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0e5b1 No.1794

There is only one rule in fight club. Don't talk about fight club outside of fight club.

Let's use this thread to avoid clogging up the other threads with arguments. If you have an argument (that you don't intend to dedicate an entire thread to, you complete anarchist), take it here.

(couchy, if you disapprove, just delete it. For the time being, I'ma use this to avoid another 25-50 wasted posts in the edit thread)

0e5b1 No.1795

Also, if you are good people, sage everything you put here as to not draw attention


dude, seriously, I can't count how many times you either requested the same thing after the request was deleted by the admin, gotten shitty with an artist for not editing/drawing a picture how you wanted, or request spammed when you thought people forgot about you.

90fa0 No.1796

>avoid another 25-50 wasted posts in the edit thread

Implying that those posts were going to be used for anything of value.

A good portion are absurd requests from those who should have learned by now, bland requests which assume everyone else in the world would want them done and those whining about 2 week old requests when people have waited months and are still waiting.

No wonder there's a lack of experienced editors.

0e5b1 No.1797

still, I'm not looking to bury those polite people who've been waiting months by maxing out the current edit thread, just because I've once more agitated this guy into a "nu-uh, you suck" fight.

Oh yeah, I was the one to point him out the last time this happened. I felt mildly guilty about it then, and even worse for pointing it out this time, but I saw him starting to be a cock to the new editor, and it pissed me off enough to write out a warning. Hopefully Fight Club works, and this just migrates over here.

7a6d7 No.1804

hey this is the new editor, I'll be honest with you I picked this guy's request because it was the only good picture (plus I'm a sucker for a challenge) that I wanted to edit as I was looking through the thread.

However, I've been lurking round here for years and have seen this behavior many times before, which is why I don't care to finish the request unless he provides me with the images to finish it.

I appreciate, greatly, your will to tackle such a situation, but fortunately the only person this behavior is detrimental is to himself.

As for me, this won't scare me off. I don't really like being told what to do (ask me nicely, different story). Ultimately, this thread will be useful to settle disputes if any arise. So I commend you on this wonderful idea.

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