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(310.50 KB 961x679 Title Splash.png)
Pokemon Expectant Emerald Mr. Stan 07/13/2022 (Wed) 22:31:20 No. 40
New site finally has a random board set up, let's get this thread going again! Pokemon Expectant Emerald is an overhaul ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald with the goal of making (almost) every trainer pregnant. It began as an attempt to just swap out all the female trainer sprites, and because I'm an ambitious idiot, grew in scope to more general changes including swapping most trainers to female variants and overhauling almost all of the dialogue in the game to relate to the central theme. The ROM can be downloaded here: https://mega.nz/folder/AIgBGCaL#7cCLss5A1uQGv_1HyfLM_w The ONLY file you need is "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.gba". Everything else is related to development, and is available for anyone who wants to look behind the scenes. I recommend playing it on VBA-M 2.1.4, available here: http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/gba/vboyadvance.html (It's the last link on the page, under 'Download unofficial ports'.) However, any GBA emulator should work. There are currently two versions available: Expectant Emerald 0.8.2, which includes edited content up through the end of Route 120, and Expectant Emerald Basic. The basic version is just sprite swaps, with no additional edits, and exists for those who would like to play through the game without waiting on further development. It has four variants available for download, depending on whether or not you want pregnant young trainer sprite and/or select pregnant pokemon sprites. In the main version of the game, younger trainers are referred to as "Contentious Content," are disabled by default, and can be enabled/disabled at will by speaking with an in-game NPC. I am currently in the process of editing dialogue and trainers throughout the whole game, but it's a long process and I have a day job that takes up most of my time. Further updates are in the works, but tend to vastly overrun any time estimates I give. The link above will be updated with new releases whenever they occur.
Yay it's back! I've been waiting for this. Remember, current build has a bug that that causes TMs and HMs to disappear. If this happens, use this save editor: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/27119-a-save-3rd-generation-save-editor/ and set all the "none" objects in the TM category to 0. I heard PXHex can also fix this but I haven't been able to get it to work. Currently working on an enhanced version for Expectant Emerald Basic + Poke and Expectant Emerald Basic + Poke + CC that fixes the transparency and offset issues for some sprites, changes the gender ratio for edited pokemon, and adds relevant pokemon to the encounter tables. Should be done by tomorrow.
Ayyy, welcome back Stan! Hope everything is going well for you! I personally like the new look of the site, but would like a better dark mode theme lmao
I just found out you can turn on Refactoring in XSE to auto-convert static offset references to dynamic offset references when decompiling scripts. This is... this has always been here, and I never knew about it. This makes editing giants scripts to unfathomably much easier, it's insane. I'm very upset I never knew about this. On the upside, editing gym leaders and the like will be much easier on me from here on out. I won't give a time estimate because I always miss them, and 0.9 has been kind of on hiatus for months on end now, but I am working on it again. I'd like it to be a bit of a bigger update so I might wait until I'm done through Mossdeep and the surrounding areas before releasing it.
>>42 It's tomorrow! Here's the link to the enhanced versions of Expectant Emerald Basic + Pokemon edits versions: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ICUkmQniC_VdkfOLalZuTKSS6x3RXHrT?usp=sharing This version adds encounter rates for game exclusive Pokemon and any Pokemon with an edited sprites, makes certain Pokemon evolutions more accessible, and gives any evolutionary family with edited Pokemon a 100% female gender ratio. For more details on encounters and evoluions, see the change log. It also fixes the transparency issue some sprites have and the backsprite y-offset issues . I got kind of lazy and decided not to repaint the sprite and use the ones I already had instead. These fixed sprites can be found here with no repainting or offset adjusting required: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13lRKA0RKEYm-ggdrQsGHwZzWE4_O3PzP?usp=sharing I also didn't want to edit all the encounter tables again so I just used the CC version I already enhanced and replaced the trainer sprites to make it no CC. If you encounter any problems regarding that let me know. Strangely enough, in the no CC version, Anabel does not have a pregnant sprite. Not sure if this was intentional so I removed it.
>>45 The Anabel sprite being missing was intentional, since I was revising all the sprites anyway I thought she might be considered a bit too young for the non-CC version. As a frontier brain she'll only be encountered by like 1% of players anyway, though. Did you remember to set the Gardevoir line gender ratio to 253? There needs to be a chance, however small, that a male can appear for the Wally encounter. 254 will cause the game to crash during that event.
>>46 I did not know that about Anabel. I didn't set the whole Gardevoir line gender ratio to be 253, just Ralts. It should still work, right?
>>47 Just Ralts should work fine. Also, great work! Should have led with that, but you put in a lot of work polishing these up. Thank you! I'll wait a bit to see if anyone recommends changes and eventually replace the versions I have in my MEGA folder with your updated versions.
Yoooo new thread hype! First and foremost, I gotta say it was awesome to find out about the release of the basic version and I seriously have to say thank you Mr. Stan for including my sprites into the pregnant Pokémon variant, I really do appreciate that inclusion and I'm so glad that you found them good enough to add into the rom in some shape and form. I have actually downloaded it before along with the emulator though never got around to actually playing it, so hopefully I'll find the time to do that. I also did read what you and Lurkfish have said regarding how the sprites work and it is super useful to know as well, I'll certainly be keeping it in mind, hopefully anyway. Primarily why the back sprites have been offset like that was honestly just a convivence choice on my part for editing, making everything a bit more uniform and also making it slightly easier to just cut out the unnecessary parts of the belly from the sprite once I'd gotten the right size or shape for them, though yeah in hindsight I can see that could've been problematic for a few sprites with how they're displayed in game. (The fact that Flareon's front sprite is 1 pixel off is going to haunt me now until I get that fixed. XD ) As for what I've been doing well, life, my job and other personal projects of mine have all kinda got in the way of making the next batch of edited sprites I have, though I have made some progress on it albeit very slowly. I did have to change out a few mons from it accouple times due to difficultly I found, but eh, besides the point. This next batch will most likely be the last one I'll personally do at least as a whole bulk thing, just due to how much work is required for it and with all my other stuff I got going on. This isn't to say I'll stop doing sprite edits completely after this though, as I am interested in both the planned event system, so I may whip up a thing or two for that, and also primarily, I have been considering editing the Pokémon in the intro sequence + Rayquaza on the title screen for the preggo mon variant, though the main hurdle on that is that I have absolutely no idea on the sprite sizes of those and looking at them on Spriter's resource did not help at all, so I'd certainly need help with that once or if I get around to it. Plus, if there's any other mons from the Gen 3 national dex I feel like tackling or if someone really wants me to do then I might consider editing those on their own or at least in mini bundles I guess, otherwise I'd probably leave that to anyone else who's interested in doing them. As for if I'll be doing any Gen 4+ Pokémon sprites to backport well again like I've said before I don't want to be the sole deciding factor on what mons get into the romhack so keep that in mind. Also the 64 x 64 sprite resource that was shared back on the old thread requires a login to access, so welp, unless someone just so happens to have copy of that then I'm probably not going to bother going through the effort of setting up an account with that forum just to download one specific thing. So yeah, that was a tediously long post, but figured I'd give out some info after being kinda absent from this thread for so long. I can't guarantee when the next sprite batch from me will be done, but I'll try my best to at least see it through if nothing else. If anyone wants me to, I can go ahead and list off which mons will be included in that just so people know what to expect and so there won't be any overlap for anyone considering editing some of the Pokémon besides just me doing it. Alright well with that finally said, once again seriously have to say thanks to Mr. Stan for using my sprites in the hack and for your continued development and commitment to Expectant Emerald, we all really do appreciate and enjoy the work you're doing here for us regardless of any setbacks. Keep up the great work man and here's hoping for the best for you in real life too in any case. So, here's to the new thread and everyone here involved in the project in one form or another, really stoked to see where we'll be going from here!
(17.44 KB 640x480 sddefault.jpg)
>>50 >Also the 64 x 64 sprite resource that was shared back on the old thread requires a login to access If you are talking about the folder I put on a google drive, I'll try again here. (Gen VI DS Style 64 x 64) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N9NObglOFMXGs7JjGQSJQqg4PNSbgXqe/view?usp=sharing (Gen VII GBA Style 64 x 64) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WHeO-2_wBxZ_qvJDR7EpT8wUEWAv1dYl/view?usp=sharing (xysep16) [This is just another Gen 6 sprite folder I had on me] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R0gi2wG-sm3c6vDgdhjpNFjF7pv8iYeu/view?usp=sharing Hopefully this works out, and best of luck to everyone on their endeavors!
>>51 Well thanks for posting that again here, though that wasn't really what I was referring to. I'm sure it's still useful to have regardless. Anyway, well after searching around a bit and seeing as someone in the last thread mentioned it, I am aware Inclement Emerald has the sprites for Gen 4 onwards it uses publicly available on the github page, so I'll most likely just snag the sprites from that if and when I feel like editing any mons to be backported from the later generations.
Was playing the enhanced version of Expectant Emerald provided by Lurkfish and found a shiny wurmple lmao (Full odds if the shiny rate was not modified). Everything is working well and I'm enjoying it a lot so far! Hopefully I'll see the shiny Beautifly sprite.
>>54 It turned into cascoon rip
stupid question, but are there preg versions of the other Pokemon games?
>>56 Don't worry about asking a stupid question. To my knowledge, there is only Expectant Emerald here, and there was a thread on the old site about someone attempting to make a preg version of pokemon platinum. I have not seen that thread updated in a good while, so I'm not sure if they are still working on it. But besides these two, I have not seen any other preg versions of pokemon games (It would be nice to see more though).
>>48 Thanks for the praise! It means a lot. You might want to add the changelog to the Mega folder too. >>50 The only problems with the sprites are the backsprite offset and the transparency issues. You could probably work around the backsprite offset but I wouldn't worry about the transparency issue. It has to do with the background color of the sprite. Unless the spritesheet you're using has the original background in the game files, there isn't much that you can do about it. >>54 Glad you're enjoying the game and especially glad everything is working properly. It's a shame you got a cascoon though. (Wow, even the naming. It's just like PLA). I did have the idea to make all wurmples evolve into silcoon but I'm pretty sure that would be taking it too far. >>56 I did try to make a Pokemon Firered rom hack but I couldn't edit sprites well and it turned out really bad.
>>58 lol yea, was by complete coincidence down to the name, I didn't even notice till after posting it. At least it's shiny lol (and adamant nature but adamant beautifly is a complete joke). Im personally cool with either keeping the evolution as is or changing them to beautifly. It comes down to whatever feels right to do.
I suppose saves won't be compatible with later versions?
>>60 Saves are fully forward compatible. If you play on 0.8.2, you can keep using that save whenever 0.9 comes out. In fact, you could play on base Emerald, or even Expectant Emerald Basic, and then port the save over to the main branch at any point. In theory you could downpatch as well, but things get much more shaky there. When you do update to the newest patch, you can run into some issues if you load up the game on a map that has been modified since the last patch. You won't be able to talk to some NPCs or go through some doors. Fortunately, this can easily be fixed by leaving the map and then coming back, and only happens if you were in an area that saw lots of updates between patches (usually one of the main towns.) You can safely start playing now and not lose any progress when the new patch drops.
(1.09 KB 64x64 Dustox_F_01.png)
(1.65 KB 64x64 Dustox_F_02.png)
(3.19 KB 72x141 Preggo Sharpedo preview.png)
>>55 >>58 Don't worry fam I gotcha, Dustox was already a part of the next batch I was working on anyway. So, no need for having to change evolutions or the like. (The fact that you basically got that exact same Wrumple mix up from PL:A on a shiny is both awesome and hilarious. XD) Guess while I'm at it I'll go ahead and ask for some feedback on whether or not this pregnant Sharpedo looks good or not? I tried my best to improvise on it, but seeing as it's basically 90% mouth, there's only so much I can do in regards to belly, so I hope that what I did worked out for it.
>>62 The sharpedo sprite does look a little weird. Maybe moving the belly in front of the fin would work? Like you said, there's not much you could do to make pregnant sharpedo look good so I'm not completely sure about that suggestion.
(I'm playing Pokemon Expectant Emerald Basic + Poke + CC Enhanced) Small note: I got to fortree city and found the npc that trades you celebi for a shirfty. The transparency for celebi's sprite does not seem to work (shiny and regular). Not sure if anyone else encountered this. Besides this, everything is working great so far! I'll be sure to post anything else I catch if it pops up.
>>72 Looks like I missed one. Also the fixes to the offsets of some of the backsprites didn't register for some reason. I will fix this.
posting here cause its only place that sort of fits: we need a thread for preg in other games or modes and stuff for games.
>>84 Why not make that thread and not post here in a thread for Expectant Emerald?
how to play with preg pokemon sprites with the dialogue edits too?
>>40 Hey I found your game through a friend, and after finding this, he and I have a question about the eggs obtained from the Breeding NPC, and the wynaut egg in the normal place. Do you know if the eggs will hatch eventually? Because we have been running back and forth, myself with a slugma with magma armor, and no egg hatching updates in the menu. At all. Other than that, and the minor glitch you already addressed, this has been an amazing Rom hack in the makes! You have my support my good sir!
>>123 I'd like to know as well
Quiet thread. Time to restart the weekly check-in! How's everyone doing?
>>171 i got some wisdom teeth pulled and i think the stitch came undone
>>185 RIP, hope things get better for you soon friend!
>>123 Right now, you don't, unless you edit them in yourself. I'll be making that version once I've finished with ALL the dialogue edits. >>130 I haven't encountered this myself. For egg hatching testing I've just been using the emulator's hyper-speed option and running back and forth, and things have been hatching. Not sure what's up. >>171 Man, I've been way too quiet lately. My day job continues to absorb all of my time, it's been kind of overwhelming lately. I still haven't abandoned this project, even if the time between updates continues stretching longer and longer.
>>187 Take your time friend! You're being paid and your day job and you're not being paid here, so it's already amazing that you're even doing this project! Keep it up, you can do it!
Weekly check-in! How has everyone been this week?
>>217 Still not dead, still have no free time these days. First solid weekend I've had in weeks and I had a dozen different people clamoring for my time... I love my friends and family but game dev sure would be easier if I were an eternal shut-in.
(5.46 KB 256x64 Gardevoir_preg.png)
(5.60 KB 256x64 Gardevoir_preg2.png)
(7.54 KB 256x64 dragonite preg.png)
(7.65 KB 256x64 dragonite preg (alt).png)
>>217 I've been good, got my head wrapped in some sprite editing again and managed to make hyperpreg sprites of the girl trainers in frlg. They might not be the best but I had fun doing them, I also make a couple hyperpreg sprites of pokemon to get back into the groove. My favorites to do were the dratini and ralts line. Although I'm torn on which front sprite to use for Gardevoir, the older one is the left while the newer one is to the right. I made dragonite's shiny pink to keep the pink shiny line it had going. I also made an alternate sprite for dragonite that keeps most of dragonair's features for fun. Really like how they turned out! Hope everyone is doing well! (I might post a drive link with the .bmps of the frlg trainers at a later date)
(2.09 KB 64x128 Sableye.png)
(2.44 KB 128x64 Sableye preg.png)
>>217 Been in a bit of an emotional slump recently but seeing the revival of Pokemon Emerald Anthro Edition brought me back into the swing of things. Nearly done with the fixes to Emerald basic. I will thoroughly test it this time before updating the Google Drive. I've also edited some of the Anthro sprites that overlap with the sprites available here. >>130 I've also encountered this bug. It seems that when you receive an egg of certain pokemon, the steps to hatch value is set to 256 so they take extra long to hatch. This appears to be the result of some growing pains the rom hack is going through after the file size was increased. >>246 Ooh are we going to make a Firered or Leafgreen rom hack? I can do that if it's just a sprite swap. It's also easier to edit and add sprites since pokemon in that game don't have animations.
(837.00 B 32x64 gerdevoir_icon.png)
(852.00 B 32x64 dragonite_icon_alt.png)
(813.00 B 32x64 dragonite_icon.png)
>>246 Oh yea I forgot to include the icons lol. Icons should be about 32x32 for each frame, I'm using Gen III Suite for testing pokemon sprites, so the format I used is 256x64 for pokemon battle sprites and 32x64 for icons.
>>246 There's a big part of me that says "This project has already dragged on for far, far too long and you can't commit as much time to it as you'd like. Things won't get much better in the future, either." But there's another part of me that says "Just look at how much you've learned, a FireRed ROM hack would go so much more smoothly now!"
>>261 You have learned a lot, but if you do end up doing a FireRed ROM hack I would soft recommend starting it by making the ROM bigger to avoid issues we're having right now with the Emerald one
>>262 That would be the very first change I made. Or I just wouldn't bother, since Fire Red has VASTLY more free space than Emerald. On that subject, I've been considering rolling back to a version of the ROM that isn't expanded. I'd have to redo a a bit of work, but nothing too crazy. I'd also lose the ability to add arbitrary images, but right now it doesn't seem like I have a ton of uses for them and expanding the ROM seems to have added a few troublesome bugs. This isn't set in stone yet. Any thoughts from anyone?
>>263 Honestly do what you think is best for you. If you feel like you need to rollback to a previous version of the rom then go ahead. Do make backups often in case something goes wrong though. Hope everything is going well development wise and life wise on your end!
I am unable to use tm's and hm's. May I ask for help to why this is happening?
>>266 It's very likely a result of the issues that came with expanding the ROM's size. That issue may be fixed in the next build if Stan rolls back to the previous state, but in the meantime I recommend using the build before this one if you wish to avoid the TM and HM issue, or use a save editor Anyone who judges the use of a save editor in a fetish romhack should be judged themselves
Weekly check-in, how's everything going?
Hey I'm new to this, and I was wondering how to actually use the PkHex to edit my save file. I don't know where to find it and I'm not even sure how to use it. I'd like to get through my tms and hms and some step-by-step help would be appreciated
>>282 I'm not dead, even if I've been silent as the grave lately. >>271 I do plan on rolling back to the un-expanded Dex in the next update. I'm just not using the extra features nearly enough to justify the extra bugs and technical hoops. >>291 Your save file is going to be named "Expectant Emerald 0.{Version Number}.sav", and should be in the same folder as the ROM (the .GBA file you run the game from.) I've never actually used PKHex myself, but there's a video here that covers it, items come up around the 4:30 mark: https://youtu.be/PZsnf2IV-H8
>>292 Thank you, love the work you've done! If I am just downloading it from the mega without moving folders around, where do I find the ROM files I need to edit?
>>296 You won't be editing the ROM itself, just the save file. The only thing you need to run the game is "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.gba" and your emulator of choice. That .gba file is a standalone file, you don't need ANY of the folders in the Mega archive (the various folders are assets used in producing the game, in case anyone wants to poke around.) I'm assuming you've already run the game on an emulator, since you've reached the point of the TMs acting up on you. In the same directory as "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.gba" should be "Expectant Emerald 0.8.2.sav". This is your save file. THAT is what you should be opening with PKHex to mess around with. It's impossible for me to know exactly where you're running the .gba file from. It might just still be in your downloads folder if you have a bunch of stuff in there, or if you put all the Expectant Emerald stuff in another folder somewhere, it might be in there. Wherever it is, the .gba and .sav files should be right next to each other.
Playing this it feels like it needs some preg-related systems or little side quests as a bit...Probably something tied to breeding your own mons?
(17.38 KB 1030x174 screenshot.png)
>>297 This is all I've gotten from running the game and messing with pkhex. IDK what is a SPSS Statistics Data Document because that's what shows up when I save the game rather than a SAV File? Am I not even saving it right with the emulator? Should I be looking elsewhere for the save file like in appdata?
>>306 Sorry for the previous question, i still don't know what spss is but sgm is the save file I think. It's not a .sav file so i can't load it on pkhex properly, but if I rename it do you think it will work? Or convert it from sgm to sav?
>>306 Going to the start menu and pressing save in-game as you normally would when not playing I in an emulator should generate a .sav file. What emulator are you using?
>>308 VBA-M 2.1.4
>>309 Personally I use mGBA, which provides .sav files
Both VBA and mGBA generate save files when you *properly* save the game using the in-game menu (you know, like how you'd save the game if playing on an actual GBA?). sgm files are savestates and can't be read by PKHeX That being said, savestates have their uses too, but not in this particular situation
>>312 I meant to say both emulators generate .sav files but had a brainfart
>>312 I do save in game, or at least I think I do. How do I save it properly?
I think I might have an idea what the actual problem is here. The regular save file doesn't look like one because your computer is associating .sav files with some other random program or something (that Statistics Data thingy is probably it). You'll probably have to disassociate it and then it'll show up as normal in the folder.
>>316 Ok yes, I managed to get it to work. I just selected "file name extensions" which put .sav in the name and pkhex allowed me to go in an edit it. Still don't know what spss is, but it's some ibm thing, which idk how it got on there but I'll fix it later. Thanks for the help guys
Heya friends, how goes everything?
Weekly check-in, how's everyone been?
>>352 I've been fine, just swamped with work. Hope everyone else is doing well! I've been getting better at digital art though, so that's nice.
ok so ive been playing on my homebrewed dsi, works fine but idk how to make any of my pokemon preg :p can someone help me out?
>>380 As of now, pokemon pregnancy is not implemented into the base game. It will most likely have a separate version released alongside the other alt versions once all the dialogue edits are done. There is a version of vanilla Emerald where most of the pokemon are pregnant. It is in this post >>45 if you want to play the regular emerald experience with pregnant pokemon. Hope this clears things up!
>>381 ok good to know ive realized 2 other bugs one is missing TM's which, cuz im using an actual dsi for it cant do much about that and also like no pokemon make sounds?
hope that your day job eases up on you, stan
Are you still working on this project? Also, how do I make the Pokemon pregnant? I saw an NPC say that sometimes battling can get the Pokemon pregnant, but either I'm doing something wrong or I just haven't been battling enough.
>>391 Pretty sure that’s flavour text and that hasn’t been implemented yet
@Bun-In-The-Ovenonymous Damn, well thanks for letting me know.
Been a while since we've heard from you Stan, how are things? Everything going alright?
>>397 I'm not dead. Actually I'm doing pretty good, but I just haven't had any time for side projects lately. I got promoted at work about six months back, and then promoted again few months after that, and as the holidays approach, I can only expect things to get busier. So I'm actually doing great personally, but the ROM work has been languishing badly. I still want and plan to finish it... But it won't happen any time soon. My work schedule has also been especially restrictive lately, since a couple of my coworkers had college courses start up and I'm working weird hours to compensate. Eventually, things will settle out, and I'll have more time and a more regular schedule to start grinding away at the ROM again. I know it's been a long time now. But unless I die unexpectedly, this project will never be abandoned, only on hiatus. Once I do get back to it, current orders of business are: 1) Revert to an un-expanded ROM. I think this should fix a good many of the current bugs (and I have COPIOUS backup versions.) 2) Expand the text and trainer edits out through the end of the game 3) Make different versions for inclusion/exclusion of contentious content and pregnant pokemon 4) Find and attempt to fix bugs 5) Add additional requested content ...in that order.
>>398 All good friend! Glad to hear that things are working out for you in the work department, even if that's messing with your schedule! Take your time and work on the ROM when you want to, not because some randos on the internet are impatient, modding a game takes time, much like actually creating one, especially when it comes to what you're doing making two separate dialogue versions for gender alongside the CC stuff. Remember to take care of yourself!
I've updated the Emerald basic files to fix a few spriting problems. Not only was the sprite for celebi messed up but the offset for some of the back sprites were wrong too. Let me know if there are any other problems with the rom hack. This should be the last release until the next batch of pokemon sprites. >>383 I've ran into these problems too. The current problems are TMs and berries disappearing, Missing pokemon cries, and eggs taking a long time to hatch. These are all products of the rom being expanded to 32 mb and should be fixed in the next release where it rolls back to an earlier version. >>391 I've been thinking about releasing a pregnant pokemon version of the main rom hack but decided to wait until a more stable release. It seems that demand for this sort of thing is pretty high so I will consider making it with the current release depending on how things go in a month.
>>398 i don't know how you did your rom expanding did you expand a og emerald rom first then edited or did you expand using a edited one first? depending on how you did the expanding that may be the source of the issues because you might have messed something up doing the latter.
Quiet vibes upon this evening. How's everyone doing?
Semi-weekly bump, how go things everyone?
Tragically quiet here lately, hope it's all going well.
>>619 How can you tell? No timestamps.
>>677 There are time stamps. Right next to the names are the dates posted and the exact time.
>>678 I am high and ate much turkey
Coolbeans. Are only the female pokemon who look pregnant btw?
Good evening fellow degenerates. How's your week been? Good luck with finals week if you're in college
Afternoon! How goes everything?
>>783 Doing well, thinking if I should do this again, but gonna wait until more stable rom since last run was with newest one with broken HMs
>>785 What exactly are you waiting to do?
>>786 Got stuck last time due to well...lack of HMs when I needed surf.
>>788 Try version 8.1. It goes all the way up to Fortree and there are just some minor text glitches. It should be available on the download site in the Older Versions zip file.
After making it through two-thirds of the game, I figured I was in the clear. But then, on the very last signpost before the very last modded city, 'btw abortion teehee'. Major mood killer, to be honest. If you're keeping that in, I'd really appreciate it if you'd add an 'Abortion' category to the upcoming content filter system. Maybe have it cover miscarriages too, although I haven't seen any references to those yet. Basically, anything involving harm to the babies/eggs. I wouldn't mind if that tag would also filter the 'maternal health services, no questions asked' line from the PC nurses and that NPC at the Oldale pokecenter. It's vague enough that it could be interpreted in different ways, but since I just had my paranoia completely vindicated by that 'come to the pokecenter for free abortions' signpost, I'd rather just see the vanilla dialogue or whatever.
As interesting and as fun as this project would be, you do have to admit, some of the sprites look pretty dang stupid without some level of anthro to them, particularly the ones that dont have any functional limbs of any kind.
>>943 Eh, probably. But the selection of pokemon with anthro style designs before gen 4 is pretty limiting. If only there were some pokemon emerald style anthro sprites to edit but surprisingly no one has ever made a fully working pokemon emerald anthro edition.
>>943 I think the weirdness of it is what makes me like honestly, like it has the possibility to get really absurd and think that's great
>>975 like it I mean lol
Ayo, quick check-in. How is everyone doing? Alive? Do we need to make another thread?
>>1116 I've been looking into fixing the current build. If what >>431 is implying is the problem is correct then reapplying the changes to the script and sprites should fix it. Though I've never edited the script of a rom hack before so I make no promises of its completion.
Saturday check-in. Everyone alive?
Seems Pregchan finally fixed the notifications. How goes it?
>>1342 Still working on fixing the rom hack. Also found out that infinite fusion supports custom sprites so you could import the sprites from here into the game with a bit of editing.
Since I'm curious, what are the different programs being used to make this romhack? I know it's possible to use RPGMaker plugins to replicate a Pokemon game, but since this is an ACTUAL Pokemon game being modified I'm curious what's used.
>>1350 The programs that I know are being used are hexmaniac advanced for sprites, AdvancedMap for map editing and Xtreme Script editor for script editing. There was mention of another program used for expanding the pokedex to get the sprite view function working but I have no idea what it is. People have suggested using the emerald decomp but its probably best to stick to the tools currently being used for now.
For those curious about decomp tools, you have decomp trainer editor for editing/creating trainers, porymap for map editing, and poryscript for script editing. Porymap comes with built in support for poryscript so you can edit the map and its scripts from the same tool. Never did get that to work though; visual studio really does not like my computer and is a requirement for poryscript to work on windows. You can also just do everything directly to the code, but trying to edit maps that way is agonizing.
(589.56 KB 512x768 image (55).png)
I generated the tuber girl scene using ai spoilered because loli
>>1355 think you have the wrong place mate
>>1355 Completely wrong thread for such things. This is the thread for the Pokemon romhack Expectant Emerald. Not for Pokemon stuff in general.
>>1364 >>1359 it's the tuber from route 104 did you guys even play the game
>>1370 I tend to play with CC off, since I'm not into mpreg or extremely underage preg.
Saturday check-in, how goes it?
I am once again asking how everyone is doing this Saturday
>>1438 Fantastic how you doin
>>1458 Doing alright, waiting for any news on the romhack, hoping Stan is doing alright
hi i was just wondering what cc and no cc meant its probably a stupid question but i just want to now the difference
>>1466 CC means Contentious Content. It's basically a toggle if you want there to be mpreg and underage preg
>>1474 lmao mpreg being under the same umbrella as loli is certainly a choice. What mpreg content is even in the hack?
>>1475 I don't remember any, and I play with CC on.
>>1475 Like I said, I play with it off, so I'm not fully sure what's all in there. My statement may have been colored by my own preferences, so take the mpreg part with a grain of salt.
>>1474 If there is any mpreg in this game, I haven't found it. The only time I'd know where it would be is if I forgot to change the gender ratio on a pokemon with edited sprites. I was considering doing something like that for kingdra but ultimately decided against it.
>>1484 That's what I figured, because I don't remember it being brought up short of being a future optional feature in the old thread.
Guess I should check in. I'm doing fine, just been as busy as ever. When I first started on this ROM hack I was working part time, like 25 hours/week. In the time since, I've been promoted twice, and now work like 40-50 hours a week. Honestly I'm doing just fine personally, I just don't have nearly the amount of time I used to. I feel bad about it, because I still want to finish things up, but it's been so long at this point that I feel like I've abandoned the project. At this point, I think the most likely course of action I'll take is finishing up the original scope of the project, then dropping the final version with little to no notice. I don't want to string people saying I'm working on things when it could be ages before they're actually done. Whenever I do release a final version, I'll stick around on the project long enough to fix bugs and typos and whatnot, then decide what to do next. Maybe a Fire Red version? Depends on whether I have free time again. I'm rambling, but TL;DR I'm not dead, just terminally busy. Update is coming eventually. There's no mpreg anywhere in the game and I don't plan on adding any, except maybe as some kind of small passing mention. I don't have anything against it but it's not really my thing. I am glad to see people still care about the project, hopefully I can finish it up soon enough that people will still have interest :)
>>1489 Glad to see things are going well. I've been trying to bug fix the current build of the rom hack by reapplying the changes but just realized using freespacefinder was not a suggestion, it was mandatory. Now I need to start over. Once the final release comes out, I can add the changes to the fixed version and maybe we won't need to compromise to the original scope. Or you could download the fixed version and apply the changes. I guess it depends on how far the final release is once this is done. Anyway, don't worry about the lack of interest here. It's probably just been a bit boring since there's not much to talk about on the rom hack at the moment. Rushing the project usually comes at the cost of quality, so take your time and make sure the end product is the way you wanted it to be.
Saturday check-in, gotta keep the thread alive.
Greetings! How is everyone?
>>1573 I've been doing good all things considered. Haven't done anything relating to the romhack in ages, but eh that's how life works ya know. Hope things have been alright for you and the others.
I yet live! Does anyone else live?
>>1692 Yup, though as it stands right now I am not playing this, as just not in the old pokemon mood, but this is well fun mod as is.
>>1693 Valid. Maybe someone could make an RPGMaker Pokemon game involving pregnancy or whatever, it'd probably be a lot easier than ROM hacking in some regards.
>>1695 I recall few projects like that already exist, interesting if someone could "aquire" the assets of it?
>>1695 Having had a bit of experience with Pokémon Essentials for RPG Maker XP myself in the past (never really made a full game mind you, I was mostly just following along with an old tutorial series on Youtube that's no longer up, but I did make a few nice towns and routes), it'd certainly be much easier programming and scripting wise seeing as Pkmn Essentials already takes care of all the Pokémon specific mechanics and plus it'd be much more flexible since you wouldn't have to deal with all the rom quirks that makes adding new stuff tricky. It would also allow for making an original story and region that actually accommodates for the pregnancy content rather than having to try and fit it into Emerald's existing storyline. Granted in that department it might be a lot more work, but with being able to add custom assets more easily than a rom it'd might be better suited for a collaborative project. I'm not really an expert on the matter, but I figured I'd at least give my two cents on it.
>>1695 maybe in some ways, especially for the mechanically ambitious ones (like how this one became due to feature creep from all the suggestions). thats not a mod any more though, thats a full-on game dev project. but editing sprites and dialog of an existing game (the original scope of the project) as opposed to (re)assembling a pokemon game from scratch.... eh, ill take the hack any day.
>>1701 Sounds neat, while I wouldn't mind helping this, I don't know two bits on propgraming and most of my art endeovrs aren't pixel based so not sure I can even make sprites, unless we go with sprites that don't move?
This would be a wonderful combination with moemon.
If we do this, we might need a thread for that - figure out if there's an interest first, of course. And of course, someone would need the RPGMaker for Pokemon Essentials. We'd need to figure out a plot (if there is one beyond "do the gym challenge"), what Pokemon to include where, if there's a Main Legendary (probably Xerneas as the Legendary that has Life as its theme, or Mew as the Pokemon all Pokemon are descended from in theory, or Arceus), and other such things. There would probably need to be two versions - No CC and CC.
>>1712 Two versions, just like a regular Pokemon release.
>>1712 Trade evolutions would obviously have to be scrapped and replaced with items or level evolutions, but that's okay, trade evolutions kinda sucked anyway since they require either friends or two consoles. Thankfully Legends Arceus made the "Link Cable" item canon for trade evolution replacements, so we're fine there
>>1712 I still have the old original zipped files for Pokémon Essentials v16 on my laptop after all this time (the wiki for it and the downloads got nuked awhile back when Nintendo was going around purging Pokémon fan games), though seeing as someone shared a link above to a more recent version that might not be necessary for me to share. RPG Maker XP can be bought on Steam and since it's quite old it usually goes for pretty cheap during sales. The three legendaries you mentioned make the most sense as far as cover/main legendaries go. I'd probably pick Xerneas for the hypothetical "cover legendary" as them being the Life Pokémon fits the most with the pregnancy theme, depending on how the story turns out we could probably fit Arceus and Mew somewhere in there as well (and I'm not just saying that cause I ship Arceus and Xerneas... okay I might, but my point still stands). Just as an err on the side of caution though, it'd probably be best to keep the scope down and reasonable if this does turn into a full-fledged project. I know RPG Maker is infamous for how easy it is for anyone with a basic understanding of it to slap together a sub-par rpg in a week, but if the intention here is make a pregnancy-based fan game that's enjoyable to play for more than just a quick nut, then it's best to have an actual gameplan and foundation to build upon rather than yolo it and risk burning out before finishing anything much like the original hack here. Better something short and sweet that can be more easily achieved rather than an ambitious project that sounds cool but it's way too much for a group of armatures to reasonably complete.
>>1718 True. Seeds of Destiny started off like that, but the devs - like the devs for Some Bullshit (a stuffing based game) - release the game in updates. Which I think is a cool model because the players can provide feedback on what needs to be changed and what works, plus earlier areas can be changed later in development. For instance, the latest Seeds of Destiny update overhauled earlier areas and added more content, as well as some new content in the latest chapter. So if we do end up doing this, we could potentially release installments on a basis like SoD and Some Bullshit. It would certainly help with figuring out how much content is too much content, plus that way we can improve as we go on with feedback and maybe get more experienced people in.
Hmmm, quiet. What is everyone's thoughts? (A Discord server might be more efficient for this kinda shit, but that requires interest I'm not sure we have)
Happy weekend! How is everyone?
>>1743 I've been doing good at the very least, hope things are alright for everyone else.
Time to poke this thread with a stick again
>>1800 I've been plugging along on the bug fixes here. I finally got back to where I was before I had to restart, which admittedly isn't that far and have refrained from commenting until major progress is done. I'll probably continue to do so until I can release an unofficial version 8.3. As for the rpg maker project, it sounds interesting and it would be a lot easier to add sprites in. We'd have to write an entirely new story and maybe new lore. Maybe something like ditto implanting itself into pokemon to reproduce like anglerfish or something. For the time being, I'll stick to making changes to this rom hack first before I work on anything else (though I do have ideas for other games).
>>1371 MPreg is Ehhh LoliPreg is Good in my book
>>1801 Personally, I'm thinking of keeping the pregnancies to the humans unless we pull out the moemon (adults)/gijinkas. Although the Ditto idea sounds fun, perhaps there's a town somewhere where all the trainers you battle are of the Breeder class and they have a bunch of baby Pokemon + 1 Ditto. And it's implied/confirmed that they and the Ditto are the parents of all those baby Pokemon.
i just got into the game and well i started out with may being pregnant and all i get is female pokemon?? im using the virtual boy simulator though? Can anyone help me?
>>1845 A pregnancy moemon is an idea that I can get behind, though I would prefer if we kept the same sort of dynamic that main character and the rival have that Brendan and May have in this romhack. That they're the babymomma/daddy to the MC.
I feel like Moemon could work but it would be better to finish the current version we have or maybe make a whole new story with pregnant Moemons.
Perhaps instead of the traditional "evil team" there's a cult to Mew/Arceus/Xerneas that can be more like Team Yell - supportive but a nuisance - or Team Plasma - noble ideals that were corrupted from the start - that go around encouraging all the pregnancies in the region. Can even have them cause some pregnancies with rapid pregnancy scenes or having prisoners to impregnate depending on their motives. They could even capture the "Title Legendary".
(18.13 KB 610x210 Pregnant Xerneas Sprites.png)
>>1935 While I don't know about the obligatory evil team being a flat out "cult" per say, I can see that sort of thing making for a good plot thread. Can probably even weave the above idea of the male/female PC being the MC's baby daddy/momma into the overarching story, maybe being a contrast to the villain team by showing their relationship and viewpoint on pregnancy/bringing life into the world as a healthier and more beneficial ideal then what that team's mission and goals entail. On semi-unrelated note, I did get inspired to edit a Xerneas sprite together kind of in line to her potentially being the cover legendary to this game concept. Even went and made some glowing sprites inspired by Legends' intro. Huge benefit of RPGMaker is that since the sprites are just pngs and it has built in tools for editing positioning they aren't nearly as limited by size or color pallets (I think, I haven't used it in forever so someone please correct me if I was wrong here). Essentials by default just uses 64x64 sprites for trainers and 80x80 for Pokémon, albeit they're scaled up to 128x128 and 160x160 respectively for some reason I forgot. Kinda would prefer to wait till Expectant Emerald is fully completed at least with Emerald's main story for any serious discussion about making this an actual thing, but eh the hack development is somewhat dormant for now, so no harm in dreaming right?
>>1953 Fair enough! Is it possible you could make a moemon version? Because I have a feeling that moemon/gajinka is going to be the route for the RPGMaker PokeMom game
What's the farthest place in the game you can get to where there is still preg content
>>1960 For the unbroken pregnancy plot? Just after Fortree. But Stan does it by routes, so you can continue and get more pregnancy stuff, but it'll just be inconsistent based on where you're at.
I'll. You Lillian
Ahoy there friends, how goes it?
Please teach me how you are able to do pixel art like that? Self taught or someone taught you?
Is it normal for my inventory to get maxed out randomly, and if it means anything I have been playing it on my new 3ds xl using the mgba emulator version 0.10.1.
>>2340 It's a glitch with the latest version itself I believe. There should be an earlier version noted above somewhere that's more stable.
>>2359 Assuming I did have to go back to a previous Version, What Version should I Download and how much content would I miss out on?
>>2378 I think the immediately previous version would be best, and you'd lose the content between Norman to Winona methinks
>>2380 That Kinda hurts... Aw well
Heu anyone know how Pokémon pregnancy works? I went through all the way to Winona and never got a a single pregnant pokemon.
>>2468 None of the Pokemon are pregnant. Just the trainers.
>>2468 There is a version with pregnant pokemon if you want to download that (it's "Expectant Emerald Basic + Poke.gba"). As Aurawing said, it would be best to open the "older versions" zip file and use the version immediately previous to the latest one.
Any news? It looks like this project has been dead for over a year. I hope mr Stan is okay
Aight, sound off. Who's not dead? Who's working on another Pokepreg project? Because at this rate I would gladly take an RPGMaker Pokepreg game.
>>2949 I'm still here. I just haven't had time to work on anything related to the rom hack lately.
Checking in again, at this rate we might have to resort to RPGMaker to fulfill our desires for a Preggo Pokemon game
>>3110 Well I'm still alive just to make that clear. As always haven't been focusing on making sprites or anything cause there's clearly not any sort of project like this going on and frankly, I'm too lazy to undertake the process of making a full RPG Maker game myself so until either Expectant Emerald development picks up again or some other anon starts up another project like this, I'm probably not going to be worried about making any more sprites for the time being.
Are the shiny odds standard? Because I got a shiny treecko after hardly any resets. Did I just get super lucky?
>>3541 Shiny odds have not been altered. Just Feebas odds. Enjoy your shiny Treecko. :)
Man, I hope Mr. Stan is living his best life. He did an incredible job with this project, and there's no one else I would trust to get the rest of it right.
>>3879 Yeah same here, he did an incredible job and learned a lot on the way. I'm proud of him. :)
>>3879 Agreed, regardless of whether he ever returns to this project or not I sincerely hope life's treating him well, the dude deserves it.
I tried playing the game but no pokemon have sprites, just the trainer has one. how do i enable or put the sprites into the game
(126.28 KB 1449x953 Gardevov.PNG)
>>4035 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BN5gl0VxM-SEtsZgD5kK7E2GY3Zsb2wG?usp=share_link I was going to wait until I finished the bug fixes for 0.8.2 and then release a version with edited sprites but demand for this is pretty high. I added the roms for both 0.8.2 and 0.8.1 since 0.8.1 is more stable. What I did was open up Hex Maniac advanced and changed the sprites and gender ratios of affected pokemon so if something like this is needed in the future, use that for reference.(Gardevoir generated with pkhex for testing purposes) I did not change the encounter tables or evolution methods so many pokemon are still unobtainable without trading. Anyway, if anyone asks how to get the pregnancy sprites in the game, redirect them to this post. Also let me know if there are problems with the sprites or if I missed a pokemon's gender ratio.
(266.46 KB 1506x880 Screenshot 2023-10-21 211301.png)
i dunno if it works, sprites seem unchanged :/
the assets and sprites from the expectant emerald files have all ben un-zipped aswell
So one of the signs says "if a pokemon battles it may get pregnant" whats the chances on this every battle? Id assume its fairly frequent since thats the whole game.
So you think you could also post the .ips files fpr the basic version? I want to patch this over other romhacks
>>4060 fighting poochyena crashes my game. tested on two different retroarch cores including the vba one
>>4068 Not every pokemon has edited sprites. It's usually fully evolved pokemon. >>4070 It's not a game mechanic. Just edited sprites. >>4071 I have no idea how to get the ips. I used nameless sprite editor which applied changes to sprites directly without a patch. >>4072 Not sure why that is. It works fine on gba. Maybe a problem with retroarch? >>4069 I have no idea what you mean by this.
(57.29 KB 1295x206 Screenshot 2023-10-21 165226.png)
>>4074 Oh ok, this text made me think i had to fight stuff to get it
>>4079 Yeah, a lot of it is just flavor text. The only new mechanic introduced was the trainer breeding mechanic at the day care in 0.8.2. After doing a bit of investigating, it is possible to add impregnation and birth into the game without coding it in using evolutionary stones and shedinja's evolution method but ultimately that's not my call to make.
>>4080 damn, i was playing 8.2 but that weird Poochyena issue corrupted my save so i went to 8.1, ive had to reset my save so many times getting everything straightened out. mind giving me a quick rundown because i would likely have to restart a 8.2 save AGAIN to get there
>>4083 You talk to the girl by the counter and select a pokemon. A cutscene plays and she gives you an egg for that pokemon. You can copy your 8.1 save after getting to the daycare, rename it so its compatible to 8.2 and try it out from there. However, a glitch in 8.2 gives eggs the maximum hatch time possible so they won't hatch for a long time.
>>4084 >However, a glitch in 8.2 gives eggs the maximum hatch time possible so they won't hatch for a long time. How unfair. Trainers have to carry those eggs for so long and just when they're finally ready to be done, a sudden blip in reality means they're just getting started. Oh, well. At least they don't turn into Bad Eggs. I hear you can get stuck lugging those around forever!
So, small update. Pacci'd has made a Pokemon game in RPGMaker focused on you being a research assistant that is constantly carrying and birthing Pokemon eggs. They are looking for assistance in making a larger game if interest is high enough.
It's been 3000 years... I'm alive, though questioning whether to actually post anything or remain a ghost. I'll keep it short. It should be pretty obvious I haven't worked on this game in a long, long time now. I still think about it occasionally, and honestly I still want to go back and finish it, but I think the way I'd do it is start from the top and redo everything from scratch. Take what I learned and make a less buggy ROM. Life has been very busy for me. My day job is demanding, and I'm publishing a book soon. So that's where most of my creative efforts have gone. Maybe in December, I'll start up a new project and revive this hack. If I ever get seriously off the ground on a new attempt, I'll start a new thread about it. Until then, you probably won't hear from me again. Stay cool, everyone.
>>4128 Damn. Well, it happens to the best of us. We had some good times. >>4127 I had fun with it but like Pacci's magical girl game it can forget what we're here for. Carrying an egg doesn't affect much and originally NPCs wouldn't even comment, though a few were patched later. Laying cuts to black with barely a word. It feels more like a tacked-on mod to an unrelated game than this literal ROM hack. Expectant Emerald knew exactly what it was about.
>>4128 Glad to see you're still kicking, and thank you for the transparency; it always sucks when a developer just drops off the face of the earth without a word. Can't say I'm not a little disappointed to hear this though. I would hate to see this project languish when it's such a joy to play and the end is just beginning to come into sight. I have my build environment for pokeemerald still set up and I am more than willing to handle applying the changes to it should you be able to supply the script and any directional notes for things you'd want added. There is just no way I could emulate the wit and charm your writing has and it would be a shame to leave something so great unfinished. Please do think it over.
>>4130 You have to remember that the game IS a demo, so Pacci likely doesn't have the sprites for pregnant trainers yet. The main focus is that you're constantly growing and laying eggs for research, so of course the first few versions - especially DEMO versions - would focus more on making sure that system works and isn't about to shit itself and the bed. I'm sure that, should Pacci choose to develop the game further with more spriting assistance, then there will be more bellies than on a few trainers, yourself, and important trainers. It has to work from the ground up and isn't a ROM hack that has most of the systems already in place.
>>4135 Where can I find this demo?
>>4259 On Pacci'd's deviantart