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I'm honestly not sure whether to find this disgusting for being borderline CP or highly arousing.

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File: 1470353083722.gif (2.88 MB, 700x394, kitten wtf face.gif)


It may be disgusting but I feel inclined to praise it for it's realism.

ac877 No.213

Nobody give this man a time machine.

5fc90 No.214

File: 1470369023569.png (39.34 KB, 344x517, Nothing to laugh about.png)


Either this is just run-of-the-mill shitposting or the lead singer of Neutral Milk Hotel needs some serious help.

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File: 1470369520964.gif (995.97 KB, 320x221, thumbs up kid.gif)


Now that's top quality banter

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File: 1470434801353.jpg (56.96 KB, 500x418, thatword.jpg)

"genuinely in love"

Now, I've loved many people but I've never been in love with anyone, so what do I know, but…

← My reaction after just the first sentence, and any other time someone seriously says they're in love with someone who's probably been dead since before their parents were born.

68749 No.217

Nobody give anyone here a time machine

e4372 No.218


I'm pretty sure whoever wrote this purely intended it for shock value rather than an actual declaration of affection.

No person who was actually in love with Anne Frank would go out of their way to make obscene references to WW2 (tank combat, the bombing of Dresden, etc.) considering how she died because of that war.

83744 No.222

After a little consideration, yeah, probably. I had some long days and was happy to have something to contribute again. But there's always the chance it could be serious…

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File: 1471323320139.jpg (22.22 KB, 500x366, Hell-No-Meme-Gif-13.jpg)



d25ba No.270

>Not wanting to go into the past and knock up every important figure throughout history.

cd3d4 No.272

File: 1471380010528.png (92.39 KB, 569x335, 183289371982.png)

68749 No.273

And this is why we can't give you a time machine

1b7ea No.274

File: 1471397287809.jpg (157.09 KB, 1920x1080, we have to go back.jpg)


Not gonna lie. I would go back in time and knock up the great beauties of old. Cleopatra, the Trưng Sisters, Marilyn Monroe, Mumtaz Mahal, Rita Hayworth, Esther…

Anne Frank seems just a little bit too far though.

d25ba No.277

Nah, that's for the best. Still though, like >>274 said. Think of the absolutely crazy shit you could do.

I know time travel isn't super popular because it can be confusing and handled badly in most stories, but I looooooove time travel and I'm surprised it's not used more in pregnancy stories. After all, why wait 9 months when you can be there in a heart beat?

ac877 No.279

Speaking of crazy the ultimate Darwin Award would probably go to someone traveling back and dying a horrible death trying to fuck a T-rex.

Now I'm reminded of that episode of Futurama where Fry goes back in time and becomes his own grandfather.

1b7ea No.299

File: 1472011498558.jpg (15.62 KB, 480x360, sherman btfo.jpg)

First post was half decent right up to the Sherman tank part. It just got too bizarre to find arousing after that..

bcf97 No.300

File: 1472016457890.jpg (56.53 KB, 605x580, cacklingslav.jpg)

>mfw I just noticed that part

1b7ea No.301

File: 1472021355043.jpg (1.01 MB, 1280x965, Avro Lancasters.jpg)


>V-2 rockets

>Armored Warfare
>Strategic Bombing of Dresden

It's as if a really really demented WW2 historian wrote this.

bcf97 No.302

File: 1472026946060.gif (2.15 MB, 320x240, 1471758879420.gif)

or maybe he was just meming
that's always a possibility

d25ba No.303

No. Memes are illegal.

11eef No.304


A time travel idea I'm quite a fan of is time travelling girls accidentally altering history so that they're pregnant in the present. Back to the Future style, they make some seemingly minor change to the past, then suddenly they're hit by the ripple effect and start to bulge out. Their bodies switch over to the new timeline, but their memories remain, so when they return to the present they have to figure out how they got knocked up months ago.

Better yet if it's a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror scenario where they accidentally make all of human civilization obsessed with pregnancy…

645f7 No.305

File: 1472495744963.jpg (54.77 KB, 720x960, jew in domino's oven.jpg)


>everyone's had their default name changed to Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous

>OP posted a lurid fantasy about noted Holocaust victim, Anne Frank.

Talk about coincidence…

d25ba No.306

This is a neat idea. I love "how the heck did I get pregnant!?" stories.

84edd No.310


Did you find this posted on /pol/ by any chance?

1b7ea No.333

File: 1477639145287.jpg (8.82 KB, 167x302, angry boner.jpg)

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File: 1509137269365.png (172.21 KB, 853x1432, 21 questions regarding the….png)

We all know the Holocaust never happened.
inb4 b& for wrongthink

48e71 No.1110


Goddamnit man, just shut up and jack off to the pregnant Anne Frank copypasta like the rest of us.

Seriously, keep /pol/ on /pol/.

6def7 No.1111

File: 1509149192585.jpg (10.96 KB, 210x230, unPC.jpg)

what the holocaust taught the world since 1945:
* Communism is also evil
* Antisemitism is unacceptable
* Ethnic hatred is wrong
* Racism is bad
* Sexism is not OK
* Homophobia is terrible
* Islamophobia is immoral
* Xenophobia is dangerous
* Ableism is sinister
* Classism is diabolical
* Ageism is not nice
and * now sizeism is taboo
All this civil rights, PC-ness, Social Justice, etc. is a reaction to the holocaust

6def7 No.1112

File: 1509149361758.jpg (25.11 KB, 480x360, WHAT.jpg)

4chan is the sewer of the internet, also avoid 9gag or reddit.

CP tells us what's wrong with people.

No way an adult can be attracted to a child, that's pretty sick if you ask me.

6def7 No.1113

File: 1509149598713.jpg (3.86 KB, 289x174, Nice.jpg)


Cursed post, hope I don't get the banthammer

There's lots of talk about transphobia in the media…the last group to make fun of, hate or discriminate.

On 4chan /pol/, they're trying to legitimize pedophilia - I think it's a sick joke.

In 2017, more of us are concerned about far-right nationalism (i.e. the USA and Europe) as a threat to civil liberty.

48e71 No.1114

>On 4chan /pol/, they're trying to legitimize pedophilia - I think it's a sick joke.

Quite the opposite actually, a good portion of threads on /pol/ are devoted to Pizzagate and more recently, Playboy for doing a semi-nude photo shoot of a 12 year old back in the 70s. They're pretty militantly anti-pedophile as well as anti-Semitic (usually conflating the two).

6c98f No.1115

54eba No.1116

I too love necroposting to shitpost.

This is a /his/ meme. They have fanart.

6fb3e No.1119

48e71 No.1120


When are we gonna do our spin on this though? This seems right down our alley.

54eba No.1130

Can't speak for everyone but being a weird fucking troll isn't right down my alley. Fetish related or not.

6def7 No.1133

File: 1509293578381.jpg (61.35 KB, 600x675, Expert.jpg)

what's next? Slavery never happened in the American south? Trail of Tears "saved" the Cherokee Indians? The Japanese in the west coast were "protected" in internment camps in WW2? There was no Armenian genocide in WW1 Turkey? and the Irish potato famine in 1840s Ireland wasn't controlled by the British?

Revisionist history: you know someone had a F in high school.

48e71 No.1135

>Trail of Tears "saved" the Cherokee Indians?

That was unironically Andrew Jackson's reasoning for signing it.

>According to historian H. W. Brands, Jackson sincerely believed that his population transfer was a "wise and humane policy" that would save the Indians from "utter annihilation". Brands writes that, given the "racist realities of the time, Jackson was almost certainly correct in contending that for the Cherokees to remain in Georgia risked their extinction". Jackson portrayed his paternalism and federal support as a generous act of mercy.

H. W. Brands is a well respected historian btw, no some hyper-revisionist kook.

>There was no Armenian genocide in WW1 Turkey?

Well according to the current Turkish government, no.

641c4 No.1136

You forgot about how the Rape of Nanking and use of comfort women was just a fabrication, and that Japan has a divine right to Manchuria.

48e71 No.1137

File: 1509312233173.gif (352.29 KB, 256x256, ball of wonder.gif)


Not that uncommon given they make every middle school boy read her diary.


And using her name to implicitly label the President of the United States (who's part Jewish himself) as a Nazi isn't?

6e992 No.1138

It is possible to be part jewish and partake in fascism

85d7d No.1139

Define fascism.

6def7 No.1140

and did I mention Joseph Stalin's 50 million deaths in the Holodomor in the soviet Union?

OK, now I mentioned it…


48e71 No.1141


Anything to the right of Marxist-Leninism

9b468 No.1142

Then S. Kor goes too far the other way when a Professor who suggests not every comfort woman was forced into it gets herself a defamation suit.

54eba No.1143

>Not that uncommon given they make every middle school boy read her diary.

I understand men can't control themselves around women but, the /his/ board literally uses it to troll every pregnancy thread on other boards.

>And using her name to implicitly label the President of the United States (who's part Jewish himself) as a Nazi isn't?

When did I do that. Go ahead. You can tell who's me in the thread.

48e71 No.1146

File: 1509337830726.jpg (220.74 KB, 1200x800, 1337256000000.cached_6.jpg)


>I understand men can't control themselves around women but, the /his/ board literally uses it to troll every pregnancy thread on other boards.

They're also spamming it in every thread discussing Wolfenstein: The Je-err I mean New Colossus, Jewish titties, Jewish women in general, Holocaust denial, and for some reason, the American Civil War.

I understand why they'd post it in threads discussing the other four topics, but the War Between the States ended 60 years before Anne Frank was even born (her grandparents weren't even born by then) and it occurred on a different continent for reasons unrelated to the World Wars, so it really didn't have much of an impact on her sad and short life. Given she never received anything past a middle school Dutch education, I doubt Anne Frank ever knew the United States even had a Civil War, let alone what caused it or its political fallout.

I think with all the Wolfenstein threads, they're under the assumption that people who worked on the game are lurking /v/ and are trying to meme pregnant Anne Frank into the game as a DLC or something.

The thing is, the Wolfenstein devs might be fucking crazy enough to actually do it.

d6f8b No.1147

File: 1509341884772.jpeg (5.73 KB, 228x221, download.jpeg)

b7b37 No.1148

You guys should know better than to argue with Flat-worlders who believe lizards rule our government while the Illuminati is the reason for the price of Microsoft windows when a computer doesn't run without it.

6def7 No.1149

White nationalists admire the Confederacy & the civil war as much they do with Nazis & deny the holocaust. They romanticize Apartheid in South Africa & love czarist Russia's pogroms against Jews. To them, Jews and Blacks aren't worthy of being people. They spam KKK & Afrikaner nationalist memes.

They're known to hate Muslims & Hispanics - anti-immigrant nativist. Although they admire Japanese or east Asian culture (anime is the theme of 4chan) & Native Americans (they wanna be 1/16 Cherokee or Mohican), they tend to complain about Polish people (the UK leaving the EU) & Italians (the US east coast).

48e71 No.1150


Except 90% of the pregnant Anne Frankposters on /pol/ have Confederate flag icons…

48e71 No.1151


Except 90% of the pregnant Anne Frankposters on /pol/ have Confederate flag icons…

Seriously, go on archive4plebs and take look for yourself

b8385 No.1172

File: 1510174151468.jpg (9.35 KB, 200x211, average day on k.jpg)

>my thread has been dead for over a year
>sudden has a dozen replies over the last two weeks

What the fuck? What gives?

b8385 No.1173


OP btw

445f5 No.1174

No, it's because the original Anne Frank fetishist also has an alternate history fanfic where the Confederacy won.

>a heavily pregnant Anne Frank and Peter van Pels will never emerge from their hiding spot to find a company of Confederate infantrymen resting on the side of the road, playing "Oh Susanna" on a harmonica. Perplexed at the strange square flag the color guard clutches tightly, cherishing it as if it were a sacred relic, Anne and Peter curiously reach out to touch it, which the soldiers allow. As they feel the wool banner run through their fingertips, they do not know its meaning, but can nonetheless sense the importance it has in the hearts those who carry it.

115a8 No.1176

File: 1510193678651.png (276.67 KB, 469x452, pepe pistol.png)


Fucking /his/ man… I swear they'd put Harry Turtledove to shame with the absurd Alt-History scenarios they concoct.

And I thought the whole pregnant Anne Frank fetish was started by /mu/ to make fun of Jeff Mangum by stealing lyrics from his songs.

6def7 No.1177

Nov 1 - 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation
Nov 7 - 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution

How to merge the two in a pregnancy fan fic?

One idea (a religious schism) works, the other idea (a political ideology) fails.

Like to merge Nazis, the Confederacy and Inquisition Spain, huh?

115a8 No.1179

File: 1510204685717.png (200.56 KB, 221x561, mfw so much suffering and ….png)

>a heavily pregnant Anne Frank and Peter van Pels will never emerge from their hiding spot to find a company of Confederate infantrymen resting on the side of the road, playing "Oh Susanna" on a harmonica. Perplexed at the strange square flag the color guard clutches tightly, cherishing it as if it were a sacred relic, Anne and Peter curiously reach out to touch it, which the soldiers allow. As they feel the wool banner run through their fingertips, they do not know its meaning, but can nonetheless sense the importance it has in the hearts those who carry it.

>be me

>actually own a replica of an 1861 first-gen Army of Northern Virginia battle flag

Damn, right in the feels.


Well, Maria, the second youngest daughter of the Romanov family has been theorized by at least two historians to had an "inappropriate" relationship with one of the guards at the Ipatiev House prior to her execution. Albeit the evidence supporting these claims are questionable at best. But I guess you could use it as the basis for a story.

I'm thinking Maria has a secret romance with the guard, becomes pregnant, and the two keep it hidden from both her family and the Communist authorities who are already planning to liquidate the Romanov family.

One of the night the massacre, Maria's guard-turned lover intervenes and the two escape escape into the countryside and eventually given shelter by a Protestant pastor named Martin Luther whose congregation are persecuted by militant Tsarists and Bolsheviks alike and he hides (and later weds) them out of a pure sense of Christian compassion rather than any political or financial motive.

Russia was actually previously home to a substantial community of German Protestants who lived in the Volga region for over 200 years so it would be entirely feasible to run into a German Protestant named Martin Luther in Civil War-era Russia. Sadly, most were deported to Gulags by the NKVD after World War II began where approximately 1/3rd were killed.

That's right, the Nazis weren't the only ones in the 1940s to round up and mass murder an entire group of people purely on the basis of their racial and religious background. The legitimate plight of ethnic Germans in Eastern Europe during and post-WW2 (not that Danzig massacre crap /pol/ uses to justify the Invasion of Poland) just gets ignored because of the evil shit their cousins in the Fatherland pulled and the Soviets did a much better job at sweeping it right under the rug.

TL;DR totalitarianism is the purest form of evil and should never be allowed to take root anywhere.

1221d No.1181

Please just kill this thread now, Couchy? PLEASE?

b91c7 No.1182


Yes, please! Seeing Pepe or a bunch of bizarre nazi shit is really putting me off the site.

3a4fc No.1183

I agree, let's kill it. Can we also delete those thread bumps while we're at it?

115a8 No.1184


Just be glad no one's posted the actual pregnant Anne Frank drawings yet.

06cde No.1186


You know you can hide the thread with [–]

445f5 No.1188

File: 1510292638387.jpg (570.13 KB, 511x850, 1496524071964.jpg)

You rang?

445f5 No.1189

File: 1510292721833.jpg (654.14 KB, 687x1117, 1504654857634.jpg)

It's truly something.

ef9e0 No.1190

Call me crazy but i think this drawing is cute and sexy


abb49 No.1191

I love how there's so many TRIGGERED responses to this but a loli thread >>>3 you see shit like "I LOVE THIS CONTENT I WISH THERE WAS MORE OF IT" etc. people happily discussing something they all like, but pregnant Anne Frank and a line is crossed gtfo here.

I don't condone anti semitism or lolicons but if you're going to blow up over this then you need to police your fellow fetishes better or at least yourselves. It says a lot about the site when the literally 3rd post after it came back was a loli thread a people moved on with it to little or no controversy and on the main board at that not the side random board.

0f5b6 No.1192

We need more.

6def7 No.1193

I have a warped sense of humor, but 4chan (esp /pol/ & /b/) can be awful. It can cross the line sometimes. To deny the holocaust, but rant about wanting to destroy the entire Black/African-American race? Wanting to take away women's rights to vote, divorce, employed, etc.? and wanting to imprison the entire Gay male and other LGBT populations? I'm also for freedom of speech, as long you don't violently threaten someone. The (US) government should never persecute people because of race, creed or religion. 4chan is the gathering place for future genocidal racists and uneducated bigots.

6def7 No.1194

4chan /b/tards want to legitimize pedophilia & /pol/acks argue interracial marriage was illegal in 16 states about half a century ago.

What kind of person want to have debates by comparing homosexuality with pedophilia and interracial fetishism?

I'm not sure you can be a pregnancy fetishist w/o ridicule or shunning on meme boards. They hang out there, esp. /d/ in 4chan.

115a8 No.1195

File: 1510339852968.png (135.46 KB, 575x175, immense disappointment.png)


Goddamnit that wasn't supposed to be an invitation.

And yeah, I saw you post the exact same thing on that b8 thread on /his/ right before it got 404'd ha ha ha


You're surprised that the userbase of a board that literally uses a swastika for its official logo expresses sociopathic and homicidal tendencies?

9fee4 No.1197

File: 1510340738214.jpg (443.7 KB, 511x850, 1491359424012.jpg)


Ask, and you shall receive. 1 of 3

9fee4 No.1198

File: 1510340765605.jpg (929.88 KB, 1050x1500, 2232458 - Anne_Frank Histo….jpg)

2 of 3

8f563 No.1199

This would be cute art… if it wasn't for who it was supposed to be

9fee4 No.1200

File: 1510340975437.jpg (769.11 KB, 1269x1687, 2232460 - Anne_Frank Histo….jpg)

3 of 3

0f5b6 No.1201

I would really like to see one where she gives birth.

115a8 No.1202


You didn't happen to draw these by any chance did you?

Also, someone should really color the B&W one

9fee4 No.1203

No, I the poster of the images, did not draw now color them…but…I may want to do so for…research purposes. We believe research purposes right?

17f54 No.1204

I kind of hate myself for finding these so hot.

…But that won’t stop me from saving them.

6def7 No.1205

Anne Frank would make a new Jewish mother -

Would she be the mother of a new messiah?

or she leaves Judaism? but ethnically forever a Jew.

115a8 No.1206


Well color her with brown hair like >>1188 then

I like brown hair

54eba No.1207

Don't speak for everyone. You want more.

e12ef No.1208

please tell me there's more?

499b0 No.1209

File: 1510376241060.jpg (219.99 KB, 755x1100, just joan my arc up.jpg)


That's got to be one of my all-time preggo drawings tbh


Same, especially one where there's a little thought bubble going like "can't scream because the Germans will hear me" or something.


Well the artist's name is Livium and he hangs out on /d/ and /his/, although he hasn't been heard from since he drew these pics back in April. I think he got spooked by the unexpected popularity and /pol/ going full retard as usual flooding the thread with Holocaust denial BS. A bunch of /his/fags have been offering cash for him to do commissions but it seems he might be gone for good sadly.

It's a shame too. He really did a good job at capturing the shape and her likeness. If you think you can coax him out of his "Secret Annex" to do more Anne or just more drawings in general, go for it.


There was a thread on /pol/ a while a back where OP compared the Virgin Mary to Anne Frank and it almost immediately turned into a preggo Anne Frank pornfest with everyone wanting Anne Frank-pregnant-with-the-Messiah fine art by Michelangelo. It was actually pretty funny in that /pol/ sort of way.

d06bf No.1213

File: 1510858747232.png (229.93 KB, 685x710, 1510021570389.png)


Courtesy of /pol/

d06bf No.1214

That's awesome. :-D

I wonder if Anne Frank was still alive, she's a 88 year old living in Boston. Or she became an actress in Hollywood like she wrote on her diary was her career goal. What if…she had a girl in 1946 Switzerland, that woman is now … Hillary Clinton? The baby girl was put into adoption in the US embassy in Zurich. This would make Hillary a half-Jew (going by Nazi soldiers got her pregnant fantasies). And matrilineally, Chelsea is Jewish too.

85d7d No.1215

>What if…she had a girl in 1946 Switzerland, that woman is now … Hillary Clinton?
Am I supposed to root for Hitler?

6def7 No.1216

I suppose Anne had 2 kids, one boy (now Donald Trump) in Bavaria, Germany in June 1945…it's like the 2-party system in America are fascist.

115a8 No.1217

>she's a 88 year old living in Boston

ha ha I know what copypasta that's from.

Her life could've gone any number of ways. I mean, she could've wound up being the wife of Joe Arpario (he's only three years younger than her) and /pol/ lauds her as a "based Jew" as she on a porch with her husband and grandchildren, blasting Mexican migrants with shotguns and uses their bodies to build a literal wall on her property.

>Hillary Clinton? The baby girl was put into adoption in the US embassy in Zurich. This would make Hillary a half-Jew (going by Nazi soldiers got her pregnant fantasies).

Then she would actually be ineligible for the Presidency, like what Obama was accused of being for all eight years of his presidency.

115a8 No.1218


>Am I supposed to root for Hitler?

Well it's his fault that discussion on any form of right-wing political thought other than the extremely watered down version the Republican Party adheres to is taboo in the Western world today so no.


Trump actually is at least 1/8th Jewish through his great-grandmother Katerina.

6def7 No.1219

Left-wing politics is taboo too, esp in USA & former communist Eastern Europe.

You can't be anarchist, democratic socialist (USA) or communist either.

The Democrat party are capitalists and free-market Libertarians too.

Hitler (and also Mussolini, Franco, Salazar and Tojo) made America hate Stalin and Mao, and later Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and the Kim dynasty.

Actually, why the USA supported Pinochet and allowed Fidel Castro live to an old age?

6def7 No.1220

Chelsea Clinton married a Jew, so did Ivanka (her husband, Jared Kushner is Orthodox).

Hillary Clinton's uncle is actually Jewish.

It's possible Trump's Bavarian side is part-Jew, but his mom is from Scotland (British).

Won't be surprised if the Rodhams are Jewish.

6def7 No.1221

>Hillary Rodham Clinton

Just a way to hide "Rosenthal", huh?

I like my theory Anne Frank had Donald Trump (June 1945) and Hillary Clinton (Oct 1946).

115a8 No.1222

File: 1510891296503.png (47.88 KB, 323x318, jew with no hands.png)


>Left-wing politics is taboo too, esp in USA & former communist Eastern Europe.

I suppose you have a point (*tips Schirmmütze*). But to be fair, Bernie Sanders functions as the token Socialist in the US Congress even though he has little actual power. There is no token moderate fascist counterpart though (and I mean someone who actually publicly expresses fascist beliefs such as extreme militarism and the abolition of liberal democracy).


>It's possible Trump's Bavarian side is part-Jew, but his mom is from Scotland (British).

Trump's great-grandmother Katharina Kober. Kober is a fairly common Jewish name is one letter removed from Kolber, also a Jewish name. Since Friedrich was born two years prior to the emancipation of Jews in Germany, it's possible his mother's family were Jews who converted to Christianity and changed their names by a letter to remove the legal disabilities of the time. It would also explain his sudden decision to immigrate to the United States since Jewish emancipation was then very recent and there was no guarantee of it not being reversed (which it was 60 years later).

>I like my theory Anne Frank had Donald Trump (June 1945) and Hillary Clinton (Oct 1946).

big if true

>mfw this means the most hotly contested election in modern US history that's bitterly divided American society in two and created an atmosphere where it seems half the country wants to massacre the other half is basically a retarded sibling rivalry

07f82 No.1223

I'd just like to point out that left wing politics in europe and america are completely different. Bernie Sanders is basically a normal ass liberal by european standards. Also, in all the years Bernie and Hillary were in congress together, they voted the same way in all but like 4 votes.

Bernie just likes to play that socialism card to make himself stand in contrast to establishment. There's a reason why SNL joked that Clinton was the "real conservative", Because she lines up with conservative values in europe.

Do what you want with this information, I don't really care about debate. Just saying, if Sanders is a real socialist, then my ass is made of spicy cheetos.

ed30b No.1224

I can't believe this shitpost actually got art.

115a8 No.1225


Rule Thirty-Four

e841a No.1226

> I have no mouth and I must scream
I had forgotten all about that story; now I will have nightmares again…

9937e No.1233

File: 1511045737554.png (772.19 KB, 597x979, 1510906048245.png)


/pol/ strikes again

6def7 No.1236

File: 1511065396473.jpg (116.86 KB, 936x1024, Oh God.jpg)

In the US - we're historically left, but goes right
In Europe - what they call their right is our left
American conservatives call Nazis socialists, while communists call Democrats capitalists.

115a8 No.1237

File: 1511073797509.jpg (621.9 KB, 1038x539, slave-auction-virginia-P.jpg)


>tfw raised ultra-Christian but am also a would unironically put bids on God if he were being sold at a slave auction-tier Ancap

115a8 No.1238


Same artist?

f11f0 No.1240

So now that pregnant Anne Frank has been officially posted on this board… Does that mean we can request it from our drawfags on /d/ now?

445f5 No.1243

File: 1511417841558.png (894.92 KB, 1111x1320, 1511313303200.png)

Does this place even really have drawfags anymore?

445f5 No.1244

File: 1511417887264.png (712.25 KB, 889x1216, 1511313362168.png)

also, have some more preggo anne frank courtesy of everyone's favorite board, /pol/

445f5 No.1245

File: 1511417905459.png (748.49 KB, 887x1293, 1511313412894.png)

115a8 No.1246

File: 1511456905193.jpg (108.62 KB, 1280x720, MILKERS.jpg)


>/pol/ draws pregnant Anne Frank

This and their obsession on Abigail Shapiro's breasts really is starting to make me think they aren't actually antisemitic at all and just like Nazism for its shock value and aesthetics.

641c4 No.1247

You're just now realizing this?

115a8 No.1248


Well I mean, you see stuff like the Battle of Berkeley or Charlottesville (largely happened because of /pol/ or /pol/-inspired media outlets like The Daily Sperger) with the scores of young men marching and shouting "Jews will not replace us" and you're almost inclined to think /pol/ might actually be legit.

But then you look at the Khazar Milkers threads and pregnant Anne Frank copypasta being spammed every time someone posts a photo or even mentions her and you start to suspect the guys attending these events might the same ones posting pregnant Anne Frank porn nearly every day and they're able to engage in this cognitive dissonance because of 4chan's anonymity.

c02e5 No.1249

I love how people say they were saying 'Jews will not replace us' when they clearly and more obviously say 'YOU will not replace us'

115a8 No.1250


Footage of Mr. Cantwell himself saying it


>inb4 Commie/Jew shill reply

I voted Constitution Party because Trump isn't right-wing enough for me.

85d7d No.1251

File: 1511530338599.jpg (132.79 KB, 1254x835, serveimage.jpg)

Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with these guys. I mean, they're attacking an entire subset of the population for no rea- oh…

54eba No.1252

Just a thought.>>1240
>Does that mean we can request it from our drawfags on /d/ now?

Maybe you guys could try not doing weird shit with long dead historical figures.

Maybe I'm in the minority of people here that doesn't want to draw women being abused for fetish.

115a8 No.1254

File: 1511581553467.gif (468.99 KB, 512x807, thinking too hard.gif)

>a couple of Jews go out with basic bitch signs lampooning the alt-right's slogans
>this justifies scapegoating literally every Jewish person on the planet

You expect me to be impressed with that argument?

Also, not to make a fine point on it, but nearly every mass repression of Jews ever carried out from the Roman-Jewish Wars, to the Inquisition, to the Pogroms, to the Final Solution eventually backfired disastrously for the perpetrators. So even if the International Jewish Conspiracy is 100% true, you clearly haven't been tackling this problem the right way at any point in history for the past 2,000 years.


You're definitely in the minority on /his/.

The entire board wants pregnant porn of the Romanov sisters, Joan of Arc, Rutka Laskier (also a Holocaust victim), Olga of Kiev, and various peasant girls throughout history in addition to more pregnant Anne Frank porn.

07f82 No.1255

File: 1511583453885.gif (654.44 KB, 500x209, tumblr_inline_n93lhtlPd91r….gif)

typing "international Jewish conspiracy" into a porn forum, in any context

85d7d No.1258

File: 1511615600225.jpg (111.82 KB, 710x928, Fellow whites.JPG)

>Whites: "Jews are trying to replace us"
>Jews :"They're right, we ARE trying to replace you. In fact, let us nrag about it in public"
>You: "It's just a prank bro"
Hell of an argument you're making here.

6def7 No.1259

Have a Jewess dominatrix "whipping woman" in charge of the world.

She has a Black guy & a Chinese girl help out with the torture.

Which would be cooler? She tortures a white Anglo Aryan goyboy or a Palestinian Muslim Arab betamale?

6def7 No.1260

File: 1511646647543.png (404.71 KB, 800x883, California_tribes_&_langua….png)


Well, I'm part Cherokee, yet half-French from CA, USA.

Someone find me a pregnant Native American princess…knocked up by those palefaces her father warned her about.

608cf No.1261

File: 1511651079025.jpg (730.3 KB, 2500x2077, Anne Frank travels down So….jpg)

Meanwhile on /k/…

52746 No.1262

Jesus hell.
I mean, im not surprised, i was here when it started but my god.

6e992 No.1263

It'll get better when someone brings up that race and ethnicity are nothing but a series of social constructs that people have gotten attached to over the years

115a8 No.1264


>Well, I'm part Cherokee, yet half-French from CA, USA.

Holy shit me too.

Where are you from? I live in the Chocochenyo part of the map if you catch my drift

6def7 No.1265

I'm in the cahuilla part - west of what was a lake, now a desert.

115a8 No.1270


Yeah, I've been to what used to be the lake. Shame what's happened to it. Almost reminds me of what happened to the Aral Sea.

6def7 No.1276

The salton sea formed by accident in 1905-07 by a levee break diverted the Colorado river west to California, into a salt bed, until the river levee was fixed.

LOTS OF PREGGOS in the Coachella-Imperial valley, mainly Latinas. But the US birth rate is lower than 25 years ago when I knew I had the fetish (puberty hit, I'm 37 now).

CA now has 40 million people & they want the salton sea water. Preggos bear the future, & I want the future to live in a not polluted, not impoverished world (considering nearby Mexico).

115a8 No.1319

File: 1514261450097.png (713.88 KB, 687x1117, Anne Frank merry christmas.png)

Merry Christmas pregchan

0ed3e No.1411

File: 1516434028966.png (727.74 KB, 687x1117, Anne Frank confederate kep….png)


Just saw this on 4chan's /k/

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