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File: 1528851950001.png (892.98 KB, 807x1400, Happy Birthday Anne.png)

bcb62 No.1849

Say something nice for the poor girl

e07f8 No.1850

Was it really necessary for you to post there here and on 4chan.

Fucking /his/ trolls please go.

bcb62 No.1851

File: 1528853151875.jpg (622.3 KB, 1999x2666, 1528595877349.jpg)

>Was it really necessary for you to post there here and on 4chan.

Yes. Yes it was.

Here, have a preggo I stole off of /s/ to sooth yourself.

e048d No.1852

Because I have morals, I will wish her departed soul a happy birthday. May her memory never be forgotten.

f7419 No.1853

File: 1529002598793.png (67.74 KB, 803x566, tfw no anne frank gf.png)


Good lad.

e048d No.1854

You are trash

58352 No.1855

In spite of everything I believe people are basically degenerates.

af2c6 No.1857

File: 1529103831280.gif (4.33 MB, 480x270, 02CCE5D7-72E6-4621-A720-DE….gif)

Happy birthday, Anne; never again.

e048d No.1858

Ill admit that the anne frank pregnancy fetish is somewhat hot but I do also believe that everyone who mocks anne frank or the holocaust in general has a little bit of neo-nazi in them.

c74da No.1859

I read nothing in this thread that I would construe as mocking the holocaust OR Anne Frank. Unless you consider fabricating fiction as mocking…

People who "mock" Anne Frank are not necessarily neo-Nazi. They may just have a really fucked up sense of humor or a fetish that you don't align with. "Mocking" Anne Frank or her non-existent pregnancy in and of itself does not mean mocking of the holocaust. Fetishes based on taboo subjects are not only common but near-universal. I grant it is not the most mainstream of interests and while it does nothing for me, I don't see why it requires flaming the OP. Especially when I really haven't seen anything in this thread that is explicitly "mocking" her or the holocaust. In fact, the holocaust is not even mentioned except by the offended parties. I can understand that this is a touchy subject and that to some Anne Frank is no longer a person but a symbol of the ordeal and terror of the holocaust, but at the end of the day it should be no different than some of the posts I have seen on these types of boards where people fantasize about deceased models or webcam girls. If you find it personally offensive or in poor taste to your sensibilities, hide the thread. I had this post hidden because first and foremost I do not find the topic engaging or erotic, and secondly I am not interested in shitting on fetishes of others, especially when I am on a pregnancy fetish site (a fetish unfairly likened by a few people as a form of pedophilia or as a taboo subject which should not be discussed because babies come from there or some dumb shit).

So calm down, ignore and hide the post and move the fuck on. We are wasting valuable energy that could be spent on finding and enjoying awesome porn.

bf903 No.1860

File: 1529107768197.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, anne frankwave.png)


A brilliant use of her quote right there. Here have another one.


Friendly reminder that Spencer would've been sent to a concentration camp (if he was lucky) for race defilement.

>the anne frank pregnancy fetish is somewhat hot

It's very hot if you ask me.

>everyone who mocks anne frank or the holocaust in general has a little bit of neo-nazi

Or they just be edgelords from 4chan trying to get a rise out of people.

b38eb No.1861


Is that a Civil War hat she's wearing?

13df3 No.1862

You're all cancer.

42761 No.1863

File: 1529120573411.jpg (1.47 MB, 3992x2594, 4th Alabama.jpg)

It's a party hat. Actual reproduction Civil War kepis (Union and Confederate) are much higher quality. I own several.

Speaking of which, nice Manassas digits.


Love you too.

56868 No.1864

File: 1529121860396.jpg (9.64 KB, 200x251, 1211600058324.jpg)

>AOL email address
>calling others cancer

eafc7 No.1866

It's funny when neonazis act like antifa being mean to them makes them popular with "normies", as if the school shootings they constantly pull somehow don't make people think oh hey these Nazis aren't very nice people and they'd stab me in the back the first chance they get

42761 No.1867

>the school shootings they constantly pull

What are you talking about? The only school shooting I've ever heard of being perpetrated by someone with Neo-Nazi sympathies was Jeff Weise and even then it's bizarre as fuck. Weise was supposedly associated with the "National Socialist Green Party" (a meme party if I've ever heard one) and was Native American, which would've precluded him from joining any actual Neo-Nazi organization like the NSM, ANP, Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood, or even those Charles Manson-worshipping retards known as Atomwaffen Division

e07f8 No.1869

>It's very hot if you ask me.

I don't care if you find it hot. It's got a handful of pictures and you fucks won't stop making repeat threads with it all over the place. Wipe yourself off the internet please.

a65ef No.1905

File: 1531771189618.png (3.37 MB, 1870x1256, Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at ….png)

Could someone explain to me why pregnant Anne Frank fetishists are all some brand of far-right lunatic?

Seriously, everyone posting about having a pregnant Anne Frank fetish on /his/ and /pol/ is either a

-anti-gay Christian fundamentalist who uses the term "sodomite" unironically
-Militia Movement
-Tim McVeigh fanboy
-III%er gun nut
-pro-Trump zealot
-militantly anti-abortion
-Romanovboo-tier Monarchist
-Christian Identity
-Nazis who get off to hatefucking
-Some strange combination of the above

Now far-left lunatics who cry about "muh immigrants" and "muh racism" all day I could understand having a pregnant Anne Frank fetish but the sheer number of right-wing extremists who are into it boggles the mind.

f4f32 No.1906

File: 1531771805856.jpg (12.01 KB, 240x240, rtPJmdgf.jpg)

This thread is

59d52 No.1907

It's pretty simple, Right wingers and 4chan in general like edgy things, I don't really think it's about having an Anne Frank fetish as much as the right wants to dominate everything including your preggos and since the right can't meme they'll use the only they have relevant to this board well after it's been driven to the ground

56868 No.1908

you started okay, but almost immediately your inherent bias started showing. that's alright, though, this thread is hilarious for how absolutely ignorable it is, yet how riled up everyone is getting.

74233 No.1909

File: 1531778704728.jpg (91.5 KB, 1000x1000, 1525744481649.jpg)

>Tim McVeigh fanboy

95aab No.1910

Anne frank pregnancy fetish is hot to me, but I draw the line at making light of the holocaust itself or using the holocaust for entertainment purposes.

6ec9f No.1911

File: 1531787561778.png (545.22 KB, 729x569, 2d7.png)

>the right can't meme

f7542 No.1912

Don't think … just fap

59d52 No.1913

This would be a great time to prove me wrong

17d8b No.1914

>but I draw the line at making light of the holocaust itself or using the holocaust for entertainment purposes.

And what do you define as "making light of the holocaust itself or using the holocaust for entertainment purposes"?

867b3 No.1916

File: 1531796832764.png (140.96 KB, 700x700, the right can not meme.png)

It's simple: 4chan is degenerate as fuck. Just look at all the trapfaggotry.
Also, pic related.
I thought there was enough information around proving muh lolocaust to be false, or can you not do basic research?

8bdae No.1919


Yes, regurgitate more crusty old Pepe memes. You are all comedy gods.

3ffe5 No.1920

Does this place not have mods. Why arent these threads deleted the second theyre created

59d52 No.1928

It's faster to let them tire themselves out and get bored when they realize this place isn't anything like /pol/

Otherwise they'll cry about how they're being "silenced"

f1677 No.1929


"Just let them tire themselves out"

This is just not true. I've seen this attitude of like "don't feed the trolls", "they just want attention, don't give it to them, ignore them", and it does not play out well. What actually happens is the trolls, the fascists and the racists post some horrible shit and don't get punished. Other trolls see it and think "Wayhey, time to jump in and mention my views on the holocaust, and a pepe meme!" The rest of us see nothing happen and either suffer in silence or just leave.

This is exactly how these assholes colonized every corner of the internet they now occupy.

Not fucking here. Fascists, racists, alt right, Trumpists, MRAs, nazis, get out. You're not welcome here.

aae53 No.1930

File: 1531839068235.jpg (70.81 KB, 680x794, 1528833948800.jpg)

hey anon
hey, hey anon.

Did you know that not only are you wrong, but you're blatantly wrong and also acting like a spoiled child?

"waaaa these people upset me they must be stopped so they don't hurt my delecate fee fees"

You are acting exactly the way they want you to. You are giving them exactly what they want. This post you just made? it's not "Sticking it to the man" or "Fighting facism". It's solid fucking gold. Every single one of the "Facists" is laughing their asses off at you for acting like the literal steriotype of the triggered libtard. The reason people tell you not to respond to trolls is because no matter how you respond, you are encouraging them by providing them with the entertainment they seek. You are providing the stimulus that encourages this behavior. They are not acting this way because they're "Racist" or "Homophobic" or "Facist", they're acting this way because they know it will upset retards like you.

Grow the fuck up.

See image. nice bait, anon.

9ef78 No.1932


"Get out"
"You're not welcome here"

Are you for real?, what are you gonna do?, put on your Antifa gear and go beat up a cripple while he holds an American flag. Cause Nazi's are teh everywhere's if people don't behave exactly as I demand.

Seriously, fuck you, You could not be any more of a stereotype right now if you tried.

f1677 No.1933

>>"Telling nazis to get out? How rude!!! Please tolerate people who literally advocate the extermination of people based on their race."

You can fuck off an' all if you think nazis have a place here.

9ef78 No.1934


Prove they're Nazi's. You twits love to make baseless accusations, while you run around and act like actual brown shirts.

Get real, you aren't intimidating. You're just a mouthy douchebag on a chan acting like you would literally chase a real honest to god Nazi soldier if any of them were actually real anymore. Instead of pissing yourself in terror.

I am not impressed.

9ad11 No.1935


What's wrong with MRAs? They don't belong in that lineup, unless you're some extreme variation of Feminism that assumes all men's advocacy groups are evil, in which case I'll kindly ask you to shove all of your opinions up your ass and deposit them elsewhere.

59d52 No.1936

If that's the case then they're just making leftists run into each other, giving them the opportunity to swap notes

17d8b No.1937

File: 1531862250432.png (30.46 KB, 904x174, Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at ….png)


I hereby request that this be made our official banner

aae53 No.1938


584f7 No.1940

I know this is a complete troll of a comment, but it's just weak, dude. At least try if you're gonna shoot to pull shit like that.

aae53 No.1941

Anon, that's one of the few posts in this thread that ISN'T a troll comment.

you are really bad at internet.

584f7 No.1942

…yup. Sure. Whatever ya say, bud.

83084 No.1943


Not the other guy

But mras dont deserve the hate they get. At all. Stop virtue signaling, theres no one here that cares

9ef94 No.1944

I would think that a message board about pregnancy would be the last place to find complaints about MEN having it tough.

d989f No.1949

So, class, what have we learned today?

>The pregnancy community is apparently really full of social justice keyboard warriors

>These keyboard warriors apparently take their (And my) deviant fetish REALLY seriously

>They also physically cannot comprehend the idea that a picture of a pregnant anne frank might be a fucking troll just to get people like them upset

>Therefore, these people act exactly the way the people posting the "Upsetting" or "Offensive" image want them to

You people are what's wrong with the fetish community. welcome to "How to Internet 101 with Anon".
Next time you see something "Offensive", instead of pitching a massive hissy fit that keeps the thread on the top of the page, either ignore it so that it doesn't get the attention that OP wants (Really, pregnant anne frank? and you people think he's serious? You don't immediately realize this is all just an attempted bait for the easily upset? come on now.) or, alternately, if you feel your reddit white knight sword trembling in it's sheath and your fingers itching to post SOMETHING, just post the phrase "Nice bait, anon." That's it. Then leave the thread and never come back. shit like >>1866 and >>1929 isn't doing anything aside from providing immense entertainment to OP and his fellow internet trolls. I myself would find the manifestation of the blatant "Libtard" steriotype in the flesh goddamn hilarious if you people weren't so braindead it hurt my soul.

Get it through your thick-ass skull. You're not "Championing political correctness" or "Fighting the good fight." you are the internet equivalent of a kid in high school screaming bloody murder because a kid across the row from him threw a tiny bit of paper at him. You are just as much of a disruption, if not more so, than the kid throwing paper, and most of the rest of the class are probably going to find your colossal overreaction hilarious. You lose the battle second you hit the "reply" button on your massive melodramatic whiny post.

4b500 No.1950

File: 1532165406322.jpg (490.8 KB, 1050x1478, 2232458r.jpg)

a93fc No.1951

File: 1532169733239.jpg (387.23 KB, 1227x1632, tmp-cam--1910937761.jpg)

a93fc No.1952

File: 1532169747851.jpg (93.52 KB, 1111x1320, 151150469381.jpg)

a93fc No.1953

File: 1532169759010.jpg (74.24 KB, 887x1293, 151150406609.jpg)

a93fc No.1954

File: 1532169803879.jpg (72.78 KB, 889x1216, 15115086667.jpg)

e07f8 No.1955

I don't know why you lumped me into caring about morals. I just want to know why these fags double posted a thread on two websites at the same time.

hurr durr I troll U I'm sure. Well I guess enjoy your one accomplishment in life. Making anons salty.

17d8b No.1956

File: 1532192673152.jpg (172.24 KB, 1500x979, feds fear the snek.jpg)

>The pregnancy community is apparently really full of social justice keyboard warriors
>tfw so right-wing that I can see my Confederate and Gadsen flags hanging on the wall while I lie in bed here wanking to pregnant Anne Frank hentai and my M16 clone is in a case just under my bed

What does that make me then (besides someone on an NSA arrest list)?

d989f No.1957


cab80 No.1958

who are you?

6ec9f No.1959

I think of all of the threads on this website, this one might be my favorite. Thank you anons.

aad23 No.1960

Is it bad if my first thought was "A pregnant deaf-blind girl can't be hot"?

17d8b No.1961

File: 1532229784495.gif (2.33 MB, 280x182, that's my fetish.gif)

>pregnant Helen Keller

38cd1 No.1962

this is a really fucking dumb discussion

4661c No.1963

File: 1532244206972.jpg (87.19 KB, 511x850, 14899951564.jpg)

17d8b No.1964


I really REALLY want to make Anne Frank pregnant guys…

What do?

b3ff4 No.1965

So what does that make you?

f7542 No.1967

The art ain't half bad in general…. but on what planet does that look like Anne Frank? I still have my old Hebrew school copy on my bookshelf and I'm not seeing the resemblance. She looks closer to Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite?

Full of? You got maybe 5 replies and who's to say they aren't from the same person?

eea20 No.1968


the nose I guess

56868 No.1970

File: 1532907902839.jpg (81.07 KB, 800x450, 1222383359352.jpg)

you goons crying and bawling realize this is doing more to promote Anne Frank's memory than anything, right? her image is being circulated, if bastardized and fetishized but what the fuck isn't nowadays…her name and story are being discussed and retold. if anything, this is accruing more points towards her metaphysical immortality. good lord, is this Babby's First Chan or something? Fischer-Price's My First Internet Thread. grow up, move on, lol, or ignore it. who gives a fuck.

7f690 No.1971

File: 1532911601866.jpg (441.23 KB, 1920x1080, broken time-space continuu….jpg)


Holocaust memorials in 2070 will consist of VR porn novels where you're a Confederate soldier fighting in the Second World War for no apparent reason. You pull a heavily pregnant AI Anne Frank from a train your cavalry detachment derailed, thinking it was full of German war supplies but find hundreds of grateful Dutch Jews instead. Horny and hormonal Anne will follow you like a salivating dog, begging you to allow her to show you proper gratitude. Anne will pin you to the wall with her swollen tum tum, kissing you deeply before throwing you onto the bed. She guides your throbbing hard cock into her pussy. She stares at you in pure lust as she rides your dick. She's programed to have her water break when you cum deep inside her.

By 2077, the Paradigm Shift will allow us to grow literally every human being to have ever existed thanks to genome mapping and pregnant Anne Frank clones engineered to inherit her original memories and personality will service every whorehouse in Amsterdam. The proceeds of which will go to financing the God Emperor Trump Memorial Wall, which seals off New Syria (formerly known as the Federal Republic of Germany) and the mutant races dwelling within.

Free with every pre-ordered copy of War of Rights.

7f690 No.1972

File: 1532925381043.jpg (32.3 KB, 500x485, anne frank6.jpg)

>The art ain't half bad in general…. but on what planet does that look like Anne Frank?

The hairstyle (long and frumpy) mostly. The most commonly used photo of her for books is one that was taken in 1940 or 41 when she was 11 and had shorter hair. This picture was taken in May, 1942 just before she turned 13 and is believed to be one of the last known photos of her.

A number of colorizations show Anne Frank with blue eyes (reports on her actual eye color varied wildly from blue to grey, to green, to brown). I think most of the drawings are based on this one judging from the dress.

>I still have my old Hebrew school copy on my bookshelf

Oy vey, there are more of (((us))) on this website than I thought.

a9c9c No.1973

File: 1532926674412.jpg (4.59 KB, 208x206, FB_IMG_1532924149842.jpg)

7f690 No.1974

File: 1532926751961.jpg (45.85 KB, 736x474, hi.jpg)

1edae No.1975

wtf is this thread.

b3ff4 No.1976

welcome to pregchan /b/ where we get the edgiest shit pregnant, who'll be next? Stay tuned!

a9005 No.1977

File: 1532999766423.png (206.19 KB, 874x790, guard2.png)

>This thread

668b4 No.1978

She ugly tho

7f690 No.1979

File: 1533045716404.png (628.96 KB, 600x1200, Nathan Bedford Forrest KKK….png)

>She ugly tho

7f690 No.1980

File: 1533086375085.jpg (115.95 KB, 340x340, rutka_by_guddipoland.jpg)

>who'll be next

Rutka Laskier hopefully.

You can treat this as a request if you're a good drawfag btw.

8ac17 No.1981

Big rant anon here. Fuck it, it's been like a week and this is still top thread, might as well feed it with another post.

I checked the post ID's because I also originally thought it was a single keyboard warrior obsessively checking the thread daily to whiteknight a woman who's been dead near over a century and the thought of that amount of stupidity concentrated into a single human being infuriated and disappointed me, but nope. It's at least three. God save us all.

7f690 No.1982

File: 1533103102466.png (1.15 MB, 1198x667, Anne and her Knight.png)

>whiteknight a woman who's been dead near over a century

Anne only gets one knight

aa18f No.1985

This is truly the greatest thread on this entire site.

aa18f No.1994

File: 1533533165667.png (834.57 KB, 979x1327, Beaner'd Anne Frank.png)

My seething hatred of leftists and illegal immigrants (most especially gloating ones) that burns hotter than the Auschwitz crematorium compelled me to do this.


f4f32 No.1995

File: 1533533485267.jpg (38.6 KB, 494x358, 1w5rgh.jpg)

eff75 No.2001

File: 1533842462085.jpg (407.39 KB, 536x619, maximum violence.jpg)

>le Asian zerg face angel descends from /k/ heaven and puts a paper in your hand
>"All of them."

b3ff4 No.2002

A cheap photoshop? you could draw something or make an original meme but that'd require actual work

e13a7 No.2003

1994 the year of the 50th anniversary PC public school tour of holocaust survivors telling us not to be racist or neo-Nazis.

I don't hate Jews, nor blacks, Mexicans or Asians, Muslims or Catholics, or even Gay, Lesbian, Bi(sexual) or Transgender people.

I was 14 when I learned about Anne Frank and more about the holocaust, plus Nazis killed commies, Jehovah's witnesses, and also autistic people in state hospitals.

And I don't hate women (Im a bio male), I find it awesome women can get pregnant and give birth, so wtf any men hates them?

Finally, I have part-Cherokee/Osage and French (European) ancestors, which means I hate white supremacists, Nazis and KKK.

eff75 No.2006

File: 1534064863252.jpg (65.07 KB, 640x360, 6884131_rebel-yankee-blood….jpg)


Cool story redditbro.

I'm gonna keep my battle flag, voting for Trump, wanking to the fantasies of pregnant Anne Frank having sex with a Confederate soldier though, and "fuck off we're full" bumper sticker though.

b3ff4 No.2007

Hey everyone check out the cool guy that avoids reddit

5ad8d No.2008

rased and bedpilled

47169 No.2014

I have no idea if Anne Frank pregnant meme was made to make fun of confederates by equating them to cucks or if it was confederate inside joke fetish.

…And after reading this thread, still not entirely certain it's not the former but done as extremely elaborate trolling.

1edae No.2018

File: 1534195740800.jpg (157.78 KB, 1280x720, The Birth of a Nation.jpg)


Confederate pregnant Anne Frankposting is actually a rather brilliant form of parody.

Liberals frequently invoke Anne Frank's name when on the topic illegal immigration. Very clearly hinting that Anne Frank wouldn't have died if US immigration restrictions had been looser (the implication being saving Anne Frank=good, therefore illegal immigration=good).

Confederateposters on /pol/ and /his/ basically mimic this left-wing narrative and proceed to turn the absurdity up to 11 by blatantly sexualizing Anne Frank (hence the whole pregnant part) and posting cliched hero fantasies of Confederate soldiers saving pregnant Anne Frank and violently punishing the Nazis that read like something taken out of the script of The Birth of a Nation (just replacing "nigger" with Nazi and Anne Frank taking the place of the sexually threatened white Southern belle). Explicitly stating (whereas left-wingers merely implied) that Anne Frank being pregnant=good, therefore Confederate victory in the Civil War=good, seemingly with complete disregard for the obvious confirmation bias and at best, flimsy nature of this argument.

The almost comically aggressive and overtly sexual nature of these fantasies are meant to mock left-wingers using Anne Frank's memory for political gain by taking it to its logical extreme.

At least, that's my opinion.

f4f32 No.2019

File: 1534198973403.png (984.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180813-181835.png)

You know what else is a brilliant sort of parody? Pregchan's front page right now.

eff75 No.2020

File: 1534204536829.png (87.76 KB, 207x239, pickett_gb.PNG)


Pregchan: 90% pregnant black chicks, 10% out of context screenshots of Ku Klux Klan propaganda

144f2 No.2021


Gettysburg is a great movie.

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