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Random pic unrelated
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File: 1469140032497.jpg (83.76 KB, 720x747, redneck_avengers.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Cosplay: Redneck Avengers.

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how is prangent formed

3fd79 No.323

And this is how Idiocracy became a documentary.

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Also /r/PreggoPorn

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My god i want her nipples in my mouth!

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bd171 No.316[Reply]

This is a mod of a LEGO female spy model that makes her look pregnant. I took some photos and the whole gallery is here: http://bricksafe.com/pages/griffn29/gravid-agent

f820d No.317

This is silly, but I like it.

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e4969 No.291[Reply]


I came across this pretty randomly and thought it was pretty interesting, and maybe a useful resource for those that draw lots of giant breasts? Even as a writer I think it might be kinda handy. When you have a lot of big bosomed characters it's hard to say "Her boobs were really big" seven times without it starting to get monotonous.

6e29f No.292

All I learned is that I am particularly attracted to side-set and teardrop breasts.

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85219 No.219[Reply]

Ever since before the CP Spam bomb and stuff happened, I've always had this thought that Pregchan should have a chatroom to use for…well, all sorts of reasons. For starters, if (heaven forbid) the site crashes again for whatever reason, we still have some place to gather and talk about stuff. Also it might be able to restore some of the community feel this site had before all the CP and a certain troll drove people away.

Now, if I set one up for us, would you use it? (I tried posing this question in /q/, but I don't think anyone looks at that board unless something goes wrong) I mean, okay, it's a little boring compared to Skype and some other things, but we can do things as a larger group over chat (whether talking about random stuff or coming up with ideas for things, in that sense making it an extension of pretty much every area of the site aside from oekaki and real)
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85219 No.280

I haven't considered this idea dead yet (despite the lack of input by anyone other than anons). I'd like to hear what some of the contributors to the site think.

5bcf3 No.281

So anons don't contribute? Good to know.

85219 No.282


Okay, I'll admit, I phrased that badly.

I did mean I wanted to hear from contributors to the site, anon or not. However I did want to hear from more than just anons on this (I wanted to see how this felt to the artists, writers, etc. out there).

5bcf3 No.283

I am an artist and a writer, but I prefer to be anon on chans. It's nice to see what people have to say about you when they don't think you are looking.

You mentioned Discord in the other thread but seemed to imply it's only voice. It's not. It has a web based app so you don't have to download anything. You can put in any name you want and change it whenever you want. It also has rooms so you could have a pregchan channel with different rooms like Lit or general chat.

Arguably Discord is addictive and might pull people away from here.

I think you might be over estimating the "community" element though. If anyone here considers themselves in a community they probably talk behind the scenes already.

85219 No.284

It wasn't me that mentioned Discord, but it's something I'm unfamiliar with. I was going with IRC because it's a pretty basic system (and similarly, you can pick a name and change it as you see fit, provided someone else isn't using it) and one that I am familiar with. Can't really say IRC is all that addictive, though (I do use it all the time, but to keep in contact with friends).

And maybe I am overestimating things a little, but what I was aiming for with the room was a casual environment where we could talk about stuff (on topic or not) as a group in real time rather than waiting for the next post. I thought maybe it might inspire some collaborative efforts like we used to have long ago, if not at least some fun conversations

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cad98 No.268[Reply]

Are there any stories about a human giving birth to a gryphon?

File: 1462072506962.png (377.56 KB, 794x634, 1343435533.pierrezaius_han….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

21d71 No.143[Reply]

Since somebody mentioned "The Chipmunk" in another thread on /d/, it seemed like a good time to plug the time they talked about him on SHOW, the podcast about weird fetishes and weird everything:


Also, appropriately, since we were talking about Miss Mars, here's the one where they talk about the one Miss Mars fanfic ever written, which might be the worst fanfic ever made:


They mention me in both of these (I'm the guy that can "get you a pregnant woman that fell off the back of a truck"), so I'm pretty pleased with these.

38ee9 No.145

I saw the image for this on the front page and genuinely thought it was furry porn.

Listened to the second one but they seem to end really abruptly? "We'll tell you more about this as it unfolds", and then nothing. :/

956df No.147

Yeah, they always end very abruEND OF STREAM

File: 1459967620183.jpg (17.04 KB, 300x300, MTE5NDg0MDU0ODM1NzkxMzc1.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

5f1fa No.118[Reply]


Not sure if that's a good thing or not? But it's something I guess? lol

File: 1456402142670.jpg (146.64 KB, 635x475, nintendo_fire_emblem_fates….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

5d693 No.1[Reply]

Glad I got the site up before getting distracted with Fates.
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030a5 No.18

Retail where..? As far as I'm aware they're all sold out.

9aadb No.19

Well, of course. I meant it's still LISTED as $80 (from official retailers like Walmart or GameStop).
The whole reason why I was angry in the first place was because scalpers are reselling an $80 retail-priced item (which is already expensive) for more than it's actually worth.

5d693 No.105

File: 1458690341238.jpg (34.08 KB, 400x240, maya-2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

So now that this board is pretty much /vg/… Who's hyped?

9aadb No.106

(raises hand)

99171 No.112

>buying games for the 3DS

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