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File: 1490132830586.jpg (18.33 KB, 350x371, Uh you can clearly see tha….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

3bc0b No.664[Reply]

When wiping, do you stand or do you sit?
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77d00 No.667


a0451 No.668

I wipe upside down, unless it's the third Tuesday of the month, then it's Sideways Day.

Who the hell wants to stand with shit between their ass cheeks?

ad655 No.669

I wrap my hand up into a mummy mitten.

3bc0b No.670

you mean to tell me that you mummify your poop? What do you do with it afterwards?

ad655 No.671

no, bloody hell. you wrap your hand in toilet paper until it resembles a stereotypical mummy's hand.

File: 1456891339752.jpg (63.25 KB, 624x336, pokemon_sun_pokemon_moon.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

212c2 No.12[Reply]

So we've now got the latest Pokémon games coming out, and at the same time pretty much destroying any chance for Pokémon Z to finish Gen 6 (despite all the hinting at it).

I'm personally hoping they finally take their foot off the gas as far as the PokéDex goes. I don't mind a couple of new Legendaries or new starters, but let's stick mostly with what exists already (it was enough of a chore to finish the National Dex in Gen 5).

What does everyone else think about what's coming up?
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8451f No.654

The problem with Volt Tackle being exclusive to Pikachu is that Pikachu is already given so much undeserved favoritism. Pikachu is utterly worthless without the Light Ball (which essentially gives it Huge Power+) as all of its stats are trash save for its speed, which is just an average base 90 (which is slower than Charizard's base 100). Its Light-Ball dependency limits its potential to just a low-tier sweeper. Having other Pokemon (like Zebrastrika or Electivire) be able to learn it would not only make those Pokemon better, but it would mean that the move would see proper use.

Having many Pokemon with signature moves in a given generation is not new (just about half of Generation I Pokemon have one or more signature moves, and Generation III and VI have quite a few too). Also, Carvanha and Lilipup can learn Psychic Fangs through breeding (although Lilipup requires some Smeargle shenanigans to do it). There have also been many former signature moves (like Pain Split, Parting Shot, and Vacuum Wave) that are far better on other Pokemon than their original possessors.

212c2 No.655

I know Psychic Fangs can be bred to Carvanha and Lillipup, but I'm sure there's a lot of other things with sharp teeth that would probably love that move.

As far as things in Gen 1, don't forget that there was no breeding to pass moves around (plus I can't imagine anything from back then other than Cubone or Marowak using Bone Club or Bonemerang, so at the time, that one was justified). They also were working with some serious data limits back in Gen 1 and 2 (it took using a new compression technique to even finish programming Johto, and by chance it allowed them to put Kanto in G/S/C) so they just could not program large movepools at the time (still, I hate that some things that evolve with stones get NOTHING by level after they evolve, they should really fix that).

I guess a lot of it is trial and error by Game Freak, trying to see how things work and go from there (generally this is where the Move Tutors or mid-generation changes in movepools come into play). Still, I bet there are at least a few slow Rocks that wouldn't mind Accelrock to catch stuff off-guard, and definitely Psychic Fangs could use more coverage than it does now.

8451f No.657

The whole thing with Pokemon not learning moves after using a stone is deliberate, as stupid as it is. Game Freak wants people to delay evolution and use the non-evolved forms for longer. The animated series made a point about that during the Lt. Surge arc. It essentially goes back to the "power of friendship" nonsense that Japanese media loves to push (yes Japan, we know you are a collectivist culture with the family as the basic unit of society rather than the individual, but you need not push it so hard). So it is unlikely that will change, as much as that policy sucks. I also realize that Volt Tackle will likely always be exclusive to Pikachu, despite my wishes, because Game Freak will continue to shove that thing into everything because it is their mascot.

118a7 No.658

I like the incentive to not evolve pokemon right away. It's good game design.

8451f No.659

Of course, One could just expend a bunch of Heart Scales by having the Move Reminder teach all of the moves the Pokemon really needs to know before evolving, which makes that point moot. The Move Reminder was made much more useful this Generation, and Heart Scales are pretty easy to find.

File: 1480773119995.jpg (42.46 KB, 280x390, 1c298b7d698443f37aba0d1a8e….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

c08fe No.430[Reply]

Something I have noticed since I became a pregfetish artist, is that most of my followers, starting with my husband, love dinosaurs, military stuff and cars. It's a remarkably strong pattern. Any input on why this may be the case?

Also cars/military/dinosaur thread!
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beee4 No.627

because those are masculine interests, and men have very basic, primal interests.

Among them, food, fighting nature (represented by The Apex of Struggles- the biggest animal around you can kill for status and food), things to stimulate the need for utility and curiosity (technology), and violence.

It's kind of why rock and metal are what they are. It's just letting the male brain and imagination run loose. And a man is a man. Making babies is one of those things you don't admit to out of fear it'll horrify your lady friends into thinking you are something you aren't.

44369 No.628

have to say I'm not interested in cars or military stuff.

Dinosaurs are always cool. Loved the show too. :P

b979a No.629

File: 1486429961089.jpg (547.31 KB, 1052x744, 1480488961631.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I think you're over thinking it bro. Generalizing all dudes like that's a bit lame.

49e6c No.630

Besides, whoever heard of a girl that didn't like dinosaurs?

4bbe3 No.631

File: 1486447941815.jpg (66.36 KB, 602x709, 54930364.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

beats me
but fuck it, more top gear/the grand tour reaction images
also random as fuck thread but who cares, this is /b/

File: 1484184893120.jpg (196.41 KB, 900x1800, preg.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

4b874 No.449[Reply]

The vore community is so weird. You would think pregnant predators would be more of a thing since they are the most voracious fuckers on the planet, but I see more pregnant prey scenarios than the reverse.

Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place?

de8e0 No.450

Sadly you are not. I blame certain people for making countless of pregnant prey stories and alike that boost it. Wont call names though since it may seem like hatemail or alike.
I just believe the more one artists does draw/write of a concept, the more other Artists share to do the same concept. Maybe just me thinking though.- that being said:
I now and then did post several stuff on Pregnant Preds, but mostly on Ekas Portal.
Dont really feel like posting again here since most of the older stuff has very low quality.

Have ome of the animations i did. One of the better things i did.

117c7 No.453

File: 1484237630612.png (311.11 KB, 1024x2376, _cm__set_the_table_______b….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


You are not alone and I feel the same way. There is some content out there too.
Heck, I have a few ideas of my own that would be preg-pred stories, but I just don't have enough time to write them down (yet alone keep updating the series that i already started…)

ceb8a No.454

Lol my bad. I'm not the worst but I'm totally a name that could be named.

But yeah, when one person draws or writes something they like then it does tend to inspire people with similar interests. I suggest trying to create or commission more pregnant pred scenarios to inspire others.

5802e No.456

if I may be so bold to ask, what ideas are these?

086fb No.461

some who mostly cater to my own interests, so unaware/accidental vore, (mostly) non-lethal, all oral, same-size, could be human or furry.

I wrote one story that definitely hinted at it, I will at some point write some up who are more straight foward with it.

I don't wanna go into more detail, because that would spoil the stories themselves.

File: 1480097064317.jpg (80.8 KB, 768x1024, hzR5P9lJlgA.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

d6623 No.419[Reply]

Hello, I'm beginner singer.
I recorded a couple of songs live, I would like to hear your opinion.
Thank you in advance.

c614f No.420

not till you apologize for interfering with our election

6b6ad No.442

lena dunham was the russian hacker

File: 1480112182216.gif (1.32 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

55da0 No.421[Reply]

>At parents' for Thanksgiving break
>Leave laptop alone for five minutes
>Mom jumps on to google something without asking
>Background tabs full of ボテ腹, 妊婦, 孕ませ
>I get it back before she discovers anything

Thank god my parents are EOPs.
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f2858 No.423

Oh man, that was a close one. I know that feeling dude, I've had a few close calls myself lol

65b4e No.424

Always lock your computer.

4c915 No.425

Definitely shorten down the auto lock feature timer when around friends or family that don't know or understand.

85377 No.426

Or maybe Mom would have been like, "You think that's crazy? Let me tell you about what I was doing in college. You know how they said on South Park, 'There's a time and a place for everything and it's called college?' It's true. Did you know your mother has a police record? Here's why…"

Or maybe she wouldn't. I don't know your mom.

274b9 No.427

Parents and family members all have a faux-innocence that means they think they can get into your things and 'accidentally' root around on them. Back when I was a teenager in the 90s, my own mother would log onto my account on the desktop, knowing ICQ was set to automatically boot up and log in, to 'accidentally' open my messages and see what I was receiving.

So I stopped ICQ from automatically booting up and manually logging in. Because she "accidentally" did these things constantly.

As soon as I did that, she stopped "accidentally" invading my privacy on ICQ, or logging onto my account, for that matter.

It's amazing, isn't it, how things stop "accidentally" happening when the reward for doing them, the serendipitious and "unintentional" benefit for doing it, goes away. Absolutely amazing.


File: 1479198265585.jpg (5.95 KB, 168x168, download.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

0fbae No.392[Reply]

I'm (f) considering doing live audio roleplays for birth scenarios via fiverr/what have you, where the viewer would be encouraged to coach, support, or instruct me while I "give birth". The choice of scenario would be entirely up to you, whether it's a calm homebirth, panicky birth, long and painful first time, or even just vanilla sweet-talking to the "baby", or egg laying, etc. Is this too far out/creepy or something you lot would be keen in seeing happen?
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6a137 No.405

Excellent point about the anonymity. PayPal is also fairly easily nontraceable.

31a69 No.407


Yeah, but I like Google Wallet better because Paypal takes a cut of my commissions. Not a big one, but it's the principal of the matter.

12691 No.411

Well, good for you. I did mention fiverr in my original post though, guess I should have put more emphasis on that.

Thanks to the others for the suggestions!

aeea7 No.412

Good luck on your audio roleplays. Google Wallet or Paypal would work fine for you. Also second life has a money system that you can link with a Paypal to draw in income. The game has alot of escorting and commissions work. So their is a market for what you want to do there.

3f00a No.418

>I plan on making these audio commissions of sorts, as I'm short of cash
Getting into the porn business? Make sure you think it through.

File: 1478149124579.jpg (57.76 KB, 800x450, cubs.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

b75e1 No.342[Reply]

"…the Chicago Cubs win the World Series? Against Cleveland…?"

It happened. Cubs finally won it all!
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864f9 No.345


You mean ticket sales revenue?

Let people have their fun. Sheesh.

ec0f3 No.349

Well, at least it was something different from all the furry content constantly clogging the front page, for once…

df779 No.350

File: 1478220529475.jpg (15.56 KB, 236x354, pregnant-belly-baseball.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Actually, in the Back to the Future trilogy, the proposed timeline consisted of the Chicago Cubs winning against a fictional Miami team with an alligator mascot in 2015, not the Cleveland Indians in 2016. (Miami, at the time the movie was made, did not have a baseball team, so this in itself was another prediction. They currently do, the Miami Marlins, with a marlin fish mascot. It is impossible for the Marlins and the Cubs to meet in the World Series because they are both National League teams.) Furthermore, it was done in a sweep in a 'best of nine' series instead of the current traditional 'best of seven' series, and was supposedly completed decisively before October 21st, which would have been a very short post-season for baseball indeed.

b75e1 No.351


I know that, I was making a play on Marty's reaction to the Cubs winning the World Series from that movie (except this time it happened for real, and it was glorious~)

df779 No.352

File: 1478225453628.jpg (38.48 KB, 401x600, pregnant-belly-baseball2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well then, carry on.

File: 1478165591408.png (354.46 KB, 500x711, 80e569cbd526ce8638f0d21a41….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

081f3 No.346[Reply]

There's a number of people that can code and create artpieces.. even a few "scenario" writers…. Anyone had the idea of a IDLE-RPG game with a cenral focus on pregancy/breeding? I have some ideas along those lines.. cant code and havent added arts in years without a scanner… The idea is there tho….

3d77e No.347

This reminds me of an image I saw one time on one of the boorus:
There girls lying naked on a bed. One of them had just gotten sexed up, another was obviously pregnant, and the third was starting to give birth. One of them had a reptilian tail, and the other two had feathers in certain places.
Above them was a HUD showing how much they had reproduced (like "Lizard: 10% complete".)
So I agree that this could be fun and clever, though I also don't have any way to make it happen on my own.

a6167 No.348

Sounds like an interesting idea. I might be willing to give it a shot with RPG maker.

File: 1477620516613.jpg (79.15 KB, 736x981, 7747c5264122c3349bab541560….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

6879c No.324[Reply]

Other vegetables are fine too.
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4a1eb No.337

File: 1477667447999.jpg (140.88 KB, 253x468, Pregnant_FlowerPrincess.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You can make pie from those varieties in a pinch, but I like "Sugar pies". You can adjust your seasoning and sweetenings, though. There are also ways to reduce the water content. Maybe soup or bread or other pumpkin dishes might work better.

I make my own pies every year from fresh pumpkins. Save some puree for muffins and breads, too, if I can. Trying to grow my own this year, but got a very late start and nothing but male flowers so far. :/ I need this gal to show up!

(She's kinda related, right?? I think she looks like a squash flower.)

88aea No.338

I'd drink it but I wouldn't know what I'd get

9faf0 No.339

File: 1477746447652.png (1.14 MB, 1009x864, 20161029220003153.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

My contribution for Halloween. Feels rather low quality for some reason. Image could be grainy if blown up and pls try to ignore the clipping.

295ec No.340

File: 1477757523089.png (133.46 KB, 686x600, medium.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Also a surprising lack of pony here

78c6b No.341

File: 1477769227110.png (360.51 KB, 1024x1024, Halloween belly.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Because it's on one of the back pages in /f/.

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