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File: 1587962308941.png (37.42 KB, 1100x600, BLACKLIST.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

f9253 No.4133

There are some people in this fetish who should be avoided, whether they are consistently assholes or just don't listen to reason.

No need for real identities, just how to identify them via posts should do.

e5f82 No.4134

Kisame17 signs his posts anyway.

37b7c No.4135

The guy with obsession of this character named Rain Mikamura specifically getting turned into steel is definitely to be avoided. He lurks the edit threads, best not to do edits for him.

1d36c No.4136

i have saw that pic so many times as a new edit thread is created

24768 No.4137

This is just going to turn into vagueposting and bitchery, but…

There's this guy that runs around trying to suck people into his authoritative conversations about webcomics with pregnancy in them. The person is obviously mentally or emotionally compromised and they have a tick of saying, "Mind you," and a habit of samefagging/sock puppeting to stan for themselves if one of their personas gets called out for it. At which time, they adopt another speaking style from the United Kingdom, posing as either an Englishman or a Cockney to make it sound like they're different people. He will obsessively edit singular pieces and re-upload them. Same dialog, same pose, just different face and maybe clothes. Very probably on the autism spectrum, and I don't say that to insult autistics. I mean his behavior is absolutely autistic.

There's another guy that actually DRAWS, but is like the guy mentioned above. Absolutely will not stop uploading spam of same-pose same-proportions. He draws hyper male, female, etc. pregnancy. Thinks quantity makes up for quality. Whenever anybody tells him to stop he talks about "vague haters" and then cheers himself up by reminding himself Christ loves him. Has been kicked out of multiple forums for this repetitive behavior.

There's another guy that tries to become moderators of his own sites and lure people to them, then stalks their handles/profiles.

There's another dude who was notorious for having a youtube channel obsessed with pregnancy in movies, where he'd make 10 minute long videos about absolutely nothing just, vaguely talking about the topic. Obsessively refers to this as, "the pregnancy community," and ugh. Acts like he's an unofficial spokesperson for the group on anything he has an opinion about.

217b5 No.4139

1. That's CCB-18, lurks here since at least 2014, is an unemployed manchild and basement dweller.
2. ChristJackson, also Big Belly Birdy, has been coming to chan since 2012 or 2013, doesn't post since 2016.
3. thechipmunck9769, a grown-up sweaty manchild with a hoarse voice and a need to stick to fellow maieusiophiles.

f6da7 No.4143

Has anyone reached the Wonderbread level yet?

77adb No.4154

Quick rundown?

3ebee No.4155

The wonderbread guy

obsessed with bread (specifically wonderbread) and deforestation with big tiddy white characters in it. Somehow managed to get his comission rejected by Shadman once.

a simple google of "wonderbread guy" should tell you enough about him

310d7 No.4245

Ah yes, the famous wonderbread guy whose commission got turned down by fucking Shadman of all people

7a6f0 No.4261

WARNING: Drummer4Life39! He's annoying, a tendency to talk about he's lonely with no friends, and fascinated with children in a pedo-like way. He makes people hate pregnancy fetishists and lump us with pedophiles. And demands friendship when you can't relate to him at all. He has a history of sexually harassing women in public. Again, he makes all of us look bad.

de757 No.4721


At this point FossilDigger is someone to shun and avoid.

c0f16 No.4722

I've heard legends of this guy. I'm afraid to know more.

1e706 No.4723

There are a couple people who admin the pregnancy roleplay communities on Amino Apps that are considered manipulative and unintelligent. They tend to side with aggressors in bullying situations or ignore the root of the problem.

e847c No.4808

Clearly nobody over on his failure of a thread got the memo…
Really it's everyone involved in that drama's fault, it's Fossil's for, well, being Fossil, and everyone else's for giving him what he wants
Not art of his OC, but attenion

e847c No.4810

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt tho, from what I've seen he does seem to be in a somewhat better place, not the best, but better then what everyone gives him credit for.
I'm sure one of you will point out that he's requested art again, so? Requesting art doesn't automatically mean he's still spamming people with requests day in and day out. He did it once on DA, and the giveaway he entered will more than likely have someone else's OC win.
And, come on, surely Meirai isn't the worst Pokemon-themed OC out there, after all, Sonichu exists

e847c No.4815

And he does seem to behaving well over on /f/, the same thread he initially threw a fit in too, look at that.

51f2a No.4817

File: 1598896557827.png (21.66 KB, 300x100, 1596471954085.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

<- The guy who said this.

I don't know the man personally, but he seems kinda shady. One minute he's posting his weird fantasies about underage girls giving birth, next minute he's a full-blown SJW.

51f2a No.4819

Also, I just want to say, for the record, that when you say things like, "Oh, that poor girl. It's going to be so painful pushing that baby out of her little pussy," you don't get to be a moral authority on anything.

4ce0f No.4844

I've been causally chatting w/ someone who goes by 'Drummer4Life' or some variation of that name on various sites for a few years. Or at least I was 'til they went OTG around April/May of this year. Wonder if it's the same guy. 🤔

73f4f No.4846

Yeah, definitely the same guy. For what it's worth I'm pretty sure what comes off as an obsession with kids is just him being resentful over being an only child. He romanticises siblings for reasons I can only speculate on. I think he just has poor boundary issues and doesn't understand how a man of his stature ogling a woman isn't gonna look good even if it is part of his special interest or whatever medical science is calling the wierd shit autists do these days. I'm kinda concerned for him, but he chose to block me on Twitter so there's nowt I can do for him.

8fc62 No.4847

That one is literally autistic. Got booted out of their discord group a little while back, and they talked about that. Also a full blown communist that seems to have surrounded themselves with a group that feeds into their view of leftists being persecuted and targeted. Hence the overreaction to the fascist stuff. The fantasies about little girls giving birth are a way of them dealing with the past trauma of them being a child abuse victim, and possibly having carried to term and incestuous rape baby.

8fc62 No.4848

Just for the record, not all autistic people are screaming nutjobs. Most of them just don't bother talking, and so the ones that do tend to be the outliers.

7ee3e No.4854

Joeyyymonster / b4bys4v4ge /n3g4t0r1 . all the same person. Usually have great roleplays where they praise you and lead you on claiming they want to get to know you more. Then out of the blue randomly block you. I wouldn't mind if they at least showed disinterest from the start or simply say why they didn't want to talk anymore. I've heard that they are pretty self centered overall, though from others who have RPed with them.

8e8db No.4863

If this is the person I'm thinking it is, I honestly, wholeheartedly doubt even a single second of their sobstory.

"I was raped"

Used as a paper-thin excuse for making story after story after story gleefully describing every last detail of violation that a girl can go through, from conception to the end, as graphically and painfully as possible. And that's not even getting started on the heinous "Forbidden Archive". Seems more to me like someone that wants to put up a wall around their rape/molestation fetish.

1e905 No.4865

gonna have to agree with this. The more skeletons you have in your closet, the more bullshit about morals you spit out from your business end.

7a6f0 No.4869


Drummer4Life has a form of autism and it explains his lack of social skills, esp on his job where he claimed to befriend a pregnant store clerk to a point he invited her to his home and she met his parents. Then one day, he randomly touched her belly at the breakroom and she was uncomfortable, there was no consent and the way he touched her is not innocent at all.

Another thing is Drummer4Life is a left-wing hypocrite, his former friends told me he's against Lesbians, bisexuals, transgender people and asexuals, but he said he's for gay rights. It turns out he's hiding his attraction to males, due to his abusive religious right-wing father who was a homophobe Baptist. He and his mother turned atheist after her divorce and now he says all religion is stupid.

And last, he claims to be against racism, but posted a xenophobic fear of China and it worsened in the COVID-19 pandemic, he's against their communist regime but he finds the Chinese to be a national and global threat to the US and the world. He has TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and shown hatred of liberals, feminists, rich people, and once said the Portuguese in his hometown are horrible people, this is racist to say that about any ethnicity.

7a6f0 No.4870

>There's another dude who was notorious for having a youtube channel obsessed with pregnancy in movies, where he'd make 10 minute long videos about absolutely nothing just, vaguely talking about the topic. Obsessively refers to this as, "the pregnancy community," and ugh. Acts like he's an unofficial spokesperson for the group on anything he has an opinion about.

TheChipmunck is no longer on YT, he made himself an ass many times. He gets upset about people for posting about sexual feelings of being close to pregnant women, and he made 2 "rules" on his YT channel (the other is don't talk about politics, which he's known to do in the past, but "I'm tired of politics now").

991a4 No.4871

Not who I was referring to. I was responding to the one about "pregnancy will become the carrot on the stick of fascism" That one has to do with there being lots of the end of pregnancy.
>>4863 I doubt they are lying, I just think they are stupid and coping badly. Not the kind of person I would want outside a mental institution, and certainly not near kids. They were trying to get pregnant a while back, and I am so happy it didn't work. They read like tumblr bingo.

5a2ea No.4872


I'm not surprised to see Drummer4Life mentioned here, so glad that I refused to join his discord server (and sad that I RPed with him for 6 months).

In my experience, all of that is pretty true.

Super pushy, no real concept of boundaries, and uses his aspergers as a reason to not try to get better about any of the problems in his life (which I get but it's his go to response).

73f4f No.4922

Heard about everything minus the attraction to males part. Might explain a few things tho.

fe2c4 No.4936

kisame popped up in my writing discord. i called him an idiot until i got bored and then i banned him.

true story.

7a6f0 No.4938

I dealt with Drummer4Life in 2019 and I had it with him in 2020, he's banned from my life. I don't understand why he finds it weird I'm genderfluid (biologically male), how about having an "interest" in young children? Who's the weirdo here?

46665 No.4940

Anon, people don't go around talking about their fluids like that.

7a6f0 No.4953

Drummer4Life39 claims to be so friendly and open-minded, then I realized he's not worth keeping a friendship.

He wishes to have a sibling he told me. And he has a thing for older or mature pregnant women, done possibly by IVF procedures.

I'm not the only one to put up with his tactics to annoy people on the intrwebz.

7a6f0 No.4954

I didn't like his Discord he invited me to, he overmods and does more of his antics to piss people off to end up leaving the server after they had enough.

e847c No.4985

Fossil is bad, but all the people pretending to be him for attention are so much worse IMO, like, how mature, playing a character for clout, but is it worth making an ass of yourself?

e847c No.4986

I take it back, put him in the list, retard needs to die and his existence scrubbed from the internet

e847c No.4987

I feel bad for the peeps in /f/ who have to deal with him

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