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Virtual Personalities Catigan 07/12/2023 (Wed) 15:26:14 Id:8417a0 No. 2394 [Reply]
After weeks of playing around with different AI models like Character.Ai, Chai.AI, Venus.Chub.Ai, and local ones with SillyTavern using Phymalion on pc and GPT3.5-Turbo API, I found that while fun and interesting they all had their issues and none of them felt really interesting after a dozen or so responses. (Attached picture is me trying to get the damn AI to work) I had the best experiancea with Character.AI but the NSFW filters were so annoying, and most of the "work arounds" only made it more complicated to chat with and the way characters are describe will overwrite longer stories with them. Chai.Ai is not great, even their 13b model has terrible memory and just kind of goes off and it seems to stop generating responses after a dozen or so messages. Venus had the coolest systems, but never really worked and seems to be imploding a bit. SillTavern is great, but it's reliance on general models makes it difficult to have a genuine chat experience as the models are either to weak and slow (like the 6b models) or overly wordy, cautious, and repeditive (like GPT3.5 even with jailbreak). I realized that what I think we need to make is not a General AI but a Virtual Personality. I imagine it would be like in Koikatsu where you select a personality for the girl you make and that changes their voice lines and actual voice. So the VP would have a selection of tuned personalities or character archtypes (like Tomboy, MILF, femboy, etc) that users can select with each having preset default traits that users can then customize to their liking. This whole system can be a template that the AI model is built specifically for and will hopefully work better as it seems "AI" designed for specific tasks always outperform general AI. Maybe I'm just dreaming here. I only have a passing knowledge of how these AIs work, but I feel like a more focused AI designed for roleplaying would be far superior than all these general ones. It could be better fine tuned to work with a specific template to gain context instead of scrolling through mountains of text to generate a random result based on it. The template can also lead the user to provide certain information I stead of just a wall of text the user has to come up with and hope the AI gets the context right. If this kind of model works really well, then maybe an extra layer of animating a model can be added on top, then go full on simulation. A "Koikatsu 2" with full VPs wandering around that you can chat and NSFW with. Again, maybe I'm just dreaming. Would like to hear anyone's opinion who actually knows how these AI models work and if such an idea is even possible. If I was smarter I'd try it, but for now I'll just post it in a fetish forum and see what happens.
So savings conversations is a pain in the ass, but you can use the CAI Tools browser extension to save conversations. Format sucks, but better than potentially losing stuff. https://github.com/irsat000/CAI-Tools
>>2475 Wrong thread. Ignore this.

(5.91 MB 1468x2312 Untitled11_20230526001735.png)
Pregnant MMORPG Puranna 05/25/2023 (Thu) 16:19:41 Id:fe3052 No. 1844 [Reply]
Lets begin an interesting and random topic. MMOs has been a strong genre in the past and despite the decline in popularity, has continued to persist in many ways till today. (With even possibly promising titles upcoming.) Hypothetically speaking, if there was an MMORPG, focusing on pornographical content, how would it work? And in our community of pregnant fetishes, what do we want to see? How will it cater to a plethora of people's fetishes? (Eg. Some like tentacles, others don't. Some like futa, others don't) What are some of the stuff you guys see in porn games that frustrates you and you feel could be improved? Some ideas to kick start : - What kind of genre/theme fits best? (Eg. Fantasy vs sci-fi) - What kind of contents can players do to promote interactions? (For example, substitutes to raiding and questing) - What kind of systems and mechanics do we want? (Eg. Types of stats a player can have and how it affects gameplay. Sex with other players/npcs, sex with certain enemies or all enemies, housing and crafting, and how it works with the main gameplay/game loop, like crafting aphrodisiacal items, etc) - How will monetization work in the least intrusive manner? - Contents that promote roleplay? - Male players abilities vs female players abilities? (or a spectrum of customizable genders? ;)) - Giving birth in game? How would it work? (Or birthing in the middle of a battle, and how will it be hidden for players that dislike birth?) - Events and replayability? Incentives to keep playing? - How will game progression work? Should there even be combat in a porno-driven game?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I realize this thread is probably for hypothetical musing anyway, but good luck getting a company large enough to undertake the overhead required to support and maintain such a game to even try it. The fact that this is a very niche demographic alone would pretty much render this dead in the water even in the planning stages. Most porn related games are indie developed through patreon and only consist of a handful or even just one dev. Many don't even get finished for a final release. F95 zone is a good place to see the inner workings when devs are actively interacting with the community there.
Although an MMO +18 would be interesting, I think that it would not fit so well with the sexual freedom that each player would like, even within our own community there are a large number of likes among themselves, for example, many like childbirth, and others no, I think that the best option for a game to give free rein to the tastes of so many people would be like GTA, but with even more freedom, and through the network you can connect with other people within the game, for example, be pregnant could give you negative stats when carrying the fetus, giving birth could be an event that is programmed or could be random, I'm not sure about the genre, a science fiction could facilitate many aspects within the game, for example with giving light without the risk of dying among other things, although the fantasy genre would not be bad either, and it could be a mission to give birth, or get pregnant, either at the player's expense, or due to some sexual assault, in the end it could be given free rein Let the imagination loose, but for something like this to exist it should have other things to offer other than some other fetish, or even not even about fetishes, but rather a game with a lot of freedom, and if you want sex, a pregnancy or a birth can be done but from the realism of the world, because in the end reproduction is an essential part of life, so I think a game could come out, but of course it's just my opinion, I don't know what you think from my comment.

Fantasies? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/17/2023 (Mon) 06:40:20 Id:72a64c No. 2458 [Reply]
First time posting my own thread here. Honestly even in a site like this I feel pretty sheepish to admit anything. This thread is about posting y'all's most intricate, deep, and maybe fucked up fantasies that involve pregnancy. I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to belly stuff but I'll focus on pregnant chicks for now. My fantasy is imagining the women of my type living together in some facility. They're all lesbian (of course) and love the idea of being pregnant 24/7. I can't enjoy pregnant stuff if men are involved, so the women are either impregnated via artificial insemination, magic, scientific experiments, or aliens. I like birth but (ironically) babies aren't involved in my fantasies. While pregnant, the woman's "child" (most of the time it's their lover or someone unrelated) grows into a full grown woman (it HAS to be a woman) before getting birthed. Seeing as my fantasy is probably as degenerate as it can possibly get I'd love to hear what everyone else's are like.

Seen preggers before normal Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 06/17/2023 (Sat) 03:11:12 Id:736cfe No. 1973 [Reply]
You guys ever kinda feel awkward when you see a character for the first time in their media and you realize you’ve seen them drawn pregnant before seeing them drawn in their story? Maybe not awkward but more of a “huh…” I guess
Only when it turns out to be canon. Lmao
Happened to me more times then I care to list. Most of em are anime girls funnily enough.

Preg fetish awakenings Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/07/2023 (Tue) 23:39:10 Id:08ab86 No. 1469 [Reply]
As a bored and mildly curious question, what would you say was your kind of “awaking” to having a pregnancy fetish? Back when I was little there was a magazine with a pregnant woman in a white bikini, shit was full display across two pages. I took it along with a flashlight and hid in a room with the lights off and just stared at it. That definitely planted the “seed” of it, a reality show that was on for a bit of a pregnant woman in college and later access to the internet didn’t help. The photo isn’t the magazine one I mentioned, I haven’t been able to find it.
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(137.52 KB 1066x1600 delivery2-3599994588.jpg)
(384.70 KB 1200x1600 maxi002.jpg)
Id say there was some key moments in my life that led me to have a fetish for pregnancy Firstly i was the first of two children my mother had, She had my sister 18 months after me, so I got to have my infancy and early years with my mom pregnant. Surely that left an impression on my very young mind. There was one of my teachers in elementary school who was pregnant. I didn't know what to think at the time, but it definitely interested me. I thought the process was fascinating. As a kid I found a picture of my aunt from years before, who was very pregnant, at the hospital, standing with a hospital gown on, about to give birth, piqued my interest. I remember feeling aroused, I think that's one of the first times i felt sexually aroused. (pic related is similar but obviously not the same photo) A teacher in middle school also became pregnant while i was in her class, it was great seeing her get bigger, her breasts get bigger, and just rounding out and becoming more motherly. That was around the time i started masturbating, so that was an early fantasy for me. Additionally, one of my classmates got pregnant in early high school, and decided to keep the child, she was a childhood crush of mine, and one of the few girls in school to give me any time of day. She was a beautiful mom, I fantasized about her at the time. Also when i was exploring internet porn in high school (about 2009) I found that i was very attracted to huge breasted women, and one of them was the creator Maxi32jj or Maxi Moom (pic included) whom im sure some of you are familiar with. She was pregnant for a time, and i viewed her pregnancy photos online, which definitely cemented my pregnancy fetish. She's one of the sexiest pregnant women out there, as well as Nadine Jansen, Mal Malloy, sarah rae, Jessie minxxx, cassie0pea, and other huge breasted creators that also got pregnant. I've got into different fetish content over the years in internet porn, it's so easy to do especially on hentai sites, twitter and reddit, however my pregnancy kink endures. One particularly strong fetish of mine is seeing breast expansion. I love it, and pregnancy provides natural breast growth. It's fucking amazing seeing women with normal or big sized tits get huge or giant breasts from pregnancy. I don't have to see or fantasize about pregnancy to get off, but it definitely turns me on. I really like when porn features an impregnation, then shows the girl pregnant. or a pregnancy progression. I also really like the "get me pregnant" type of videos, especially ones that show progression into a real pregnancy. I don't like fake preggo bellies online, not that it like instantly turns me off, but if i know it's fake, im definitely not as aroused. I've told some of the women in my life about my pregnancy fetish and i think they get it. My girlfriend knows i have a pregnancy kink and loves to exploit it to turn me on. I absolutely fantasize about making her pregnant.There really is just something special about pregnant women.
I dont know if this is weird or not but when i was a kid probably around 7 or 8 year. I saw a pregnant woman on a yoga ball in the newspaper and that was kinda my preg fetish awakening it went on. Every time i see a pregnant i would just glance at their belly and i still do it until now. I dont look at a woman face anymore but their belly. If i look at their belly look kinda big. I would thought she was pregnant but in reality she just a fat belly. And that was my preg fetish awakening
Unrestricted Internet Access as well as watching “16 and Pregnant”, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”, and various birth shows on TLC
I think for me, it was my parents not really monitoring what I watched when I was young. I recall coming across some pregnancy related videos when I was young, and that made me feel odd. In school, meanwhile I had a pattern of having pregnant teachers, which might've amplified my weird feelings, especially when I discovered porn when I got into the middle-school years.
I was four years old. Yes, it didn't even take a full half decade for my degeneracy to kick in. I was in school and this lady was walking through our halls. She was full term, but her shirt didn't reach down enough so a good half of her belly was exposed. Being the dumb kid I was I asked my mom why she was so fat, yknow cute kid stuff. She wasn't that attractive and I didn't think much of it but ever since I've never been able to be sexually satisfied with non-pregnant women.

(1.26 MB 3000x3000 Patreon_post_image-2.png)
What do you guys think of Seeds of Destiny? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/10/2023 (Mon) 09:09:26 Id:5e7c4f No. 2341 [Reply]
I think it's a fun game with quite a few flaws. I'm not too fond of the exposition dump at the end, the gimmicky dungeons that are annoying, side quests can be difficult to follow, kinda flat characters, etc. But I still love the game despite its flaws. Maybe I'm expecting too much from a fetish game.
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>>2343 >> Leah could also have a feeder fetish to give me more depth. Keep your horrible fetish out of my horrible fetish, thanks.
>>2411 https://plaza-us.komodo.jp/products/fantasy-heroine-character-pack-4 Here's the character pack used. It's available for any RPG Maker dev to purchase and use for their games.
>>2405 At least they're slowly upgrading to custom art assets.
>>2413 I am not talking about where the character art he was using was copyrighted, but about the fact that he stopped using them and started drawing and using his own art based on them, and that his original art clearly appropriated the character designs. I am talking that it would not be a good idea to use the design of a paid asset in own art.

Looking for pregnant expansion Vtuber Stream Anonymous Beggar 05/11/2023 (Thu) 20:40:23 Id:0bde46 No. 1782 [Reply]
A while ago, someone posted a link to a YouTube video of a Vtuber whose name I fail to remember. It was a stream recording that was about an hour or two in runtime where the Vtuber’s pregnant belly expanded over the course of the video as she got more donations (I think). I can’t find the link here anymore and using YouTube’s search function has been a bust. If anyone of you out there know who and what I’m describing, I would very much appreciate your help in rediscovering this video again. (Pic unrelated, it’s just funny to me.)
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>>1977 Do you have the full video?
>>2305 thanks!
>>1782 >pregnant expansion Vtuber Stream I found her called @puppiemoka on Twitter!! And She explains why she's no longer doing pregnancy streams in the future! https://twitter.com/puppiemoka/status/1653794187622465536
>>2421 bit late for that

Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/09/2023 (Sun) 19:05:10 Id:f575f7 No. 2324 [Reply]
What's up preggers fetishists. Come check out https://omegachan.cc/
will it have preggo anne frank?

(15.72 KB 1200x630 Politics_at_work_1200x630-1.png)
Political Talk Containment Thread Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 07/07/2023 (Fri) 15:35:57 Id:d7cec7 No. 2187 [Reply] [Last]
You want to spout extremist nonsense from whatever side of the spectrum do it here and stop flooding threads with it Most people will definitely hide this thread as they should
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>>2538 Yes, they promoted and funded the insane portions of the left to destroy the anti-Imperialist left. They are exaggerated the American media complex has been hyping up exaggerated lies about the DPRK, China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran etc. None of which is based in any real fact but you buy into this regime change propaganda hook line and sinker. Refering to defending anti-Imperialist countries as 'booklicking' a term popular amongst the woke synthetic 'left' is again providing even more evidence that wokeness serves Imperialism.
>>2542 Fuckhead, I'm all for Cuba being opened back up now that Castro is fucking dead. If there's one country in that list I consider to be an actual victim, it's Cuba. But as things stand right now, the rest of them are undeniably fucked. Putin just needs to be fucking shot already, China is trying to act communist while in reality the government is full of corrupt capitalist shitheads, Venezuela is just a fucking MESS, Syria is getting fucked because Putin is using them as a puppet, and North Korea is literally being run by a deranged manchild. And it's fucking bootlicking because you refuse to admit that the problems in all of those countries are not solely the fault of the US. I acknowledge that the US absolutely plays a role, because I have a functioning brain. But you also need to grow the fuck up and realize that these countries wouldn't magically be fucking utopias without the US either. Also, if you actually knew what you were fucking talking about, you'd know that this shit started long before the US at the hands of Britain. Then again, you're using "wokeness" unironically, so you weren't exactly the brightest bulb on the christmas tree to begin with.
(105.85 KB 500x734 1650107541290.jpg)
>>2546 There is a clear ideology that emerged from twitter, Tumblr, live journal etc. Which can be termed as woke, an ideology that played a large role in the breaking up of Occupy Wall Street, anti-Imperialist communist movements and more. The fact that you cannot realise this shows a lack of intelligence on your part not mine. You recite nonsense about these countries that come straight from imperialist regime change propaganda while claiming to be a leftist just proves my points even further. The fat NATO puppet Zelensky should be shot not President Putin, the CCP represents and has members from all sections of Chinese society, America caused chaos to install a puppet in Venezuela, Syria was a victim of American back regime change America gave weapons to Islamic State group and other terrorists to do so it was President Putin that saved them, Comrade Kim Jong-un is in no way a man child but a very bright and resourceful leader. https://web.archive.org/web/20180104200554/http://anti-imperialism.org/2014/08/14/western-dprk-propaganda-the-worst-occasionally-hilarious-and-often-racist-lies/
>>2548 Okay, yeah, you're literally fucking insane. Have fun eating dogs, you absolute retard.
Look at me I'm one of the fuckers killing /b/ death to troons, lgbtpedos, Tump 2024, libfags I'd love beating my wife and children if I had any

Who Are/Were Pregchan’s Most Infamous Posters? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 05/26/2023 (Fri) 03:51:27 Id:e90e03 No. 1846 [Reply] [Last]
I want to hear peoples thoughts as civilly as possible Also a “where are they now” if applicable- I'm only super aware of the stupid Fossil/Kamui drama that lasted a year too long and I know what's up with them Fossil: Casually posting on his new DA and Twitter, asking for free shit by entering any raffle he can, currently into Cookie Run as seen on both his accounts and the Cookie Run thread on here Kamuisaurus: More or less the same as Fossil, currently doing a Mermayternity thing, he's also posting his bizarre nonsense and there has been a couple sightings of him here Others I've heard the names of are Kisame and MuchBirth, but I'm not super aware of what's happening with them or anyone else that's particularly infamous
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>>2331 >>2332 Tumblr & Tiktok are full of angry LARP posers. They'll have some rich white woman model had plastic surgery to resemble an African-American or Black person tells others to not say they're 1/32 Cherokee, cus "we're not for cultural appropriation" and I remember in the 80s when Jewish, Italian or Armenian Americans tried to resemble WASPs (rich whitest ppl) to get by in life (changing their nose size/shape for example). Cherokee Nation genealogists can find out if a celebrity is of any Cherokee descent to either join their tribe (1907 Dawes rolls) or not (1890s tribal census records), so to rich white people, STFU.
>>2373 >>2376 And to add Jake once posted he's into diversity until he complained about the Portuguese were the worst ethnicity & too many of em in Rhode Island.
>>2332 Tards like you are the ones who can't form an opinion without checking Twitter for what's progressive, liberal and therefore approved and what gets you labeled a bigot. Mald. >>2339 Twitter didn't change at all, it's still a cesspool of retarded leftists, Kisame.
>>2414 It's funny how your entire judgement relies on me using Twitter when I think the site is fucking retarded. Also, if you want to keep arguing this shit, take it to the fucking containment thread already, you absolute mongoloid.
>>2416 Doesn't matter if you use Twitter or not, you're retarded in the exact same way.