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File: 1595585860557.jpeg (929.27 KB, 1100x1386, EA6A93CE-F923-4B48-A86D-E….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

b1f5c No.4574

I’m curious as to what other people here wish to do with a preg woman and how perverse it is. I was also thinking it could also help me with giving me new ideas on what to do when I eventually get with a preggo girl. Anyways, my ideal pregger sex partner would be maybe a few days or weeks away from her due date, so her stomach would be very tight and massive. Hopefully she would be carrying low so it’d look a bit droopy. She has some stretch marks and a linea nigra wider than most, both darker than her skin. Hopefully she’ll already be lactating too, for drinking. If only they sprayed milk wildly in real life… Nipples are also very darkened as well. Tits large and saggy because of the pregnancy. We’ll do incest roleplay. I’m the son and she’s my mother pregnant with my child, but dad thinks it’s his and doesn’t know what we’re doing. She started it but I’m shy and guilty at first because it’s wrong, but I become confident halfway and put her in her place. Or, I’m the father and she’s my daughter. She’s pregnant with my child but she has a boyfriend and he thinks it’s his. No one but us knows of our relationship. It’s the opposite of the mother and son. I initiated the relationship, and she’s the shy and reluctant one. But she puts me in my place by the end. Or she just become lovey dovey as always. Or we just roleplay a normal cheating couple, where she’s cheating on her husband, he doesn’t know, and he thinks the baby is his. Of course, all of these end with me cunning multiple times in her because she’s already pregnant.

8641a No.5081

File: 1602446808295.png (197.32 KB, 999x1635, 1602289020147.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Something along the lines of my ex contacting me, revealing that I knocked her up. I go over to her place, and have a few drinks. She must have put something in mine, as I am instantly seduced by her, taking her to the bedroom. Before we begin fucking, she stops us and pulls out a buttplug connected to a container filled with what looks like cum. She says that she wants to try something, that I need to experience the same feeling of being bred as she did, and if I don't make her orgasm she'll use a handheld remote to flood my guts with a special type of semen so potent it can knock up even men, or at least, an anal cavity. I think she's bluffing, but I agree to put the plug in because I'm just so focused on starting. We fuck roughly, pulling her hair, spanking her, leaving hickies and handprints on her ass, neck, breasts and belly, all the while she and I are dirty talking about how I ruined her, claimed her, made her a breeding bitch. At the height of her orgasm she presses the remote while locking me in with her legs around me. Instantly I can feel hot thick liquid shooting deep inside me as I cum harder than I ever have into her. Her legs are shaking and her pussy is clenching around me as my cock and the pump pulse in unison. We lock lips, and I am acutely aware of my child rolling and kicking inside her in protest to both the rough treatment before hand as well as the rapid swell of my own roiling churning belly bearing down on him. The sensation instantly gets me hard again, and she can feel it. Shakily, she asks to do cowgirl, and I comply. We fuck again, and I am in awe of her gravid form on top of me. Before I can realize my arms are tied up and she's slowly, sensualy grinding her hips. Her active, fecund womb is rubbing and squeezing against my protesting and still expanding gut. Her hands start to brush against it, rubbing in little circles, then suddenly spanking it, jolting my cock to attention. She bends down, pushing herself right against me, and begins dirty talking. She tells me I claimed her, ruined her, and because of that, she's going to do the same for me. I look so good as her breeder, with my full womb bearing her children, that she has to display me. I can scarcely hear her, all im focusing on is the accelerating pace of her wet pussy gyrating on me as well as the swelling gurgles and rumblings inside my belly. I hardly notice she's telling me exactly what I told her not long ago, and I certainly don't mind an new, slight bubbling sensation deep inside. All I can think about is her pussy milking me dry and her breasts and belly bouncing and jiggling on top of me. She throws her head back in climax as her whole body shivers and seizes in ecstasy. Right before my own release she stops her movements, looks me in the eye, and asks if I believe her. Seeing nothing but wild lust in me she gives a mischievous smile and smacks my distended belly, illiciting a grunt born of pain and pleasure from me. She begins bucking her hips again, staring at my belly as I at hers, kneading and smacking it, edging my cock inside her the whole time. Her movements become increasing erratic and distracted as another climax approaches. Right before hers crests she grabs my gut with both her hands, its surface so taut and tight its was like she was palming a beach ball. I feel the white fluid leaking out of me as she gives it a desperate shake before she orgasms again. While her whole body is again lost to pleasure, and right before I cum, I feel a baby rolling inside me. The surface of my belly ripples and I feel a sharp pressure on my prostate as I have a mind shattering orgasm.

33416 No.5088


I wanna have a 3-way with a pregnant lady in front of her husband, BF or female lover. I want to put my dick on her belly, or her face. Insert my erect dick up her pussy or her butthole, wherever she finds it very pleasuring when she wants to release stress in her last week of pregnancy before her baby due date.

d2523 No.5106

File: 1602559634906.jpg (456.33 KB, 1987x2048, three girls one mpreg.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

I want to be the guy

7a6df No.5111

Quite literally the opposite of what I want.

d2523 No.5113

A pregnant girl with three guys? I can respect that

64e72 No.5114


Maybe they meant 3 pregnant guys and one girl.

f0302 No.5115

File: 1602733606859-0.jpg (85.23 KB, 1024x820, 740eddc3f9b23030.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1602733606859-1.jpg (97.47 KB, 960x768, 39c7591126962e7f.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1602733606859-2.jpg (270.85 KB, 2422x1730, line_1443683437500724.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Two women with large bellies have sex with their navels.If their navel evolved to have a nerve bundle,It can be like the Neville in 《Avatar》 .

9c18f No.5117

Neville Chamberlain? Neville Longbottom? I didn't know they were in Avatar.

(Sorry, it's early and my brain-hands filter hasn't activated yet but those pics and the text both got a smile out of me, albeit for different reasons.)

bc489 No.5120

File: 1602779104946.jpg (25.32 KB, 640x654, 21656516326.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

80391 No.5122

Quality shitpost

f0302 No.5127

It's Na'vi,Their hair is exposed to the nervous system.

f0302 No.5128

File: 1602811932818.jpg (1.78 MB, 2500x2085, shy_mom_x_daughter_sleepin….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

33416 No.5140

Whether it's 3 pregnant girls with 1 guy or a pregnant girl with 2 guys, it can get very hot and it gives me a hard-on.

f0263 No.5155

Just as long as it's not 1 girl pregnant with 2 guys. I mean, the womb wasn't mesnt to handle the strain of containing an entire guy inside, let alone two

33416 No.5173

She has 3 holes and 2 hands, right? right.

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