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517cc No.1894

My ExGF became a CamWhore. What to do?

0f5ea No.1895

Kill yourself

cb553 No.1896

move on and stop being petty?

11c5e No.1897

>What to do?

Get her to roleplay as pregnant Anne Frank and then stream it on 4chan's history board.

They'll literally go nuts.

62f80 No.1898


deal with it !

df282 No.1899

Smoke some weed, hit the gym, learn how to program, draw some preggo porn, design the concept for a game, put the idea out there, get a team together, start a patreon, release a get all the girls pregnant game, profit

77a42 No.1900


move the fuck on

4719d No.1939

become increasingly erratic and nonsensical about how you've been cucked by the entire internet and how this is somehow the fault of women as a whole and not the free agency of an individual person, fall deep into drugs and alcohol and start posting on /pol/ unironically about how all women are evil and exist only to leech off men and cause men misery. Become even more erratic and unstable as time goes on, to the point you believe all women want to cause pain to you specifically. Buy a gun. Consider killing yourself a few times, but you know that you must rid the world of those wretched females. Buy another gun, alienate your family and friends as you feverishly plot your Final Solution and lay out your manifesto, knowing you must expose the truths you've come to realize to the world so they can corral these evil women into camps away from good, honest men. The day is finally here, the day of your ultimate revenge on womankind. You load your guns and try to strap tactical belts over your obese body, but fail, so resort to carrying extra magazines in your fedora and ill-fitting cargo shorts. You step out your door- and realize your mommy forgot to make you chicken tendies, so the Final solution is put off until you get those.

The next day you go out for real, but on your way to the school you were planning, you suffer a simultaneous heart attack and stroke and die, due to being a disgusting fat incel who did nothing but post on /pol/ for the last three years.

Alternately you could just move the fuck on. like an adult.

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