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5ea25 No.2536

Friendly reminder to make your voice heard this Tuesday. Find your pro-life candidates here, and God bless!


47a76 No.2537

Why would you open a can of worms like this, and why would you ever think it’s your choice for what should happen to someone else’s body? What makes you think you know best?

c96e3 No.2538

File: 1541382986827.jpg (317.11 KB, 1280x720, Radical Right Annie.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb


This but unironically

c0a0c No.2539

don't boo, vote.

b3168 No.2541

Go fuck yourself

6b067 No.2542

But then how would I get a placenta handjob from my wife, if not from her recently aborted pregnancies? You already banned Planned Parenthood from selling them to me.

c0a0c No.2543


54d1c No.2544


e8afd No.2545

It's the Women's decision when to have children stfu

891de No.2546

Unless its porn, then its mandatory

eacd4 No.2547

Take your political shit out of here. This isn't the place to be posting that. Furthermore it irritates me when pro-life fucks like you think just cause its place about pregnancy that we're in support of pro-life lmao

21f29 No.2548

Delet this

87b22 No.2549

Mods delete this thread

0fd2f No.2550

Sometimes I wish Jesus was aborted so I wouldn't have to put up with this crap

fa62a No.2551

Pro-Life? Nah, Pro-Death is the way

e8afd No.2552

I'm wondering if this was just a troll to get us riled up or to see how we would react in general.

17fc3 No.2553

Is this the pinnacle of Trolling?

f910a No.2554

File: 1541553468936.jpg (94.14 KB, 1118x838, IMG_0878.JPG) ImgOps Google iqdb

87b22 No.2555

Mods. Guess your answer!
(A): He’s trolling
(B): He’s just a moron

6a20f No.2557

I'm pro 'what race is it?'

8f9d6 No.2558

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

821b2 No.2559

There are 7 billion people on planet Earth. Not every life is special. If they're not wanted get rid of them.

3242f No.2561

politics, religion and s-e-x : 3 things not to talk about.

but hey, this is a free country, feel free to speak your mind.


7f6b2 No.2901


fd6f0 No.2903

Who the fuck bases their political stances on their kinks? This does not belong here.

596d4 No.2904

File: 1557942492995.png (772.43 KB, 785x1292, MAGA Anne Frank.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>Who the fuck bases their political stances on their kinks?

I do

t. militantly far-right with a pregnancy fetish

c0a0c No.2905

there's Anne frank shit posts then there's Anne frank shit posts. That's a bit on the nose.

It gives away the game if you just put a maga hat on her. The goal is to get people angry because Confederacy + pregnant Anne frank = absurd. With that, you're just gaslighting anti trump people. You could post just the maga hat and get the same reaction. That's no fun.

0fd2f No.2912

You'd be surprised, most pro capitalist people are those who enjoy and wish to continue being a "bread winner" in their family

As for me I'm into impregnation but it doesn't do anything for me if she's tortured as an unwilling victim so I guess that's where I fall in

Most of this prolife stuff feels catered towards men who want to force their wives and girlfriends to bear their children and not really an all lives are sacred and should be protected kind of thing

9f2d3 No.2913

Oddly, women tend to be more pro life.

6b067 No.2914

I thought all of the polls showed it to be an even split.

c0a0c No.2915

yep, its even based on gender. Like most things in this world, it's really a spectrum. a large percentage of pro-life people are personal pro-lifers. ie: people who would never have an abortion themselves, but can't say they'd want abortions abolished. And many pro-choicers are people who find abortions after X amount of time to be immoral.

3c172 No.2916

have you heard of the heartbeat bill

d17e5 No.2917

Sorry, as much as I love pregnancy content, I'm pro-choice.

c0a0c No.2918

Those anti-abortion bills are sorta what got me to write that post. I really can't approve of them.

For my philosophy, I think basing it on when the heart starts pumping is about as intelligent as the Egyptians thinking the heart is where thoughts come from. The heart is a muscle, not the bloody neural center. It's no more philosophically significant than the lungs or pancreas. The philosophy that makes sense to me is when the brain starts developing consciousness, around 20-24 weeks. which, go figure, is the current limit and therefore too lenient for legislators who really just want to illegalize the practice entirely.

42717 No.2919

The real answer to the whole argument, however, is increasing availability/funding new types of contraceptives. If men could pay less than $100 a year for an impermanent contraceptives that isn't a damn piece of rubber, abortions wouldn't even be a thing anymore.

e1f59 No.2920

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.
I may have this fetish and have complicated feelings about pregnant women, and really enjoy the female form and my fantasies…but ultimately I do believe they have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and anything in them.
My girlfriend has even said that if I ever accidentally impregnated her before we’re married and financially able, it would be her course of action, and I’m fine with that.

6b067 No.2921

Outside of obvious extreme circumstances, I think that the decision should be made jointly by both the mother and father.

7e048 No.2922

I don't take suggestions from fascists, thanks

49675 No.2923


I agree with all of this. Look I think everyone here loves pregnant women, but I think it's important to treat all pregnant women like you would any other human being.

77c53 No.2932

Abortion porn is the best

1cced No.2935

I agree, I even made a thread about it. I think it got taken down though because of vanillafags

34914 No.2936

As someone who write stories about women, teenagers, and young girls being trapped with unwanted children and having their lives ruined by forced pregnancy and birth, many assume I'd be on the pro-life side. After all, it's those deliciously dark fantasies brought to life, right? Those poor dears screaming out a life ruiner they never consented to carrying, traumatized and shamed even if they put the kid up for adoption, only adding to the bloat of the child care system and being awful mothers~

But no. I've been furious this last month or so. I live in Ohio, the dumbass state that set this nightmare dystopia ball rolling. This shit right here is why I preach the line between fantasy and reality. Why I preach the value of healthy outlets and indulging in fantasy as needed to help cope, even for the most taboo, the most twisted, the most forbidden.

Because these monsters cowering behind bibles, putting tyrannical punishments to abortion and refusing to even offer pedophilia and rape exceptions? They don't use those healthy outlets. Too "proper", too "pious". Instead, knowing some 11-year-old child is going to be opening her skinny legs wide and screaming out her own little brother in real life is what makes them feel good. Knowing some 15-year-old is really going to be crying in her room, staring at a bump she hates because her boyfriend forced her to have sex and didn't pull out when he said he would. Knowing a potential rival or brilliant mind may be shackled to motherhood because her boss or co-worker raped a little life ruiner into her body that resulted in her essentially bring fired for getting knocked up.

It's not about religion or right and wrong or even children. It's about power. It's about forcing women into their "proper place" without changing wages or social structures to accommodate such a backwards worldview. It's about indulging a forced impregnation and birth fetish, wholly and unrestrainedly, even for children, while pretending to be on the moral high ground.

It's not pro life. It's forced birth. And it's wrong, to take the realm of dark fetish and make it real like this.

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