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43f0d No.4648

So anon, how was the first time you fapped to preggo content? Was it weird? What was the content you fapped to? How did you feel afterwards?

36fde No.4649

It was one of the first things I'd ever masturbated to. It was probably a video of baby movement home video. Before I knew what masturbation was, I'd watch those pregnancy medical programs featuring ultrasounds and birth.

I rarely masturbate to these things now, preferring My Little Pony in the majority of cases, for the past many years, although there are plenty of really good Equestria Girls or anthro pieces I just can't ignore due to their quality.

d3ec3 No.4652

After my sexual awakening, I remembered that pregnant women made me really uncomfortable as a kid for some reason. I saw this PSA (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSLhlfV2jPg) on TV and realized it made my pp hard. I didn't really think about it much at the time.

79656 No.4653

I was just looking for porn on deviantart and found out that breast expansion animations were arousing to me, then I found some furry interactive pregnancy expansions "games" and yes - these had breast expansion and I didn't care about the pregnancy part at all, then later I realized that pregnancy started to appeal to me more than breasts expansion. Of course these animations were the first pregnancy things I fapped to.

92e11 No.4655

My first fap was to a memory of the director of the daycare my parents used to send me to. I've known preg was my thing for a VERY long time.

As far as actual content goes though, I used to spank it to a show called expecting models pretty much every day after coming home in middle school. Used to get out the weird back massager we had, one touch would make me cum so hard instantaneously that it would shoot across the room if I didn't put a tissue over the tip.

dc2a3 No.4656

Pretty sure deviantart became my first fap, too, though I remember finding fanfiction pregnancy stories well before I found any animations or the like.

Looking back, I'm pretty sure the ones I found were awfully written, but I didn't care at the time. It was enough to read characters I liked getting pregnant and giving birth.

ab384 No.4658

my first wasnt long around 5 years ago and i lived alone because of college when i accidentally watched some soap opera in tv with women in labor and then well you know after that. i have this interest since kids around 6/7 when i saw my neighbor had big belly but after i felt what this feeling i kinda avoided it because if i cant prevent it i wanna hug that big bellied woman . kinda perv iam since kids even at that time i didnt know about some this kind interest.

e317d No.4661

I think my first sexualized introduction to pregnancy was from a let’s play of the game Haunting Ground on youtube (I remember a male and female commentator on that specific video series). Any I’m pretty sure the showed some risqué freecams as well as the “bad” pregnancy ending. I had a VERY basic understanding of sex at this point though I didn’t know about masturbation yet. A year or two later I started visiting the now defunct cartoonporntube.com website where I found a 3D anime-styled video where a bunch of women were stuck in a cave and a blonde one with glasses got fucked by a scrawny bald goblin dude with a dick that looked like some pink anal beads. Anyway it was a cum inflation video but it wasn’t until I found Tentacles’ Gold that I legitimately fapped to preg content. (https://hentai2read.com/151_piki_shokushu_san_gold/1/ ) I remember finding this multitudes hotter than the other stuff I watched and began saving it for special times since I didn’t want to get sick of it. I still revisit it every once in a while but I rarely get that same aroused high I once got.

dc2a3 No.4662

>mister 151
I can count on one hand the number of things with tentacles I actually like, but that's definitely one of them. Good stuff. I think at some point he wanted to make an RPG maker game but I don't think it ever got off the ground, which is a shame.

23488 No.4663

A Baby Story - Maternity Ward - etc.
Older TLC - Discovery Health content.
You know the sort.

796fd No.4670

Developed an erection when I was only a few months old when I noticed a pregnant's teacher's belly across another class as she struggled a bit to get her black shirt to fit in the rest of her abdomen.
For years since then I would always have this erection every time I was around one and I would be compelled to ask to rub until I started hitting in my teen years (for obvious reasons) which is around the time where I started getting introduced into porn.
Fapping to it was weird when I first did it, because I had treated fapping to regular porn as a means to avoid my fetish, I soon started looking into this fetish an realized that this fetish was far more common than I had anticipated with dedicated groups such as here. Years later next thing I know I am here going crazy with every single pregnancy porn I could come across fapping 3-4 times a day nonstop.
By definition of my last sentence above I may just be a coomer.

1ad26 No.4673

What's the point of trying to troll here dude? If you don't want to share an honest story, don't post.

796fd No.4675

File: 1597941021333.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Fac….jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

No idiot…
Im not trolling, im projecting my events that lead to my first fap experience… If you think this is some kind of troll attempt you should probably go explore the internet some more and refrain from accusing something you aren't sure about…

d7642 No.4676

I think they meant "years" not "months". The story sounds legit besides that, so I don't think they're trolling.

0b8c9 No.4677

At first I felt kinda guilty for fapping to womens' pain or discomfort. But then I found at that's a whole other thing and I was like "That's wierder than anything I'm into". Of course now I'm into it too, so full circle I guess.

1290e No.4725


Can confirm. I'd always watch these shows when I'd come home from school. I didn't understand why, but I loved watching these women go through the process of bring life into the world. I noticed I'd get hard after a while, and I did fap to it, but that wasn't my first preggo fap. My first preggo fap was of Eureka and Renton from Eureka Seven. Fempreg AND mpreg. Also the first thing I ever fapped to.

0b393 No.4733

My earliest preggo fap target was Katara in The Last Airbender when she disguised herself as a pregnant Fire Nation woman.

2ea7f No.4931

A dream I had of me fucking my then pregnant cousin.

162ff No.4932

Looking at pregnant drawing of Nikki Wong from 6teen and Fran from Final Fantasy, leading me to squirt my first squadron of sperm into my pants.

54da2 No.5126



6703d No.5137

for me it was movement videos on youtube, im sure most of us have similar experiences. i had a sudo girl friend when i was younger this was before i knew what sex was and we would play doctor. later on, after i discovered that sex lead to pregnancy. i wanted to re connect with her and impregnate her. although most 13 year old girls dont want to have a baby and neater did i really. pregnancy being like a mark a man leaves on a woman. mixed with the aspect that their lives are about to be ruined have always been a turn on for me.
i dont know if im aloud to post porn here, but that comic of wendy tricking dipper into impregnating her gets me diamonds

90f83 No.5138

File: 1602898711680.png (11.55 KB, 360x299, xkcd isnt funny.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>i had a sudo girl friend

18b36 No.5139

I had thoughts of fucking my Mom's adult friend while preggo when I hit puberty.

I realized this is wrong and immoral.

Nothing wrong with my fetish and having sex with a preggo woman by her consent.

df5a3 No.5156

Sudo girl? Is she a girl? Sorta.

2dd36 No.5160

File: 1603128480446.jpg (19.68 KB, 300x450, 300px-Tatupreggo.jpg) ImgOps Google iqdb

when I was about 13 I used to browse the Uncyclopedia a lot, thinking it was the pinnacle of humour.

for whatever reason the article on Supergirl (no idea how I got there) had tons of vore and farting involved. one of the images was pic related with the crossed-out caption "Another half naked pregnant chick shoehorned into this article for you to masturbate over because you're a fucking pervert."

and I was like damn, that's a GREAT idea. never even thought to jerk it to my fetishes before. so I did. fuckin amazing.

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