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And Randomly there was a Random Post... ThatRandomGuy 07/05/2022 (Tue) 02:26:40 No. 1
But what was that random post about? (Continue this thought)
I was told to come here if I wish to have general preg-related discourse. So I have been wondering about this and wanted to hear what you folks think, what do you guys prefer more, preg art or real preg? Also, follow up question, what do you guys think is the pros and cons of both?
I enjoy both art and irl but I lean towards art. Pros, you get pregs of characters from anything (I mean cosplay is a thing but it’s rare rare) and more stuff can be thrown in the pot. Only cons that irl has is obviously your making an actual human and you’re gonna have to deal with it later, in art the pregnancy could be pretty much “forever” while irl obviously it’s the 9 months. Plus I feel conflicted if I get horny off of preg stuff that isn’t really made for that purpose.
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They deleted these scene from the anime. I hope they included it in BD version or wait a fan animation of it.