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d6edc No.3984

I made a javascript-free pornsite and have to shill it somewhere, so my effort isn't wasted.
Hopefully this place is still alive.

23f73 No.3986

Yeah, fuck JavaScript!

0cc39 No.3987

Looks like this place isn't as empty as I thought!

97abd No.3989

Ahh, this brings back memories of when the internet actually worked properly at a reasonably fast speed.

Bookmarked! :)

3c5f5 No.4084

Added some more BDSM

Since Nanochan is down atm, I'll just post here in the meantime.

bbbc7 No.4184

Now I have loads of lactation videos. Since this is related, I'm bumping my thread here.

86ee8 No.4212

All videos meet the following criteria:

1. Only White actors, no Orientals, Asians, Africans, Mixed, etc.

OOF. your power level is showing, chud.

43589 No.4213

You do realise that the site is still updated and people of other races will be added too?
And what is a "chud", is this some kind of babyspeak?

75cab No.4214

>the site is still updated
>other races will be added too
No. Further White isn't a race but a criteria races can belong to or not.
>OOF. your power level is showing, chud.
I can have criteria for videos just like anyone else.
Have you ever seen non-japanese porn on a JAV site?
You know who is racist? Yeah that's right it's you, you bigoted globalist.

22031 No.4215

“Bigoted globalist”
Never heard that one before.

ea131 No.4216

>>4214 >>>Have you ever seen non-japanese porn on a JAV site?

What the fuck does that have anything to do with it? Obviously not since JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video. Last time I checked this site wasn't named "White Preggos Only ya cucks"

daf2d No.4217

Japanese porn sites don't have "JAV" in the title either, you dummy.
As all normal people do, they just assume that it's Japanese like themselves.
I don't know where you see a J in there.
>Last time I checked this site wasn't named "White Preggos Only ya cucks"
Like the Japanese, I don't have to.
All I have to state is that it's porn and what genre it is and everyone can imagine the content.
Even Asians would just assume based on the language that it's Europeans.
You are abnormal, not me.

47f56 No.4301

I'm still here and the site is still being updated. Although irregularly.
Feedback, material recommendations and requests appreciated.

77e4d No.4636

I'd like to earnestly thank you for creating this, OP. You've created something sorely needed in the world. Also, your submission criteria are incredibly based, ignore the haters. The lactation selection was pretty nice.

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