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48bfa No.1373[Reply]

what was the last Family Guy episode to use traditional animation?
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581aa No.1535

飛翔 ルーラー !oyxLDTDotI whats your email

97443 No.1547

You talking to me?

48bfa No.1553

48bfa No.1567

File: 1517324752410.jpg (45.03 KB, 500x479, image.jpg)

Go and check your emails, I emailed you twice so far.

d916f No.1568

File: 1517369695951.png (31.74 KB, 400x400, aa8cd77c7ddcc1dbaa41647268….png)

I actually thought Zeke was posting here for a moment.

File: 1517112598123.jpg (161.86 KB, 960x640, image.jpg)

8573e No.1516[Reply]

I came here for a fresh start and messed it up already, I did and said things that offended others without taking you guys feelings into account first, I want us to get along and Im sorry I upset you guys and hope you're not too mad and can forgive me eventually. Hugs <3
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8573e No.1552

I'm not a damn troll, if I did or said something offensive that does not by default mean I went out of my way to piss someone off, is it really so hard for you to accept that I simply said things without considering how it would make others feel first?

f19e5 No.1554

File: 1517177428282.png (615.76 KB, 736x736, b.png)

>is it really so hard for you to accept that I simply said things without considering how it would make others feel first?
You've been doing it for the last five years, and you not thinking before posting has resulted in you being banned literally everywhere. So you apologize at the drop of a hat not knowing what you did wrong, only knowing that you did do wrong. And in your rush to accept it you seem to be uncaring and not interested in advice like: >>1546 offered you.

You simply replied with actual good criticism with "Hugs" making it look like you give zero shits about the effort they've just made to help you. So learn how to human communication or fuck off.

8573e No.1555

Just incase me simply saying "hugs <3" didn't convey what I meant it to, I just want to say that I'm really appreciative of the advice you gave me, thank you <3

4537d No.1556

Make a video on your hands and knees begging for forgiveness.

60802 No.1558

…Don't do this.

File: 1516934337591.png (109.36 KB, 1283x832, kedMjzV.png)

05f91 No.1464[Reply]

I'm building a game in Java based on breeding slaves. The game implements some gene based mechanics for inheriting stats to children and should work well for cross-species. I'd like to include fairly deep impregnation and pregnancy mechanics and gameplay (I think that might to appeal to you lot).

I don't want money or anything. I just need some ideas for how to implement game mechanics. Mathematics isn't really my strong suit, my main training is in biological sciences. If people have ideas for formulas and stuff to determine stat changes, or even ideas for what stats would be cool to track, I'd love to hear.

I keep a thread updated here:

There's a github repo here:

baf57 No.1465

Game looks pretty awesome as a concept, maybe it would be a good idea to track the number of offspring and current volume of the uterus?

05f91 No.1466


Actually, current build tracks number of offspring. It's even represented graphically, up to a point.

6d23e No.1467

I remember a while back a there was a thread here working on a project for a formula for belly size as pregnancy progresses. I believe it was designed to scale up to a 15 baby pregnancy. I think the thread my have gotten purged during the site wide clean up a few months ago, but I know people made archives.

Here is a link to the spread sheets with all of the relevant formulas and data. I hope it helps to make a more engaging character status screen.


05f91 No.1469


This will come in handy later. Cheers!

File: 1492535873649.jpg (215.24 KB, 1280x768, NJ5yjSh.jpg)

4680c No.708[Reply]

How many games are there where you can make a girl look pregnant?
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4680c No.723


e7b57 No.724

Man that's a good game.

Any links to your works?

bc7e6 No.725

It's all on here: http://sqwarkdemon.deviantart.com/
I personally recommend the Vriska interactive.

90b02 No.726

These are great!

0388d No.1413

>>708 Those bellies are fake or real?

File: 1470277794244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.03 MB, 1956x3803, topkek.jpg)

55933 No.210[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

I'm honestly not sure whether to find this disgusting for being borderline CP or highly arousing.
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6def7 No.1265

I'm in the cahuilla part - west of what was a lake, now a desert.

115a8 No.1270


Yeah, I've been to what used to be the lake. Shame what's happened to it. Almost reminds me of what happened to the Aral Sea.

6def7 No.1276

The salton sea formed by accident in 1905-07 by a levee break diverted the Colorado river west to California, into a salt bed, until the river levee was fixed.

LOTS OF PREGGOS in the Coachella-Imperial valley, mainly Latinas. But the US birth rate is lower than 25 years ago when I knew I had the fetish (puberty hit, I'm 37 now).

CA now has 40 million people & they want the salton sea water. Preggos bear the future, & I want the future to live in a not polluted, not impoverished world (considering nearby Mexico).

115a8 No.1319

File: 1514261450097.png (713.88 KB, 687x1117, Anne Frank merry christmas.png)

Merry Christmas pregchan

0ed3e No.1411

File: 1516434028966.png (727.74 KB, 687x1117, Anne Frank confederate kep….png)


Just saw this on 4chan's /k/

File: 1515801617367.jpg (51.3 KB, 380x285, 03-summer-night-sky-meteor….jpg)

dd6b3 No.1357[Reply]


This may not be preg related, but I just wanted to talk about this. In this thread, we share video game music we think is calm, relaxing, peaceful or beautiful.

My first pick is Time Piece Bubble, from A Hat in Time.

38c8a No.1358

Well…it's not pregnant but who cares. VGM is like a drug to me so.. here's mine:
Turnabout sisters - phoenix wright
I got like 100 more. But I'll let others in first.

5147c No.1359

I'm quite partial to the Skyarrow Bridge theme from Gen V myself.


dd6b3 No.1361

Here's another:
_Dusk from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door_
This track is too underrated.

4b16d No.1362

This one from Vectorman is great. https://youtu.be/DAlmHvPl6rg A lot of people say the Genesis sound chip (Yamaha YM2612) sounds bad, but it produced some great music when fully utilized.

0495c No.1364

If I had to choose one, it would be Dearly Beloved from the Kingdom Hearts series. In particular the original. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3z2W-hVUj4c

File: 1503870760380.png (137.77 KB, 746x892, 1806.png)

b12e7 No.900[Reply]

Welcome to Orgy Trail, a casual CYOA Quest inspired by games like Oregon Trail and Death Road to Canada. A fantasy world has suddenly been overtaken by a strange curse that has seen the land overrun with horny monsters and the good people of the world slowly corrupted to join them. This game will follow a randomized adventure as a small group attempts to travel to a safe haven while trying to resist becoming brood mothers for the hordes of fiends flooding the world! Will they make it, or will they end up facing their own not-so-bad ends?

This is mostly a small attempt at a casual creative outlet and exercise. There won't be a lot of deep story, events will be pretty random and light hearted, and the fetishes might get weird. Pregnancy and breeding is going to be a common theme throughout as well.

To start with, we're going to need to create our first band of victims. The first three characters submitted will be the starting group, with any extra people want to add becoming potential recruits down the line. Feel free to submit whatever crazy concepts you want, just be aware that they likely are gonna end up being put through some pretty weird stuff.

The actual mechanics will be pretty simple and will mostly fluid. But for submitting a character here are what they'll need.

Name: Can be anything. Be as serious or silly as you want.
Species: Human by default, but anything is viable.
Hair Color: The color of their hair (or feathers or scales or whatever). Whatever offspring they have will keep it!
Trait: A single trait that defines your character's attitude and reaction to things. You can pick whatever. Will have a mechanical effect on the options a character will have for each situation.
Perk: An ability set that defines your character's skills. Will have a mechanical effect on how successful they are with certain actions.
Fetish: A single fetish that the character has and the universe will likely inflict upon them. Pregnancy and breeding are the default (but that will happen anyways, meaning it'll just be way more likely).

So yeah. If you're interested submit a character. Or just stick around to see if this takes off. If you have any questions the answer is yes. Here's hoping this will be a nice little distraction!
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aa1b2 No.1324


1d9e1 No.1327

Name: Linda
Species: Half-Elf (Human-Elf)
Hair color: Light Grey
Trait: Gregarious - Like to start conversation
Perk: Fast learner
Fetish: Rape (maybe ? Idk lol)

0ce7c No.1328

Here's my idea for a character

Name: Alexandra
Species: Human
Occupation: Monk
Hair color: Red
Trait: Disiplined. Alex typically wears a no nonsense attitude. However she also has an extreme fondness for children.
Perk: Focus: Alex's monk training has made her mind, as well as her body tough as steel. She is able to maintain a balanced state of mind constantly, guarding it against outside influence. Doesn't work when Alex is arroused.
Fetish: Massive pregnancy, and belly growth.

0ce7c No.1329

Going with option 2

44b1a No.1354

belly bump

File: 1514685113691.jpg (136.76 KB, 736x1016, 1505672580546.jpg)

89499 No.1330[Reply]

SO, me and a friend had been working on some mechanics for sex and pregnancy in rpg's. He's not overly into it, and recently I've lost enthusiasm (Long story ending in miscarriage) so the rules had stagnated. Recently i stumbled upon the super pregnancy calculator project, which reminded me how awesome we can be when we put our minds to something, so i thought i would toss this out to the community. here's a link to the doc.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Eb6ZQ7qTUFc8ob4HlbFxoS2zvVdT65NnSwnnUgeg9T4/edit . criticism/advice welcomed.
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f6414 No.1345

Pretty solid idea. If a character wants to get pregnant, a bunch of low dice rolls could make things particularly exciting!

6190b No.1346

So how is race mixing (ex: a human fucks an elf) calculated, because you don’t seem to have made that clear?

fc916 No.1347

It is entirely based around the mother's fertility. Short of the man being sterile, his fertility wouldn't act as more than a one or two point modifier. Five or six in the case of species mixing.

6190b No.1348

>Five or six in the case of species mixing.

Not sure what this means. Are you saying species mixing would give a 5 or 6 percent increase or decrease?

fc916 No.1349

Increase to number you had to roll under, if the father was from a more fertile species. Decrease if the father was from a less fertile species.

File: 1514246829507.jpg (164.2 KB, 675x1000, image.jpg)

15a15 No.1314[Reply]

checklist of things to do in order to become a resident in japan

1. find out how much a plane ticket to japan costs. (check)

2. learn by what means do you perchase a plane ticket once obtaining the money.

3. find a job that will support plane ticket fee.

4. learn japanese fluently.

5. learn japanese culture, customs, history and social norms.

6. establish a job and place of living in japan and how to obtain them before going.

checklist to follow once getting there
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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e8046 No.1335

>Lives in the US
>Wants to leave

Are you insane?

0ef67 No.1336

If you read this guy's previous threads you wouldn't have to ask.

395ee No.1337

File: 1515041689539.jpg (95.24 KB, 640x480, 1129443352352.jpg)

The guy is using a tripfag handle on this forum, of all places, like it fucking 'matters' an iota, and he's only here because he's been booted and/or outright banned from every other conceivable chan-and/or-otherwise-type image/discussion board for reasons you can probably divine at this juncture. You do the math.

4606d No.1338

Him having a tripfag name is actually rather fun because it leaves an interesting paper trail so you can piece together the full story. It’s like a google treasure hunt but instead of treasure there’s just cringe.

9c2f6 No.1339


Contrary to popular opinion, not every American is satisfied with life.

Hell, you got Vietnam War veterans going back to the country they lost the flower of their youth in because they identify more with the people of that country than the one of their birth.


File: 1503598631760.jpg (76.45 KB, 612x461, image.jpg)

a3a2f No.891[Reply]

I'm not really into the pregnant theme of this site, I'm pretty much here because I got kicked off other imageboards and am struggling to find more, the reason being of why I'm looking for other chans is because Im just wanting people to interact with, so itt let's do just that, tell me about yourselves and your interests.
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84141 No.1284


Thanks for answering mate.

So are you looking for a new community or something? If so be careful of us anons here, we are pretty edgy as you can see here.

234d8 No.1285

>So are you looking for a new community or something?


a5e71 No.1286

I'm usually just a lurker/poster here but as far as I've seen there are a bunch of people willing to communicate(discord,kik etc) with others. Hunt the other boards too like /c/ for more info.

234d8 No.1311

I don't feel good.

aaff2 No.1325

File: 1514427090804.png (452.34 KB, 900x771, what_the_pregnant_womens_w….png)

May be a stereotype, but pregnant women do eat ALOT. I need to have enough snacks for her in my tea party.

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