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f226e No.3668

Hi, i need advice from anyone with experience with Onaholes/Fleshlights

Few months ago i bought this pregnant onahole called Ninpu no Susume, i hardly used it, but i kept it powdered and cleaned
However recently, after a week of not taking it out, it started developing dark spots that are hard to wash off (i can't how clearly is it showing up in the photos, since my camera has issues focusing on it)

Can anyone advice if this is dirt or mold, and how to clean it? I want to preserve this onahole as long as possible as it is currently out-of-print everywhere.


1b30f No.3671

I'm no expert but if there's mold on the surface, I think bleach will sterilize everything on/in it. Including killing the mold.

2550d No.3672

And cut your fingernails, ffs.

9faa8 No.3675

Is bleach safe for onaholes? I'd known it to be a strong chemical so I'm worried it may have adverse effects on the rubber material

8cba1 No.3704

Do not bother cleaning it. its dead. Sorry to say but you probably didnt clean or store it properly. Trash nit, and buy a new one. You do NOT want to risk getting an infection.

9d7bc No.3709

do you happen to know exactly what material it’s made from? the comment about bleach is the right direction, but it has to be diluted right, plus i believe how porous a material is impacts the cleaning as well.

b8bf3 No.3732

Where did you get this onahole? If you remember.

9b152 No.4558

Okay sorry for late replies I didn't think there were more replies so I thought the thread was gone for good

I see… such a pity but it's alright cuz I don't use it for direct fapping, I used it more for dressing up in doll clothes akin to maternity fashion and to play birth with mini-baby toys/plastic eggs

I did somehow manage to get a new one though, any advice for maintenance in order to prevent the first mold tragedy from happening again?


Not exactly sure on the exact material, descriptions just descibed it as silicone

I got my original from Hong Kong adilt site 18dsc, but the mine was the last one from them
However managed to find that a manner of Taiwan shops still have them for sale, under the name "我的妹妹有啦"(My Little Sister is Pregnant)
Here's one such shop if you're interested in trying to get an international forwarder to help purchase it:

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