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File: 1595585860557.jpeg (929.27 KB, 1100x1386, EA6A93CE-F923-4B48-A86D-E….jpeg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

b1f5c No.4574

I’m curious as to what other people here wish to do with a preg woman and how perverse it is. I was also thinking it could also help me with giving me new ideas on what to do when I eventually get with a preggo girl. Anyways, my ideal pregger sex partner would be maybe a few days or weeks away from her due date, so her stomach would be very tight and massive. Hopefully she would be carrying low so it’d look a bit droopy. She has some stretch marks and a linea nigra wider than most, both darker than her skin. Hopefully she’ll already be lactating too, for drinking. If only they sprayed milk wildly in real life… Nipples are also very darkened as well. Tits large and saggy because of the pregnancy. We’ll do incest roleplay. I’m the son and she’s my mother pregnant with my child, but dad thinks it’s his and doesn’t know what we’re doing. She started it but I’m shy and guilty at first because it’s wrong, but I become confident halfway and put her in her place. Or, I’m the father and she’s my daughter. She’s pregnant with my child but she has a boyfriend and he thinks it’s his. No one but us knows of our relationship. It’s the opposite of the mother and son. I initiated the relationship, and she’s the shy and reluctant one. But she puts me in my place by the end. Or she just become lovey dovey as always. Or we just roleplay a normal cheating couple, where she’s cheating on her husband, he doesn’t know, and he thinks the baby is his. Of course, all of these end with me cunning multiple times in her because she’s already pregnant.

8641a No.5081

File: 1602446808295.png (197.32 KB, 999x1635, 1602289020147.png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Something along the lines of my ex contacting me, revealing that I knocked her up. I go over to her place, and have a few drinks. She must have put something in mine, as I am instantly seduced by her, taking her to the bedroom. Before we begin fucking, she stops us and pulls out a buttplug connected to a container filled with what looks like cum. She says that she wants to try something, that I need to experience the same feeling of being bred as she did, and if I don't make her orgasm she'll use a handheld remote to flood my guts with a special type of semen so potent it can knock up even men, or at least, an anal cavity. I think she's bluffing, but I agree to put the plug in because I'm just so focused on starting. We fuck roughly, pulling her hair, spanking her, leaving hickies and handprints on her ass, neck, breasts and belly, all the while she and I are dirty talking about how I ruined her, claimed her, made her a breeding bitch. At the height of her orgasm she presses the remote while locking me in with her legs around me. Instantly I can feel hot thick liquid shooting deep inside me as I cum harder than I ever have into her. Her legs are shaking and her pussy is clenching around me as my cock and the pump pulse in unison. We lock lips, and I am acutely aware of my child rolling and kicking inside her in protest to both the rough treatment before hand as well as the rapid swell of my own roiling churning belly bearing down on him. The sensation instantly gets me hard again, and she can feel it. Shakily, she asks to do cowgirl, and I comply. We fuck again, and I am in awe of her gravid form on top of me. Before I can realize my arms are tied up and she's slowly, sensualy grinding her hips. Her active, fecund womb is rubbing and squeezing against my protesting and still expanding gut. Her hands start to brush against it, rubbing in little circles, then suddenly spanking it, jolting my cock to attention. She bends down, pushing herself right against me, and begins dirty talking. She tells me I claimed her, ruined her, and because of that, she's going to do the same for me. I look so good as her breeder, with my full womb bearing her children, that she has to display me. I can scarcely hear her, all im focusing on is the accelerating pace of her wet pussy gyrating on me as well as the swelling gurgles and rumblings inside my belly. I hardly notice she's telling me exactly what I told her not long ago, and I certainly don't mind an new, slight bubbling sensation deep inside. All I can think about is her pussy milking me dry and her breasts and belly bouncing and jiggling on top of me. She throws her head back in climax as her whole body shivers and seizes in ecstasy. Right before my own release she stops her movements, looks me in the eye, and asks if I believe her. Seeing nothing but wild lust in me she gives a mischievous smile and smacks my distended belly, illiciting a grunt born of pain and pleasure from me. She begins bucking her hips again, staring at my belly as I at hers, kneading and smacking it, edging my cock inside her the whole time. Her movements become increasing erratic and distracted as another climax approaches. Right before hers crests she grabs my gut with both her hands, its surface so taut and tight its was like she was palming a beach ball. I feel the white fluid leaking out of me as she gives it a desperate shake before she orgasms again. While her whole body is again lost to pleasure, and right before I cum, I feel a baby rolling inside me. The surface of my belly ripples and I feel a sharp pressure on my prostate as I have a mind shattering orgasm.

33416 No.5088


I wanna have a 3-way with a pregnant lady in front of her husband, BF or female lover. I want to put my dick on her belly, or her face. Insert my erect dick up her pussy or her butthole, wherever she finds it very pleasuring when she wants to release stress in her last week of pregnancy before her baby due date.

d2523 No.5106

File: 1602559634906.jpg (456.33 KB, 1987x2048, three girls one mpreg.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I want to be the guy

7a6df No.5111

Quite literally the opposite of what I want.

d2523 No.5113

A pregnant girl with three guys? I can respect that

64e72 No.5114


Maybe they meant 3 pregnant guys and one girl.

f0302 No.5115

File: 1602733606859-0.jpg (85.23 KB, 1024x820, 740eddc3f9b23030.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1602733606859-1.jpg (97.47 KB, 960x768, 39c7591126962e7f.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

File: 1602733606859-2.jpg (270.85 KB, 2422x1730, line_1443683437500724.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Two women with large bellies have sex with their navels.If their navel evolved to have a nerve bundle,It can be like the Neville in 《Avatar》 .

9c18f No.5117

Neville Chamberlain? Neville Longbottom? I didn't know they were in Avatar.

(Sorry, it's early and my brain-hands filter hasn't activated yet but those pics and the text both got a smile out of me, albeit for different reasons.)

bc489 No.5120

File: 1602779104946.jpg (25.32 KB, 640x654, 21656516326.jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

80391 No.5122

Quality shitpost

f0302 No.5127

It's Na'vi,Their hair is exposed to the nervous system.

f0302 No.5128

File: 1602811932818.jpg (1.78 MB, 2500x2085, shy_mom_x_daughter_sleepin….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

33416 No.5140

Whether it's 3 pregnant girls with 1 guy or a pregnant girl with 2 guys, it can get very hot and it gives me a hard-on.

f0263 No.5155

Just as long as it's not 1 girl pregnant with 2 guys. I mean, the womb wasn't mesnt to handle the strain of containing an entire guy inside, let alone two

33416 No.5173

She has 3 holes and 2 hands, right? right.

ed890 No.5391

File: 1604482840213-0.png (3.87 MB, 1920x1080, SkyrimSE 2020-11-03 20-04-….png) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I want to be my char

33416 No.5487

I love that image of a woman getting fucked full of cum.

She keeps getting pregnant over and over.

Pregnancy is a great time for sex when a woman already knocked up has hormones.

97bff No.5490

Breakfast her water and keep doin secara while she try to giving birth

5bd3b No.5491

Fuck her into labor, break her water and then continue having sex until she starts crowning. Got to live out of some of this fantasy when my girlfriend gave birth earlier this year. Can't have sex for too long after her water breaks.

33416 No.5508

>I want to be my char

I don't know you're male or female.

We have femanons on pregchan who agree with us mostly males about pregnancy.

ce5e5 No.5521

File: 1605462101259.jpg (154.53 KB, 1280x1024, 1290741250.huskarchon_ishi….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

>ywn be bullied by horny gf with massive baby belly
>uses her weight to push you around to get what she wants
>plea with her why another round of sex is a bad idea
>be pinned underneath her when she doesn't take no for an answer
>tries to milk you for all you're worth
>your worst fears happen: she starts growing again
>realizes she's too big to lift herself off you now, and you're still cumming in place
>ywn get the risk of being crushed by a squirming mound of your own making

1b695 No.5522

File: 1605505244833.jpg (64.62 KB, 1200x1007, Need more smug post smug p….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

Two words.



3a1eb No.6147

Becoming female and then getting bred over and over again.

04ca5 No.6151

I just want to get a girlfriend who I can get pregnant and have sex with while she's pregnant before the kids ( who I'll be more than happy to raise ) are born.

1c800 No.6360

becoming impregnated, getting pregnant and carrying the baby to term.

6574e No.6597

A bit unorthodox but I want to be the baby inside the mother, and feel the father's cock as it bumps into me. Also, breastfeeding with father after birth. Being little and joining in to father and pregnant mother's sex.

c14f7 No.6600


Who let you out of your padded room

3c2a6 No.6601

This is why I stopped doing RPs. Ideas are getting too weird and abstract

e1558 No.6602

I thought it was because everyone hated you.

3c2a6 No.6603

No. Everyone hates Ilikapie. People still like me.

6574e No.6605

*mother's womb
Missed opportunity

27baf No.6904

It's a domination thing for me - I want to tease her until she begs me to knock her up, I want to make her to cum while I'm inside her knowing that no matter what happens she's giving up a part of her future to me forever. Every time her belly gets in the way, every time a new piece of clothing doesn't fit, every time my child kicks inside her I want her to think of me and that she not only belongs to me, but wants to.

59352 No.6973


1fcee No.6975

I want to be bred by my Master and well fucked throughout the pregnancy. I want my Master to train my pussy so that I can give birth to his large babies without tearing. I want to be fucked into labor and then tied up and forced to orgasm again and again. I want to be denied birthing my babies for my partner’s pleasure and then fucked in my ass with a vibrator on my clit while I finally push them out. I want him to force me to take fertility drugs so that I can be bred back within weeks.


1c979 No.7055

Ow, how nice! Did you already find a Master?

97845 No.9238

i would say an ideal pregnancy fantasy would be for me a kind of slow burn, where i get my partner pregnant, then I'd get to observe as her body day by day changes. i like thicc women in general so i am imagining someone with similar proportions to say… QTsnack, so already on the larger side of women
over the course of the pregnancy her breasts become significantly larger, at least 5 cup sizes, saggier, and with dark nipples and very large areolae, CD size or larger. preferably leaking milk. she has trouble fitting into her old clothes, she has to buy new bras, she is getting way more attention for her breasts than what she's used to.
Her belly slowly fills with new life and becomes quite large over time, she's large enough that some people think she's carrying twins or triplets. she gains stretch marks, not a crazy amount, but like definitely a reasonable amount.
Her hips and ass thicken up over this time as her body prepares for birth. she has to go shopping for new pants and clothes multiple times during the pregnancy
She generally puts on some weight as well, her lower legs get a little thicker, her arms and fingers get fatter, her face is a little chubbier, her belly gets a little fatter too.
I somehow convince her to not shave for her pregnancy, so her body gets hairier as the pregnancy progresses, big bush, armpit hair, belly hair, leg hair are showing after months of no shaving. all fucking natural
while the changes are happening to her body, we are having wild sex as frequently as possible, we would roleplay scenarios like student/teacher mother/son, etc. all the while i wouldn't have to worry about contraception, cumming inside every time. during some of the maternity clothes shopping we fuck in changing rooms and bathrooms of shopping centers
approaching birth she's huge and has to have help doing everything from getting in and out of bed to bathing, we incorporate that into some of our sexy times.

post- pregnancy her size shrinks down minimally, so she still has giant titties, a huge ass, and is very thick all around. she is lactating a lot to feed our child, but there's enough for me to fulfill some of my breastfeeding fetishes. her belly has stretch marks and has a lot of excess skin, a sign that she needs to be filled up with another kid again. we keep breeding and having more kids, and the process repeats, with her getting thicker every pregnancy.

0979f No.9352

File: 1637862079577.jpg (184.1 KB, 747x1069, gwen_s_surprise_pregnancy_….jpg) Google iqdb SauceNAO

I have a fantasy about pregnancy and cosplay, especially because this Spider-Gal cosplay, I know it is Girl but I like to say it like that for love or Ghost-Spider I mean Spider-Gwen, it consists of those costumes of Lycra with a print but that these are both tailored to you and tight, very tight and without underwear and spend a night of love, play with her milky tits under the lycra making them soak in milk, squeeze her pregnant belly in a very soft and patting it making the baby or babies dance and make the belly of the arachnid mother beat doing the missionary position and that belly beat my thorax while she crushes my cock with her vaginal walls I massaging her belly, the second is to record the pregnant girl in labor in one of the two mentioned above and save it as a treasure called: ´´Spider-Gal / Ghost-Spider having spider contractions´´.

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