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05f91 No.1464

I'm building a game in Java based on breeding slaves. The game implements some gene based mechanics for inheriting stats to children and should work well for cross-species. I'd like to include fairly deep impregnation and pregnancy mechanics and gameplay (I think that might to appeal to you lot).

I don't want money or anything. I just need some ideas for how to implement game mechanics. Mathematics isn't really my strong suit, my main training is in biological sciences. If people have ideas for formulas and stuff to determine stat changes, or even ideas for what stats would be cool to track, I'd love to hear.

I keep a thread updated here:

There's a github repo here:

baf57 No.1465

Game looks pretty awesome as a concept, maybe it would be a good idea to track the number of offspring and current volume of the uterus?

05f91 No.1466


Actually, current build tracks number of offspring. It's even represented graphically, up to a point.

6d23e No.1467

I remember a while back a there was a thread here working on a project for a formula for belly size as pregnancy progresses. I believe it was designed to scale up to a 15 baby pregnancy. I think the thread my have gotten purged during the site wide clean up a few months ago, but I know people made archives.

Here is a link to the spread sheets with all of the relevant formulas and data. I hope it helps to make a more engaging character status screen.


05f91 No.1469


This will come in handy later. Cheers!

9a675 No.2005

File: 1534061466993.png (139.64 KB, 1364x767, Screenshot_60.png)

For some reason the game wont show me the full screen when it opens, any idea how to fix this? any help would be much appreciated.

f08e5 No.2009

File: 1534091417494.png (9.67 KB, 607x498, Untitled.png)

i am having trouble
it feels like i am missing a component and / or
way of running the .IML files / compiling the project in to a an executable

4e7b5 No.2010

How about Android ver?

1a443 No.2042

I know this is a thread for you to ask us for something, but iIf you do any really good document or video that was what you were looking for, could you post them here or that update thread you have there?

I've always been interested in doing something like this myself and while I'm no where near where you're at, you never know if any of this information could come in handy to anyone else aspiring to do something similarly.

d75e5 No.2210

Apologies, I've been away some time and didn't realise anyone had seen this at all. I've rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up and made some good progress, but haven't gotten around to rebuilding graphics just yet. The repo has changed to:



The source files need to be opened in an IDE and compiled. You'll need the appropriate JDK.


I haven't gotten any plans there, I'm afraid.


Will try to do so, but thus far I haven't really found anything that works. I've mostly had to blindly make up formulae for stuff from scratch.

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