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9f2a5 No.15

Since the original discussion thread didn't survive the Second Coming of Pregnarok, I'm remaking one here.

Thread 1

Thread 2
(Current thread as of making this post)

Glad to be back though. It'll probably be a bit slow going as people make their way back and word spreads around. But the most enjoyable part of running this is seeing all the things people say, so feel free to comment to your hearts content. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say again.

61401 No.16

We're not dead! Praise be to the Vyrulian Goddesses.

9f2a5 No.22

File: 1457321943477.jpg (727.54 KB, 1018x1463, 1397969447583.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Testing, seeing if posting works again.

9f2a5 No.55

Can I post? Does this work? I think the issues with posting might be affecting the voting as well, but no big deal. It'll get sorted out eventually.

e4704 No.73

Oh, the post worked alright…..

3e8bc No.864

File: 1502938731635.png (354.83 KB, 900x1296, schoolgirl midna.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

As an advance apology for the necromancy, take a pregnant Midna (body inflation it may technically be, but we can still pretend). I was hoping to ask Houyo a question here, since I can't think of a better way to do so. How would you feel if I were to write my own "Legend of Vyrule" story and post it here? I can't guarantee that I'd follow your format to any degree, or even that I'd post it at all, but as far as I'm concerned, the "pregnancy-oriented Zelda" thing is your conceit and I'd hate to muscle in on your territory if you have an objection to it. I totally understand if you'd prefer to keep it as your thing, but I really like what you're doing and I'd like to do something similar.

9f2a5 No.865

You have paid the offering of belly and thus have summoned me.

I in no way own either Zelda or pregnancy and I do not have such a black heart to keep them to myself if I did. Make all the preggo zelda content you want.

It's also okay if you meant specifically Vyrule stuff, AKA my fan fictiony legend of zelda ripoff setting. If you want to specifically set up stuff using the weird ass world building I've done then feel free, and feel free to make up stuff to add to it if you want. I won't mind if it contradicts anything either. Half the fun of Zelda is watching the same story pieces (Link, Zelda, Ganon, triforce, etc) reused in different ways. So just like go nuts, feel free to use any concepts or ideas either format/design wise, do whatever you want and have fun.

3e8bc No.868

Thanks for being so open about it! Your willingness to proliferate your Zelda ripoff strengthens the preggo fetishist in us all.

9f2a5 No.869

No problem. After all, I started the thread to help build up activity on the site anyways. More content is more content, and it'll be fun to see what other people make too.

23fa9 No.870

File: 1503161206329.jpg (679.16 KB, 2000x1400, Breath_of_the_Wild_-_Great….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hello, I am here because of the discussion in the main thread regarding the reincarnation. I have already stated my opinion on the matter of recursive pregnancy in the main thread and am here to simply discuss other options for it if reincarnation wins. You are free to choose to use these in some form or ignore them entirely, since this is only suggestions from one of your audience members. I am simply presenting an idea I had and mean no offense by it.

The discomfort I personally have with the subject is that a) it would be a baby that is pregnant and b) it is our own child in both senses of the word. Some of the audience agrees, some don't. Now, the ideas I had would address these issues; A) make it so she ages up to a more respectable age like 16-18 when she is born, so that we don't have to deal with the underage aspect, and B) that she obviously has traits that she inherited from neither parent, implying she is not fully our child anymore. She would still be a Wolfos (if born before the curse is lifted), but she would still have some of her traits from her previous life. As you stated it in the main thread, Ghosts and pregnancy have an odd effect on each other, so weird stuff like this may happen. But, as stated before, these are simply ideas I had that you have every right to ignore. I will still follow and participate in the story, no matter your decision. As a show of good will, I present a pregnant Great Fairy from BoTW (drawn by Marazzan) as tribute. This is the first time trying this kind of thing, so please bear with me.

Question on the matter, are you planning for memory retention or blank slate for it? Simply curious.

9f2a5 No.871

No worries, I enjoy all the feedback I can get.

And these are pretty valid alternatives. She would probably end up a blank slate (with a potential repressed memories kind of deal). And this is a bit spoilersb but if she is reincarnated she would likely be very different from her siblings. She would actually be a viable option for a new player character after Anon retires if you guys wanted, but she would have different racial bonuses from her siblings (she'd be born a Red Wolfos instead of a normal Wolfos for example). Heck, she might even reincarnate into a guy, though if she was pregnant then that would be even more potentially unpopular kink overlap. So the guy reincarnation is currently low on the likelyhood scale.

But yeah, if it does end up winning the vote theres a sliding degree of what I would do with the situation. The weirdest I would go is having her be born with a sort of faux ghost pregnancy (either being fatter than she should be, or simply feels heavy despite being skinny) that just sorta sticks around until she's viably old enough for it to actually be real. Or she would be born normal but be haunted by the ghosts of the children she was supposed to have.

Though rapid aging is viable too and it's an option that she can be born an adult if it comes to that. Of course depending how the votes fall we might not even have to worry about this.

499fc No.872

Thank you for responding. Just hoping to help make the scene a less weird than the original idea, even if it doesn't win.

a11df No.873

If it does end up winning I'm still going to be working on damage control and the like. I never really liked the idea of having secondary votes for stuff but I'll probably have a formal vote for the specifics of what happens for questionable stuff like this.

499fc No.874

Sounds like a good idea.

933b7 No.875

Being haunted by the ghosts of kids you don't give birth to, either metaphorically or otherwise, sounds truly horrible.

d847d No.876

It wouldn't be a had core haunting. It would be a haunting lite. Plus, said haunting would stop when she eventually gre up and got pregnant for reals or whatever.

499fc No.877

So more of Casper-level haunting than Poltergeist?

4d32d No.878

Well, her sould would be more pregnant than her body, logically, so like, it would probably manifest as some sort of biological clock that sorta motivates her to give bodies to all the soul babies patiently waiting for them.

a0957 No.880

I'm not sure what you just said or what exactly it entails, but it sounds interesting!

9f2a5 No.881

Yeah, phone typing + laziness + abstract concepts.

2238e No.882

File: 1503440993995.gif (2.64 MB, 320x240, 1422503247311.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


758ea No.1042

File: 1505949884172.jpg (49.33 KB, 650x1079, BrXOYEA.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hey, so the thread is full now so I'm gonna make a new thread (with a working link to discussion since the old one died with old pregchan). In the mean time i'm bumping the current thread in the hopes that people notice.

157e4 No.1066

Any news, Houyo? Don't die on us now….

25792 No.1068

Nope, just been to busy to write the next segment+ make new thread. I technically no longer have the individual assests for the title card so I'm gonna have to make it from scratch (or just resist being extra).

9f2a5 No.1071

Hey anon, if you've got some criticism it would be nice to hear it via actual words. If you've got a suggestion for how things can be better then this is the place to post it. Passive aggressive reaction gifs can be fun but aren't helpful.

a0a13 No.1171


Since the warning "Threads are going to start being pruned in the coming weeks. Save or bump whatever you want to keep NOW!"

Is pulsing above OP posts in threads could someone preserve the first and second threads of this quest before they disappear?

cbc2d No.1212

Taken care of for now. Thanks for looking out.

118ca No.1229

File: 1511044344355.jpg (66.53 KB, 1024x768, Yui.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

what a turn-on! I wanna rub that belly of hers.

ae7ef No.1561

anybody have the images from the first thread?

f3106 No.1562


2957e No.1563

>that pic
Omg I love anime girls X3

ae7ef No.1565

can you share them with a zip of them?

81ac9 No.1566

Do you have a preferred file hosting service?

29be0 No.1576

So is the legend od Vyrule dead or on hold ?

9f2a5 No.1578

On hold. Because I've said 'today I'll write the next chapter' for months while trying to avoid life consistently punching me in the nuts.

Had a hard time trying to work out the specifics of what happens next since I didn't want to take too long getting back to the castle but also there's a lot going on. Maybe I should scale back the next event and put out something small to get the ball rolling.

Anybody got any suggestions while we're here? Couldn't hurt since it's a feedback oriented game.

4a741 No.1581

Welcome back, Houyo! We missed you and your story.

As for suggestions. I am partial to getting some info first before storming back into the castle. Talk to Anny, have her tell us something useful about the two sisters still to come, maybe give us some advice if we can get her on our side.
After that, maybe a good night of rest (and fucking) with our three bitches before going into battle once more in the morning.

How is that for "something small" ?

ae7ef No.1595

i am good with a google drive dump

6f97e No.1596

Sorry, google is not anonym enough for me. I've now gone with wetransfer.com:


The link is valid for 7 days. The archive password is "Houyo" without the quotes.

ae7ef No.1597

thanks oz

ae7ef No.1598

thanks oz

311b9 No.1643

Any place i can get copy's of the first and second threads?

9f2a5 No.1646

Second thread is still up and you can find it by following the link in thread 3.

But I have a copy of both thread webpages saved to my computer, but I don't know a proper place to host them. Would google docs be okay?

311b9 No.1649

Google docs is awesome.

Tho some might not like it was it shows who's reading it.

9f2a5 No.1657

Here's for thread one and two. I don't know if this will translate properly through google docs. But it's a straight save of the webpage itself from the first two threads.


0116d No.2078

So when are we getting back to making more sexy milky wolf/cows and knocked up ghost girls?

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