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(2.74 MB 1920x1080 asacoco.png)
Preggo games? Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous 10/18/2022 (Tue) 03:38:15 Id:b236a6 No. 367
i know the usual ones like hazumi, seeds of destiny, and the animations that squark does, but what are some other games that have preg (or at least bellies) in them? pic unrelated
(1.67 MB 3840x2160 1.jpg)
(1.83 MB 3840x2160 2.jpg)
(1.63 MB 3840x2160 3.jpg)
(876.64 KB 3840x2160 4.jpg)
>>2353 Here's how it looks in action: https://youtu.be/aH1UwX3Tu4k
The cursed Minecraft thread seems to have died so may as well post some of the Mine-imator stuff here. Also RIP the Minecraft Sex mod
Not pregnant, but I caught this little moment from AEW: Fight Forever.
>>2366 Can you make a bald, tattooed, pregnant character?
>>2379 I guess it's the curse of being 35 in this day and age, but it's still shocking to realize there are 20somethings now whose first sexual awakenings started with horny minecraft mods
>>2382 Yes, you can. lol The downside is that you can only create one character, and you can't really use them outside of World Tour mode. Kinda lame, tbh.
One more from SF
Amnesia: Rebirth, Havent played the game yet but I heard theres a mod that increases the belly size as well
(181.30 KB 781x1677 loveandpies.jpg)
Taken from the ad for "Love & Pies".
(804.48 KB 2048x922 image_2023-07-17_233927.png)
maikatz posting a screenshot of this game but nobody in the comments knows what it is
>>2464 Something Liz something tower
>>2464 It doesnt have pregnancy in the base game, its modded in. Yeah Liz Tower whatever the fuck its called. The full game with mod patched in is on F95Zone
Here’s some picture that I’ve found from SaburoX RPG Game: Seeds of Fate. https://abbyvioletblue.itch.io/seeds-of-fate
>>2563 >>2564 Going off of whitehair's artstyle, I'm going to guess this is from Saburo's late 00s-early 10s work?
>>2565 Yup.
>>2563 Haa~ Seeds of Fate, what a classic.
>>2569 When’s Seeds of Fate Full Game going to be released? SaburoX hasn’t working on it since forever.
>>2570 I think you answered your own question. It is very dead
>>2571 How did Seeds of Fate Project Dies?
>>2570 This was the last thing we know from the game: https://www.deviantart.com/saburox/journal/PROJECT-STATUS-UPDATES-700176219 And that was in 2017, there is nothing more. And till this day Saburo never talk about the game anymore.
>>2572 According to the Patreon, Pregopixel had some life changes and with the pregnant game jam, could not focus on the game. They said they will pick up working on the game again. I believe they recently released a small update and are prepping a bigger one for a month or tell from now.
>>2575 Ops I I thinking of Seeds of Destiny, I'm a dunb ass!
(318.15 KB 807x617 preg.png)
Hellbrain has a new game out, a bit longer and more rpg styled. lots of preg enemies and tbh very unique abilities all around. also an easy mode so you don't need to think to win. (forgive me for haven't finished so not many screenshots)
>>3013 It's been out for a while and mentioned in the other thread. >>>/d/17291
>>3346 I didn't watch the whole video, so is there more context to the pregnant child zombie, or is that just a thing in the game?
>>3346 >>3359 Pretty sure that's just a poofy dress and a joke timestamp.
>>3360 Possibly. FYI, you can download the game here: https://www.myabandonware.com/game/zombieville-dlc I may play it and see for myself.
in another thread i found something about a game called Endure & Escape, but i cant find anything on it looking that up. anyone got a link?
>>2563 id love to try this but the itch.io is broken, theres no visible text
>>3385 holy shit goated
No disrespect, but is there a good pregnancy fetish game out there that's not an RPG?
>>3384 Are you sure? It works for me
(309.12 KB 655x527 image_2023-09-03_121015.png)
what are some games you want pregnancy mods for? i'd try making an impregnation arena mod for quake 3 or an impregnation gun for postal 2 but i don't know if those engines can handle the type of animation for it
(5.48 KB 200x142 You're Welcome.jpg)
Putting this here as well but lmk any preg games that have english in it and I'll promise at least 1 of the games I get recommeneded and I'll give you guys till saturday for a fair chance and diversity.
>>3527 I found this sprite on the old site and have been meaning to add it in but the sprite is too big for a retexture and the modding community for that game is basically non-existent.
>>3707 I just realized I didn’t mention that I was trying to mod it into Super Paper Mario
>>3527 Unpopular opinion, but i'd want to see a hogwarts legacy preg mod
>>3707 Seeing as Thousand Year Door is getting a remaster? Well timed post.
I was watching a video of Drakengard and saw this. Any info?
Parasite Lola (from Bugs’ Burgers)
>>3819 That's the Queen-Beast. She's not actually pregnant or anything- she's a godly monster with powers over space and time. When she uses her power, her belly goes full picrel. She's basically just a giant shout-out to Lilith from Eva.
>>3821 Sounds fetishy, but ok. lol
>>3819 I Hear A Sound
>>3820 what in the name of
>>3827 It gets weirder when you know the context behind her.
>>3849 Provide pls