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File: 1457570565870.png (3.54 KB, 128x128, Abigail.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

9b343 No.33

Anyone else playing Stardew Valley? It's a pretty straight homage to Harvest Moon, but somehow manages to be better than every HM game I've ever played. Bought it on Saturday and have spent 40 out of the last 80 hours playing it.

Unfortunately, like all Harvest Moon games, it doesn't feature pregnancy. On the bright side, it does let you be gay (all the bachelors/bachelorettes are interested in you whether you're male or female), and even have kids in a gay couple (just without pregnancy)

Anyone else playing?

29cac No.35

I've sunk about 30 hours into it myself. Shame about the preg thing, although the dev has mentioned that expanding the marriage part of the game is on the top of his list.

47fb5 No.36

What system is it on? 3DS, Steam, something *else*?

Also, is there a cost?

f405e No.37

Steam, and last I checked either 14.99 or 19.99. I've been thinking about picking it up myself, as I'm a massive Harvest Moon/Rune Factory fan and it looks right up my alley.

9b343 No.38

There seem to be plenty of mods for the game already which makes me wonder if a pregnancy mod would be doable.

29cac No.39

It would be an interesting development, since the game foesnt really have a 'pregnancy state'. Kids just basically show up the day after you want one. I could probably edit some sprites to make a character look pregnant.

29cac No.40

File: 1457629548992.gif (51.92 KB, 400x365, abigail.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

9b343 No.41


Pixels have not made me this happy since I caught my first shiny pokemon.

29cac No.42

give me a day or so and I can probably make preg edits for all the female characters. Granted they will be forever pregnant since this is an art alteration and not a pregnancy gameplay mod. But it's certainly fun to look at.

7f0d1 No.43

that was the most annoying thing about Harvest Moon, too. You get married and then you get locked out of your house for a day. But before then it's business as usual, there is no variation at all.

9b343 No.44

>> Granted they will be forever pregnant

You call it a bug, I call it a feature.

I wonder if it'd be possible to tie it to the marriage or bouquet flag? Not that I'm asking, if you can *actually* get any sprite mods whatsoever into the game it'd more than make my day. What tools do you use for this sort of thing?

29cac No.45

Stardew Valley uses the .xnb file system to store it's sprite sheets (I'm not…technical enough to know why) basically I found an .xnb to .png converter that somebody linked on steam, opened them up in photoshop (or any art program I guess as long as it can do pixels) to edit them, and then I'm going to find a .png to .xnb converter and zip them up. WHen I'm done, all anyone else would need to do is go in their steamapps folder to find the Stardew Valley files, and go into Content and Characters and replace the games files. There aren't really any tools to use on your end, all you'll need to do is drag and drop (and backup the files incase you ever want to go back)

29cac No.46

Question though, which would you guys prefer, everyone to have bare bellies (like above) or clothed? Or maybe a mix depending on the characters personality? If so, who should go bare

e89bf No.47

So one can't mod the game logic itself?

29cac No.48

Oh you can. There's a ton of mods out already that do that, it's just out of my experience range.

9b343 No.50


Personally, bare belly for Abigail and clothed for Maru seems appropriate to me, but I don't have very strong feelings either way. I'd probably go by what seems appropriate for what they're wearing. Jeans and a tee? Bare belly. Overalls? Covered belly.

29cac No.51

File: 1457643009833.gif (51.7 KB, 400x409, marudress.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

Almost done with Maru's sprite sheet (big bellys in overalls Mmmm) but I took some time to animate her Spring dance sprites…which is gonna be..interesting. Might want to rename it a Spring Fertility Dance

9b343 No.52


Pretty sure those sprites are recycled for the wedding.

Dammit man, at this rate I'll be replaying the game just to marry huge Maru.

29cac No.53

File: 1457645899889.png (29.22 KB, 64x384, Maru2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Actually, there's two versions. The Spring Dance dress is slightly shorter. (havent finished the wedding one yet)

e1dc2 No.56

You sir, are a scholar and gentleman! Eagerly awaiting the mod.

b52c6 No.58

those are looking really good

9b343 No.59

Looking adorable! I might try and write a little Stardew fanfic to go with these.

I wonder about the possibility of modding the player character's sprite? I had a look at the sheet, though, and it looked pretty complicated (compared to the NPCs) Not even sure how the shirts work in relation to the body model. Definitely don't care about the player character as much as the NPCs, mostly just curious as to how the game builds up the character model.

cad0f No.60

> I might try and write a little Stardew fanfic to go with these.

Mmmm yes pls.

I also took a look at the player model. And I don't think it's currently possible. The clothing sprites are too densely packed onto their sheet to make any sort of bellies attached to them.

Also, I figured out how to alter dialog, so I'm gonna throw in some pregnancy related lines for everyone. Stuff like Abigail liking the summer rains because the water splashing against her belly makes her baby kick, Penny enjoying tutoring the kids because it will be good practice for when hers are bornn maybe Maru's dad being proud of how her daughter is popping out of all her overalls (she IS a daddys girl after all) etc etc And of course, altering the dialog for the spring dance to make it a straight up fertility festival *eyebrow wiggle*

cad0f No.61

File: 1457720166963.png (157.08 KB, 2592x1362, dialog.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Some samples

9b343 No.62


Hmm, still looking at the player model, there's an underlying sprite onto which the clothes are applied. I wonder if we were to edit the underlying model and then either replace one of the shirts with a wholly transparent block, or just make the bottom transparent, would this have the desired result? There are still an awful lot of frames on the player character sheet and I'm not altogether sure what most of them are for, but it seems this method might be possible?


Very cool. Are you using another mod for portraits already? Abigail and Maru don't look like the portraits I'm used to.

e1dc2 No.63

It's already on nexus. I like the lewd portraits, personally :D


e1dc2 No.64

cad0f No.65

I guess it would be possible to delete one of the shirt options and then make the base pregnant. But damn, that's a lot of base sprites to edit.


here's a walkthrough I've been using for modding if any of you guys are curious/want to try. I wish there was some sort of time editor mod that let you jump around the calender to check out events.

anyone have any dialog requests?

9b343 No.66



God I forgot how much Windows CMD sucks. A small tip, rather than opening a CMD and navigating to the Stardew Valley folder, you can shift-click the folder and get the "open command window here" option.

Happily unpacking now, think I will have a poke at some of the dialogue myself!

9b343 No.67

Ah, my suspicions confirmed. MarriageDialogue.yaml One set of dialogue for all possible spouses. How disappointing. But perhaps this gives a little more scope for some interesting mod work…

cad0f No.68


Actually, there's specific dialog for each spouse included in that one file. For instance, it's separated out into lines like 'outdoor' 'outdoor_maru' 'outdoor_abigail' etc

and thanks for the tip! That should make my job a lot easier. Word of warning though, something's bugged up my ambient lighting in the game. Trying to source what file might have changed it, and where it had anything to do with the unpacking/packing stuff. I might just pack it somewhere else and then move over specific files to avoid touching anything else

9b343 No.69


This has some relevant advice for anyone editing dialogue. In particular it explains some of the text codes, e.g. how to show happy/sad portraits.

c5a84 No.70

Yesss, love it when the ol' fetish manages to squirm its way into the games I'm interested in.

If any modders out there get to cracking pregnancy based dialogue/mods, might be neat to use this thread as a way for others to supply dialogue chains, sprite work, etc etc.

cad0f No.71

We could also start a chatgroup on whatever chat service is most popular. Might benefit from quicker file sharing and idea storming

9b343 No.72

Hurrah! Successfully modded some dialogue. Waifu Abigail now talks like she's huge and horny half the time.

Unfortunately it's a little difficult to see a lot of different spouse dialogue without just burning through the calendar. I wonder if there's a way to allow you to talk more in one day. Also I couldn't find the message that your spouse uses when they've watered crops / fed animals. Any idea where this is?

9b343 No.78

As promised: http://www.pregchan.com/c/res/4350.htm

(made the player character female 'cuz she is in my game. Called her "Jackie" since the protagonist in HM is "Jack", right?)

cad0f No.79

Awesome! I love it, and i love the idea behind it.

cad0f No.88

File: 1458005546294.png (26.37 KB, 500x317, ladies.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

fertility shrine working overtime

ef555 No.89


You're killin' me anon! I need this in my game.

Here's my own attempt at a dialogue mod. I've been running with this for several days in my game without encountering any issues, but if you're using it PLEASE BACKUP the files you're replacing and be warned. Instructions included inside:


This is dialogue ONLY, no sprites.

YML files included so you can see what I've changed.

Affects the dialogue for spouses, not unmarried girls. They'll talk about being pregnant a fair bit, and also have some hornier dialogue too. Finally, changed Abigail's dialogue when she receives a gift now so that she talks about being pregnant / cravings. Didn't do this for the other girls since Abigail is the only character who always eats whatever gifts she's given.

Would kind of like to go through all the NPCs (starting with the girls) and sort of write-in the setup of the fanfic, but not sure if I'll have time.

5e2ea No.90

Did anyone manage to complete a pregnant Abigale sprite at all? I'd love to download it!

5e2ea No.96

I'm going to try changing the bachelors to bachelorettes. I guess changing the dialogue, sprites, and the "male"/"female" option in the NPCDisposition.xnb file would be enough, but I'm going to have to test that. Can anyone currently confirm?

4ee65 No.97

Oh, as in genderswapping the male characters into chicks? A-And then getting them pregnant too?

This is relevant to my interests.

5e2ea No.98

:^) We have a similar view on the Stardew world. But alas I wasn't able to do it. If you edit the name in the 'NPCDispositions' file then it fails to detect any of the files, and nothing shows up. From what I've found it seems hard-coded into the game unfortunately :( Will keep trying though!

ef555 No.99


NPCDispositions, and other files, are arranged in key value pairs, i.e. for the "key" of Abigail, the "value" is "teen/rude/outgoing/neutral/female/datable/Sebastian/Town/fall 13/Caroline 'mom' Pierre 'dad'/SeedShop 1 9"

Changing the names here to change the names of the characters in the game is sort of like changing the address on your mail in the hopes that it'll change the address of your house. It won't, it just means the mailman won't be able to deliver your letters anymore, or in Stardew, the game won't be able to find the data for "Sebastian" because you've changed the disposition data to "Sara".

Sadly, though, you might be right about the names being hardcoded. Had a look through the unpacked files and couldn't find anything useful. What we're looking for is a display name distinct from the system name for the characters. If I spot one I'll give you a shout.

5e2ea No.100

Good way of putting it, didn't think of it like that.
A lot of data is hardcoded, I'm at least 90% sure of that. I tried messing around with the Spring13 event and tried to add my own character into the mix, but was unsuccessful. The roster of characters it has seems to be spawned into that event from something defined somewhere in the games internal files. I did find, however, changing the gender within the NPCDispositions file works, so you could replace Sam with a female sprite and different dialogue and it'd still work fine I guess! :P

ef555 No.101

Patch 1.06 today adds new unique dialogue for all spouses :D this does mean that any spouse dialogue mods are now out of date and won't work. Might write up something new for Abby after I've had some time to play with the patch.

ef555 No.102


This was linked off reddit which may be of some help, or maybe just some enjoyment:


Sadly not pixel art, but maybe still of use?

5e2ea No.103

I found a way to add an NPC, but I haven't experimented much as of late.
I am very much tempted to make a mod if I can make the NPC date-able, but a lot of people have really good dialogue changes and mods, and stuff, and I kinda dont want to tread on their turf.

4ee65 No.107

Never be afraid to create something. It's like if somebody was making a cake, and you made a cake, well now there is too cakes. You can't go wrong with cake.

In this case, the more mods the better!

5e2ea No.108

Oh good, then do I have good news for you! NPC tests work perfectly! It'd also not be out of the question to replace the male characters with female ones either, along with a few more NPCs.

I'll work on a mod which overhauls a few of the NPCs and makes things a little more interesting within the game. More likely than not I'll start my own thread to avoid clogging this one up.

f405e No.109

Speaking of mods, does anyone have and/or be willing to share the lewd portraits mentioned previously? I'd rather not have to buy a membership for NexusMods just for that one particular thing if I can avoid it.

4ee65 No.110

You might as well post in this one. A cluttered thread is better than a cluttered board. XD

26da2 No.111

Don't need to pay to get files for Nexus. Just need an e-mail address. Just get a 5-minute mail account and there you go.

29096 No.113

So, uh, any word here?

5e2ea No.116

I'm working on something which will add more of a fetishised background to the main 5 girls.

- Abigail will be pregnant due to a practice summoning ritual gone wrong
- Penny will have a huge belly button fetish (pregnancy not so much, but this is probably going to change)
- Haley will secretly wear an empathy belly (she will be caught by the player at some point),
- Maru will want to have children, but worries if she's up to the task.
- Leah will be neutral and say she's not into pregnancy at the start but further through the story she'll lighten up to the idea and start to embrace it.
- * she's a new character I'm planning to add who will act as Abigail's rival, the two are identical.

I'm working on Abigail right now, but I only plan to release when I have all the sections complete. Makes for a tidier mod.
(Also, just going to say that I have to release date as of yet.I'm working on this between work, and I have very little time.)

c5a84 No.117

Welp, I'm definitely getting this game once you release that mod xD

If you need help with dialogue filler / pixel art, drop a line here and I'm sure some of us can help out a bit.

And as always, at your own pace good anon :)

0b934 No.119

Quick question: how many of the young people in Stardew Valley have fathers? I was toying with the idea, for fanfic, that spontaneous pregnancy is common in the valley, and it got me to thinking about how many characters it could apply to. I haven't befriended a lot of the villagers, though, so it's possible many of them will specifically say "Oh my dad died" or whatever.

Abigail: Caroline is her mother, Pierre is her father, although there's some speculation in the community that Abigail is actually the daughter of Caroline and the Wizard.

Sebastian: Robin is his mother. Father unknown / never mentioned? (definitely not Demetrius)

Maru: Robin her her mother, Demetrius is her father.

Penny: Pam is her mother. Father unknown / never mentioned?

Jas: Parents deceased / unknown (she's the other target of Wizard speculation)

Alex: Mother deceased / father unknown

abd14 No.190

Anyone out there heard any more about this?

af8f5 No.192

I think i saw the ghost of this thread

dcf3f No.193

nexus is free moron

dcf3f No.194

i like when people abandon a mod and dont say anything or update anyone on it and leave people waiting to the point they get pissed and leave

540f5 No.195

I like it when people show up in a necro thread to bitch about it being dead and be assholes about four month old posts because they clearly have nothing better going on.

e8c3a No.206

I am the guy who said I was working on a mod here: >>116
Sorry, I've had no time since I made this post - as I feared - due to a personal life that doesn't stop giving. Unfortunately they took a higher priority than a mod for a game that I no longer feel 100% inspired by anymore.
Chances are I probably wont continue my mod, or what very little work I did for it months back. I highly doubt I was the only one working on a mod like this, so all I can say is be patient and don't be a dick. Good things come to those who wait.

280d8 No.207


Ahh shoot. Well, thanks for the update regardless! Do you think there's enough work you've done to post it up somewhere in the hopes that someone else might pick it back up?

e8c3a No.208

I can definitely look - but I don't think I did any art yet, just dialogue edits and mapping out. I know I've lost the map. Sorry :c

08430 No.432

1afe8 No.433

I was wondering if someone would not try tohave the spites bare stomach. And also i only have a mac(dont remind me how bad it is i know first hand) so it would be great if there could be a mac version of the mod

728fb No.633

Anyone still working on this?

0db8e No.978

Just found this thread…Any chance someone had finished something for this before it all died?

caebf No.1070

looked promising :(

bcd8e No.1831

I am the OP of this mod (not the thread or the pre-posted sprites). I still have the assets so I’ll whip something up sometime later this month.

0db8e No.1832

Can't wait to see it!

a6c22 No.1865

I must know why Emily is always left out when these mods are made. do people really not like emily that much? I like the short haircut style and considering she is into all that stupid crystal stuff it wouldn't be hard to make a pregnancy fetish background for her. She also takes care of a parrot that was injured and this could awaken some kind of maternal instinct in her too, she also had a dream that your character and her would be together so there's that as well. She also makes clothes and is a good homemaker.

28dd4 No.1868


Emily and Sean were not marriage candidates in the original release of the game (1.0), but were made romanceable in patch 1.1. A lot of these mods and conversations took place during patch 1.0, so there was no thought of adding pregnancy stuff to a character who cannot be romanced. Hope that answers your question, it's not that anyone has it in for her!

57df7 No.2571

It's giving me a 404 not found error when I open the link.

57df7 No.2572

That looks really good! Do you have anymore of that? I would like to make a pregnancy mod and those sprites would look great when the girls are in their third trimester of pregnancy!

0fdd1 No.2718

File: 1551848538071-0.png (15.58 KB, 64x416, Abigail.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1551848538071-1.png (38.92 KB, 64x416, jiggly.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

soooooo it seems all the mods I could find are dead/ didn't work when used. And for some godamn reason I wanted them to, to the point that I made them myself. I didn't mean to wind up creating a mod for stardew…. yet here I am. Not gonna do more than this. the only special scene I did was the wedding. the flower dance can eat dick. Also, I'm just doing abigail.


all you gotta do is go into normal (or the other file, which I think looks odd in motion, but I figure people might prefer it) take the xnb file, then…

go to Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\Characters

and replace abigail's xnb with this one.

be sure to save a copy of the original xnb, in case of fuckery. Also, be aware that xnb replacement has a veeeery unlikely chance of killing a save file, so back them bois up too

e12bf No.2719


0fdd1 No.2724

File: 1552428098384.gif (460.52 KB, 220x172, tenor (1).gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

e12bf No.2726

Yeah, so as it turns out, I'm making a pregnancy mod for Stardew, and that's exactly what I needed. Thanks. (If I could get the rest that would be AWESOME.)

671b2 No.3171

Hey Stardew Valley fans (who also have a pregnancy fetish), I've been thinking about making a Stardew Valley Pregnancy Mod (working title) Discord server. Thoughts? (If you want to moderate, or have questions regarding my mod or its progress, contact me on Discord by sending me a friend request @Hotmud9#4382.)

9dadb No.3733

With the big new update I was wondering if there was renewed interest in all of this?

53a7c No.3735

I was working on something once, but I’ve since dropped it to work on other things.

However it seems like something you could kinda easily accomplish through SMAPI by finding the function that controls “pregnancy” and baby delivery and connecting it to a return statement. That return statement would then kickstart an in-game timer to countdown the days of the pregnancy and change the sprite accordingly, maybe even the text the characters could display.
…in theory, anyway. I’m no C# expert and my knowledge of SMAPI is kind of old these days.

0f081 No.4174


0f081 No.4175

I think I'm actually going to finish this mod, after several years of procrastination.

0f081 No.4177

So, an update: YUP, I'VE ACTUALLY FUCKING DONE IT. I've managed to write up code that changes your spouse's sprite to where she is pregnant, and also changes their dialogue, provided they are a female. If it gets enough requests, I'll add support for the gender-bent males, but for now, it isn't on the top of the list.

da00b No.4180

Fuckin' legend, you are.

0f081 No.4219

Thank you!

0f081 No.4220

Now, while I have gotten the code to work, I still need spritesheets. I really like >>53 and >>2718, but alas, they are outdated. Not only that, but I still need spritesheets for Maru (Clinic), Leah, Penny, Emily, and Haley. (I'd make them myself but I suck ass at sprite editing.) I also need separate modded marriage dialogue for each of the bachelorettes, as the one >>89 posted is also outdated, as it doesn't feature Emily or Shane. (I also kinda suck at coming up with creative dialogue on my own.)

5c2e6 No.5028

not to necro this thread or w/e but how is the mod going? There's a person working on a pregnancy mod on Nexus who seems to be doing a pretty good job with dialogue and event scripting, but they sound like they need help with exactly what Hotmud9 has figured out. mod is pretty cute, and with sprites made by some of the talented people in this community and programming by hotmud like… it could totally be done. the mod on nexus is called 'pregnancy events'. its so cute!

85d45 No.5834

I'm glad you asked! I have no idea that someone else had a similar idea, but I think this might cause problems in the future. As for the mod I'm working on, I've got a few spriters and writers that are currently busy, but it's making progress!

85d45 No.5835

Another thing I should mention is that now I'm working on a Starbound Pregnancy mod! (It uses pills, not actual sex) It's actually mostly complete, but I have a coding issue that I need help getting around, as well as a few sprites, but other than that, it's pretty much done!

bb255 No.5905

How's it looking? And how are you planning on doing it?

85d45 No.5916

It's looking good, so far! As for your second question, what are you referring to?

dfbb3 No.5917

I think he meant to say "How does it work?" Like what happens during the pregnancy and such. Also, do you think we could get a preview on what it looks like? If it's to early to get one that's fine. Take your time!

9ba20 No.5920

Stupid question, where do I find your Stardew mod hotmud9? Someone else mentioned an additional detailed Stardew pregnancy mod on nexus as well, but the only ones I can find are "pregnancy roles" and "pregnancy and birth events" is that second one yours?

85d45 No.6034

No, it isn't. I talked to them about it, but they didn't really seem to want to work together, and they didn't steal the assets that I had. As for a download, it's still a WIP, but I am part of a Discord server for it (as well as several other games and mods) here: https://discord.gg/5FnP2Cc

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