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This is a very strange thing to ask but hear me out.. I'm a lesbian woman looking to get pregnant but this will be really expencive for me. I'm wondering if there is anyone who would consider to help me and my partner to pay for the fertilization in exchange for pregnancy updates and pictures through out the pregnancy? Is this something someone would pay for? (I have pregnancy fetish too, that's why i'm here and taking photos of my preggo belly and milky tits would be defenetly ok with me..)

What do you guys think?? I'm I crazy for even asking?? (propably yes but i'm desperate)
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cfa5e No.4208

Dogs were made by breeding docile wolves.
This just shows how even aggression is inheritable.
If you have some rapist donate you cum, you're gonna have a rapist child.
That's how biology works, simplified of course.

cfa5e No.4209

Better to choose the guy instead of taking the cum of someone who gets 50$ for it.

cfa5e No.4210

Except it could be a guy trying to make a quick buck out of anons stupidity.

e8756 No.4211

I think >>4203 is OP. If I'm wrong, don't feel insulted OP.
I just think it would fit a lesbian.

1ce2c No.4443

Be helping so called "lesbian", you manginas are supporting your own oppressors.

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b1d17 No.3555[Reply]

The deviantart artist pregnantdream is currently developing a 3d 2d game about pregnancy the battle is nice and the graphism but the English is kinda broke in this but overall it's pretty enjoyable

Download link


cb0b7 No.3731

Just post the direct link.
>it is an RPG maker game
Nothing for me.

80df1 No.4442

Sadly gone.

Could have a lot of potential…

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e7c0c No.4368[Reply]

Why am I posting here?
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First time on an anonymous imageboard is it?

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File: 1591479867558.jpg (31.05 KB, 600x600, images.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hi I'm Paul!

2038c No.4374

I, no joke, thought the 3 eyed monkey was posted in drawthread and I clicked on it with the full intention of posting some "it's time to stop" shit

81119 No.4375

Were you the one who impregnated Carl with the space jellyfish?

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b9859 No.4335[Reply]

Cute Discord alternative 😊

cd2fd No.4337

Eat ass Chinese bot

1bc75 No.4339

It's a honeypot for collecting emails and passwords.
Spread the word to other imageboards you see this spam on.

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6bcfb No.4304[Reply]

Does anyone have information on some 3d animated youtube videos? I've found only one so far. Here is the link.


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4a44d No.4277[Reply]

Now we have a site for pregnant girl, no matter for 2D or 3D.
I want to know, are there any websites for cum?
Especially for ACG, and it is best to be able to publish the requiring topic
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One of the most retarded and useless signs mankind has come up with.

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cca84 No.4288[Reply]


one of my favorite things is psuedoscience that justifies pregnancy alterations; example given.

what other stuff do you guys have?

File: 1589481382193.jpg (20.83 KB, 390x250, false-pregnancy.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

1613d No.4249[Reply]

from this article:
>2) From amniotic fluid:
Amniotic fluid, which bathes the fetus in the womb, contains fetal cells including mesenchymal stem cells, which are able to make a variety of tissues. Many pregnant women elect to have amniotic fluid drawn to test for chromosome defects, the procedure known as amniocentesis. This fluid is normally discarded after testing, but Children’s Hospital Boston surgeon Dario Fauza, MD, a Principal Investigator at Childrens and an affiliate member of the Stem Cell Program, has been investigating the idea of isolating mesenchymal stem cells and using them to grow new tissues for babies who have birth defects detected while they are still in the womb, such as congenital diaphragmatic hernia. These tissues would match the baby genetically, so would not be rejected by the immune system, and could be implanted either in utero or after the baby is born.

what if, in the near near future, there was a way to induce a false pregnancy in women, for the purposes of cultivating amniotic fluid? they'd be paid handsomely for essentially just getting a little bloated for a few months, and don't have to worry about giving birth to an actual child. fellas, our fetish COULD LITERALLY SAVE LIVES. thoughts? how can we pitch this to the medical field?
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294e7 No.4256

Isn't the amniotic fluid created by the fetus?

6c327 No.4258

Except for some urine, amniotic fluid comes from the mother. It's actually similar to Gatorade with it's mix of electrolytes and carbs.

64c1e No.4284

Does the woman’s entire body also simulate a pregnant woman’s body though? That is, nipples darken and swell, increased libido, tits grow, lactation and all that good stuff?

51909 No.4285

With the right hormones? Yes it does.

43912 No.4286

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