in the series (between her Psychic powers, social awkwardness, and eventual movie stardom), she's always been a character I've felt could use some love (not just in the "Where all the preg pics at?" sense, but also she could probably really use a hug). Not sure what prompted the Gen 4+ makeover, though, but she still looks great

eb75e No.1673

lara croft from tomb raider.

3eecc No.1692

Yuffie stole my heart.

And all my materia.

c7b82 No.1743

File: 1522126409231.png (81.84 KB, 179x384, DS_Flora.png)

Flora from Harvest Moon.

Does she get bonus points for the DS game actually allowing you to impregnate her, considering you can marry her in-game?

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