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File: 1519688779048.jpg (177.77 KB, 600x750, 333515 - Princess_Peach Su….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

75e31 No.1632

In this thread, we'll discuss video game characters we had a crush on. Bonus points if you want to impregnate them.
Personally, I'd love to be with Princess Peach.

b92f2 No.1633

File: 1519691948415.jpg (223.7 KB, 1024x576, wolfenstein qt.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


The Anne Frank lookalike from Wolfestein: The Old Blood (please make her pregnant in the next one MachineGames and I'll forgive you for ruining The New Colossus).

dad9d No.1634

File: 1519694453454.jpg (10.53 KB, 200x220, Ff8-selphie.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I have a huge list of waifu's that if I were a richer man would I would shamelessly commission art of me knocking them up, or if an even richer man would pay people 24/7 to cosplay as my harem.

But Selphie is the OG waifu so there's that.

2ab58 No.1635

How was New Colossus ruined?

b92f2 No.1636

File: 1519710201709.jpg (394 KB, 1600x1347, mort.kunstler-075.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Shitty controls, poorly designed levels, upgrades and customization was gutted, too many cutscenes, and a plot that aside from being the most hamfisted leftist propaganda I've ever seen, is so incoherent and poorly written that I would've hated it even if completely conformed with my political views. Seriously, the pregnant Anne Frank erotica /his/ pumps out almost daily would have more redeeming quality than this game narrative-wise.

I ignored the ads making fun of Richard Spencer and bought it expecting a reinvention of the Naziploitation genre and got a borderline incoherent tumblr fanfic instead.

2ab58 No.1637

Uh. I thought the exact opposite.

dad9d No.1638

Reinvention of Naziploitation? What exactly were you expecting from Wolfenstein, the 'Murder Nazi indiscriminately' series? There isn't very many avenues to explore when it comes to murdering nazis.

23b6f No.1639

You bought Murder the Nazis III and expected it to be pro-Nazi?

Also: Fuck Nazis.

717bc No.1640


Richard Spencer is not someone that you should be looking up to…

b92f2 No.1641

>You bought Murder the Nazis III and expected it to be pro-Nazi?

Uhhhh… No. But I was expecting better allies than "fuck white people" sassy black lady, a crazier-than-Bill-Cooper-tier conspiracy theorist, a New Age LSD junkie, and a Communist preacher (like that makes any sense) and a political message that wasn't constantly insinuating that "right wingers are all Nazis". And the idea that mainstream Americans or even the KKK would have caved in and be suckups to the Nazis is absurd. Poland and Russia have much more in common with Germany than the United States (both were home to a substantial German minority and Russia's deposed monarchy was ethnically German) and both resisted the Nazis with greater ferocity than anyone else.

But like I said, I wouldn't have minded it that much if they had at least written it in well. They hinted similar sentiments in the previous game with Jimi Hendrix but did so with greater subtly and it was well written and I actually appreciated it for that.

Also the way they wrote BJ's father was just appalling. Wasted opportunity for a tragic love story with the mother being Jewish.

>Also: Fuck Nazis.


>Richard Spencer is not someone that you should be looking up to…
I don't.

2f61c No.1642

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the point of the narrative of the new games is to explore how gun toting hard-right meatheads and drug tripping hard-left 70s flower children would have put their differences aside to band together against Nazis.

it's a simulator for you. You're actually BJ, the conservative, being made uncomfortable by the liberals around you, but you like them anyway because right-left politics stop mattering when Nazis open fire

b92f2 No.1644


Well BJ's All-American meathead status seems to take a backseat for the new game, he spends most of the game mourning Caroline's death and his politics only come up once toward the end when he's in a drunken argument with a Commie Preacher (who I'll admit had the potential to be a compelling character, but he gets way too little screentime and it would've been better to leave the Commie part out and make him a run-of-the-mill Christian fundamentalist instead). I liked first one because it showed BJ becoming violently angry when Jimi Hendricks compares him to the Nazis and Jimi makes the point that they're both in the same boat now.

And of the right-wing persuasion, BJ is really alone. The last game at least had Klaus, the ex-Nazi. And while new game has the fat daughter of Nazi present, her character isn't nearly as compelling. She comes off more as a rebellious child rather than the redeemed/guilt-ridden villain Klaus was.

Speaking of historical cameos, the game was a missed opportunity to have Barry Goldwater, Lyndon Johnson, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King present as leaders of the Resistance (all of them iconic figures of the 1960s and all of them had reasons to despise Nazism). Maybe showing them venomously clashing at first, and later making amends. Would've been a lot of better than Ronald Reagan's supposed cameo (which doesn't even make sense because he's decades too young in the game).

b32e0 No.1645

>>And of the right-wing persuasion, BJ is really alone.

I think you are willfully missing the point of the game. When the nazis roll into town, the right are the ones who welcome them. The persecuted minorities band together and fight back because they have no choice, but rich white folks collaborate.

I found the game's narrative and themes extremely compelling and relevant, although the plot tails off around two thirds of the way through and it feels like the stakes fall out of the game a bit. I must echo complaints about gameplay, though, the stealth was dire and in all the big gun fights I lost half my health without realising I was even being damaged. Overall I was disappointed with the game because I had such high hopes, but still enjoyed it. I just want killing nazis to be as viscerally thrilling as thrusting my axe through someone's back in Bloodborne.

b92f2 No.1647

>I think you are willfully missing the point of the game. When the nazis roll into town, the right are the ones who welcome them.

Some of the most ardent opponents of Nazism within Germany and abroad were right-wingers. Fritz Gerlich, Erich Klausener, and Claus von Stauffenberg (albeit he agreed with many Nazi tenants, but not nearly to the same extreme) being examples of the former, and Churchill and De Gaulle being examples of the latter.

>The persecuted minorities band together and fight back because they have no choice

Plenty of ethnic minorities (even those secretly earmarked for eventual extermination), such as Estonians and Ukrainians, also took up arms for the Nazis. Especially in the Soviet Union, which had mistreated them for years and they were initially inclined to see the Germans as the lesser evil.

>rich white folks collaborate.

Tell that to the wealthy, nobility, and clergy of Poland. Even before the campaign to destroy the Jews began in earnest, the Germans were already exterminating them.

0872d No.1648


Tru dat, game's trash
It's a step backwards from The New Order, it's also filled with cringy dialogue with no matter wich side of politics is, and a lot of characters are downright retarded.

10/10 would drink Soda with a Nazi

2f61c No.1653

I agree with one sentence. The game IS a step back from New Order. To be fair though, New Order was gold. There aren't many story ideas that could've possibly outdone the Hendrix story arc.

b92f2 No.1654

File: 1519855774279.gif (497.92 KB, 499x212, how thomas eichhorst becam….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


That's exactly why I'm so critical of the game. The last one was so damn good and I had high hopes for this one but it falls so short.

I'm gonna guess the game originally had a plot and gameplay that was going to more closely resemble the first but the developers decided to rewrite it after the election to appeal to anti-Trump hysteria and then proceeded to go way overboard with it. Hence why some sections of the game (such as Blaskowicz's receiving a BB gun from his father, daydreaming of his mother, and killing an SS soldier in a fit of grief and rage in front of Hitler) are absolutely brilliant when the rest of the plot is mind-bogglingly stupid and blatantly politicized. The brilliant parts were elements recycled from the original script.

>There aren't many story ideas that could've possibly outdone the Hendrix story arc.

A horny nine month pregnant Anne Frank receives psuedo-religious visions from great sharpshooters of the past such as Annie Oakley and Jack Hinson to protect her lover and unborn child by killing Nazis. She steals an experimental laser rifle and proceeds to go on a hormone-fueled killing spree in a Spaghetti Western-themed tale rife with nudity, sex, murder, and torture that only George R. R. Martin or Tarantino could approve of.

That would've been the Life of Brian of first person shooters. The game destined to offend nearly two thirds of the civilized world, severely annoy the other third, and sell millions of copies everywhere.

a62e4 No.1656

File: 1519920452733.png (2.43 MB, 1443x2413, Princess_Ruto_Artwork.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

To get the thread back on topic, the first char I remember crushing on was adult Ruto from OoT. Desire to impregnate would creep in much later.

a8444 No.1658

File: 1520033317400.png (106.01 KB, 229x434, Ivy_Valentine.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

This female game character that I have a crush on and have a boner too is the hot and sexy Isabella "Ivy" Valentine!

2f61c No.1659

File: 1520033612753.jpg (19.82 KB, 320x170, CT_Girls.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

5ceeb No.1660

File: 1520041708362.jpg (568.18 KB, 810x1080, 75371b8e7978f84a69e94c46d3….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Elly from Xenogears has made huge impression on me when I finally got to play Xenogears. I also played Gears after playing through a bit of Saga.

21b25 No.1661

You have fine taste. And that definitely a game that deserves a remaster.

Maybe with an actual game on the second disk.

a8b74 No.1662

File: 1520055656316.jpg (73.99 KB, 667x1000, sample-168bfb076e3b1dc0c9f….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

While I have personally never played a metroid game, I love the character of Samus, and the idea of doing lewd things with her, and getting her/having pregnant is one of the many things I want to do… so if anyone is into Straight shota rps and rping as Samus… hit me up

a1e2a No.1663

File: 1520061159876.png (180.25 KB, 700x1000, e38fcb88a6083ac4d1e87d5b7f….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'm showing my age here, but Breath of Fire II had the best pantless catgirl waifu and you should play it on your nearest emulator.

a8444 No.1664

File: 1520068348877.png (62.79 KB, 900x800, 041b380936385d007a8dc2cf92….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I agree that catgirl is so fucking hot! Here's more pictures for her buddy! ;)

5ceeb No.1665


Tell me about it.
I have been wanting to see how Xenogears would look with some modern inprovements in graphics and gameplay and a fixed Disc 2 that is not just a huge exposition dump with little to no gameplay.

Been working on a set of images of a little fan canon I have had when the infiltration of Solaris went tits up and over the course of time everyone was captured,Elly had it the worst as she was forced to breed with specifically engineered Wels and give birth to Deus.

It is a bit of a long story but I have made drawings that I posted on the /d/ board of inhuman births.

9aaf0 No.1668

I've always liked Taki from the Soul Calibur games. I'm kinda dreading her eventual inclusion in a Soul Calibur 6 trailer, because then I'll want to buy the game (I don't have much time or energy for games anymore, so I've been sticking to a "no new consoles; no new games" policy).

5dbb1 No.1669

File: 1520350111911.png (677.85 KB, 1534x897, Sabrina.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well, one video game character I've always been rather fond of is Sabrina from Pokémon. Aside from being not just a pretty face but certainly one of the more complex girls in the series (between her Psychic powers, social awkwardness, and eventual movie stardom), she's always been a character I've felt could use some love (not just in the "Where all the preg pics at?" sense, but also she could probably really use a hug). Not sure what prompted the Gen 4+ makeover, though, but she still looks great

eb75e No.1673

lara croft from tomb raider.

3eecc No.1692

Yuffie stole my heart.

And all my materia.

c7b82 No.1743

File: 1522126409231.png (81.84 KB, 179x384, DS_Flora.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Flora from Harvest Moon.

Does she get bonus points for the DS game actually allowing you to impregnate her, considering you can marry her in-game?

9cc0e No.2638

File: 1546339943092.png (730.15 KB, 1130x899, 20190101_024330.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

I'd love to start a family with either Futaba or Sadayo from Persona 5.

9cc0e No.2639

File: 1546340468044.png (782.12 KB, 654x1760, P5_Tae_Takemi.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Btw, sauce is from Lewdlemage/Dr.Worm

I'd also impregnate Tae Takemi as well, but I have a heart boner for Futaba and Sadayo. Really torn between those two.

8f83c No.2663

Do they have the same boyfriend? I wonder who he is. I wish I was their boyfriend.

dad9d No.2664

He's the protagonist of the game they are from, where you get to choose who you date (or date all of them). So it's pretty much you the player who is their boyfriend. They don't get pregnant in game though.

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