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(310.50 KB 961x679 Title Splash.png)
Pokemon Expectant Emerald Mr. Stan 07/13/2022 (Wed) 22:31:20 No. 40 [Reply] [Last]
New site finally has a random board set up, let's get this thread going again! Pokemon Expectant Emerald is an overhaul ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald with the goal of making (almost) every trainer pregnant. It began as an attempt to just swap out all the female trainer sprites, and because I'm an ambitious idiot, grew in scope to more general changes including swapping most trainers to female variants and overhauling almost all of the dialogue in the game to relate to the central theme. The ROM can be downloaded here: https://mega.nz/folder/AIgBGCaL#7cCLss5A1uQGv_1HyfLM_w The ONLY file you need is "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.gba". Everything else is related to development, and is available for anyone who wants to look behind the scenes. I recommend playing it on VBA-M 2.1.4, available here: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gba/vboyadvance.html (It's the last link on the page, under 'Download unofficial ports'.) However, any GBA emulator should work. There are currently two versions available: Expectant Emerald 0.8.2, which includes edited content up through the end of Route 120, and Expectant Emerald Basic. The basic version is just sprite swaps, with no additional edits, and exists for those who would like to play through the game without waiting on further development. It has four variants available for download, depending on whether or not you want pregnant young trainer sprite and/or select pregnant pokemon sprites. In the main version of the game, younger trainers are referred to as "Contentious Content," are disabled by default, and can be enabled/disabled at will by speaking with an in-game NPC. I am currently in the process of editing dialogue and trainers throughout the whole game, but it's a long process and I have a day job that takes up most of my time. Further updates are in the works, but tend to vastly overrun any time estimates I give. The link above will be updated with new releases whenever they occur.
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>>4623 Stan has fallen. This is turning more into a general Pokemon ROM hack thread for development. (Stan is fine, he just has stopped development. If he starts it back up it'll be from scratch)
If I can make a suggestion, I would recommend making the bellies on the quadrupeds span more sideways than downward. Otherwise, they look like they have a human belly slapped on them.
I know in the main post it says that the CC option enables pokemon sprites and other stuff but every time i try and do it it doesn’t work. Would someone be able to direct me to a version with preg pokemon sprites? I remember having to manually replace the sprite files and i just don’t wanna do that. Thanks Much
>>4903 Here it is >>4060
Was just wondering if this game is still being worked on huge fan of the game

(244.38 KB 1024x325 image_2023-08-03_020134.png)
WEBRING WEBRING 08/03/2023 (Thu) 07:04:03 Id:de8223 No. 2820 [Reply]
LET'S BUILD A WEBRING PREGNANCY pregchan.com <-- You are here preggophilia.com bbw-chan.nl/preg g.hyperpreg.com extreme-board.com/forumdisplay.php?f=22 sexfetishforum.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=1025bb96000bfbdea7526a8acbf0dc34&board=105.0 forumophilia.com/tags.php?tags=pregnant EXPANSION AND TRANSFORMATION process-productions.com/forum/ forum.bearchive.com bodyinflation.org metamorphose.org thechangingmirror.com

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(451.25 KB 900x2002 consol.png)
>>2821 >>2823 I know you guys are joking, but the age of webrings is making a return. Every last major search engine has been deliberately hobbled over the last decade to direct people toward the same cluster of big websites. Even if you search with tags or quotations, you still won't be able to find what you're looking for unless someone already has the actual URL, so we're right back where we started. Not only is a Pregring is a great idea, it's also inevitable.
As for getting the obvious out of the way, 4chan itself usually has pregnancy/birth/breeding threads up on its many porn boards: https://boards.4chan.org/d/ https://boards.4chan.org/s/ https://boards.4chan.org/h/ https://boards.4chan.org/aco/
I made this pregnancy/expansion forum a year ago but it's been gathering dust because I didn't want to shill https://botehara.mywebforum.com
i dunno if https://preggophilia.com work

(1.98 MB 1125x2001 170775917700-301.png)
my personal collection xiao hong shu 02/12/2024 (Mon) 18:21:29 Id:e8824b No. 4894 [Reply]
😆 GqALzotOqFxON9V 😆 http://xhslink.com/XpmSnB😆 d3NJ11VNfxvdDFc 😆 http://xhslink.com/HCnSnB😆 BwmQrn0oZGPNPDO 😆 http://xhslink.com/E3lSnB😆 Bp5dLo3Z2uJ1jVa 😆 http://xhslink.com/5WoSnB😆 hVs7DNBbDMee4y8 😆 http://xhslink.com/pgoSnB😆 SnxOYeMVQsuNf2A 😆 http://xhslink.com/iipSnB 😆 kaZJbHaSQllophz 😆 http://xhslink.com/fiqSnB😆 Li2pI6v7RNhimJJ 😆 http://xhslink.com/j5pSnB😆 G3tQy56tXzSuNiD 😆 http://xhslink.com/5SpSnB https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id741292507?l=en&mt=8 😆 ga9iqoyu6pBuaiL 😆 http://xhslink.com/ulsSnB 😆 kuiI5afGiZsgS6e 😆 http://xhslink.com/AurSnB 😆 PTKwzENnNGvCMPf 😆 http://xhslink.com/EYsSnB 😆 QchMpFAqH1d8dHv 😆 http://xhslink.com/p1sSnB, 😆 5YapbVnKM1l7NcO 😆 http://xhslink.com/RGuSnB😆 3hT0nmDkyHzEaHL 😆 http://xhslink.com/7wuSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 2 Ali1ce.z发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 g7n8kqfzDsoak8p 😆 http://xhslink.com/PhvSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 48 Ali1ce.z发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 BNu4m55QTFUZ07o 😆 http://xhslink.com/6AvSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 67 Ali1ce.z发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 ApxBUp02OEkKGrN 😆 http://xhslink.com/dhxSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 59 常飞飞-飞飞发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 E4Ned1HFLmsj5kg 😆 http://xhslink.com/AnwSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 76 L.Tyi 👑发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 q1J7KnoqTR2hB02 😆 http://xhslink.com/GmxSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id741292507?l=en&mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id741292507?l=en&mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id741292507?l=en&mt=8 https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id741292507?l=en&mt=8 4 九的妈发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 6RxM8mdOfppcTil 😆 http://xhslink.com/tvzSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 20 给我哭!(二胎备孕中)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 58MqUWX3uDvQHbH 😆 http://xhslink.com/lHASnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 47 给我哭!(二胎备孕中)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 9CEFpZ00sfmtDQX 😆 http://xhslink.com/CqBSnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容!

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21 菜暑暑(孕晚期)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 SigTxENn8djx8Bh 😆 http://xhslink.com/g5KUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 30 鱼草草(好孕版)发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 1xMBdlHowE5hWy4 😆 http://xhslink.com/56LUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 51 鹿发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 BPf00DO8yqJCstR 😆 http://xhslink.com/S7MUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 14 橙子哦发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 C1ANZr1lu3Ucmd5 😆 http://xhslink.com/baNUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! https://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/id741292507?l=en&mt=8 64 瑶一瑶circle发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 X365TqeCOmowaz3 😆 http://xhslink.com/ykQUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 47 小小小雅儿发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 HOt3ljRcQ2WSNtN 😆 http://xhslink.com/QqPUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 29 一一发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 sKyVrwLgolEGJMc 😆 http://xhslink.com/TZOUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 17 一只香发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 6ORF7lA1BlB3KfQ 😆 http://xhslink.com/bSQUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 25 凌晨的露露发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 oj97Ho7ov9cevca 😆 http://xhslink.com/MLPUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容! 94 MMMay小助手发布了一篇小红书笔记,快来看吧! 😆 TXTfoXlZ6cuFN2f 😆 http://xhslink.com/49RUnB,复制本条信息,打开【小红书】App查看精彩内容!
Why do we get hit with sussy spam so often? How do all the fuckers and pedos with phishing links even find the site?
This one is legit at least. XHS (Xiaohongshu) is basically just Chinese Instagram. Some links may be repetitive, or they point back to the home page of XHS, but others do link to clips of pregnant Chinese women.
>>4895 dude don't spam
Xi Jinping would like you know your location

(4.21 KB 225x225 download.jfif)
Character.ai Somegirl33 02/19/2023 (Sun) 01:21:06 Id:732571 No. 1347 [Reply] [Last]
Last Thread was Deleted Time to Restart this Thread
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>>4907 Yeah, I did an account but it only remains in the loading screens, the other bots work perfectly fine for me
>>4908 Weird, honestly i don't know how to fix it so, i'm sorry, but i'll be posting some new bots later in the week
>>3512 Bump
>>4914 Up more Better to have this thing on top than that idiot anon who just tell everyone the good site

Misc. Pregs belliesrlovely 02/17/2023 (Fri) 03:06:14 Id:3a3610 No. 1336 [Reply] [Last]
For pregs that don't have enough content to warrant their own thread. Furry and AI art is also welcome.
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>>4398 Thanks
Supposedly this is mpreg, but it really doesn't look it.
(208.04 KB 520x596 132734788193.jpg)
(59.11 KB 500x822 FB_IMG_1564025740597 mrk.jpg)

(10.82 KB 400x400 EdEPRmO2_400x400.jpg)
Website very similar to Character Ai but with no filter Spicychat.Ai 09/05/2023 (Tue) 18:27:17 Id:dc99d9 No. 3568 [Reply] [Last]
Found this website while scrolling through 4chan and thought that the people here would like it. Feel free to share bots or conversations with the bots on here.
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>>4495 you know how export bot from cave duck ? there's some good bot
>>4850 I reckon if there is no export function in caveduck or an import option that is compatible with caveduck on whet ever site you want to use the easiest way is to copy the description and other sections and then adjust and expand as you see fit. Could you share those bots btw? Searching for pregnancy content on caveduck is rather hard since there is no tag for it
Free for the first month, when else will you find this oasis https://yodayo.com/tavern/characters/22bfc904-5a41-445f-9630-c358e0045273/
>>4911 Isn't yodayo like really free? Get some free coins daily and stuff
That's correct, but for the first month, coins are not required to be used

(152.08 KB 600x684 vemmy_by_deztyle_dd0y5hd.gif)
Rapid Pregnancy Thread #2 belliesrlovely 02/14/2023 (Tue) 22:39:10 Id:263946 No. 1334 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like the first thread is gone. Time for Round 2! Furry and AI art are welcome.
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>>4502 who did you commission?
My name is electro and I am 23 years old
>>4706 ok?
>>4706 Who?

(2.74 MB 1920x1080 asacoco.png)
Preggo games? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/18/2022 (Tue) 03:38:15 Id:b236a6 No. 367 [Reply] [Last]
i know the usual ones like hazumi, seeds of destiny, and the animations that squark does, but what are some other games that have preg (or at least bellies) in them? pic unrelated
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Any games with pregnant belly bursting?
what's the hazumi game mentioned at the start of the thread?
Are there any good pregnancy games on the PS4/PS5?
>>3710 Would play the shit out of that, please let us know if you're successful

(559.57 KB 1416x996 1632415006077.jpg)
Pregnancy in Films/Shows Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/30/2022 (Sat) 17:30:26 Id:48ba33 No. 132 [Reply] [Last]
Time to resurrect this old thread from old /b/: https://mail.pregchan.com/b/res/8902.html Post scenes/clips featuring pregnancy! Webms especially welcome. If you want to share larger files, use: https://catbox.moe/ Anyway, post your finds!
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>>4882 Also she survived the birth. After previously giving birth in the cave where she was raped, but that turned out to be a dream.
>>4887 That's it. Although I remembered it wrong.
>>4887 >>4881 thank you both for bringing this weird fucking movie to pregchan's attention

(508.25 KB 718x840 splung.png)
Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 01/06/2024 (Sat) 07:11:03 Id:ced1b6 No. 4532 [Reply] [Last]
>Tfw the people who share your niche fetishes are also the shittiest artists alive Or alternatively: >Tfw the actual good artists who share your niche fetishes throw their other fucked up fetishes in their art that turn you off
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This thread just cracked my egg. My transphobic egg!
>>4859 Honestly the funniest thing is just how insanely sexist a lot of trans rhetoric is. You’re not stereotypically masculine/feminine? You must be trans!
>>4872 Just as a heads up for future reference, to sage properly, you type sage in the email field. I do genuinely appreciate the attempt, though.
>>4893 There is no email field, just the name, subject and text.
>>4896 Click on the little "extra" button below the reply section to access it; it's kinda annoying like that.