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(10.82 KB 400x400 EdEPRmO2_400x400.jpg)
Website very similar to Character Ai but with no filter Spicychat.Ai 09/05/2023 (Tue) 18:27:17 Id:dc99d9 No. 3568
Found this website while scrolling through 4chan and thought that the people here would like it. Feel free to share bots or conversations with the bots on here.
>>4051 Their system appeared to have a hiccup, even without a vpn I got a whitescreen but it's fixed for now.
>>3735 Wonder if she'd consider putting them on caveduck, too. I mean, it's not the best, but it's probably the most accessible.
>>3744 apples i see you new bots, its amazing. If you can can you give png or json?
>>4096 ive been meaning to dump them on pixiv or a mega drive, when i do ill post about it in the /d/ thread about ai art also thank you
>>4098 that good idea
>>4098 apples so you dump them?
>>4133 this is only the stuff i have downloaded on hand but here https://mega.nz/folder/E4oTnJyQ#YRCq_9DcnTF6WiWH9yWLvA
>>4134 its good pictures, but i mean png or json files for bots
>>4254 Hiddenvox and Bronc2 have nothing
>>4255 turn off the nsfw filter other people have bots with and without it
>>4256 A... I forgot that's a thing... I feel stupid sometimes.
Bungo2 here, added a couple more today Nia (Sci-Fi doctor experimenting on herself): https://spicychat.ai/chat/d015ebff-d71b-49af-9df7-b8b5b71bac35 Satori(Preggo in containment): https://spicychat.ai/chat/5c5b9cc4-8d17-4f1a-8bc9-10df1099537e
Well, I had a chance to run a session and it suffers from the same issues as Character Ai, which is the love spiral. which I mean is that the Ai character is constantly gushing about how much they love you or their pregnancy, family etc. after every sentence. Its unfortunate that I have to constantly go in and remove those redundancies.
>>4260 At least it can be removed. c.Ai though
>>4254 Yay! I made the list.
i just want yall to know i dont post my new stuff here, but i do make things on ocassion, both on spicychat and C.AI
>>4265 Maybe so, but on C.Ai unless you set it on public we can't really try your new stuff
>>4266 everything is set to public, but i know it can be finicky to fiew profiles, so heres my latest thing Cami, your heavily pregnant roommate https://beta.character.ai/chat2?char=JCT4MEo9SDy2cak74pSHm8l7c2tmOuXfIoBD-ZQG5fs
These are my first attempts at AI chatbots, based on characters who were pregnant in their respective shows: Cordelia Chase (Angel) https://spicychat.ai/chat/ae2365ff-e420-42c0-9db1-8fba9bc3b796 Kendall Carr (American Horror Story Death Valley) https://spicychat.ai/chat/01da844f-1f5f-4859-ac70-44ec66d195ce
>>24990 cross-posting this here
>>4272 404 not found
>>4254 Oh my, oh my, wasn't expecting to be seen on the list here as well...might search for my stuff and see which other json files here I can throw into spicy chat... perhaps a preg note I found around?
>>4290 Have a Pregnote I found laying around, folks! https://spicychat.ai/chat/56e0bd2b-36cb-473b-b3e9-1594f8471c0c
updated my lopunny bot, plan on doing two more being porting c.ai’s rhoda and creating a glaceon bot. https://spicychat.ai/chat/7cb3648c-c75d-4d34-b292-0357c24e1900
Anyone got any new Pregbots?
so for some godforsaken reason spicychat doesnt let you log in with just a password and instead sends a code to the email you linked the account with, and given i made the account with a burner it is not inactive as of current, hopefully they'll change that, and if not ill use one of my actual emails
recently saw a rose virage video about a girl you meet at a tavern who is pregnant with a slime, and goes on to tell you about how slimes are actually really docile, they just need external help reproducing. included with the obvious movements from her belly and a not so subtle invite to her room if you’re into such a thing. thought it’d be a good idea for a bot and would definitely have some good interactions.
>>4454 ill try and cook something out of that, sauce?
Bah! I had finally tweeked my SpicyChat bot to really close to my goal, and was about to make her public and they deleted her. The Humanity! Reasons: Users must refrain from content that: Is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, meant to disgust, or creepy. Like that's all subjective man! She was only a sweet, older neighbor lady who happened to be pregnant with her Great Dane's puppies, a la a Stevie D story.
>>4491 they kicked my schoolgirl UB bot, which was my most popular one, how did they tell you anyway?
(444.42 KB 800x600 fe1.png)
>>4492 It was just a lousy email telling me the bot name, and quoting me their rule which I 'violated'. And warning me future violations could have me banned.
>>4491 >>4492 Use Caveduck. It's a Korean chatbot site. Character.ai is totally censored, SpicyChat is restricted to vanilla NSFW, and Caveduck is still pretty open. It also uses a daily token system, so no waitlists, just solid, predictable limits. It's at caveduck.io
>>4495 Decided to port my Chub card as an example. Meet the Preggomancer, a haughty mage who intends to impregnate the whole world! But... you'll make a fine start... I would include the image, but Pregchan is fucking up and I'm having hell posting. If you're reading this, though, the site just won't let me post images for some shit reason. https://caveduck.io/character-info/31ad4c97-e5f3-43f0-a13b-d7a1df6b583a?locale=en Just a warning, I think she exceeds max tokens for Mandarin at least.
>>4496 firstly, good bot, keep it up secondly, this seems interesting, ill try it out
>>4496 nice bot, i like it
>>4496 can i have json or png?
>>4507 Of course! Like I said, this was originally a bot I released on Chub, so the PNG is already ready to go over there. Pregchan still won't let me post images for some damned reason, so you'll have to grab it there. https://www.chub.ai/characters/Ganbat/the-preggomancer-91ef91be
SpicyChat.ai has updated its stuff some, locking nsfw stuff behind an acc but that’s whatever since it’s still free. I noticed a few new bots up that i hadn’t noticed before. I’m not 100% on all the changes but if you’re so inclined i recommend checking it out.
>>4495 you know how export bot from cave duck ? there's some good bot
>>4850 I reckon if there is no export function in caveduck or an import option that is compatible with caveduck on whet ever site you want to use the easiest way is to copy the description and other sections and then adjust and expand as you see fit. Could you share those bots btw? Searching for pregnancy content on caveduck is rather hard since there is no tag for it
Free for the first month, when else will you find this oasis https://yodayo.com/tavern/characters/22bfc904-5a41-445f-9630-c358e0045273/
>>4911 Isn't yodayo like really free? Get some free coins daily and stuff
That's correct, but for the first month, coins are not required to be used