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6a4f9 No.4162

Has anyone here ever been to milky baby in Japan? How was it? Would you recommend it? Also, I know sex is not really legal there, but we’re you able to persuade a girl to do it with you? If you’re unaware as to what this is, Milky Baby is a store that lets you pick up and fool around with a pregnant or lactating woman in Ikebukuro, Japan

7e2c0 No.4163

such a place exists?

6a4f9 No.4168

File: 1588197236320.jpeg (73.77 KB, 800x450, 11F0005F-05FC-498F-986C-B….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Yeah, can you believe it? I’m planning on going as soon as i can. Ayano also works there, she’s done JAV with lactation. There’s also one movie with her pregnant

358ea No.4169

I've been twice. Was actually pretty great the second time. First time the girl was a huge turn off, she had really bad BO. Otherwise, had a bunch of fun with the preggos!

6a4f9 No.4171

Lucky! How did it go? Did they let you penetrate them? Which girls did you go with?

358ea No.4172

Vaginal penetration is illegal, tho you could secretly ask them if they'll allow it for extra, but that's really up to them behind closed doors. As for girls I went with, they schedule rotation is so often the girls are no longer there. But the second girl was amazing, great personality, high energy, huge belly, but no milk yet, plus nicely trimmed.

6a4f9 No.4173

I’m aware that vaginal penetration is illegal, but didn’t you try to negotiate? Also, they have an anal option, did you go with that?

358ea No.4176

So yeah, it was my first time so I didn't do any negotiations, I just wanted to firstly get a feel for the entire process. The location, hotels, their meeting office, payment, rules, etc. So the first time I did add the AF option tho, but my biggest problem was the girls BO was so bad I couldn't keep it hard, was a huge turn off for me. The second time I went without the AF option, but the girl was absolutely amazing, I almost didn't even need it. She finished me off like a pro. Next time I go however, I'll get that AF option back and see about negotiations

eb53b No.4178

Any of them speak english or you have to speak japanese?

358ea No.4179

Some speak broken english. I speak enough Japanese to get by, but they commonly use Google Translate to help and it's rather adorable tbh. You can hold a full conversation with google translate and you'll both get the gist of it.

6a4f9 No.4181

That first time sounds tragic. When are you going to go for the third time?

85d78 No.4182

probably because the second time was wonderful

358ea No.4183

I think I'll try the milk course next!

a8d1d No.4527

Annnnd that is going on the google maps list on my burner account.

393c2 No.4544

So, I must be retarded, but what exactly do you do to reserve a girl, make an appointment, etc? Also, what do the acronyms mean?

8a03a No.4548

There’s a page on their site that lets you reserve a girl. You can do it by phone or email. You need a Japanese phone number, though. By acronyms, do you mean things like “NG” or “AF”? If yes, then NG means “Not allowed”, it’s there for things that girls won’t do like scat or pissing. The NG for recording means you can record yourself and the girl, but her face has to be covered.OK for recording means her face doesn’t have to be covered if you’re recording. SM is sadism/masochism. AF means you can do anal with the girl. Apparently it also means that they’ll do vaginal. Normal, vaginal intercourse is illegal with prostitutes, but anal isn’t, so they advertise it that way. You might need some Japanese knowledge to convince them, since it isn’t guaranteed they are actually advertising vaginal sex.

06ec0 No.4603

sex is ILLEGAL

2890e No.4606


663ef No.4608

I know but the girl are lenient. You can persuade them right? How do you go about it? Do you just offer them more money for vaginal or is it something you have to talk them into?

da963 No.4610

File: 1596238211699-0.jpg (14.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

>I'm gonna pay you ¥1000 to go out with me after hours

3a112 No.4611

lol, try it and see what happens.

fdde8 No.4612


…isn't that like nine bucks american?

c87e5 No.4613

Google translate their website and read their rates, if you wanted to get a sessions for an hour or so, you'll have to pay 30k yen or 280 dollars, inclusive of other charges.

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