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Preggo games? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/18/2022 (Tue) 03:38:15 Id:b236a6 No. 367
i know the usual ones like hazumi, seeds of destiny, and the animations that squark does, but what are some other games that have preg (or at least bellies) in them? pic unrelated
>>4017 https://twitter.com/GloomBone/status/1468788946729635844?lang=en I think it's currently on hold, a shame since the art seems quite done.
Just finished playing Amnesia: Rebirth, and it's a pretty decent pregnancy game. It has a number of things I liked: - Accelerated pregnancy - Being able to look down and see your growing bump - A button for rubbing your belly/talking to your baby. - There are a couple of dreamlike sections where you see the baby as a giant fetus, and one of them shows it slowly getting bigger - There's a section where your body is scanned and you see the baby inside you - A playable labor & birth section - A breastfeeding scene If anyone knows of any other first-person pregnancy games, let me know.
>>4101 Forgot to mention that when the baby kicks, there's a blue flash and the controller vibrates.
>>3850 She’s super horny and pregnant with, like, a fuckton of spiders.
Is there a dating sim where you're going out with a woman who's already pregnant?
>>4126 Yeah, it's called Facebook Dating.
Im playing Birth Story 1.1.3 and I want to know what do the hidden codes unlock?
I went to the code room and put in 7722 and it said I unlocked old park secret scenario. How do I see the secret scenario?
>>2155 I love this! I don’t care if the avatar isn’t actually pregnant, she literally fills out nicely! >>2366 Nice belly bump move
There's a game on the Play Store called Delivery Room Idle Tycoon. Its not bad. Its a baby factory game.
Do you guys know any games that work on Android?
Impregnation! Child Making Farm looks pretty good. You run a farm and breed with woman. I have only just started playing it so I dont know alot. Fertile Farm is a Stardew Valley type game with a main character that constantly falls pregnant. When she eats she gains nutrient points which increases the size of her baby and increases the chance of having multiple babies. So far my best was twins and the largest baby was about 14kg/30 pounds which is insane. It does not show any explicit stuff or nudity which kinda sucks.
Pregophila has a section about birth/preg/sex games which has some good suggestions and sites to use. You can use Joiplay to play Windows zip files on Android which is pretty cool.
Sorry I meant preggophilia not pedophilia. Dam auto correct. 😅
(44.46 KB 1480x567 20231110_230639.jpg)
I forgot the name but you can get pregnant and give birth (its hard to get pregnant though.) She got cummed in 14 times by the same dude while ovulating and shes still not pregnant. They all must be infertile.
>>3527 bro. L4D2 and XCOM 2 in particularly would be a DREAM.
(446.16 KB 1270x710 2.png)
https://f95zone.to/threads/others-coffee-story-extra-231112v1-unnie.181445/ Coffee guy is back with a little game that's actually complete and doesn't involve horrible flesh abominations. I really enjoyed it. It's a little horror story about a pregnancy-inducing board game, which is an old premise I've always liked.
(99.53 KB 453x963 F5sS2pBa8AA36wy.jpg)
spoilin image bc its a mobile game. cursed af. "Delivery Room Idle" on the Google Play Store
>>4234 would be a good game if it didn't bug out and soft lock me the first 2 times I tried to play it. High hopes for future updates and bug fixes though
>>4235 It gets even more cringe when you unlock the 2nd area which has random characters from other games like huggy and mom from Poppy Play Time.
>>4268 dont forget the pickle rick mpreg
Any good visual novel recommendations?
>>4275 Good as in "good story" or "Good pregnancy content"?
any good games with popping or bursting content?
Breedtown 1+2 Hazumi and the Pregnation Ravager
any good games where the bellies actually burst open
Ive just started playing this on Joiplay. It looks pretty cool. https://steamunlocked.net/5-pray-game-free-download/
Someone made a preggo game tread in the Draw catalog by the way.
I also saw an other image where a girl was laying eggs. Google translate saids "build a house"
I know that Eve from Parasite Eve gets pregnant. What I would give for new 3d models of pregnant Eve.
(438.01 KB 810x1440 slenderman.png)
>>4147 > Delivery Room Idle Tycoon Kino
Any games with pregnant belly bursting?
what's the hazumi game mentioned at the start of the thread?
Are there any good pregnancy games on the PS4/PS5?
>>3710 Would play the shit out of that, please let us know if you're successful
Figured I'd shout out a good creator I found on itch. He has a few RPGmaker games with pretty good pregnancy systems. Worth noting is that I think english is his second language, so some of the dialogue can get shaky. Also, most characters can grow dicks and have them while pregnant, but can be toggled if that's not your cup of tea. Finally, incest warning for pretty much all of his games as you can have events with characters you've birthed. Para Ark: Sci-Fi RPG where you play as copyright-free samus. Get bred by monster enemies to give birth to monsters you use as party members. A little grindy, but like the others can be sped up by editing save files. https://st-hot-dog-king.itch.io/para-ark Hell After School 2: 2D action platformer. I only played a little bit of this one before I got bored, mostly because it controlled pretty bad. https://st-hot-dog-king.itch.io/hell-after-school-2 Worm Nest Plague (WIP): His latest game, not finished yet. Kind of like Bowser's inside story, where you play as an anthropomorphized parasite infecting a girl's body. I'd keep an eye on this one, it's shaping up to be his best yet. https://st-hot-dog-king.itch.io/worm-nest-plague
(443.05 KB 711x873 Screenshot 2024-04-11 010029.png)
(219.17 KB 557x352 wt.png)
Played a game called Wavetale that has a pregnant NPC.
(267.97 KB 394x729 wt1.png)
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(230.53 KB 378x669 wt3.png)
(304.76 KB 419x769 wt4.png)
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(3.89 MB 2560x1348 Snapshot_017.png)
(3.98 MB 2560x1348 7878785Snapshot_022.png)
>>5284 Good to see it coming back.
Not a game, but I donated my time to concept a "furry online" character customization screen when darkGhost on FurAffinity is working on a web browsing game in the future before he suddenly disappear from the Furry community. This is my poorly Windows 9x-esque concept art for a "furry online" character customization screen.
>>5302 From left to right: 1 - Basic (first step, you can choose a species group and a type, adding colors, extra body parts for your fursona). 2 - Head Edit 3 - Breeding & Pregnancy (e.g. Dutch Angel Dragons cannot breed) 4 - Clothing 5 - Final Step (adding first and last name, as well as adding abilities)
Is there a pregnant mod for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 available?
>>5354 yes and it's ported from an old model obtained from an old Xenoverse 1 mod that I asked about here. It's not a complete mod in any way yet. It's just the model Bust file that is supposed to be the base for mods. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take a crack at it in Blender for making proper preg mods. I've only tested it by using a loophole that turns it into an accessory that clips weirdly with outifts due to the breasts base it comes with. When I use it with an outift mod that has larger breasts than the breasts base of the accessory, then it somewhat passes for the look I go for. It's possible to have a mod for Xenoverse 2 but to get a decent one you would have to know Blender and how to add the plugin that outputs Xenoverse 2 models for mods so you can make a mod yourself since what I have is rather old and I wasn't given the original resources that were used in making it and just a remnant from Xenoverse 1 modding.
>>5391 I'm surprised there's an answer to that question.
Any games with popping??