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d9b5d No.2217

I recently remembered a pregnant shimeji thing that was posted on this site a long while back and was wondering if anyone had a link to the thread or the shimeji itself considering I can't personally find it at all despite spending a decent while searching. Or if perhaps there are other pregnant shimejis(bases are welcome) I'd love to see those!

Pic unrelated but hey its a pic of my new sona so

5cb4b No.2218

The only pregnant shiimeji I know of is the one I made. You can download the frames here on my Google Drive. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18NJmG_NEUONhNINtycmj7rcM7BXm8qHi
I posted them originally in the Original Content thread; that's where you've most likely seen it.

d9b5d No.2221

That's the one! Thanks!
Do you mind if I use this as basis for one of my own(going to try making one of my sona)? It won't be a trace as much as trying to base the poses off of those in it since pretty much every other shimeji isnt built for pregs at all haha
If not it's okay, I'll figure something out haha

5cb4b No.2222

You can use it as a reference, sure.

34410 No.2223

Thanks a metric ton and a half, dude! I'll see about making it and posting it perhaps in the furry board

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