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Taylor Made Clips + More 01/25/2024 (Thu) 22:41:57 Id:da816d No. 4735
I'm sort of surprised and worried that there hasn't been a thread on Taylor Made Clips; surprised because I'd imagine they'd be more popular in the community and worried because I fear copyright problems from sharing full videos. This thread is a discussion of their output and (hopefully) sharing some videos. For now I won't link any but I have the following videos: A Normal Accelerated Pregnancy and a Not So Normal One A Quick Accelerated Pregnancy Bubblegum Bubbles Belly Expansion I Want A Baby Accelerated Pregnancy Jillian: An Accelerated Pregnancy (Personal favorite) Oh No I Can't Be Pregnant OMG My Water Broke and my Belly Keeps Growing Oversized Accelerated Pregnancy School Girl Accelerated Pregnancy The Fertility Drum: Two Accelerated Pregnancies Triple Bombshell Accelerated Pregnancy If this thread goes on longer I also encourage requests, as I have many. I also have extra videos from Breezy Wright, Camryn And Steve, Ludella Hahn, Seductuve Studios, and more. If I'm doing anything wrong let me know.
I hate them. These clips were the holy grail in the past, but once you've seen one, you have seen them all. Most of them are uninspired cash grabs with bad acting.
>>4736 most aren't great but it's kinda amazing they're pretty much the only ones that havve actuall SFX in their videos something about people doing fantasy preg stuff with no sfx takes me out of it
>>4737 Yeah, that is one benefit they have over others.