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ca8d9 No.3312

So I posted a couple short stories in /R/, about pregnancy involving mpreg and trans people, mostly to spite transphobic assholes, but it turned out that a few people really seemed to like it. So I decided to make my own thread.

I'll repost edited versions of the first three parts here later, and then start posting new stories as I make them.

These are gonna mostly involve mpreg and/or trans people pregnancies, cause that's what I feel like writing at this point in my life.

Let's start with a new one, though.

- - -

High school has been the best years of your life, you've always been the top of the food chain. Everyone knows that Chad rules the school. Being the best athlete your high school has ever seen is a big part of that, you're the star player of the football team and you've lead your boys to dozens and dozens of victories. You've already got college talent scouts calling your house.

Your life is perfect and you can have anything you want in the world.

You've had your way with any girl you want, except one.

Chrissy is the captain of the cheer squad. And she is so hot. She's the perfect girl, the hottest girl, just the right girl for you. Long blonde hair, perfect breasts, perfect ass. Just curvy enough without being a fatass. You've had your eye on her amazing body for a real long time.
Even thinking about her right now makes you hard. You'd do anything to get a piece.

But Chrissy never gave you the time of day…until just a couple weeks ago when she asked you to prom, can you believe it? What kind of crazy girl asks a guy to prom? Whatever. It doesn't matter. You're gonna give her the time of her life at prom, then dick her down all night long until you're satisfied.

You rented a limo to pick her up, why not? You've got the money to spend to make this night special. You're dressed up slick as fuck and when you get to her place, she looks amazing.
"Hi Chad! I've been looking forward to this for a while. Are we going to have a lot of fun tonight?"
"Oh, we'll have a night you'll never forget."

She smirks and climbs into the back of the limo.
"Oh, I promise, baby."

The prom itself is nothing too impressive, dumb music, dumb speeches, dumb dancing. You watched one of your buddies spike the punch and you had a few drinks. So you've got a good buzz going on. They finally get to the announcement of prom king and prom queen.
It's you and Chrissy. Huge suprise. You go on stage, smile for the assembled losers there to congratulate the both of you. You put on the dumb crown, but everyone claps for you, so that's cool.

When the prom eventually winds down, you lead Chrissy back to the limo. She seems pretty excited.
"I've got a hotel room already reserved for us, Chad."
"Haha, I like a girl who's prepared. Just tell the driver where to go and then we can have some real fun."
"Really? I hope you've got something special in mind."
"Oh yeah. I got big plans for us. Real big, baby."
"I promise. Totally."

You get back to the hotel room, it's real fancy and there's a big bed just waiting to get used all night.
Chrissy is already stripping. Damn, this girl must be hornier than you thought. This is gonna be fun.
You quickly take off your tux. She's laying back on the bed, wearing absolutely nothing.

She is so fucking hot, even more gorgeous with her clothes off. This is gonna be the best night of your life. You get on the bed and go to kiss her, but she stops you.
"Wait, Chad. Did you bring any protection?"
"We don't need that, Chrissy baby. We're just gonna have a good time."
"I don't know. I always heard that kids get pregnant the first time they do it."
"Don't worry about that, I won't knock you up."
"So…you think that I won't get knocked up?"
"No way. Let's just focus on having fun together."
"So you promise that I won't get pregnant?"
"I promise, baby girl."
"If you say so…now get over here and fuck me."

The sex is amazing, the best you ever had. It feels so good to finnaly fuck Chrissy, this hot bitch that you've wanted to get a piece of for years. Who the fuck cares if she gets knocked up? She'd make a hot-ass milf, and she'd probably let you fuck her even more then. You two fuck, hard. You dick her down good and she's really into it, she loves your cock and you make her cum a few times, you totally get off hearing her scream and her tight pussy drains you for all your worth.

She wants to cuddle after, but you're feeling tired. Whatever, you'll let her spoon you until you pass out, you're feeling kinda weird, though. Maybe had too much spiked punch. Doesn't matter.
Chrissy snuggles up close to you.
"How do you feel after finally getting to fuck me, Chad? I know you've been wanting to for years."
"The sex was totally awesome, but I feel weird. Uh, bloated like gas? A little sick to my stomach."
"That's totally normal for someone in your condition."

That's a weird thing to say. You look back at her and say the only thing that comes to mind.
"Don't worry too much about it, mister star quarterback."

You're confused, but quickly distracted. The bloated feeling gets worse, pressure is starting to build.
You look down at your stomach and it's swollen out a bit.
"What the fuck? That's weird…"
As you're looking at your stomach, it starts to swell out a bit more as the pressure builds.
"What the fuck is happening?! My stomach is growing?"

You sit up and put your hands on your belly, which is still growing out and getting bigger and bigger, you look back to Chrissy.
"Did you do something to me? Am I getting fat or something?"
"Wellllll….Baby fat maybe."
"You've got a baby in there. You're pregnant, Chad!"
"Are you fucking with me?"
"We had sex without protection, and now you're pregnant with my baby."

She reaches over and starts to rub your belly. Your skin is stretched tight and her gentle hand feels kinda nice.
"Oooh, you look really cute with a baby bump, Chad."
"Oh god, there's no way this is happening…I miss my perfect abs!"
She smirks deviously.
"I like you this way, you're my own big pregnant quarterback!"

Your belly just keeps getting bigger and bigger. There's no way this is real.
You don't believe it, it's some kind of a trick or a prank, maybe a dream?
Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted as something starts moving inside your belly.
"Oh god, I can feel something moving! Is that a baby…I really AM pregnant, aren't I?!"
"Absolutely! I knocked you up with my baby, now you're a pregnant daddy-to-be, Chad. And I get to just sit back and watch the whole thing."
"I always heard about pregnant teens, but I never knew I'd be one!"

Your belly keeps getting bigger and bigger, is it ever going to stop swelling?
"How am I gonna play in the big game with a giant pregnant belly?!"
"Don't worry about that, you're gonna give birth before that happens. Tonight, probably."
"Oh god! I'm gonna have to give birth to a baby? Oh god I'm gonna have a prom night baby!"
"We've still got some time before that happens, though. I'm gonna enjoy looking at your cute pregnant belly a while longer."
"Shit, are you getting off on this? This giant belly turns you on?"
"Well, I think it's pretty exciting. You wanted to fuck me for so long, thinking you're the big, strong alpha male, but you ended up being MY pregnant bitch."
She smirks devilishly.

She starts to rub your belly again, it's so swollen and sensetive, it feels really good when she rubs it.
You kinda like the extra attention she's giving you. Without even realizing it, your dick is rock hard.
Oh god, you've got a boner from being the cheer captain's knocked up bitch!

Chrissy, the prom queen, is still rubbing your big pregnant belly, but she moves her other hand to your hard cock and starts to jerk you off. It feels so fucking good to get some relief.
"We've got some time before you go into labor, how about we have some fun?"
"You really want to fuck me like this? A pregnant guy?"
"Seeing the star quarterback, pregnant with my baby? It gets me hot. Especially that big bump."
"Oh god this whole thing is making me so horny too and I don't even know why, I need to get off!"
"A big, strong man like you, knocked up with my baby. It's so sexy."
"Just tell me what you want me to do, Chrissy, and I'll do it!"
"As of right now, you're my personal pregnant bitch, Chad. I'm the prom queen, so why don't you call me queen? I'm gonna fuck you so hard and you better not dissapoint !"
"I wont, Queen Chrissy! I'll do anything you want! I'm so horny, I just need some relief!"

She grins
"I promise!"
"Now, lay back and I'll do all the work."

You lay back on the bed, your huge, swollen pregnant belly and erect dick exposed for anyone to see. Chrissy gets on top of you, straddling you and sliding down onto your cock. She rides your pregnant cock cowgirl style, she's riding you so hard, the sex is even better than before, you never imagined it before but it feels amazing to fuck while pregnant.

She screams in pleasure, climaxing first, but that doesn't even slow her down, she goes at you even harder, you cum in her almost immediately after, but she still wants more.
Queen Chrissy isn't going to let you go until she's finally satisfied.

Eventually, after what seems like forever, she stops and lets you rest, you're totally exhausted and more than a bit sore. You don't even know how many times you came.
Queen Chrissy wraps herself around you, well, the best that she can with your huge belly in the way.

What else could even happen tonight. You got to have sex with the woman of your dreams, but you're the one that got pregnant, and then she fucked your brains out again. You went from being the star quarterback and prom king to being the prom queen's pregnant bitch all in one night.

She's rubbing your belly again, and it's so tight and sensetive that her soft hands feel amazing as they caress your big swollen baby bump. You can feel the baby that the cheer captain put in you moving inside you.
"Chrissy, I gotta say…I think I'm starting to like this."
"That's good, I've been having the time of my life tonight. And you kept all your promises to me."
"Uh, I'm glad I guess?"
"Oh, you should be glad. But you need to be ready for what's coming next."
"What? What's coming next?"

Suddenly, you start to feel some pain and pressure from inside your belly.
"Shit! What's happening?!"
"Every pregnancy has to end, eventually."
The pain increases.
"FUCK! Tell me!"
"You're going to deliver our baby. Right now."
"Ohhhh fuck! You mean I'm going into labor?!"

You feel warm liquid between your legs and hear a splash of water.
"Oh god, my water broke. It's happening right now!"

More contractions keep happening. The pressure and pain are getting worse, the contractions get closer and closer together. You're dripping with sweat. Your breathing is heavy and pained, it turns from panting to gasping, and then from gasping to screaming, this is the hardest pain you've ever felt. You never imagined you'd be giving birth, but it's just as intense as you've ever heard it was.

You can feel the instinct telling your body to push, Chrissy is doing whatever she can, she's ready to help you deliver the baby.
"Hnnn…hnnn…Oh GOD it feels like I'm pushing out a whole football! A BIG one!"
"Don't worry, Chad. Soon you'll deliver our baby and you can rest."
"OH GOD IT HURTS! Do you promise it'll be okay?!"
"I Promise."

Oh fuck this too much, you thought you were sore when Chrissy rode your pregnant cock until it was raw, but this is so much more intense. The contractions keep coming, and all you can go is gasp for air and scream as you feel the baby coming.
"I can't do this! It hurts too much!"
"I'm dissapointed, Chad. You're a big, strong man. You can give birth to a little baby, can't you?"
"You're…hnnnn…right! I can do this! If I can win the big game, I can deal with giving birth!"

Chrissy squeezes your hand, at least you have someone here and don't have to do this alone.
"It's almost here! I can see it crowning!"
"You can do it, Chad!"

You keep pushing, and keep pushing for what seems like forever. All you can do is scream your lungs out from the pain. But finally, the pain is over, and everything is quiet as you catch your breath. The silence is suddenly broken as you hear a baby start crying.
"It's a boy, Chad! You gave birth to our son! He looks so healthy and strong, just like his daddy!"
"A son? Huff…wow. That's so cool…I…huff…I just hope he likes football."

You're totally spent. You thought the championship game would be the most memorable night of your life, but this was all so fucking wild. A bunch of sex with the cheer captain, a whole pregnancy, even more sex and then giving birth to her baby all in one night.
You're more tired and sore than after any football game you've ever played in your whole life.
Right now, you just want to sleep for like a whole fucking week.

You're trying to relax so you can rest. Your newborn son is sleeping peacefully nearby. Chrissy cuddles up with you in bed, wrapping her arms around you and making you the little spoon again.
"So Chad…what have you got planned for our second date?"

ce690 No.3313

Come on, everbody knows that the hot blonde captain of the cheer team is Stacy.

I'm not a fan of rapid pregnancy, but the writing is fine.

ca8d9 No.3314


9e05c No.3315

Wow! Really well done.

ca8d9 No.3316


Not sure when I'll make another, but I'm open to all suggestions.

ca8d9 No.3321

Okay, this next one is a remake of the first one I posted. But extended and fleshed out, plus a new things made more explicit.

(If mpreg or transwomen don't excite you, the next story I have planned is two cis women)

- - -

Lavinia was just a lonely woman, hoping to find the right person. Everything changes when Ruby, an amazing woman with vibrant hair to match her name, strolls into her life and turns Lavinia's world upside down with one big surprise.

- - -

You couldn't stand another night at home by yourself, so it was time for a trip to the bar. You didn't really expect to meet anyone, but it was nice to be out around people. It's been a few years since you became Lavinia, and most of your friendships weren't too disrupted by the changes, took some time for a couple people to get the name right, but everything had smoothed out by now.

Your dating life however…not so smooth. There had been a few people, but no relationships that really lasted. You just wanted to find the right person and settle down, raise a family together.
You want children so desperately, you especially wish you could bear a child of your own, but you know that was impossible. But that didn't stop you from pretending with a pillow sometimes.

The bar is pretty empty tonight, odd for this time of night, but it doesn't much matter to you. The quiet scene was disrupted when an angel walked into the room. She's the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your entire life, with flowing red hair, a body to die for and eyes you could get lost in forever. You can't help but to stare at this vision before you.

She sits alone at the bar. And you, for what it's worth, have had just enough liquor to be brave. Or stupid. Probably both. You go to the bar and sit down next to her.
She's even hotter up close, she's intimidating but you just know you've got to try it.

"Hi! I'm Lavinia, can I buy you a drink?"
She looks you over and smiles gently.
"Absolutely. I'm in the mood for something stiff. I'll take a manhattan."
You order the drink for her and she gestures for you to sit down.
"Ruby." She extends a hand, you take it.
"Ruby…It's lovely to meet you." "You too, Lavinia."
There's something electric in the air as you talk to her, you can feel the sparks.

As you two get to talking, you hit it off. She says she's new to the area, but she seems very interested in getting to know you. You've got a lot of shared interests, it turns out. She doesn't even seem to care that you're trans. You talk for what seems like hours.
You think you might've found someone really special.
The conversation even starts to get a bit intimate as the bar starts to close up for the night.

Ruby leans in a bit closer "Can I ask you something personal, Lavinia?"
You're falling hard for this woman and at this point, you'd do anything the angel asked you.
"Anything, Ruby." "What do you think of children?" "Oh, I love kids. I wish I could have my own."
"Me too. I just need to find the right person." "Exactly! That's just how I feel."
"Can I ask you something else?" "Sure." "Want to come back to my place?" "Absolutely."

The ride back to her place passes in a blur, you can barely keep your hands off each other.

Once you arrive and get inside, you're both stripping as you make your way upstairs.
Her lips against yours make you practically melt, you're ready for this woman right now.

The experience you have together is incredible, better than anything you've had before. She does things to you that you never even imagined. You didn't even know it could be this good with anyone. But it's more than that, Ruby makes you feel beautiful and wanted in ways you can barely even explain.

You're cuddled close together, having worn each other out, basking in the afterglow.
You feel warm and whole, almost…full. You can't quite describe it, but you definitely like it.

Ruby has her arms wrapped around you, and she kisses the back of your neck.
"Lavninia? I need to ask you about something."
"What is it?"
"Earlier, when I asked you if you wanted children, did you really mean it when you said yes?"
You trust her enough to reveal one of your deepest, most personal desires.
"Yes…absolutely. To be honest…I've always wished I could get pregnant and have my own baby."
"Oh, I knew you were the right person."
"I think I feel the same about you, Ruby."
"How would you feel about having a baby…right now?"

You snort and laugh, what in the world is she talking about. That's silly. But your thoughts are interrupted by a strange sensation. A sort of pressure, building up deep inside you. That full feeling increasing. You look down, and your stomach looks a little bit larger. It even seems to be getting larger as you look at it. You reach down and put your hands on it, you can feel your belly swelling.
"Ruby?! Something's happening to me!"
"I know, my darling."
"What?! What's going on?"
"I told you. Dear, sweet Lavinia. We're going to have a baby. Right now."

Your belly is getting bigger by the minute, swelling more and more. This is impossible.
She can't be telling the truth. There's no way this could happen, and not so fast if it did!
"Ruby, there's no way this is real. How did it happen?"
She laughs a bit and snuggles up closer to you.
"When two people love each other very much…and then fuck like rabbits, someone usually ends up pregnant."
"I know that! But how could this happen? We barely just had sex, and my belly looks like I'm three or four months pregnant, and it's getting bigger!"
She puts her hands on your steadily growing stomach, rubbing it gently.
"With true love, miracles happen."

Her hands are so soft, and your belly is so sensitive from all this growing and stretching,
it feels so nice to be touched like this, but you still don't quite believe that you could be pregnant.

You sigh wistfully, smiling a sad smile and rubbing your belly.
"This is just a dream, it has to be. I met the most beautiful woman in the world, we had mindblowing sex and she got me pregnant with her baby? No way. I'm just going to wake up in bed tomorrow, alone. Probably with a hangover."
After all, whoever heard of a pregnant trans woman? Nobody. It's just a fantasy.

And then you feel something. Is that…movement? Something is moving inside your belly!
"Ruby, did you feel that?!"
"I did, it's our baby kicking for the first time. Still think it's a dream?"
"It's a baby! I really am pregnant! You got me pregnant! I'm going to have your baby, Ruby!"
"Our baby, Lavinia. We made this baby together."

This is just what you've always wanted, it feels amazing. Better than you could've even dreamed.
Your belly is even bigger now, and it's so sensitive. Ruby gently rubbing your pregnant belly feels so nice, and being so close to this beautiful woman touching your body feels amazing.
You love being pregnant, all this emotion and stimulation has got you rock hard.

Ruby is still rubbing your belly, as it gets even bigger and bigger. You stare at your pregnant belly in amazement, it's so big that you could be six or even seven months along now. One of her hands slides down and finds it's way to your cock, she gently strokes your length.
Your entire body is so sensitive right now, you can't help but shudder.

"You're so beautiful, Lavinia. Especially with that cute big baby bump."
"Do you really think so? I've always fantasized about being pregnant, my whole life."
"Absolutely. I knew I found the right woman to bear my child."
"Thank you so much, Ruby. This is everything I've ever wanted. Please, tell me there's something I can do for you in return."
"Okay, well. There is just one thing."
"Name it, I'll do anything for you. Anything you want and I'll make it happen!"
She grins "Well…I've always wanted to have wild sex with a super cute pregnant chick."
"I'll just have to go find one for you, I guess."

It's a dumb joke, but you both laugh.
"I don't know where I'd go to find one this late at night, I could go trawl some maternity wards…"
"Oh stop it! You're the one I want! My beautiful, pregnant Lavinia. Pregnant with our baby."

You put a hand on your big, swollen, very pregnant belly.
"We might have to get…creative with positions."
"I'm willing to get very experimental."

You re-position on the bed, kissing each other deeply. You thought Ruby was done for the night, but she seems to have renewed vigor, enthralled by your pregnant belly. She lavishes even more attention and affection on you. The pregnancy makes everything better, especially the sex.
You manage to find some innovative and very pleasurable positioning and you both have a very, very good time. You've never felt this amazing, this is everything you ever wanted and more,
you wish that you could just be Ruby's pregnant love slave for the rest of your life.

You settle back into snuggling together, Ruby's face pressed against your belly, even bigger now than before. You can feel the baby moving, and so can she. You're both thrilled with every kick.
"Ruby, the baby is getting really active…"
"I know, my dear. That just means it's almost time."
"Time? Time for what?"

Suddenly, you feel water running between your legs, and hear it splash on the floor.
"Ruby! What's happening?"
"It's labor. You're about to give birth to our baby."
"B-birth? Right now? This soon? I don't know if I can…"
"I'm here with you, we can do it together."

You feel pressure building, and then the first contraction hits you.
"Hnn, Ruby! I can feel the baby coming!"
"Don't worry, let me take care of everything."

Ruby leans in and kisses you deeply, everything starts to become a soft haze. You can feel the contractions and the pressure as they get closer together, but you barely feel any pain at all.
The pressure intensifies, but it doesn't bother you. Just knowing your hear with your beloved Ruby, and that soon you'll be a mother, those things are enough to give you comfort.

The pressure and pain finally reach a peak, but suddenly stop. You barely notice in your dazed state, but suddenly your shook back to your senses as you hear a baby start to cry.

You look up, and your lover is holding a newborn baby.
"Ruby? Is that our baby?"
"Yes! Lavinia, you gave birth to a girl. You delivered our beautiful daughter!"
The baby has vibrant red hair, and striking eyes. She looks so much like her mother.

Ruby wraps the baby up in a blanket and cuddles up with the two of you on the bed.
"Let's go to sleep…all three of us need our rest."
"Of course…I'm exhausted. I can't believe I got pregnant, for real, and then gave birth in the same night. I need a long weekend of sleep and junk food to recover from this."
"Mmm…sounds nice. But what about after that?"
"I don't know, did you have something in mind, Ruby?"

She kisses you and a sultry grin crawls across her face.
"Let's try for twins next time."

acc23 No.3337

You should set up on DA or something! These stories deserve to be someplace a lot less ephemeral than an imageboard.

ca8d9 No.3339


I put them on DA and FA, too. I just crosspost them here cause it's the first place I got a good reaction.

Just look for "Chad and Chrissy" or "Lavinia and Ruby", you'll find them.

ca8d9 No.3342

New story! It's the return of Chrissy, but she seems to have taken an interest in someone new.

- - -

Eugene is a nobody at school, hasn't had much good fortune in terms of romance.
But the head cheerleader, Chrissy, seems to have plans for him tonight.
Big plans.

- - -

High school sucks. You've always been the bottom of the food chain. Everyone knows that Eugene is a loser. You've got a few friends, but you've barely gone on a couple dates, and those both went nowhere fast. Sure, class is easy, and you're in a couple fun clubs, but your social life barely exists. You a lot of your time alone, thinking about the hot girls…and guys…from media you like.

You do a little bit of creative stuff, mostly just running RPGs for the gaming club.
You've actually got a cool new idea based on your favorite movie series, Wasp Women of Vesper-Nu. It's gonna be a great challenge for your players. Dare they enter your Magical Realm?
At least school is over for the day, you can't wait to get home to design the session.

You're walking outside, and you see someone walking towards you. It's Chrissy, the cheer captain. She's amazingly hot, shiny blonde hair, the greatest tits and ass that you've seen. Well, in real life anyway. You better not stare, though, you don't want her to think you're a creep, she obviously wants nothing to do with you. You've spoken a few times, usually when she needs a favor. Besides, last you heard she was spending a lot of time with Chad. Oh god, she's still coming this way.

"Hi, Eugene."
"Oh, uh, Hi Chrissy."

She puts a hand on your shoulder
"Why don't you tell me what you're doing tonight?"
"Well…uh, I had something to take care of, did you need a favor?"
"Kinda. I was hoping to get your help with something. Can we go get some bubble tea? My treat."
"I guess so. I can do my thing later. Where do you want to meet up?"
"Oh, no. I'll do the driving tonight. We're both done with class, we can go right away."
"Uh, yeah. That sounds kinda nice."

Chrissy takes you to her car and you leave together. She's got a really nice car, she's so lucky, she's probably used to getting anything she wants. She takes you to an upscale drink shop. Ritzy.

You don't really know what she wants from you, but you get the feeling she's gonna get it tonight.

You go inside, she lets you order anything you want, you chat for a bit. You don't have a lot in common, but it turns out you watch a few of the same TV shows. You try not to gush about your favorite stuff, but you manage to do it anyway. Eventually conversation drifts to the favor.

"So, Eugene…About the reason I wanted to talk to you."
"Yeah, Chrissy?"
"Well…I'll be honest, I've always thought you were kinda cute."

You choke and sputter on your bubble tea.

"I mean it. You've got a nice face, and those thick-rimmed glasses frame it well. Besides, you've got a fun personality. I thought you might be interested in…having some fun…together. Tonight."
"Wait, wait wait. You're into me? Like, aren't you and Chad a thing?"
"Not exclusively. We're close, yeah, but I still do whatever I want. And right now, I want you."

You just kind of stare blankly. One of the hottest girls you've ever seen, the sexiest woman who's ever even talked to you…and she asked you out…and said she liked you…you're on a date.
You're on a date with Chrissy.
This is not real. You've finally lost it, you're trapped in some kind of crazy fantasy world.
Too much anime and jerking off, just like everyone always warned you.
Might as well just go with it. Maybe next Jasmine Jacobs is gonna show up in a wasp woman outfit.

"Eugene? You went quiet."
"Oh, uh, sorry, this is just, uh, a surprise."
She leans in with a wicked grin.
"I've got plenty of surprises in store for you tonight."
Your face is probably red as a fucking cherry.
"Y-yeah! Sure, I'm down for whatever."
"Let's finish our drinks, then how about I take you home for some…fun?"
"Yeah okay!"
"I didn't think you could get much cuter, but look cute when you're blushing, Eugene.
Don't worry, I'm going to be gentle with you. The first time."

You quickly finish up your tea, and Chrissy leads you back to her car, driving off to her place.
It's obvious who's in charge here, but you're not complaining.

When you get to Chrissy's house, she quickly leads you upstairs to her room.
The bed is pretty big and comfortable looking, but you're quickly distracted as Chrissy already has her top off.
"I told you what I brought you here for. And I'm not in a mood to wait. I want you naked on the bed right now."
"I, uh, it's just…I never…"
"Don't worry, nature will take it's course."
"I didn't even bring a condom…"
"Oh, I am 100% not worried about me being to the one to get pregnant."
That's…a weird way to phrase that.
"Oh, well, really?"
"Absolutely. Now I already told you to strip. I won't say it again."

As you take your clothes off, you get a good look at Chrissy's body. It's even more amazing than you thought. Hair cascading down her shoulders, firm breasts, perfectly shaped hips, an ass that just won't quit, and you can't wait to find out what that pussy is like. Your dick is rock hard and ready.
"You're…so beautiful."
"And you were hiding a lot from me. You don't look too bad with your clothes off, either."

You sit down on the bed, not sure what comes next.
"So…how do we..start…"
"We start with this."
She gently starts stroking your erect cock, this is the first time anyone's ever touched it before.
"Oh! Chrissy!"
"This isn't bad at all, I think you've even got an inch or two on Chad. I'm gonna enjoy this."
"That feels so good…"
"Just lie back and I'll take over."

As soon as you're on your back, Chrissy is on top of you, sliding her pussy down over your dick, and she starts riding you. You can't describe the feeling, it's better than anything you've ever felt. Nothing like jerking off, it's like, magical. She moans, enjoying every inch of your cock, and you can barely hold it back. You don't last long before you scream, blowing a load in Chrissy.
"Mmm…not bad…but we're only getting started."
"Hnnn…oh god, oh god."

Your dick is so sensitive after cumming, but she's still riding it. She's treating it rougher than you ever have, but it still feels so good that it almost hurts, Chrissy screams as she climaxes for the first time, still not releasing you until she's had her fill.

She finally lets you rest, climbing off you and laying down on the bed next to you, she starts to play with your hair.
"So, how was that for your first time?"
"That was fucking…magical…I've never felt anything like it. It was better than just cumming, there was something special that I can't even describe. You made me feel really…special."
"I'm glad I could show you such a good time, Eugene…"
"Uh, did you enjoy it, Chrissy?"
"Oh, I really did. You're pretty good for a first timer. But my favorite part is what comes next."
"Huh? What's happening next?"

She puts a hand on your stomach, smiling deviously.
"Just relax for now…it'll happen soon enough."
"You're being kinda…weird…"

Soon you're distracted as you feel something deep inside your body, it starts with a warm, full sensation, then turns into a pressure that starts increasing, you feel really bloated.
You look down and your stomach is starting to swell out, under Chrissy's hand.
"Chrissy? Something's happening? My stomach…"
"Well, you did say the fucking was magical…"

Your belly is still growing, swelling out even larger.
"I did tell you that I wasn't worried about me being to one to get pregnant."
"I'm pregnant!? But how?! I don't get it!"
"I know this was your first time, but do I need to explain the birds and the bees?
We had sex…very enthusiastically…and now you're pregnant with my baby. Or babies."
"With as much energy as we put into it? And your belly is getting big fast. I wouldn't be surprised if I knocked you up with twins. At least."
"I can't believe this is happening! There's no way that you got me pregnant!"

You don't want to believe it, but you kinda almost do, what other explanation could there be?
Your answer finally comes when you feel something coming from inside your swollen belly,
you feel something moving in there. It could only be a baby kicking…you hope it's only a baby.
You don't know what to do now. Oh god Chrissy, the cheer captain, just knocked you up!

"Oh god, I really am pregnant! This is just like the Wasp Women of Vesper-Nu!"
Chrissy stares blankly at you "Wasp women?"
"Oh, yeah! They're like, the best sci-fi movies in the world! It's about these alien bug women who seduce men, then lay eggs in them. Then their bellies get super huge with eggs and they have to give birth to alien spawn!"
"Sounds like a fun movie." Chrissy smiles while rubbing your belly, currently swollen with her children.
"There's actually made eight of them. Did you know that Jonah Ignacio had his first big role in Wasp Women 1? It wasn't a breakout role for him, though, he didn't get his big break until Frozen Target 2…"
"Mmhmm. I don't watch a lot of sci-fi movies…But I think we might have some shared interests."
"My favorite is he seventh movie, when it crosses over with another really killer movie series,
the Martian Mpregnators. Those guys are like warrior platypus-men who knock up women with their super-platypus babies to take over the universe. So in the crossover it's like all these cool aliens invading earth and trying to knock everyone up to make the biggest alien army to fight each other so they can be the ones to take over the planet!"
"I didn't like the eighth movie as much, that's when they introduced the Mega Martian Wasp Mpregnator Hybrid Queen. She could get anyone pregnant with her eggs instantly. I think the series really jumped the shark then. It didn't do too well at the box office and that's probably why they haven't made one in like ten years. But I heard they might reboot it with a new director."
"Uh-huh…" She keeps rubbing your belly, watching it swell even bigger as you speak.

"I always had a crush on one of the main actresses, though. Jasmine Jacobs. So sexy."
"Oh, now that's a bit more interesting…Tell me more about her."
"Yeah, she was so hot. She played the Wasp Queen in part 1, then parts 3 through 6. She was so fucking sexy, especially in that skimpy wasp costume. I spent a lot of time thinking about her."

Chrissy finally seems interested, she's got a wicked smile on her face.
"So something about those movies, where the women knocked up the men…got you hot?"
"Well…yeah. I mean…Sometimes I thought about getting a big belly, all filled up with alien wasp eggs by Jasmine Jacobs…and, well…Okay I though about it a lot. Is..is that weird?"
"Not at all! Oooh, I knew you'd turn out to be interesting…"
"Does interesting mean secret fantasies about having a giant pregnant belly?"
"Absolutely! I'm glad I decided to have some fun with you. I think pregnant men are very cute.
And you especially look very cute with that big, swollen baby bump."

She continues rubbing your swollen belly, her hands are soft and it feels super good, you shudder a bit at her touch.
"I guess I got my wish….Are you sure I'm not going to give birth to monster wasp babies?"
"Well, I can promise that you're just pregnant with human babies. But I could make a buzzing noise while I suck your pregnant cock, if that helps."
"…Well, I mean…what?! You want to suck my dick? While I'm all pregnant like this?"
"Oh absolutely. I picked you to take out tonight because I thought you were cute, and would be even cuter with a baby bump. And I was right. It really suits you to be pregnant."
"Well…it actually feels…kinda good to be pregnant. Being pregnant with babies is turning me on."
"Even if it's not wasp eggs? You like being pregnant with my babies? Cause I think you look hot."
"Yeah! Totally! This is actually getting me really hot. My dick is super hard right now."
"Oh really now…? Let's see about that…"

She reaches down and wraps her fingers tightly around your cock, you gulp.
"I think we need to do something about this nice hard, pregnant cock of yours."
"Uh…um…what exactly did you have in mind, Chrissy?"
"First of all, since you like wasp queens so much, you're going to start calling me Queen Chrissy."
She gives your dick a firm squeeze, you yelp.
"Whatever you want, uh, Q-Queen Chrissy…"
"Next, I've got some questions."
"Yes, Queen Chrissy?"

She starts to pump your cock with her soft hands, maintaining a firm grip.
"Who's sexier, Jasmine Jacobs…or me?"
"You're much sexier, Queen Chrissy!"
"And who do you want to knock you up, Jasmine Jacobs or me?"
"I want you to knock me up, Queen Chrissy!"

She starts to whack you off faster.
"And who do you want to keep you as a little pregnant love slave, Jasmine Jacobs or me?"
"I-I want to be your pregnant love slave, Queen Chrissy!"

"Last question…Who do you want to suck off your pregnant cock, Jasmine Jacobs or me?"
"Please suck my cock, Queen Chrissy! I can't take you jerking me anymore, I need to get off!"
"In that case, I'll gladly satisfy my poor, desperate, horny little pregnant bitch."

Queen Chrissy goes down on you, wrapping her lips around your dick, she starts to suck and it feels so good. Being pregnant got you horny, and it made your dick even more sensitive than usual, but her teasing was unbearable. You'd do anything that Queen Chrissy wanted if it meant you could get off. Queen Chrissy knows just what to do with her tongue, you barely last a couple minutes before you blow a load in her mouth, which she swallows without even flinching.

"Oh god…I've never had my dick sucked before…that felt so fucking good, Queen Chrissy…"
"I'm glad. Now, you owe your queen for giving you the release you so desperately wanted,
you horny little bitch. You're going to repay me. I order you to eat me out until I'm satisfied."
"But I don't know how to…"
"Just start licking and I'll tell you when you're allowed to stop."
"Yes, Queen Chrissy…Anything you say…"

You change positions, Queen Chrissy laying back on the bed and you on your knees, your heavy pregnant belly hanging beneath you. You can feel your babies kicking as you move around.
Queen Chrissy spreads her legs, and you start to lick her pussy, she shouts orders at you as you go at it, giving you directions on how to properly satisfy your queen. After a few minutes, she cries out in pleasure. You lift your head and come up for air.
"I didn't say you could stop, yet. Your queen orders you to get back to work!"
"Yes, Queen Chrissy! I'm sorry!"
You immediately get back to eating your queen's pussy, following the directions she gave you, after a few more orgasms, your tongue is getting tired, and your still growing pregnant belly is dragging on the floor.
"Queen Chrissy, are you satisfied? I'm getting weak…"
"Weakness displeases your queen, if you don't satisfy me, I won't knock you up again."
"Forgive me, Queen Chrissy! I'll do anything to keep being your pregnant servant!"
"Hmm…You know…I like seeing a desperately horny pregnant man on his knees, begging to keep me happy…your apology pleases me. And I can't say no to your cute belly, all big and swollen with my children. You've adapted to your new role as my little pregnant bitch quite well, indeed."
"Anything you want, Queen Chrissy! I belong to you now."
"I'm glad that you know your place, Eugene…hm…I don't like the sound of that name…From now on your name is just Gene. Do you understand, Gene?"
"Yes, Queen Chrissy! I'm Gene, your pregnant boy toy. I'm yours forever!"
"Good boy. Very good boy. Get back on the bed so I can feel that big breeder belly some more."

You climb up into bed, presenting your baby bump to your queen. She purrs and starts rubbing it, her soft hands feel so nice. Oh god you're popping a boner again already just from your queen touching your sensitive pregnant belly. Your queen takes notice of your hard cock.
"This really is making you horny, isn't it?"
"I…I've never had sex before tonight…I didn't know it could be this good. The things you've done to me…and being pregnant, just thinking about it gets me hard now. And I can't stop thinking about it."
"Then you must've been really pent up. No wonder you got pregnant with multiples so fast."
"Are you sure it's multiples? Like, there's more than one baby?"
"Oh Gene, your belly is so huge already. You're absolutely having more than one. Twins at least."
"I wish this night could last forever…Can I keep being your pregnant love slave, Queen Chrissy?"
"Of course." She smiles. "At least until you give birth."
"Birth? How am I gonna give birth?!"
"Don't worry too much about it, I'm here to take care of you. You and our babies will be fine."
"How will I know when I go into labor?"

As you think it over for a while, wondering what giving birth might be like, you feel a build up of pressure inside your belly, followed by a sharp pain. It has to be contractions.
"Something's happening! Queen Chrissy! I think I'm going into labor!"
"Just relax, I'll deliver our babies safely."

You feel warm water flowing between your legs and you know what that means.
"Queen Chrissy! My water broke! I'm having the babies right now!"
She squeezes your hand to reassure you, as the contractions get closer and closer to together.
The sharp pains increase as your body gets ready to give birth.
"Hnng…the pain is getting worse…It's so intense…I wanted to be pregnant but I never thought about labor!"
"You can do this, Gene. I believe in you. Just imagine you're Jonah Ignacio."
"But he dies in the first movie!"
She groans "Fine, imagine you're someone that lives, then!"
"Okay! Right! HNNNNG…Oh god! It's happening! It's really happening right now!"

The birth is so intense, you're fading in and out of consciousness, only awakened by the sharp pains of contractions. You thought it might be hard to give birth to just one baby, but two is even worse.
You follow the instinct to push, you push and push, and finally the first one is born, but you only have a brief break before the urge to push returns and you have to give birth to your second baby.

You lay back, your body's energy spend, almost limp, but you look up to see Chrissy holding your babies.
"It's twins! A boy and a girl! We have two beautiful babies, Gene."
"Wow…I gave birth to twin babies…And they're not even wasps."
"For the last time. They're definitely humans! Our babies are human!"

Chrissy wraps them up in blankets and lays them in a safe spot, before curling up on the bed next to you.
"I got to live our my fantasy of getting knocked up by a sexy woman, and then I had her babies."
"So, how does it feel to be a father? What do you think about our new babies?"
"Can…can I name them? I mean, if that's okay with you, Queen Chrissy…"
"Well…since you've been such a good boy tonight. I'll let you pick their names."
"I want to call them Jonah and Jasmine."

She sighs
"You REALLY like those movies, don't you?"
"Ehehe…yeah…They were my favorite thing in the world."
"My new favorite thing is being Queen Chrissy's pregnant love slave."
"Alright then, Jonah and Jasmine for these two. But I get to name the next one."
"Next one?!"
"You did say you wanted me to knock you up again, Gene."
"B-but not this soon! Can I at least rest for a while?"
"Oh, don't worry, we won't do this again until you're good and ready. I wouldn't want to play with my new favorite toy until he breaks. You deserve your rest. After all, you just gave birth."

She kisses you deeply. Wow, Queen Chrissy is an amazing woman. You didn't expect to become a love slave and a father to twins in the same night, but you certainly don't have any complaints.

This was definitely better than Wasp Women of Vesper-Nu part 8.

Maybe even better than part 7.

ca8d9 No.3345

Here are my DA and FA accounts if you want to follow me there.



Upcoming stories are Lavinia & Ruby part 2 re-written and a third Chrissy story.

(Chrissy has had her eye on Amelia, the class president lately…)

ca8d9 No.3372

Lavinia and Ruby parts 2 and 3 have been rewritten and posted.

ca8d9 No.3553

Posted another one, with some new ideas and elements.


ca8d9 No.3579


More Mpreg and Femdom this time, if you're into that sort of thing.

ca8d9 No.3584

It has been pointed out to me that due to deviantart's new UI/Eclipse Mode, formatting of all my stories is fucked up on DA if you're using the old UI…particularly there being no paragraph breaks.

So. Uh. That's an issue.

Use the new UI.

ca8d9 No.3585

Working on another one, I'll post it soon.

ca8d9 No.3586

Okay! My latest story is finished and posted. A special gift just for the illustrious SqwarkDemon on account of being awesome and to celebrate our shared appreciation for Himiko Toga.


(Remember to view it using the new UI, not the old one!)

ca8d9 No.3618

1.Fuck DA and it's dumb formatting. I'LL keep posting there, but I'm also crossposting to Ao3 from now on. You can find all my stuff there without wonky formatting.

2.I've got two new stories I haven't posted about on here yet.

Here's another Chrissy story, with a female partner this time.

And this is a follow up to my Himiko Toga story.

de09b No.3688

Who wants the grand finale of the Chrissy quadrilogy? I know you do.

Bonus: an mpreg Christmas special.


3cfee No.3689

>being a tranny
Daily reminder that """trans girls""" will never be girls, and """trans bois""" likewise. You are a crossdressing faggot and will remain such no matter how many retards you get to pretend you're the opposite sex.

ca8d9 No.3690

Cool story, bro.

Little cliche, though. I've heard it a few times before.

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