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603d4 No.1812

How many of you guys have ever brought up or was asked about your birth/pregnancy fetishes and how many people know that you have one?

I have only told a handful of friends and one girl whom I was close with. She thought it was kinda cute.

I ask because I don't know if I should keep it to myself should I ever get a girlfriend.

Also,pic unrelated.

79ae5 No.1813

Well, it really depends how close you get… if you’re in a serious relationship, someone who you see yourself dating for years or even marrying, for sure. That probably goes without saying at that point. You really need to get stuff like that out on the table.

As for flings: if you don’t consider them someone you could be partners with, don’t do it. Pregnancy’s kind of a big commitment. Maybe tell them if you figure they’re into role play and stuff, but I feel it kind of comes with this specific territory that bringing it up is admitting you want some serious commitment.

603d4 No.1814



That I understand.

But for the long term I am a bit afraid of my significant other would not be as understanding as some people I know.

The only girl I ever told about this thought it was kinda cute and now she is across the country in a different State.

Dunno if I can ever find a woman like that who won't look at me with disgust or fear.

Yeah,I habe browsed the net and there are people who look at this sorta thing with disgust.

76c98 No.1889

My close friends know. As dies my girlfriend. My friemds riff on me about it all the time but I don't mind because I know they don't mean any of it.

Telling my girlfriend gave me anxiety, because she me tioned before that she didn't want kids and thought telling her would end it. Thankfully after I told her she laughed it off, said she didn't care, and proceeded to tease me about it that night.

342cc No.1890

My partner knows, and is happy she won't have to worry about me cheating on her when she gets pregnant because I no longer find her attractive. Apart from her, all my friends know. They're all pretty chill people, so it's never been an issue. They just accept that I'll probably know nearly as much about having kids as a doctor, and that I have some autistically detailed rules for pregnancy in role-playing games.

342cc No.1891

Out of my family, my mum knows, and that's about it. My sister is nine years younger than me, so not happening, and my dad is really religious, so he'd react badly. Telling people was never an issue. I can't actually remember how my friends found out,but telling my partner wasn't a problem. I knew she wanted kids, and we'd already gotten past me having had an affair with one of my friends girlfriends before I met her.

9cd22 No.1892

no one knows about my fetish but my step sister has her suspicions because im casually joking constantly about pregnancy.

90374 No.1901

I told my boyfriend about it a couple of years after we started dating. And I'm so glad that I did, because it turns out that he has a pregnancy fetish too.

I have a couple of friends who I've either told through the course of regular conversations about sex, or they just pieced it together based on off-handed comments I've made throughout the years.

fd2b4 No.1915

Your bfs lucky

I will never find a woman period

5d68a No.1917

yeah myself as well there was a time in high school when i dated a girl for about 2 weeks then something happened i think i might have said something wrong to her and she no longer wanted to see me, that was my first and most likely last relationship i've more or less just given up now i work or read sometimes draw and thats it.

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