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File: 1543564805318.jpg (125.68 KB, 768x1024, keely1-768x1024.jpg)

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File: 1543570023349.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.21 KB, 800x600, The-Mass.jpg)


14282 No.2579

an ovarian cyst guys

84a21 No.2580


d02f4 No.2583

Same, I'd whack it to this. Doesn't take much to ignore the reality of it and just enjoy that it's a big, round pregnant-looking belly and that is precisely my cup of tea.
Come to think of it, the fact there's no baby to be born and end it all, and the fact that it's continuing to grow is really, really my cup of tea. That's my (biscuits and) jam, man.

20047 No.2584

that is fucking nuts

File: 1521701563515.jpeg (56.62 KB, 1024x1024, FEDDA47F-FCC4-4125-BD18-D….jpeg)

ba0fb No.1710[Reply]

Cause why not.

Inflation really isn’t my thing, but I’m curious to see if anyone likes it
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45478 No.1714

Just for reference, the random board is never going to work if we get mad at everything that isn't pregnant women

b01ef No.1715

anon's right,relax and marvel at big belly blossom she looks pregnant and the two do go hand in hand a wonderful example being species 2.

75908 No.1756

This is my thing yes.

ba0fb No.1786

Well I didn’t say stop

d084d No.2581

File: 1539806870823.png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080, avatar.png)

b8a2d No.2253[Reply]

So the new Xbox avatars can now have preg bellies. What do you think of these new avatars? In my opinion they're fitting for female characters, but when you choose to have male avatar they're looking kinda disgusting for me.
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c8f42 No.2262

ExPrEsS yOuR aTtiTude

d14d3 No.2263

File: 1539882725943.png (14.41 KB, 76x87, Xboner.png)

I can live with this.

b945a No.2303

Im guessing this is for all of 5 women on xbox to share that theyre pregnant

2b330 No.2304

I bet once they add more clothing updates, we could possibly make our avatars pregnant UNSC Spartans.

e80b0 No.2576

Would someone want to upload some other clothing options?

File: 1524899674397.png (681.42 KB, 608x1119, Enel_Shocked_Face.png)

89b0a No.1815[Reply]

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f12f4 No.1846

LIES! THEY ARE ALL LIES! it's no spoiler.

4df2f No.1888

Tfw they make it to Wano and you got no one to talk about it with

c0b89 No.1893


d7c76 No.1931

File: 1531839294021.png (1.11 MB, 1127x774, mfw.png)

5dcea No.2575

The pirate king is back!
The pirate king is back!
The pirate king is back!
The pirate king is back!

File: 1457755112906.jpg (8.05 KB, 252x200, 90s.jpg)

bc397 No.74[Reply]

Everything was better in the 90s.
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bc397 No.121

File: 1460252872252.jpg (36.1 KB, 791x458, goodshow.jpg)

It was a good show!

fe7b7 No.122

I didn't know that until I just looked it up! I remember watching some episodes Bobby's World when I was little and I don't remember that. I was watching a bit of the episode where the mom announces that she's pregnant and… man the sound mixing was worse than I thought.

Well, this isn't necessarily '90s, but I remember the episode of Fairly Odd Parents when they showed Timmy's Mom pregnant. She was huge and bare-bellied! (Even if it was a short moment.) A rarity on kid's TV shows.

b3f0a No.181

Great the show just released episode 10

f332c No.2573

Damn you´re right I wasn´t even alive !

877ff No.2574

the 90's were great i discovered my all time favorite movie scene marcy the debutante getting super seiyan knocked up by patrick in species 2.

File: 1457570565870.png (3.54 KB, 128x128, Abigail.png)

9b343 No.33[Reply]

Anyone else playing Stardew Valley? It's a pretty straight homage to Harvest Moon, but somehow manages to be better than every HM game I've ever played. Bought it on Saturday and have spent 40 out of the last 80 hours playing it.

Unfortunately, like all Harvest Moon games, it doesn't feature pregnancy. On the bright side, it does let you be gay (all the bachelors/bachelorettes are interested in you whether you're male or female), and even have kids in a gay couple (just without pregnancy)

Anyone else playing?
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0db8e No.1832

Can't wait to see it!

a6c22 No.1865

I must know why Emily is always left out when these mods are made. do people really not like emily that much? I like the short haircut style and considering she is into all that stupid crystal stuff it wouldn't be hard to make a pregnancy fetish background for her. She also takes care of a parrot that was injured and this could awaken some kind of maternal instinct in her too, she also had a dream that your character and her would be together so there's that as well. She also makes clothes and is a good homemaker.

28dd4 No.1868


Emily and Sean were not marriage candidates in the original release of the game (1.0), but were made romanceable in patch 1.1. A lot of these mods and conversations took place during patch 1.0, so there was no thought of adding pregnancy stuff to a character who cannot be romanced. Hope that answers your question, it's not that anyone has it in for her!

57df7 No.2571

It's giving me a 404 not found error when I open the link.

57df7 No.2572

That looks really good! Do you have anymore of that? I would like to make a pregnancy mod and those sprites would look great when the girls are in their third trimester of pregnancy!

File: 1520462685683.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.96 KB, 720x556, DXs34r0U8AAY1wN.jpg)

1fbcf No.1674[Reply]

God has left us, and will never return.
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1fbcf No.2562

File: 1541824748488.png (Spoiler Image, 703.42 KB, 895x880, j4waH8q.png)

The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water— the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

963f5 No.2563

Not pregnant, wasted a click

4a667 No.2564

Not gonna lie, pregnant Yugiette is really cute tho.

ae60d No.2565

How do I delete someone's thread?

8446e No.2569

Yeah, why post this here and not in some gender-bent pregnancy thread on /d/? Do we have one of those?

File: 1541387348416.png (1.92 MB, 880x1510, pregbelly.png)

04d3c No.2540[Reply]

So here's a thing I found today on Reddit, and I can only imagine it will be met with approval on here and literally no drama.



3af6e No.2560

Video's down, got a backup?

3af6e No.2568

Same anon as last post, someone on Reddit posted a mirror. https://streamable.com/i7cms

File: 1541382241016.png (96.78 KB, 400x200, B176VP.png)

5ea25 No.2536[Reply]

Friendly reminder to make your voice heard this Tuesday. Find your pro-life candidates here, and God bless!

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87b22 No.2555

Mods. Guess your answer!
(A): He’s trolling
(B): He’s just a moron

6a20f No.2557

I'm pro 'what race is it?'

8f9d6 No.2558

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

821b2 No.2559

There are 7 billion people on planet Earth. Not every life is special. If they're not wanted get rid of them.

3242f No.2561

politics, religion and s-e-x : 3 things not to talk about.

but hey, this is a free country, feel free to speak your mind.


File: 1537837769811.jpg (91.36 KB, 1200x1200, brockhampton-iridescence-s….jpg)

b50da No.2211[Reply]

I didn't know where to put a topic like this, so I put it here.
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af9f2 No.2214


In real life, most hunters make a habit of not killing young or pregnant animals. After all, you want to be sure that there's more to hunt next season.

a2974 No.2215

>After all, you want to be sure that there's more to hunt next season.

fuckin brutal

f3e43 No.2216

actually it is a little thing called "conservation," which is pretty much the exact opposite of acting in a brutal fashion.

b50da No.2266

This thread did not turn out the way I hoped.

62f5c No.2556

File: 1541600106618.jpg (69.87 KB, 500x498, deedee_bridgewater-Just_Fa….jpg)

Deedee Bridgewater (Jazz). "We Are Family." I think I remember seeing this at a record store when I was younger, or an album cover very like it, nudity and all.

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