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File: 1585735017429-0.jpg (61.72 KB, 1000x1144, wojak-crying-bed-blue-tear….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

828cf No.4015

>expansion mansion
>the belly zone
>the first pregnantcommunity
>the current pregnantcommunity
>cheviot's place
>pumpkin belly patch

f5dca No.4016

>that weird Half-Life fanfic on ExpansionMansion that will never be seen again

828cf No.4017

If anyone is looking to archive content on the sites that are still up, Internet download manager can scrape an entire website for content.

12e6d No.4018

The only thing I can really be sad about is losing some of those old stories.

As for the rest? Mostly low-resolution pics, realmedia clips, and some terrible morphs and Daz renders. We have access to much better content nowadays and probably around one thousand times the amount. As someone who has been digging for online preg shit since 2003, I am not nostalgic at all for the old days.

bfacc No.4022

I think the fact that no one seems to have kept a copy of the video where Sam Schuerman showed off her post-partum breast growth is as bad as all these things combined.

See the links below for some screencaps:



Sadly I had a lot more screencaps from the video back in the day, but deleted them at some point. When people say "Nothing ever really leaves the internet," the problem is that doesn't mean it's easy to recover specific things you want.

b63a4 No.4023

>cheviot's place
>the belly zone
Get with the times, old man.
Jokes aside, unless you're only there for the database, they've had that site there for a good while now. I'm surprised that more don't know about it.

d3b51 No.4050

Today I found out that bbw-chan had nuked their preg board a while back. While not a whole website, that board had some quality threads which are long gone now..

11e4c No.4051

>inflatechan is dead forever

d766c No.4052

There's chatter about bringing it back but the moderator seems to want it to have an unreasonable amount of traffic quickly (even though it's going to take a while for people to figure out it's back) so people are calling him out on that…

1503f No.4054

went to pregnantxxxforum I think they stopped updating around 2017. I remember having to convert my videos to flash to post them, and hated the conversion process.

79f7b No.4055

and that's a good thing

628a9 No.4102

the impregnation/impregnorium

66721 No.4123

what happened to all of those clips from expansion mansion ://

02b8d No.4289

god i was a horny teen and i found expansion mansion for maybe 6 months before it fucking disappeared

i was so fucking bummed back then, still been chasin that high

835c0 No.4290

There are no words to describe just how much I miss Pregorama.

It was an incredible site that succeeded at capturing the genuine beauty of teen pregnancy.

503c4 No.4291

File: 1590554917631.png (299.38 KB, 456x854, toppng.com-im-chris-hansen….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

db86e No.4292

File: 1590557605806-0.png (184.11 KB, 360x648, hansen.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

81223 No.4293

It's people like you that creep me out. " Capturing the genuine beauty of teen pregnancy" yeah that's the kind of justification I would expect from a pedophile.

4096c No.4294

Hm yes, they are a dirty pedophile. Such a same they fawn over 18 year olds, or perhaps even 19 year olds who are pregnant. Those filthy, legal teen pregnancies are just so horrible when they bring forth those pedo pricks that fap to those eightTEEN and nineTEEN year old children. Yuck.

ecf39 No.4295

I like my teens like I like my wine. 80 years old and full of alcohol.

503c4 No.4302


Yeah, exactly.

835c0 No.4303


Teens are post-pubescent tho?

d766c No.4305


Pedophiles are attracted to like, eight year olds. A 19 year old guy getting a stiffy over a 16 or 17 year old girl isn't perverted, it's called "biology".

503c4 No.4306


You are not 19

c53c3 No.4439

The same for a 102yo, so that doesn't matter, feminists.

c53c3 No.4440

Pedophilia doesn't exist; it's the feminist power oppressing men by criminalizing the normal attraction for a post pubescent female to give power to the older empowered.
Lear, american manginas.

c53c3 No.4441

Are you serious?
No patreon, inflating girls for free, places life stormrs' were awesome before that cunt take over when every femoid without crowfeets was considered a "child". The same for the old youtube, until 2013-2014.
Good old times
Now you have to pay for everything.

330d9 No.4447

97c0a No.4451

Current pregnant community is still around:


cf4ae No.4526

I am of the belief that the system, on an institutional level teaches people to reject holding power or the desire for power.
This is why empowerment never works.

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