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File: 1539284303133.jpg (39.09 KB, 800x450, ken.jpg)

91bbe No.2236

2 years ago, this great man warmed the hearts of Americans with his red sweater.
And goddamn did he have good taste. Salute our fellow maiesiophile.

6a605 No.2238

Literally who and what did he do to be called a maieiophile?

30632 No.2239

He made the mistake of hosting an ama with his regular Reddit account, thus allowing anyone to know his post history. Specifically he posted in r/PreggoPorn that pregnant women are "beautiful human submarines".

f434d No.2243

File: 1539576682837.jpg (970.6 KB, 2524x2310, trump breaking the pc mach….jpg)


Is this the mysterious madman behind pregnant Anne Frank erotica?

d85d7 No.2244

File: 1539628340549.jpg (103.39 KB, 729x720, 1498691255475.jpg)

Holy shit. What a goof.

8a6fa No.2245

Kenneth Bone, an audience member in the second US presidential debate, then undecided voter, he asked Trump and Hillary a question about "What will you do to meet our country's energy needs without sacrificing the environment or jobs?"

But everyone instead took notice of his sweater, unassuming demeanor, and the way he took photos with a disposable camera after the debate. He briefly enjoyed popularity as a meme, and did an AMA on reddit.

Then someone realized his Reddit account was his main account, not a dummy account made specifically for the AMA. And one comment in his history was to a pregnant porn subreddit. …That's it. Literally one comment. It appeared as "news" on some gossip sites, and the internet had a collective chuckle. (More interesting were other comments in his history about knowingly committing insurance fraud.)

He owned up to it, saying it was him. He wasn't going to frantically scrub away his internet footprint and if people really wanted to know that about him, they could find out and he didn't care. He made no public comment about finding pregnant women sexy, though he did about the sexual benefits of having a vasectomy.

There's really not much else to say. Why are we talking about him, op? Let it go.

00a6b No.2246

File: 1539641913320.jpg (255.39 KB, 916x1299, 4873b0775f731b808e20a2eb64….jpg)

223b8 No.2247

File: 1539645725880.jpg (57.63 KB, 594x408, 10-photos-of-donald-trump-….jpg)


To be fair, pregnancy is probably among the more socially acceptable fetishes out there. As opposed to being a pedophile or god forbid, a furry.

1f5f3 No.2248

hi Ken. lulz.

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