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2a94e No.4031

This is a very strange thing to ask but hear me out.. I'm a lesbian woman looking to get pregnant but this will be really expencive for me. I'm wondering if there is anyone who would consider to help me and my partner to pay for the fertilization in exchange for pregnancy updates and pictures through out the pregnancy? Is this something someone would pay for? (I have pregnancy fetish too, that's why i'm here and taking photos of my preggo belly and milky tits would be defenetly ok with me..)

What do you guys think?? I'm I crazy for even asking?? (propably yes but i'm desperate)

3a405 No.4032

I guess it would all depend on how much you were asking for and exactly how close you'd allow your patron to get.

22b3b No.4033

>Is this something someone would pay for?

>I'm I crazy for even asking??

Yes. Consider what this hypothetical child would think if he or she ever found out about this. If you weren't a lesbian, getting pregnant would probably be easier for you. I'd tell you to adopt, but I've only heard bad things about lesbian adoptions.

3f930 No.4034

Not to lie, I love to help you out, if you want to be a mom, you should be one.

fa042 No.4035

That seems like a dumb thing to ask on a chan. Chans are all about that pirate life.

c8851 No.4036

OP here.
I'm not sure how this would work and what I would ask but maybe like 50-100$ for a photoshoot? And some free updates. And I wouldn't be comfortable showing my face so not that close. But I'm a cosplayer and I could do some commissions just with mask or censored face. And ofc photos of my changing body and other more general stuff.
But I also very well know that >>4033 is right and this is crazy and I wouldn't want my baby ever to find out.. It's just that me and my partner can handle the monthly living payments with the child we just would have to take a loan for getting pregnant at the clinic. The loan would screw up our future finances.
Thanks. This has been a dream of mine for a long now, this is not a rushed decision and I would have a child by now if i was in straigt relationship. I feel ashamed for even asking this here, it's not my nature and I have never done anything like this before. I'm just tired of years of saving from our small wages.

c8851 No.4037

(Still OP)
This is why I'm thinking of getting only one person to recieve my photos. MAYBE i have smaller change for my photos going online if there is only one person so that I know who spreads my photos if they go online. Then I could just cut him off and stop sending more? I don't know maybe I am too naive. I don't know how any of this works.

e47af No.4038

Why not find a guy with a good family history and a turkey baster? Why go the expensive route.

3f930 No.4040

I can donate my sperm and I have this need of helping someone in need of a baby.

3f930 No.4094

hey you still there? love to help you out

34019 No.4185

Stupid bitch. Look for a guy you find attractive instead of buying nigger cum from the jew.
And paying men with pictures? There is infinite porn online FOR FREE.
Just meet up with >>4040 / >>4094
and promise him not to ask him for child gibsmedats afterwards.
What do you have to lose? Your virginity? Since women can't stick it in, they have no reason to care anyway.

e799c No.4186

lol what the fuck

shouldn't you be in the anne frank thread right now

b9897 No.4187

Why? Because jews do that?
There are more documented cases but you can look them up yourself.

e799c No.4188

No, because shitheads like you always have the strangest obsession with seeing "untermenschen" fuck.

14e70 No.4189

>>4188 (checked your Hitler dubs)
>with seeing "untermenschen" fuck.
I don't see you. And the reason I'm not gonna give OP my cum is because it's not worth it for me to buy a plane ticket to the USA and one back, just to fuck some homo woman.
Being lesbian doesn't necessarily make them genetic trash imao.

14e70 No.4190

Not to mention that I probably can't during Corona quarantine.

14e70 No.4191

Furthermore lesbians are almost always white because only white people are brainwashed enough for that shit.

74b50 No.4192

Oh man, a nazi.


Hey, bro, how does it make you feel when I point out that you crafted your worldview according to the demented ravings of a syphilis-ridden manlet who killed himself rather than face justice?

b82ab No.4193

>syphilis-ridden manlet
Hitler didn't have Syphilis and hasn't had a relation with anyone other than Eva Braun.
>you crafted your worldview according to
I didn't craft my worldview according to anyone else.
There are many things NSDAP did, I disagree with but also many YOU DO AGREE WITH.
NSDAP made the first laws about animal and environment protection in German law history and was probably a milestone world wide in that regard.

b82ab No.4194

The real question is:
Why do you even bring that up?
It really has absolutely nothing to do with our discussion.

b82ab No.4195

I still think it's best to have >>4094 cum into you instead of paying for fertilization.
I watched a documentary where they tried to portrait those clinics in a positive light.
It showed how the people who donate their sperm for 50$ are really just after those 50$ and that seemed to require them to be honourless, fat and ugly with low self esteem.
Furthermore you're braking the "who is the fastest sperm race" with artificial insemination.
So I think if you want a healthy baby it's best to just have someone who is a healthy good-looking-enough smart-enough person cum inside you.
They also do it for free. In a fertility clinic you essentially pay a male prostitute.

74b50 No.4197

Bro, eugenics doesn't even work in animal husbandry. Just look at pug dogs. Do you seriously think it works with humans?

74b50 No.4198

Anyway. I know that you're an idiot, but have you ever tried rubbing two brain cells together to come up with an original idea, or are you just gonna copy-paste things from stormfront?

3f930 No.4199

Hey, is the op of this thing even here? I love to chat with you on kik or discord if you have any of them?

74b50 No.4200

You know what you are? I'll explain.

At every step of the way, society failed you. At every point in your life everyone failed you. Family, school, government, capitalism…they all failed you. So you're clinging to nonsense because it gives you some sense of order and purpose, regardless of if any of it is real or not.

What you are is a living mistake. An error caused by the malfunctioning system.

You're a paper jam in the form of a man.

You're smog blowing out the back of a shitty old car.

A toxic by-product of a broken system.

57bdc No.4201

>pug dogs
Pug dogs are a result of crossbreeding. Like when you mix a black, a white and an asian, you're sure to get the human equivalent.
Furthermore I'm not talking about eugenics (whatever that term even means, perceptions vary strongly).
Just carefully choosing who the sperm comes from. And I don't trust fertility clinics with that one bit.
Even if it all works out, you'll probably have to go there multiple times and pay them loads of money.
Better to ask your neighbor imao.
All of what I post is typed in with my keyboard.
Maybe you're enraged because you're unsure about your believes or whether you accused me of something I am not?

57bdc No.4202

>to prove there are no degenerates and misfits I'm gonna call you that!
You're great at proving your point.

74b50 No.4203

Pugs are the result of -inbreeding- you twit. An attempt at selective breeding to emphasize specific traits. And they don't do that by crossing with other dog breeds, they do it by crossing the same family line.

What the fuck do you think "purebred" dog means?

74b50 No.4204

I never said there aren't degenerates. Every nazi is living proof that social degeneracy exists.

3f930 No.4205

Looks like this thread is gone to shit. Wish I can just have fun trying to help a girl get pregnant guess not.

74b50 No.4206

I'd just like to say that "i'm a lesbian send me enough money and i'll give you pics of me and my pregnant lesbian girlfriend" is an extremely believable proposal and it makes a lot of sense to be posted on an obscure fetish imageboard.

cfa5e No.4207

Both. You get traits into your dog by mixing it with a dog that already has those traits.
Inbreeding plays a big role when it comes to "purebred" dogs from dog breeders.
Because there are only few of them, the dogs who are breeding are often related over very few generations.
But pugs aren't shepherds. Inbreeding does not occur for dogs that are actually common.
Just your shitty luxury dog that costs a lot of money and often gets ill then dies.
> to emphasize specific traits
>And they don't do that by crossing with other dog breeds
Of course they do! Are you stupid?

cfa5e No.4208

Dogs were made by breeding docile wolves.
This just shows how even aggression is inheritable.
If you have some rapist donate you cum, you're gonna have a rapist child.
That's how biology works, simplified of course.

cfa5e No.4209

Better to choose the guy instead of taking the cum of someone who gets 50$ for it.

cfa5e No.4210

Except it could be a guy trying to make a quick buck out of anons stupidity.

e8756 No.4211

I think >>4203 is OP. If I'm wrong, don't feel insulted OP.
I just think it would fit a lesbian.

1ce2c No.4443

Be helping so called "lesbian", you manginas are supporting your own oppressors.

3943d No.5142

i can impregnate you in exstange fro pregsex

735dc No.5146

I'm a genderfluid biologically male who is sexually attracted to women, esp the pregnant ones. I had imagined myself as a mother impregnating a biological female. And I won't ever get pregnant, but I'm able to relate to women pretty close.

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