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Friendly reminder to make your voice heard this Tuesday. Find your pro-life candidates here, and God bless!


47a76 No.2537

Why would you open a can of worms like this, and why would you ever think it’s your choice for what should happen to someone else’s body? What makes you think you know best?

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This but unironically

c0a0c No.2539

don't boo, vote.

b3168 No.2541

Go fuck yourself

6b067 No.2542

But then how would I get a placenta handjob from my wife, if not from her recently aborted pregnancies? You already banned Planned Parenthood from selling them to me.

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e8afd No.2545

It's the Women's decision when to have children stfu

891de No.2546

Unless its porn, then its mandatory

eacd4 No.2547

Take your political shit out of here. This isn't the place to be posting that. Furthermore it irritates me when pro-life fucks like you think just cause its place about pregnancy that we're in support of pro-life lmao

21f29 No.2548

Delet this

87b22 No.2549

Mods delete this thread

0fd2f No.2550

Sometimes I wish Jesus was aborted so I wouldn't have to put up with this crap

fa62a No.2551

Pro-Life? Nah, Pro-Death is the way

e8afd No.2552

I'm wondering if this was just a troll to get us riled up or to see how we would react in general.

17fc3 No.2553

Is this the pinnacle of Trolling?

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87b22 No.2555

Mods. Guess your answer!
(A): He’s trolling
(B): He’s just a moron

6a20f No.2557

I'm pro 'what race is it?'

8f9d6 No.2558

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

821b2 No.2559

There are 7 billion people on planet Earth. Not every life is special. If they're not wanted get rid of them.

3242f No.2561

politics, religion and s-e-x : 3 things not to talk about.

but hey, this is a free country, feel free to speak your mind.


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fd6f0 No.2903

Who the fuck bases their political stances on their kinks? This does not belong here.

596d4 No.2904

File: 1557942492995.png (772.43 KB, 785x1292, MAGA Anne Frank.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Who the fuck bases their political stances on their kinks?

I do

t. militantly far-right with a pregnancy fetish

c0a0c No.2905

there's Anne frank shit posts then there's Anne frank shit posts. That's a bit on the nose.

It gives away the game if you just put a maga hat on her. The goal is to get people angry because Confederacy + pregnant Anne frank = absurd. With that, you're just gaslighting anti trump people. You could post just the maga hat and get the same reaction. That's no fun.

0fd2f No.2912

You'd be surprised, most pro capitalist people are those who enjoy and wish to continue being a "bread winner" in their family

As for me I'm into impregnation but it doesn't do anything for me if she's tortured as an unwilling victim so I guess that's where I fall in

Most of this prolife stuff feels catered towards men who want to force their wives and girlfriends to bear their children and not really an all lives are sacred and should be protected kind of thing

9f2d3 No.2913

Oddly, women tend to be more pro life.

6b067 No.2914

I thought all of the polls showed it to be an even split.

c0a0c No.2915

yep, its even based on gender. Like most things in this world, it's really a spectrum. a large percentage of pro-life people are personal pro-lifers. ie: people who would never have an abortion themselves, but can't say they'd want abortions abolished. And many pro-choicers are people who find abortions after X amount of time to be immoral.

3c172 No.2916

have you heard of the heartbeat bill

d17e5 No.2917

Sorry, as much as I love pregnancy content, I'm pro-choice.

c0a0c No.2918

Those anti-abortion bills are sorta what got me to write that post. I really can't approve of them.

For my philosophy, I think basing it on when the heart starts pumping is about as intelligent as the Egyptians thinking the heart is where thoughts come from. The heart is a muscle, not the bloody neural center. It's no more philosophically significant than the lungs or pancreas. The philosophy that makes sense to me is when the brain starts developing consciousness, around 20-24 weeks. which, go figure, is the current limit and therefore too lenient for legislators who really just want to illegalize the practice entirely.

42717 No.2919

The real answer to the whole argument, however, is increasing availability/funding new types of contraceptives. If men could pay less than $100 a year for an impermanent contraceptives that isn't a damn piece of rubber, abortions wouldn't even be a thing anymore.

e1f59 No.2920

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
I may have this fetish and have complicated feelings about pregnant women, and really enjoy the female form and my fantasies…but ultimately I do believe they have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and anything in them.
My girlfriend has even said that if I ever accidentally impregnated her before we’re married and financially able, it would be her course of action, and I’m fine with that.

6b067 No.2921

Outside of obvious extreme circumstances, I think that the decision should be made jointly by both the mother and father.

7e048 No.2922

I don't take suggestions from fascists, thanks

49675 No.2923


I agree with all of this. Look I think everyone here loves pregnant women, but I think it's important to treat all pregnant women like you would any other human being.

77c53 No.2932

Abortion porn is the best

1cced No.2935

I agree, I even made a thread about it. I think it got taken down though because of vanillafags

34914 No.2936

As someone who write stories about women, teenagers, and young girls being trapped with unwanted children and having their lives ruined by forced pregnancy and birth, many assume I'd be on the pro-life side. After all, it's those deliciously dark fantasies brought to life, right? Those poor dears screaming out a life ruiner they never consented to carrying, traumatized and shamed even if they put the kid up for adoption, only adding to the bloat of the child care system and being awful mothers~

But no. I've been furious this last month or so. I live in Ohio, the dumbass state that set this nightmare dystopia ball rolling. This shit right here is why I preach the line between fantasy and reality. Why I preach the value of healthy outlets and indulging in fantasy as needed to help cope, even for the most taboo, the most twisted, the most forbidden.

Because these monsters cowering behind bibles, putting tyrannical punishments to abortion and refusing to even offer pedophilia and rape exceptions? They don't use those healthy outlets. Too "proper", too "pious". Instead, knowing some 11-year-old child is going to be opening her skinny legs wide and screaming out her own little brother in real life is what makes them feel good. Knowing some 15-year-old is really going to be crying in her room, staring at a bump she hates because her boyfriend forced her to have sex and didn't pull out when he said he would. Knowing a potential rival or brilliant mind may be shackled to motherhood because her boss or co-worker raped a little life ruiner into her body that resulted in her essentially bring fired for getting knocked up.

It's not about religion or right and wrong or even children. It's about power. It's about forcing women into their "proper place" without changing wages or social structures to accommodate such a backwards worldview. It's about indulging a forced impregnation and birth fetish, wholly and unrestrainedly, even for children, while pretending to be on the moral high ground.

It's not pro life. It's forced birth. And it's wrong, to take the realm of dark fetish and make it real like this.

d19dc No.2937

Let me tell you about monsters.

70505 No.2938

File: 1558403808175.jpg (50.04 KB, 640x480, 1233464079052.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

You do realize, from up there on your soapbox, that the cure for Cancer has probably been aborted as well, among other potential benefits to humanity at large that have been quite literally aborted. You bleeding hearts always crack me up; you literally cannot see beyond one side of any particular argument. No wonder Debate isn't a popular scholastic pursuit in this day and age.

0fd2f No.2939

The cure for cancer is probably stuck in a detainment center for immigrant children or or denied an education because their family doesn't have enough money or dead because they couldn't get healthcare.

I'm waiting for the outrage on your end

9f423 No.2940


Ok, let me just dispel a common misconception about science research and discovery.

Nowadays, actually for decades now, it's almost impossible for any proper research to be done without relying on previous research and extensively referencing other people works, even more so in such a intricate area as medicine.

Most big research papers are headed by more than one person, and even the ones that are "solo" had to go through peerage reviews throughout most if its development.

So, while I can't really say the cure for Cancer wasn't aborted, I can say it's not preventing all the other thousands of researchers from finding it nowadays, I'm just saying that it would be, at most, a delay.

Also, you can't cure cancer in general. Cancer is just a umbrella term for several types of different disturbs that lead to uncontrolled cell division. For example, the factors that cause skin cancer aren't the same as breast cancer or liver cancer.

So, you are also taking an "emotional" approach with said argument, anon.

1685f No.2941

Why are people so obsessed with removing any consequence associated with being a promiscuous fuck? Unless you are raped, or use contraception and it fails, you have no fucking reason to have an abortion aside from being too much of a horny lazy piece of shit to use contraception or just not have sex. You deserve the consequences of your actions. Same goes for the men who knock these women up, they deserve to pay child support or father these children because they’re too promiscuous to keep it in their pants and too stupid to put on a rubber or get their phone lines cut.

9f423 No.2942


Counterpoint: Why should society and people around said promiscouous relationship have to deal with this child that will probably live in a terrible house, with parents that most likely will neglect it and, in most cases, grows up to be at the very least, an underachieving person with serious emotional problems or, at most, a criminal that will have drained resources from everybody else to not give back in any way.

Or you know, don't be a judgemental asshole and think people should live under your standards of moral.

596d4 No.2943

File: 1558411095161.jpg (1.93 MB, 1201x1809, Peter popped his Peter.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>As someone who write stories about women, teenagers, and young girls being trapped with unwanted children and having their lives ruined by forced pregnancy and birth, many assume I'd be on the pro-life side. After all, it's those deliciously dark fantasies brought to life, right? Those poor dears screaming out a life ruiner they never consented to carrying, traumatized and shamed even if they put the kid up for adoption, only adding to the bloat of the child care system and being awful mothers~

Please write one about Anne Frank (but have Peter be a nice boy and try to help by fucking her brains out day and night for all nine months so she has a slightly easier time giving birth).

>Because these monsters cowering behind bibles, putting tyrannical punishments to abortion and refusing to even offer pedophilia and rape exceptions? They don't use those healthy outlets. Too "proper", too "pious". Instead, knowing some 11-year-old child is going to be opening her skinny legs wide and screaming out her own little brother in real life is what makes them feel good. Knowing some 15-year-old is really going to be crying in her room, staring at a bump she hates because her boyfriend forced her to have sex and didn't pull out when he said he would. Knowing a potential rival or brilliant mind may be shackled to motherhood because her boss or co-worker raped a little life ruiner into her body that resulted in her essentially bring fired for getting knocked up.

Pro-Life: The RADICAL notion that killing unborn babies because some women are too damn stubborn/stupid to keep their legs closed or take advantage of cheap and widely available birth control is morally wrong.

>inb4 rape

I'm in favor of allowing abortion in cases of rape (specifically because it was non-consenual on the woman's part). Same with health of the mother/non-viable fetus. All other reasons are just encouraging degenerate behavior in a society already awash in that shit.

b357b No.2944

Since we seem to be all about taking away bodily autonomy, at what point can I use the government to force someone to give me a kidney or a liver if I'm dying? We seem fine to do it to women with their uteri.

And since it takes two to make a baby, lets automatically start child support payments during pregnancy since women have no choice but stay pregnant.

d19dc No.2948

File: 1558448099781.jpg (30.43 KB, 395x284, c3900c4d-a482-4aa9-bd14-11….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Funny how the baby gets zero bodily autonomy.

051b5 No.2949

Yeah, the baby gets zero autonomy inside of someone else's body. Fucking cry about it

43449 No.2950

The idea that gestating an unwanted child for nine months and enduring the agony of childbirth is a valid, reasonable punishment for female sexual promiscuity is madness. Especilly since "paying child support" on the male side is nowhere near raising a child you hate for the rest of your life.

It is also worth noting that, as an unwanted child myself… You feel when you're a little life ruiner and dream ender. It hurts your soul. I wish my parents had been responsible and gotten an abortion if they didn't want kids. It would have been better than all the hate and abuse I endured.

The idea the cure for cancer has been aborted or could be is a deep falacy. Most unwanted children aren't given the money or support to engage in such pursuits, often they're struggling just to survive. In addition, the counterargument is often "I support abortions for rape and incest" because stating otherwise is awful. But hey, what if that incest rape baby cures cancer, by your own logic? Or does that seem unlikely?

Speaking of, you know what some of these laws don't have? Rape, incest, or underage exceptions. That 11-year-old pregnant with her own little sister? Screw her, she's gonna carry it to term and give birth. 'Cuz big J would want it that way or something.

Also, to the request for Anne Frank fic, 1: would need more details, 2: your opposing stance on this does not endear me to writing this for you.

I need to remember this is a Chan board, and there is no real conversation to be had here. I can discuss and appeal, I could even source and study and prove, and it will change 0 minds. I guess the main takeaway is that these new laws turn my stomach, and just prove to me that these people don't have healthy outlets.

Also, just… Wow. "Yea Jimmy, your mom hates you because you are literally a living punishment for having the AUDACITY to want to indulge in sex as a girl that she is going to have to care for for the rest of her life. Enjoy knowing your existance is objectively to remind your mother she is a failure." Yea, that's reasonable, that's the upstanding moral reason to outlaw abortion. :/

6b067 No.2951

It's not really a person until it develops consciousness. I think having the abortion cutoff at being able to survive outside of the womb is sensible.

d19dc No.2952

When do babies develop consciousness?

d19dc No.2954

File: 1558450346990.png (86.59 KB, 500x312, his-body-did-not-contain-a….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>what if that incest rape baby cures cancer, by your own logic? Or does that seem unlikely?
I mean, what are the chances?

eca69 No.2955


>When do babies develop consciousness?


After they are born, at the very least.

ce99d No.2956

Every baby who is aborted could have gone on to greatness and fame, like Jim Jones, Saddam Hussein, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Kaszinski, Lee Boyd Malvo, Timothy McVey, John Dillinger, David Koresh, Osama bin Laden, Idi Amin, Nicolae Ceaușescu (he's a twofer, because he forced women in Romania to give birth), etc, etc.

If I were a betting man, I'd put odds on any unwanted kid growing up in poverty and deprivation as being a lot more likely to commit mass murder than cure anything. There's a lot more Anders Behring Breiviks than there are Jonas Salks.

d19dc No.2957

At what point on this thread did we forget adoption is a thing?

df7b9 No.2958

The only thing that stops abortion being considered murder is politics. If abortion were considered the extermination of an innocent human life, it'd mean any woman that aborts deliberately would be subject to prison time for.. well.. murder. Depending on how many weeks developed and the natural development of the fetus.

A fetus is not a tumor, or a parasite. The fetus is an independent and separate organism that simply feeds from the mother's body. It's not one of parasite, it's one of offspring and parent. For it to be a parasite, the parasite would have to not be a direct biological descendant. Tumors are not descendants, they aren't meant to exist and are detrimental to the function of the host. We do not have whole organs and tissues designed specifically to produce tumors. We do have reproductive organs to produce people. A fetus is not a tumor, and you cannot dehumanize it to the status of parasite because the idea killing a human being makes you squeamish.

Demoting a fetus from being a human life is no different from a slavemaster demoting their slaves to sub-human, because the idea they're hurting and robbing PEOPLE of life tastes poorly in their mouths. Whether you like it or not, it's a human life from the moment of conception and a human being from about 13 weeks onwards, after its developed brain activity. The artificial requirement that a human being be able to speak or smile or react in order for them to be considered a human life is simply and specifically to discount a life that hasn't been able to be socialized.

Life doesn't begin at socialization. Someone's existence does not depend on the validation society gives them. You don't start BEING a person because the bureaucracy legitimizes your existence.

That said, you cannot have the freedom to abortion without also giving the ability to legally murder someone. But then, why do we sanction murder of a mother and her offspring?

Simply because: To deny a mother the right to abort the connection between them is to enslave the woman to the state. A woman has the right to gestate or not gestate as long as she sees fit.

By the same token, technically, we should enable landlords to throw people out if they wish. And since there's virtually no real distinction between the mind of a 2-4 week premature baby and a 4 year old save experience (which doesn't make them more human) then there should be no difference between killing a 3 week premature baby and strangling an 18 month old. Both are utterly helpless and dependent and parasitic on the mother and her support system. Both are fully developed human beings.

The only reason we tolerate abortion as a necessary evil is because of practicality. Babies made by rape shouldn't exist, and are a liability to every family. Babies made by incest pollute the gene pool. Unwanted babies rob families of economic advantage and resources to advance and progress beyond rock banging trogglodytes into productive, civilized beings. Babies that are unsound and do nothing but endanger the life of the mother are detrimental and are best removed- it's tragic, but unavoidable.

The only reason we tolerate abortion and do not consider it to be murder is because society needs new lives, and it needs less women in prison. You can't get new citizens for new generations if women are locked up instead of knocked up. So, we are very very easy on women when they do stupid illegal shit. So, we come down purely on the side of bodily autonomy for women. It works out most of the time.

That doesn't mean abortion isn't murder and it doesn't mean we give women a disproportionate say in whether a life is worth allowing to live.

6bf12 No.2959

As a woman I tend to think of it less as a murder and more as an eviction.

6b067 No.2960

First, we should all acknowledge that the anti-abortion bills recently passed in several US states exist solely as an attempt to overturn Roe v. Wade. The legislators themselves have already admitted to this.

Why do almost all "pro-life" states have the death penalty?

Why does Alabama, which passed the most restrictive of the abortion bans, face a federal takeover of its prison system due to poor treatment of prisoners?

Why do "pro-life" states lack actual sex education?

Why is the "pro-life" movement opposed to easy access to contraceptives?

Why are "pro-life" politicians against giving financial support to these children after birth?

Should a mother be investigated for murder if she miscarries?

Why is abortion suddenly okay if the life of the mother is in danger?

d19dc No.2961

Why do almost all "pro-life" states have the death penalty?
I don't know how hardcore babies are where you live but in most states they don't get convicted of murder.

Why do "pro-life" states lack actual sex education?
They seem to know sex is meant to result in pregnancy and the only 100% sure way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.

>Why is the "pro-life" movement opposed to easy access to contraceptives?

If you mean giving them away, because sex isn't a human right and shouldn't be subsidized with others' money

>Should a mother be investigated for murder if she miscarries?

No, the hell are you on about? You think there's no difference between a body rejecting the fetus and the Final Destination shit that goes on in an abortion?

>Why is abortion suddenly okay if the life of the mother is in danger?

Because abortion or not it's unlikely they both survive and without it it's possible they both die.

Pretty sure birth is closer to an eviction.

596d4 No.2962

File: 1558467039055-0.jpg (254.05 KB, 800x419, it doesn't matter carl.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558467039055-1.png (1.81 MB, 975x956, Goofy Anne.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558467039055-2.png (755.42 KB, 759x1213, Anne Frank x Charles II.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>The idea that gestating an unwanted child for nine months and enduring the agony of childbirth is a valid, reasonable punishment for female sexual promiscuity is madness.
>thinking of babies as a punishment in the first place

>Especilly since "paying child support" on the male side is nowhere near raising a child you hate for the rest of your life.

Child support laws are a separate matter.

>"I support abortions for rape and incest" because stating otherwise is awful.

I literally stated my reasoning earlier. Women who are victims of rape had no say in the matter. Thus, the argument that they should've been more responsible doesn't apply.

Also who the fuck gets abortions for incest? That doesn't even happen on Game of Thrones.

>'Cuz big J would want it that way or something.

My reasons for opposing abortion are entirely secular.

>1: would need more details

Peter gets Anne pregnant while in hiding. Over the next nine months, she slowly becomes emotionally consumed by nervousness and fear. Having to content, not only with becoming a mother at such a young and tender age, plummeting self-esteem at the sight of her once slender body becoming the size of a planet, fear of being socially ostracized, but the unending terror of Nazi persecution of the Jews as well. Her only form of solace is in sex with Peter (whom, much to her surprise, finds her growing belly more and more arousing and can't get enough of it). The lovemaking not only drives those thoughts from her mind, but gives her a sense of hope that they she will survive this war.

That enough to work with?

>2: your opposing stance on this does not endear me to writing this for you.

Nigga, you're literally on the shitpost board of a "literally who"-tier fetish website. This thread only exists to get users to try and rile each other up for sheer amusement. You're not going to change my mind and I'm not going to change yours.

>fellow /his/anons browse this site


df7b9 No.2963

How about this:

Woman can choose to abort whenever

But men are no longer by default responsible for paying for any of their offspring in any legal sense. And also, we're killing state aid to single mothers. You want help raising a baby, you get a co-sponsor. Otherwise, you keep your god damned legs shut if you don't want to be pregnant, or you pay the price of having a baby. You now have incentive to abort and use birth control, since nobody else can be reigned into responsibility to support you. Not a man that impregnates you, and not the state or society around you.

Also, men may 'abort' their responsibilities. Since a man's position in this is slanted to where they have absolutely no say whatsoever in the creation of a human being, and before they're a human being they're legally a possession of the woman for 9 months, that 9 month period, it's on the woman to get him to AGREE to financially sponsor that child (automatic if married) or, once the baby is born, that child is legally only hers and her financial responsibility alone.

You want 100% of the say, you get 100% of the burden. You don't get to whine about it being 9 months of slave labor and then inflict 18 YEARS of child support payments and emotional abuse on a man for something that is 100% your decision.

Otherwise, we're not going to have a situation where a woman gets 100% of the say over a human life's existence solely by denying them access to her uterus after implicitly consenting to sex. (In the case of rape, abort away. But it wasn't rape just because you retroactively didn't like it.)

596d4 No.2964

File: 1558467494378.jpg (94.65 KB, 557x513, Saint Anderson.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Why do almost all "pro-life" states have the death penalty?

>killing unborn babies who have done nothing wrong

>executing murderers and rapists who made the choice to commit grievous outrages against society
>these two acts are somehow equal in the mind of the leftist

87b22 No.2965

Couchy help

eca69 No.2966


Eh, sure. Seems reasonable enough. The counterpoint is, what if the man WANTS the kid, but the woamn doesn't.

6b067 No.2967

These were meant to be real questions for discussion, not a rhetorical pushing of beliefs.

df7b9 No.2968

Possession is 9/10ths of the law. We're already not treating it as the man's property or responsibility, and cannot.

An agreement can be made that allows the woman to terminate her responsibility for the pregnancy but give the fetus up to adoption. This third party group would require some sort of technology to take and maintain a fetus in an artificial womb for the remaining time. And artificial womb technology is getting better every year. We can now gestate lamb fetuses removed from their mothers much earlier than before.

If we treated the fetus as a human being, it'd be murder to kill it. If we treat it as property, then it's not a man's obligation or responsibility until after the woman arbitrarily decides it's too much of a baby to abort.

Hence, if the man wants the kid, well, that's too bad. The woman can abort or she can resign authority over it and get it sucked out of her body, into a gestation tank.

d19dc No.2970

>We're already not treating it as the man's property or responsibility
Property sure, but responsibility? Really?

3ea4e No.2971

What does that image actually mean?

596d4 No.2972

File: 1558472345155.png (670.48 KB, 633x823, disgusted pastor anderson.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


It's an Orthodox Church artist's rendition of Pastor Steven Anderson

3ea4e No.2973


Isn't he like the leader of an anti-gay hate group who said he prayed to God for Barack Obama to go die or something?

Google says he just got banned from Ireland recently.

6b067 No.2974

So members of the King James only movement are subs only anime fans of Christianity?

df7b9 No.2975

Why is a woman's body a man's responsibility? :^)

As we've already covered with female reproductive rights.
1.) Consent to sex is not obligation to be a parent. Which is separate from right to bodily autonomy.
2.) Pregnancy is not an obligation to carry to term. The life of the unborn fetus, bedamned.
3.) The fetus is considered a legal piece of property that matures into a person, not a person. Therefore, neither parent is obligated to treat it like it has the future responsibilities of a baby until it is, in fact, officially a baby.

Until it's officially a baby, there's no obligation or responsibility for the man. No more so than he's obligated to brush the woman's teeth after filling her mouth full of jizz. It's not a developing human being, you see, it's a mere biological culture. And a man is not responsible for a woman's body. She is.

A man is also not responsible, legally, if a woman gets a fungal or yeast infection. And a fetus is just a culture of cells, after all. If the sex was consensual, it's merely a woman's health issue and her own responsibility to deal with it. Her body, her choice, her responsibility to keep unwanted fetuses out of the ole babybox. Doesn't matter whose sperm it is that tickles those eggs.

And if it's not the man's responsibility while she's pregnant, it's her choice to bring a child into the world without a legally recognized father. Just being a baby's father doesn't give you legal access or rights to be a parent. However, for some reason, it seems to entitle women to a man's money. That needs to stop.

Your decision from the time you consent to sex from the time you choose not to abort, to the time you choose to give birth and raise it. The man has no say. And unless and until he has a legal say in it (which he cannot, if you retain full custody and possession of the piece of property) then a man is not a father, he's a mere sperm donor. A fascillitator. He is not financially responsible for your decisions to have a baby. You choosing not to abort that lifeless clump of cells is responsible. You consent to hoof it alone.

There's no moral argument you can make for abortion that does not also apply to a man aborting fatherhood and financial responsibility.

9 months of physical enslavement? How about 18 years of financial slavery for a child your only say over having is if you consent to sex once?

And even more horrific, in the future it won't even be impossible, or hard, to synthesize sperm just from samples of a man's genetic material. Skin cells or DNA from hair could be used to make artificial sperm to impregnate any number of egg cells. And whether the man even consented to sex AT ALL or not, legally speaking, he'd be obligated to financially support all of them. A man truly has absolutely no reproductive rights or freedom if a woman decides she wants his babies. So now a man can be enslaved for 18 years of financial support for each baby some bitch decides to churn out of her own volition.

Legally speaking, the default status of financial support for fatherhood needs to be nill. A woman needs to have any and all responsibility for the fetus and the resulting baby unless and until she is married to somebody or someone agrees to the burden of financial child support/claiming. Anything else is giving women power not just over their own bodies, but anyone she sleeps with, for nearly 20 years.

d19dc No.2976

Hol up bro, I didn't say men should be held legally responsible for their children while women can abort them even if the father wants to take care of it, I'm saying they are and yes, it's all kinds of fucked up.

df7b9 No.2977

ah yes. Legally they currently are, and I agree, it's all fucked up.

Currently it's because women are picking and choosing what traditional values they want to keep. And they like the ones that say a man is obligated to finance their spawn.

The socialists and communists don't want a strong nuclear family bond. They, in fact, despise the independence from government and society that individuals have. They want family's to be subsidies and institutions of the government with more legal authority over who can have babies and who can't and who can afford to have babies and why.

They would LOVE if more women went to the state for free shit, it'd give them an even bigger pool of know-nothing screaming assholes crying for free stuff and how "society should take care of us." By which they mean make everybody around them pay for their stuff. And one of the ways they do that is they make you suffer for your values and reward people that comply to theirs.

The system we have now is kind of a haphazard stopgap measure so asshole men still have to pay for their biological offspring, when they can, and keep it as much out of the hands of government, or "societal obligation to pay for food, schooling, clothes and medicine" as possible. This unfortunately makes the balance of power entirely in the hands of spiteful and hateful women that will take a man for all he's worth, and all the family court system can legally squeeze from them.

All I'm saying is, give women 100% autonomy over abortion. Fuck, even publicly fund abortion as a simple procedure, like removing a skin tag. But absolutely do not make "society" pay for the offspring so the woman can marry the state and invite it into the reproductive lives of humans.

35f62 No.2978


You ever read a post where you uteerly disagree with almost everything someone says, but agree with the last point they make, kind of? That's me. It's cheaper and better for EVERYONE if women who don't want kids weren't forced to keep them.

Everything else is… Damn. Like, wildly off base. But… Yea. 100% for sure, bodily autonomy is objectively better for everyone to bottom to top. Those of you wailing about fathers having a say in the mother birthing the baby but then screaming that being forced to pay child support for 18 years is worse than enduring unwanted pregnancy, giving birth, and THEN raising the child alone for 18 years really need to consider if it would maybe just be better for women to be allowed to terminate accidental pregnancies.

35f62 No.2979

I think, if anything, its more acceptable to punish men for permiscuity. What if, when a guy got a girl pregnant against her will or by accident, she could chose to make him raise the child, and if he refused, as punishment for his sexual promiscuity, he was forced to endure castration? Oh, or if that's too inhumane, what about chemical sterilisation? After all, he doesn't want kids. Why force a woman to endure a permanent, life-changing, physically painful ordeal that she can never undo if her just as permiscous partner gets to continue sowing his oats without a care? He's had a kid, and didn't want it. He has to face concequences for being a slut. If you DON'T want to be castrated, chemically or otherwise, why not just keep your pants on? Its not that hard.

6b067 No.2980

Please just let this thread die.

596d4 No.2981

File: 1558499300271.png (21.66 KB, 344x150, SAD.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Not until MuchBirth writes a pregnant Anne Frank sex/birthing fic

We need to get something worthwhile out of this dumpsterfire.

feba2 No.2982

Better yet, how about a Virgin Mary birthing fic for the forbidden archive? She was fourteen or younger when she conceived Jesus, and was canonically having contractions the whole day before finding a stable to give birth in. At least this one is in the realm of reality, and either way it's a dead Jewish girl.

a0dcc No.2983


Fun fact: the third story I ever wrote was loosely linked to that, a 16 year old found out Mary's age when she ga e birth and had… Mishaps. I need to update that one. XD

Anne Frank is highly unlikely to happen, but… Maybe that Forbidden Archives Mary one could have some merit…

3ea4e No.2984

Iunno, wasn't too much of a dumpster fire honestly. Mostly everyone was having pretty civil discussion except for like two guys, but that's it. I think this thread was pretty uplifting for the most part. Faith in humanity restored!

Plus, I got to learn something cool about our friendly neighbor Pastor Steven Anderson, friend to all. I never even knew he existed until today. Think he'll let me in on his subs-only anime church group sessions?

0f727 No.2985

Sounds a little suspicious anyway…

Joseph: "You're pregnant? Have you been sleeping with someone else?!"

Mary: "No! It's God's baby, honest!"

Not saying that happened, just wondering if anyone actually confirmed the 'virgin' part of the story… ;)

feba2 No.2986

Jury is out on if there was a midwife, or if Joseph just racked off and left her to do her thing. I reckon god conceived baby makes for a better story, though, because she has no clue whatsoever what's happening and has never felt anything down there before. As for >>2983, I shall have to go find that.

6b067 No.2987

Could you at least stop reposting the same picture over and over, and use a name instead?

051b5 No.2989

Fascists need post-birth abortions

d19dc No.2990

Define "fascist".

19283 No.2991

By "fascist" they mean "moderate Republican".

d19dc No.2992

Good to see they wrote abortion while obviously meaning murder too. Really made my position easy to argue for.

b1e3c No.2993

Why can’t any of you twits get along Jesus Christ this is a imageboard for pregnancy fetishes not a way to debate dumb shit over and over when I just want my fill of preggos if you want to debate go to Reddit or something

f3b3c No.2996

>[removed by moderator]
No thanks. That place is a cuckhole and I'd rather not make an account there.

084e6 No.2998


This is why we need pregnant Anne Frank sex/birth fics

3ea4e No.2999

Not gonna lie, these posts look kinda like they're from the same person?

All kinda short and quippy, the easy 'position' (that didn't really get argued about at all) falling in the guy who's been green texting the entire thread's favor, and all these user ID's who were definitely not here prior. User ID:f3b3c who definitely wasn't here prior just decides to hop in the debate like they were a part of it the whole time with the same vernacular as the other posts.

I mean "Fascists need post-birth abortions" literally came out of nowhere. Nobody even talks like that.

Iunno, maybe I'm just tin-hat foiling. But wow, does this little interaction read like a really bad fanfic.

87b22 No.3003

File: 1558556366115.png (121.1 KB, 500x434, A51FD227-2BCD-4A50-AABF-EA….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

8e360 No.3004


6b067 No.3005

People samefagging on an imageboard? I've never heard of that happening before.

Oh god, now I'm imagining that Zootopia abortion fanfic, but about the republican elephant and democrat donkey. Kill me.

084e6 No.3011

File: 1558587952357.jpg (214.67 KB, 1139x755, concept2.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Anne Frank is highly unlikely to happen

Why not? You've got literally an entire diary's worth of source material to work with for crafting the backstory. Much more so than the Virgin Mary.

6b067 No.3012

Just so you know, artist are less likely to fulfill a request when you beg and annoy them.

accb9 No.3013

I think you guys beat the wrong dog here.

IMO the problem is NOT in the abortion itself, but in the choice of subject who decides to keep/abort da bebe. I personally would fucking love to choose my own offsping's life too, not leave it to the mother to decide. Ironically enough, I'm not american at all, so my vote here indeed does not mater, but you, my fellow burgers, can make a difference.

084e6 No.3015


Artists are always less likely to fufill a request if you do anything at all but pay them.

e7bd9 No.3016


Mostly because the context of the story repulses me? Like, badly? Anne Frank was a real person, and the Virgin Mary is mythologized to the point most people think she was 22 by the time she gave birth rather than having Big G's rape-baby as a child.


You are not wholly wrong…

6b067 No.3017

I think the New Testament was written as Jewish satire regarding the Roman occupation. The virgin birth was probably a reference to roman historians claiming the emperor Augustus was of miraculous birth.

19899 No.3019

File: 1558646280263.jpg (267.37 KB, 1000x1400, anne frank's tl;dr.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Source material written with a ballpoint pen, which wasn't available until after the war, and which a certain Jewish fiction writer went to court to defend his copyright to.

084e6 No.3021

File: 1558647358883.jpg (136.3 KB, 546x700, back to :pol:.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


I'd tell you to fuck off back to >>>/pol/, but this website doesn't even have a >>>/pol/.

87b22 No.3022

File: 1558649740190.gif (860.05 KB, 438x312, 485EE1E1-8F37-4619-81F9-BE….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

>>when you can’t tell that they’re trolling you

177e9 No.3023

Why not an erotic fanfic of Anne pregnant with the 2nd child of God

7e1f9 No.3024

None of the text in any of the entries was written in ballpoint pen. Page numbers were added in ballpoint but this did, indeed, happen after the war when the diary was being compiled into a publishable format.

e3cf7 No.3025

File: 1558665178063-0.jpg (21.82 KB, 334x506, pepe of fine art and cultu….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558665178063-1.jpg (247.84 KB, 949x1250, Eric Rudolph.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558665178063-2.jpg (27.63 KB, 329x358, Jim_Ellison_KN_CSA.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1558665178063-3.gif (3.97 MB, 316x180, death to the union.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb




Thank you.

ad93b No.3026


Because the subject matter is, to my viewpoint, reprehensible. End of my side of discussion, but my all means, referee your heart out.

Also, back onto the topic at hand, yea. Its not pro life, ot's just forced birth. Its just forcing a non-consentual pregnancy fetish onto victims in real life. There's no plans to help support the children, nor the mother which makes it about punishment. And punishing sexual permescuity by perminently ruining someone's entire life… Too much. Way too much. If your stance is one that punishment is required, then I direct you to my prior statement. Seems to me that men are the ones with all the power to create life, women just gestate it once he makes it there. So if pu ishment is the goal, sounds to me like we need to pass a castration bill.

7cde8 No.3027

>It's the Women's decision when to have children stfu
And the man doesn't get a choice? Last time I checked women don't procreate asexually.

87b22 No.3028

Bruh I’m like 90 percent sure you typed that near exact thing and got banned for it

8e360 No.3029

Can we ban the nazis yet

721b8 No.3030

File: 1558691719692.jpg (27.5 KB, 640x480, 56887211_10156431941004895….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

8e360 No.3032

File: 1558716039838.jpg (22.96 KB, 480x360, clownputer.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

c4485 No.3034

I'm just glad to see our site's unofficial mascot Anne Frank has been brought into this thread as well, what with the thick musty smell of pregnancy-related controversy in the news.

a9a96 No.3038


Based radical right wing terrorists

4219a No.3045

Sorry, 4chan is this way -→ Don't have your ass hit by the door when you're out.

4219a No.3046

I can't stand the religious/radical right, they abuse and twist scripture to fit their hateful extremist agendas.

Did he admit to an Irish radio show he had sex with his wife who was pregnant 11 times?

I would love to do a pregnant woman, but she doesn't HAVE to have 11 kids. I would go nuts with 11 kids in the house, and I'm a male.

4219a No.3047

Fuck them, and they can go to the political cesspool with the radical left-wing SJWs who hate men, pregnancy and free speech like this fetish site.

8e360 No.3048

I'm a left wing radical sjw and I don't hate any of those three things. Most of us don't.

6b067 No.3049

You're obviously not radical then.

8e360 No.3050

I assure you, I'm a sjw commie faggot.

6b067 No.3051

This is a classic catch-22. One cannot admit to their own radicalism. A radical would see themselves as holding rational beliefs, and everyone else as stupid, crazy, immoral, etc. Admitting you are a left-wing radical just proves that you are actually a right-wing troll.

8e360 No.3052

Oh, no, see… I'm a leftist troll.

576a3 No.3053



fa724 No.3063

File: 1559975079598-0.png (Spoiler Image, 150.82 KB, 405x393, 1559405262890.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1559975079598-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.75 KB, 381x358, 15220798745070.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>trolls trolling trolls

c371f No.3064

I went through several emotions while seeing this thread grow and get more and more responses.

At first I was disgusted, then I was appalled.
After that I was just upset.
And then I started to feel confused.
Soon after I felt a sense of enjoyment, and now whenever there's a new response I feel giddy.

Keep it up you crazy crazy bastards, thanks for keeping /b/ alive.

87b22 No.3067

Bro do you wear nothing but tinfoil hats?

6b067 No.3068

Do you not understand humor?

a1973 No.3069

I think alot of people over look is really really really really really really really really really easy not to get pregnant, and that the entire debate basically boils down absolving responsibility.

>Use a condom

>use birth control
>dont have sex(100% effective)
>use plan b
>get an iud
>get your tubes tied
>Whatever the male equivlant of that is
>more options like adoption
Alot of these options are incredibly cheap, and don't require some obscene amount of time to use.

There really isn't much of an excuse to kill a human being when its pretty easy to prevent the issue all together.

6b067 No.3071

I would normally agree with you, but the people pushing these anti-abortion laws are also against all forms of birth control and sexual education.

b357b No.3072


Also, birth control isn't 100% effective even when used perfectly

784e1 No.3073

Turns out those bible thumpers were right and abstinence is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy.

a3119 No.3077

File: 1560111381748.jpg (22.42 KB, 340x439, Eustache_Le_Sueur.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Turns out those bible thumpers were right and abstinence is the only 100% effective way to avoid pregnancy.

784e1 No.3078

I don't remember the passage where she cries and screams she doesn't want to get pregnant.

ee4c5 No.3083

Or anal sex :)

19283 No.3084

Technically, you can potentially get pregnant from anal sex. Granted it has to be extremely rough anal sex, but still anal sex nonetheless. You would have to pierce the anus into the uterus and then ejaculate.

I actually learned this in my sex ed unit in high school.

66195 No.3085

File: 1560131537820.jpg (136.21 KB, 780x520, moloch.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


ebb04 No.3086

File: 1560133032468-0.jpg (51.95 KB, 513x413, Rectovaginal-Fistula.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Rectovaginal fistula - it's how butt babies are made.

c2404 No.3087

This is why I always murder my sexual partners…its the only way to be sure.

1685f No.3090

Only retards believe this
That is a small sect of pro lifers if that
Literally every pro lifer including myself believes in the use of contraception instead of abortion
And even then, I’m fine with abortion if
>it came from rape
>if came from failed contraception
>if the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother and there is no other option(cesarean section for example)
>one side is willing to take care of the child and wants it
I knew a dude who accidentally knocked up a chick, but was 100% willing to take care of the child on his own and let the chick go on her merry way afterwards, and there was no risk to her pregnancy
She ends up getting an abortion and it fucking devastates him
But I am entirely against abortion if consensual sex is had and no precautions are taken and there is no actual health risk to the mother
You deserve the actions of your consequences and you don’t deserve to end the life of another person
Also, when can we have a fetus’ status as a person legally changed?
If we’re allowed to have an abortion and it’s not murder, why is it double homicide if someone kills a pregnant woman?
Who’s to say she wasn’t on her way to the abortion clinic?

6b067 No.3091

I was mainly refering to the politicians in those regions that also use abstinance only sexual education. Saying some people believe something, but everyone believes the opposite doesn't make much sense.

A person is more than a body, and that makes a fetus a sack of meat. You aren't really a person until around 15 months after conception. I'm willing to draw the line at the early second trimester of pregnancy. The fetus homicide thing is stupid.

I do believe that a normal abortion should require the consent of both parents. Why can't we teach personal responsibility and have legal abortions?

66195 No.3092

File: 1560202623755.jpg (194.78 KB, 590x554, none a this matters.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Abortion is never getting restricted for the same reason that male circumcision is never getting banned: MONEY!

The sale of foreskins and aborted fetuses are both cash cows in the medical industry. Lots of fresh stem cells to be harvested and sold at exorbitant prices.

Think of the profits, lads!

c0a0c No.3093

except abortions already are. there are like 8 states that closed down 90%+ of their abortion clinics the moment their politicians thought they could get away with doing so. Missouri literally has 1 abortion clinic.

>That is a small sect of pro lifers if that
except the actions of politicians =/= the opinions of their constituents. The complete disassemblement of the female health system in america directly sabotages women's access to birth control. (and mamograms, pap smears, and safe abortions)

If a woman wants an abortion, she's gonna get one. whether it makes your boyfriend cry baby tears or not. The question is whether or not she is gonna need to use a coat hanger or not. (no that's not a joke. There are horror stories from that 1 Missouri abortion clinic of women calling in asking how to do an abortion at home, cuz they have no means to get to a clinic)

784e1 No.3094

>A person is more than a body, and that makes a fetus a sack of meat. You aren't really a person until around 15 months after conception. I'm willing to draw the line at the early second trimester of pregnancy. The fetus homicide thing is stupid.
Oh no no no, you don't say babies are sacks of meat until they're a year and a half old and then say it's okay to kill them before they're born but not right after without giving a reason.

c4485 No.3095


Today I learned about rectovaginal fistula. Can't say this thread never taught me nothin', even if I'm not sure I'm happier for it.

Anyway, I knew that if it's really wild/juicy anal sex or something (and if you're like me, I apologize for the visual/audio that might have given you) that yeah, semen could dribble down there. Unlikely but possible so I wasn't going to say anything. But…

"You would have to pierce the anus into the uterus and then ejaculate."

If I'm reading you right, if you fuck a woman in the butt so hard you pierce her uterus, I think pregnancy is on the lesser list of both of your concerns.

b2d1e No.3096

For real. That must be the mother of all UTIs. Literally.

77ba3 No.3097

y'all really hate women huh

87b22 No.3098

File: 1560217157410.gif (482.16 KB, 256x192, E4BFEE15-29CD-4BDB-B101-CA….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

Everybody here: arguing over and over again about stupid shit
Couchy: eats popcorn
Pls confirm

a3fe8 No.3100

File: 1560220655593.gif (1.89 MB, 480x331, ezgif.com-optimize.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

0f9f9 No.3101

How about we just abort this thread?

3ea4e No.3103

Probably can't, half of this thread was about "no more abortions" after all.

6b067 No.3104

15 months after conception is 6 months old, learn math. I used that wording to account for babies born prematurely. Like I said, I'm drawing the line at early second trimester as a compromise. I feel like "compromise" is a word people don't understand anymore.

OP needs to accept responsibility for their actions, and take care of this thread for the next 17 and a half years.

784e1 No.3105

6 months old sounds very much like a baby, which is also a sack of meat and therefore killing them isn't murder according to your standards (except for the arbitrary line you pulled out of nowhere). By the way, I love how you say compromise, like you were about to go Herod on their asses until somebody told you "no, man, killing babies is wrong" and then you said "fiiiiine, I won't kill them, but only if it's been more than six months after conception, happy now?"

y'all really hate babies huh

b2c3f No.3112

File: 1560378662254.jpg (422.8 KB, 1200x1200, p.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

It's the woman's choice to have an abortion just like its a mans choice to get a vasectomy.

>Should either of these procedures be preformed?

Why not, we as a species have figured out how. There is no moral objective saying they shouldn't be.
>Do I like that they are?
What does it matter? Why should you or I get to have a say in what a woman who doesn't want to go through with a pregnancy gets to do with her body or again, a man who wants to have sex without fear of ever getting a woman pregnant want to do with their bodies? I have no right.
>How can I used a vasectomy as a comparison?
I use this example because you cannot justify one without the other. One is preventing the lives of countless unborn individuals from happening, one is only preventing one at a later stage in the whole process. A woman should be able to make the choice up until the point she is delivering the baby. Conception is not valid starting point, the only reason you'd think that is due to some religious bullshit. There is no other reason why you should logically think this. If you aren't okay with abortion, you shouldn't be okay with vasectomy's or birth control.

If you're pro-choice because of religion go fuck yourself. You should have been aborted. If for other reasons, take what I said into consideration; on what grounds do you have the right to tell somebody else what they do with their bodies?

784e1 No.3113

>One is preventing the lives of countless unborn individuals from happening
Check out this galaxy brain who actually genuinely unironically thinks every single sperm cell penetrates an egg. Millions of babies conceived each fuck. That's some Powerthirst shit.

b2c3f No.3114

>I do believe that a normal abortion should require the consent of both parents
Disagree entirely. Always the woman's choice.

b2c3f No.3115

Brainlet. It could be any one of the millions of sperm. You are robbing them all of the chance to even make it to the egg. That's no different that stopping the fetus that is already growing.

6b067 No.3117

Why do people still bother to argue in this thread?

c83e3 No.3118

Its 99.9% effective. Not having sex is 100% effective.

>People pushing this are against all forms of birth control
Name a GOP politician that wants to ban conceptives, iuds etc. 20 bucks says their a fringe loonie.

Its like saying prolifers want post birth abortions because thats a legitimate thing in the pro life movement.

6b067 No.3119

So any catholic or evangelical who follows doctrine and is a republican is all of a sudden a fringe loon?

a973b No.3120

File: 1560450938461.png (139.75 KB, 400x404, mein neger.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

f2095 No.3217

Trump 2020

f2095 No.3218

Vasectomy doesn't end a human life you intellectually dishonest asshole

88d8e No.3220

File: 1563224317110.jpeg (64.95 KB, 640x503, EC18A29F-C62B-4E8B-8C40-9….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>abortion is like a vasectomy
So this is the intelligence of pro choicers

c0a0c No.3221

That's the intelligence of 1 dude with one very odd line of reasoning. Calm the non-sequitur boner, homeslice.

87b22 No.3222

File: 1563230403154.jpeg (53.69 KB, 313x500, F1737B6B-6423-4276-A21F-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Everybody stop being bitches to each other or I’m gonna spoil Harry Potter and the half blood prince

8e360 No.3225

Snape m-pregnates Dumbledore.

b0c12 No.3234

I can see this get locked.

Off topic: Have a wonderful first manned lunar landing 50th anniversary weekend.

Think about we can go to the Moon. The earth is small. Life is short.

520c1 No.3235

I mean, evangelicals are basically fringe loons by default, so…

f2095 No.3236

Sounds like someone is on his knees sucking Dawkins dick all day :P

6b067 No.3237

No, evangelicals are crazy fanatics.

6d2f0 No.3238

Ye, Steven anderson has probably raped his wife since he believes a marriage means consent for life anyway so im not taking my morals from anyone like someone from the NIFB srry

65845 No.3239


But Dawkins isn't a Catholic priest?

65845 No.3240


>Anti-contraceptive people are fringe loonies

There's not enough space on this websites servers to explain what the Right has been up to since Phyllis schlafly so "you're retarded" will have to do

443d5 No.3241

Man, being a Catholic priest sounds like the best kind of life ever, hot women sucking your dick and then you die and go to heaven.

520c1 No.3242

Not really… guy's a bit of a cunt, honestly. More of a Hitchens fan, myself.

That doesn't change the fact that, by and large, evangelicals aren't playing with a full deck.

ebb04 No.3243

How did "little boys" get autocorrected to "hot women"?

443d5 No.3244

Oh, you were talking only about gay priests. Yeah, now that you mention it they seem disproportionately involved in pedophilia cases. Nevermind then, sorry.

cb911 No.3247

File: 1563972226900.jpg (23.37 KB, 480x267, artificial womb.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

This wouldn't even be a problem if we could just grow babies in bags.

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