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9bdb7 No.3460

Alison Brie, she's been fake pregnant at least three times now

8146f No.3463

I can only remember that terrible horror movie she was in. What are the other 2?

9bdb7 No.3464

Mad men and The Five-Year Engagement

b43e8 No.3466

70185 No.3468

File: 1570810635835.png (629.66 KB, 633x823, 1509987230266.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>willfully ending your own genetic line for careerism

60e5d No.3469

I mean, to eaches own I guess. Common theme with a lot of women now a day. Can't blame them, lot of issues to do it over, both right and wrong. Still makes me sad. But for every, no children there is a "breed me till my uterus falls out" so it evens out.

1f0cc No.3470

Dave is kind of a disgusting person anyway and Brie is insufferable, so no more of their progeny running around is kind of nice. Bravo.

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