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b5995 No.4560

So what was this about?

f1a59 No.4561

Is this concept art from a game?

05a47 No.4562

Using Google reverse image search, all that comes up is a couple posts on the Escapist from April 6 2011, claiming it's concept art from Valve.

Certainly looks like concept art. But if it's really from valve, and it's been this long, chances of us seeing anything from it or even getting any new info on it are incredibly small.

I'd like more games to feature pregnancy as just a normal part of the world though. I get why it doesn't really show up in most RPG or FPS worlds, but it would be nice.

f1a59 No.4565

The reason they don’t include pregnant people is the same why we never see any children

74047 No.4569


09c19 No.4620

given the artist, the valve attribution, and known cancelled games, I'd assume from the date of 2011/2010 this was concept art for the space pirate game stars of blood valve cancelled.

463b5 No.4626

There are games where you don't shoot at people and there are ways around it. Like I don't want pregnant NPCs on the battlefield either but a "press f to touch belly" moment would probably make any indy game go viral

a140a No.4627

>mash X to push

463b5 No.4631

>press W to waddle forward

a140a No.4633

>breathing is a rythm minigame

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