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(214.25 KB 1080x1206 Screenshot_20230311_203252_Brave.jpg)
Chatgpt stories Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/11/2023 (Sat) 12:33:47 Id:59b1bf No. 1505 [Reply]
Anyone tried? Just wanted to know. There are rules in place but isnt impossible to generate some interactive ones. Or maybe all those new ai craze has brought about a text based or story bot that is worth sharing?
Once upon a time, in a grand palace in a far-off land, there lived a sultana who was heavily pregnant. She had been waiting eagerly for the birth of her child, and to pass the time, she loved to be entertained by various performers in her court. One day, a pregnant bellydancer arrived at the palace to perform for the sultana. The sultana was intrigued by the bellydancer's unique talent, especially since she was also pregnant. The bellydancer's movements were graceful, and she had an infectious energy that captivated the sultana. As the performance went on, the sultana couldn't help but notice the bellydancer's pregnant belly, which was almost as large as her own. She was amazed at how the bellydancer could move so fluidly, even with the added weight and discomfort of pregnancy. After the performance, the sultana invited the bellydancer to sit with her and asked her how she managed to dance so beautifully while pregnant. The bellydancer smiled and said that she had been practicing her art for many years and had learned to adapt her movements to accommodate her changing body. The sultana was impressed by the bellydancer's dedication and skill and asked her to stay in the palace as her personal entertainer until the birth of her child. The bellydancer agreed and continued to entertain the sultana with her mesmerizing performances. As the days went by, the sultana and the bellydancer grew closer and shared stories of their pregnancies and experiences as mothers. The sultana even asked the bellydancer to teach her some basic belly dance moves, which she found to be a fun way to stay active during her pregnancy. Eventually, the sultana gave birth to a healthy baby, and the bellydancer was by her side, offering her support and encouragement throughout the entire labor. The sultana was grateful to have such a talented and caring entertainer in her court and considered the bellydancer to be a true friend. From that day on, the bellydancer continued to perform for the sultana and her family, and her talent and dedication were always appreciated. The sultana even decided to start a tradition in her court where pregnant bellydancers would be invited to perform and entertain the court during their pregnancy, in honor of the talented bellydancer who had captured her heart.
https://pregchan.com/b/res/1345.html https://pregchan.com/b/res/1347.html There's 3 chatbot threads, should we keep making new threads for each site or keep everything in a single thread?
>>1540 I have no idea what bot the first thread is but I've tried character ai and it isnt as good as chatgpt. It broke within the first 10mins of me using it
>>1541 >I have no idea what bot the first thread is https://you.com/search?q=who+are+you&tbm=youchat&cfr=chat Youchat, it's a retarded version of GPT3 but it's free and anonymous and doesn't need a number to use. Had a safety filter update a week ago but it looks like GPT jailbreaks work on it.

(7.10 KB 800x600 JZOmhR.png)
Gamedev/moddev thread Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 03/08/2023 (Wed) 16:08:22 Id:0d9e72 No. 1481 [Reply]
Why haven't you turned pregnancy into a game mechanic yet anon?
Decent preg models/assets are hard to come by
Because I dont understand game making and making the player sprite have a belly is the best I can do
I actually had an idea for a Skyrim mod a while ago but I have no experience with making mods or programming. Basically the idea is that Alduin impregnates the dragonborn at the beginning of the game at Helgen and you have to beat the game before you give birth.

(231.99 KB 800x600 183 (1).jpg)
(232.80 KB 800x600 183.jpg)
(820.39 KB 1200x1600 197_cg02_0005_a05.jpg)
(2.43 MB 2400x3200 170_09.jpg)
(2.91 MB 2400x3200 206_14.jpg)
Sykar 03/13/2023 (Mon) 23:34:55 Id:a6dd89 No. 1520 [Reply]
Pregnant imagen 21 - 25
>>1520 Why did you make 3 threads for this?

(346.72 KB 2368x1740 24 (1).jpg)
(273.35 KB 600x800 21.jpg)
(3.54 MB 2645x3679 13_350.jpg)
Sykar 03/13/2023 (Mon) 00:08:42 Id:2370a0 No. 1512 [Reply]
Pregnant imagen 16 - 20

(420.12 KB 768x1024 4.jpg)
(452.75 KB 787x1024 15.png)
(523.48 KB 1600x1200 021.jpg)
(370.17 KB 800x600 28.jpg)
Sykar 03/10/2023 (Fri) 22:51:59 Id:3fff42 No. 1500 [Reply]
Pregnant imagen 06 - 10

To the Confederacy Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 02/13/2023 (Mon) 03:10:24 Id:67dbad No. 1316 [Reply]
Whoever posted this in that brief thread in /d/ you have my respect and admiration
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yeah its kinda annoying
How hard is it to post on mpreg thread.
>>1324 Very apparently
>>1317 >>1319 I'll take the blame for it. I created a second thread for tomboys because the first one was getting toxic. In it, I defined tomboy as a "cis female who looks/dresses/acts like a boy", so someone took that and tried to turn it into a Star Wars thread. So, I nuked it. lol
>>1327 You actually busted the troll and nuked the thread (and i hope along with the troll too), thats actually a good trap.

(187.66 KB 800x450 hell.jpg)
Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 02/12/2023 (Sun) 14:16:58 Id:820120 No. 1311 [Reply]
> /d purged into only 4 pages > /b also lost of its threads > all other boards remains the same was there a thread purge in here?
>>1311 There was a giant wave of spam posts clogging the entire site
Faggots finally found this site.
All you retards had to do was ban vore.
(115.90 KB 1200x630 sandcastle.jpg)
>half the site automatically gets pruned every time someone feels like spamming i'm glad pregchan exists, but i do get why imageboards aren't so popular

Pregnant Dreams & Fantasies belliesrlovely 01/09/2023 (Mon) 01:56:37 Id:66f6bb No. 900 [Reply]
Thread for pics of people dreaming/fantasizing about pregnant women/being pregnant.
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>>964 Yes it is. That's why I put this thread in /b/, so both can be represented. There's not enough furry art of this to warrant its own thread.
>>965 Alright, I was mistaken and thought this was /d/. My bad.
Slight guro
(776.27 KB 4096x2527 E1uqFEJXIAE8oPj.jpg)
One from Diives

Anons Of Pregchan, Assemble Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 12/10/2022 (Sat) 00:04:09 Id:889023 No. 766 [Reply]
Reviving a really old thread to see if anyone remembered the gimmick
(88.53 KB 800x600 friendlypredator.jpg)
I remember it. And I'm using a pic I kind of wish I had back then. I may not be Anon, but I'm comin' in HOT!
Wassup can a loc come up in your thread
(67.13 KB 596x447 threat_is_awesome.jpg)
i gonna gues this fits
>>771 Let us have fun
>>769 Man fuck you I'll see you in /d/